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[This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission.]

It appears that the Sootch00 GLOCK 43X review was published ahead of the January 2nd date by mistake. While that sucks for Sootch, it does allow those of us who weren’t privy to the new gun to take an early look at the GLOCK 43X as well as a glimpse of the GLOCK 48.

I guess it is fortuitous that we weren’t offered the chance to do my own GLOCK 43X review ahead of the release date and been bound by a non-disclosure agreement, I wouldn’t have been able to publish this post. Expect an editorial at some point about new product releases, companies blacklisting reviewers, and the pitfalls for the shooting community.

It appears that the sale sheet that RECOIL obtained is 100% genuine, every spec listed seems to mate up with the info that they were given in the initial GLOCK 43X leak last week.

At the time this is being written, Sootch’s GLOCK 43x review video is currently unlisted, but able to be embedded. If the video is still live, it should be found below.

GLOCK 43X vs. GLOCK 43

So now that we have some screen grabs from the GLOCK 43X review, time to dig into some of the details. The GLOCK 43X compared to the GLOCK 43 is, as predicted, a GLOCK 43 slide stuck on a slightly wider frame to accommodate the new 10-round magazines. More on the magazines in a bit.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

As RECOIL predicted, the gun will have slide serrations both front and rear. A nice touch, even if executed poorly. The serrations are just too close to the muzzle and force the user to place their hand dangerously close to the muzzle.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

I do have to say that while I haven’t handled the gun, the pistol looks unfinished due to the slimmer slide. I would have much preferred to see a slide that was the same width as the frame not only for aesthetic reasons but also to allow MRDS sights to be mounted as well as offering more purchase area when running the gun hard.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

While I only grabbed a screenshot from Sootch’s GLOCK 43X review of the recoil spring, I am 99% sure that the slide on the GLOCK 43X will work on a GLOCK 43 frame. I suspect they used the same internals as the 43 to include the locking block. It just wouldn’t make sense to design all new parts.

You also should note the lack of an ambi slide stop cutout. Why GLOCK didn’t take the time to bring the new pistols up to Gen 5 configuration I just don’t understand.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

Will The GLOCK 43X Fit GLOCK 43 Holsters?

Will the GLOCK 43X work in GLOCK 43 holsters? I honestly don’t think it will. I believe that the extra width of the grip is going to impact fitment in good Kydex holsters. It might fit fine in the leather whatever-the-heck brand holster that most of the targeted demographic own, so that might not be much of an issue. More on who I think this gun was built for in the conclusion.

I snapped a photo of my GLOCK 43 in my Tenicor VELO holster and indicated the area with an arrow that I feel will prevent most GLOCK 43 holsters from accepting a GLOCK 43X.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

Do GLOCK 43X Mags Fit In The GLOCK 43?

The short answer is no. Sootch even addresses this in his GLOCK 43X review, but we are going to dive into why it won’t fit beyond the fact that it is wider.

Looking at the magazine in the photo, it appears that GLOCK took the 10-round GLOCK 19 magazine and removed the extra space in the rear of the liner resulting in what is more like a 1.5 stack mag. With the GLOCK 43 magazine being more of a 1.25 stack mag, the new one will not work in the older GLOCK 43.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

Looking at the back of the magazine you can see how the witness holes are very different. When you compare the new GLOCK 43X magazine to a 10 round GLOCK 19 magazine, it isn’t hard to see how similar they are.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details
The added 10 round GLOCK 19 mag photo courtesy of GunMag Warehouse.

I snapped a photo of a damaged 10-round GLOCK 19 mag that I cut open to show the liner more clearly. When I say that GLOCK removed the extra space in the rear of the mag, the “hippy” areas that I have indicated with arrows are what I am talking about.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

The GLOCK 43X / GLOCK 48 magazine will also have a redesigned follower that is more like the double stack GLOCKs than the flat follower on the GLOCK 43. The new follower design supports my assumption that the GLOCK 43X / GLOCK 48 mag is closer to a double stack than a single stack.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

GLOCK 43X vs. GLOCK 48

So what is the difference between the GLOCK 43X and the GLOCK 48? Sootch lays them side by side in his GLOCK 43X review to give us a better look.

Sight radius and a slightly longer barrel it appears. From what I can tell, the frames are literally identical in the same way that the GLOCK 45 frame is identical to the MOS GLOCK 17 frame.

You can see the bottom of the slide will have a port in it to allow the front sight to be changed just like the GLOCK 34 or GLOCK 17L slides.

Who Was The GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 Built For?

Strangely Sootch doesn’t really address this in hid GLOCK 43x review, but two thumbs way up right? Plainly put, I think that this pistol was built for the Fudd community. Why do I say that? I am glad you asked.

The nPVD coated slide classes the pistol up, something those 1911-toting Fudds have historically complained about on black “Combat Tupperware” pistols. Everyone knows that silver is more fancy, even if there is little to no functional benefit to the coating on the exterior of the slide.

My assessment is that the GLOCK 43X was one of those guns where someone said “Why the hell not, we have the frames and the slides. Gaston Jr., go fire up the internet machine and tell people that we innovated something that competes with the SIG P365.” It happens every now and again in the gun industry, most of the time it is an AR that doesn’t make a ton of sense that exists only because the company has the parts.

GLOCK 43X Review and GLOCK 48 Details

While I don’t have a picture of Sootch holding the GLOCK 48, I really feel that guys his age are the target demographic for the GLOCK 48. Now Sootch may not fall into the demographic squarely, he is a bit more forward-thinking than your average Fudd. (That was supposed to be a joke, no need to get butthurt.)

I should probably expand a bit on what I mean by older guys that think they understand firearms well, but really don’t being the target market. I am talking about that guy that dismisses MRDS sights like the Trijicon RMR or DeltaPoint Pro because battery-powered sight will get you kilt on da street. We are also talking about the same guy that blames his poor shooting on sight radius because the internet told him that longer slides are more accurate.

Is the GLOCK 48 Worth Buying?

I can only speak for myself, but I will absolutely not be buying a single stack GLOCK 19 …. I mean a 1.5 stack GLOCK 19. I personally have no problem concealing an ATEi milled Gen4 GLOCK 19 C with a Streamlight TLR-7 and a Trijicon RMR mounted in the PHLster Spotlight I recently reviewed.

I just don’t see the benefit to the .16″ thinner gun that I have to buy all new magazines for AND a new holster. To top it off, the lack of a rail means that there are no decent light options and the GLOCK 43 width slide means that the only MRDS that I would be able to use is the fragile Shield Sights RMS-C.

No thanks, the GLOCK 19 is a better option when you look at it objectively.

Is the GLOCK 43X Worth Buying?

Again, I have to say flat out no. I just don’t see the upside to replacing my well-loved GLOCK 43 with a GLOCK 43X. Not only does the new gun have a longer, harder-to-conceal grip, but I would also have to buy all new magazines and holsters.

I just don’t want to do that, mostly because there likely won’t be any good options like a Tenicor VELOHarry’s HolsterPHLster, or Henry Holster out when the pistol launches. I personally would rather go through the process of buying a new car from the sleaziest car salesman on the planet.

Again, no thanks. The GLOCK 43 is a better option for the intended role when looking at it objectively. If we really want to be pragmatic here, the SIG P365 is really the best option for a deep concealment gat that retains some capacity.


While most people think that the GLOCK 19X was GLOCK jumping the shark, I think that the GLOCK 43X is that moment. Had they redesigned their magazine and stuffed 10 rounds into a gun the size of a GLOCK 43, maybe just a touch wider without adding any length to the grip, that would have been a much better design in my opinion for the intended use of a deep concealment piece like the 43.

A swing and a miss GLOCK, try again next year, please.

Are you going to see the GLOCK 43X reviewed here? Probably not since this post will undoubtedly anger the GLOCK mothership and I’m not going to buy either the GLOCK 43X or the GLOCK 48. They just don’t fit any of my needs better than existing models when it comes down to it.

This article was originally printed at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. There is a term for the G48. It’s call a 1911 wannabe without to the trigger and ergonomics. Why doesn’t Glock just make a plastic 1911 9mm?

    • Many people have been asking Glock to build a single stack 19 for ages. If they had, I probably would have purchased one instead of my EMP4 CCC.

      I don’t think either of these are game changers, but they sure as heck won’t disappear from the catalogue like the .45 GAP guns.

      • Anything Glock sells will be a success because Glocksters will buy anything Glock sells.

        If you take away capacity from the 19 you don’t get a good substitute for something like your EMP. The EMP is going to be a softer shooting pistol with unbeatable trigger and better sights. Even after paying for the upgrades it still won’t match the EMP. It will probably still be marginally cheaper

      • This might come as a surprise to you but 1911s are big sellers but like most Glocksters you lack a sense of humor.

  2. I don’t see why anyone at Glock would embargo anything they’re going to announce.

    “We’re introducing a new variant of our Combat Tupperware that has a longer/shorter barrel/slide/grip, a smaller/larger magazine capacity, comes in a new tactical color to set you apart as an Operational Operator, or a new texture on the grips for that “Operator Operating Diaphoretically.”

    There, I’ve violated all of Glock’s embargoes for the next 10 years.

    • Every product release is embargoed by everyone, they want to make sure the announcement comes at the same time and everyone has a chance to have content ready on the day it is announced.

  3. *shrugs*

    Nothing against the new pistols or GLOCKs in general, they just don’t grab me. I’m sure fans will snap up the new pistol(s) and be quite happy with them, though.

  4. Could not continue reading past seeing the title and pic of who? Yankee Marshall or some such thing,….. verbose at best diarrhea of the mouth is the norm. Leave the Glocks for the fanboys

  5. The 48 was built for me. When I bought the 43, my son laughed at me when I said I would buy a single stack with the profile as a 19.

    Well ..its not a single stack …but it is close enough.

    Take my money Gaston….I will be your Beta tester.

    • Agreed. A lot of people laugh at me too when I say there aren’t enough full-sized/compact single stacks on the market (aside from the 1911). I understand it’s a niche market but a market nonetheless. I’m quite excited as my G19 gets uncomfortable from time to time and I hope this alleviates that.

  6. The 43 X is as big an abomination as the 19X.

    I don’t even like the Gen5 mods. I’m not ambidextrous and I grab a mag from the sides to strip. Fail…..2x.

    I was considering a Gen 4 23 but now i will wait for the 48.

    Slim profile….hand doesn’t get in the way of mag ejection….10 rounds…i like.

  7. Glock has really been behind the power curve for the past decade or so. Obviously they were trying to compete with the 365 on this one like the original 43 was supposed to compete with slim single stack 9s like kahr started making long ago.

    No offense to glock, but until they can put better sights and a better trigger in theirbguns from without having to pay extra, why not go with any of the other brands that that are just as reliable and offer all these features(not to mention better looks) from the get go?

    • The stock Glock 43 trigger was the worst Glock trigger I’ve ever shot. I shot the pistol so badly, compared to my Kahr CM9, that I considered selling it. A 25 cent trigger job/Ghost connector/striker and firing pin spirings brought it down to the advertised 5.5 pounds, but its crisp.

      The stock SIG P365 trigger is short and crisp. The stock Kahr trigger is buttery smooth. The P365 is about the price of a G43. The Kahr CM9 can be had for about $300 online. The Walther PPS M2 is reguarly $300 and has a fantastic trigger.

      Glocks triggers suck to force you to buy aftermarket triggers.

      The only handgun I ever felt a need to modify was my G43.

  8. Interesting but no thanks.

    I’ve seen a number of this guy’s reviews before and have NEVER been impressed. He is borderline incompetent at reviewing firearms but he tries hard to be honest and complete.

    Those are squares or cubes on the gripframes NOT pyramids.

    I have a G43 which I have installed the Ghost Edge Connector, Overwatch Precision DAT Polymer trigger, TruGlo TFO night sights, and Ghost extended mag release (I have reinstalled the original mag release since and use that). I use the Pearce +1 mag extensions so I have 15 rounds to carry including my spare magazine.

    My trigger is ~5lbs with short positive reset. Matches my other carry weapon, the G32 with Overwatch Precision trigger, Wolf 6lb competition spring, and standard Glock connector almost perfectly.

    I can conceal, draw from concealment and hit head sized targets all day at 10 yds. using Speer Gold Dot +p+ 115 gr. ammo at 1200+ fps muzzle velocity. Very effective weapon. Very concealable. Very nice.

    • That’s not even a G43 any more. Hell, it’s barely a Glock.

      Your money, and I’m glad you’re happy, but damn…

      • Classic Glock fan: “I bought a Glock, changed everything out with non-Glock parts, and I love it! Glock Perfection!”

        • Yup, buy a bucket of Tupperware, spend 2G (G as in Grand, not G as in Glock) in upgrading parts and now have something that shoots almost, but not even close, as well as a stock firearm from almost any other competitor (well, except maybe, but maybe not, Hi Point). Nothing new in Glocks since the Glock 17, everything else is a 17 squeezed into some other configuration and an attempt to copy the spec sheet of, say, a Shield or, God forbid, Satan’s Spawn, the P365.

        • @ Flying Fish

          In what universe are those handful of upgrades 2 grand? That’s a few hundred dollars at most, and a large chunk of that is top of the line sights

      • He change a connector bar (Ghost Edge) which is internal and you can’t see it. A different trigger, which looks for the most part like a Glock trigger, new sights…which most people do on almost all hand guns, and a mag extension, which is another thing people tend to do on semi pistols of any brand.

        Looking at his Glock 43 most people would think he has nights sights and a single round extension. Hardly “is that a Glock anymore”.

        All of my M&P’s have Apex triggers, Trijicon’s HD’s and after market mag extensions on them… that a M&P anymore?

    • I agree. I have a very similar set up except i went with the johnny glock connector and Ameriglo hackathorn sights. Defintely a great little gun. And to everyone who says that it’s a ton of money spent, it’s not. the poly dat triggers are only $60, connectors $20, the pearce +1 is $10 plus whatever cost for the sights. the Hackathorn’s are $60. So $150 total for my set up.

  9. I wish I wasn’t such a Fudd that I could get into MRD sights, then I could be super operator cool like the guy who wrote this article. Oh wait, no, its my astigmatism that makes red dots and holo sights useless to me, and the ability to mount them into pre-machined slides not a part of my buying decision.

    Not that I would have bought either Glock anyways, but saying a gun is for Fudds because its not rmr ready is dopey. Oh, and anyone want to buy an Aimpoint PRO and/or an XPS-2?

    • Yup, this is true. Pistol red dots are cool but you’re honestly adding at least the price of a whole separate handgun on top of your existing gun to get one mounted (and that’s IF it’s even possible on your particular gun). Plus, the tech of a truly MINI-RDS mounted to very violent part of the action is still new enough that reliability isn’t a given. There are plenty of reasons to wait on a pistol RDS, especially for a CCW gun. I’m no Glock fan but that seemed to be one of the least objectionable things about this product.

      • No, reliability is pretty much a given with RMRs. Plenty of people have RMRs that have seen thousands or tens of thousands of rounds. Risk of one dying randomly or in a fight is very low. The gains are very real and very large with appropriate training. RDS on handguns is the future.

        • Damn Dave, quit blinding the Fudds with facts.

          Just remember, when their single stack single actions jam, they’re still heavy enough to club someone with.

    • Yeah…the guy who wrote the original article is a dumbass.

      I’m sure he is a stone cold operator with awesome credentials….just ask him.

      I’m sure he impresses himself with his insight.

    • I’ll meet you in the middle and swap the 17 for a 19. Long slide full size, compact carry, sub compact carry. All take the same mags. I like the 43, it’s small enough to toss in a cargo pocket, but Glock seriously screwed the pooch by not making the mags compatible with the 43. That is a massive fail. If they would’ve done that, or make some factory +1/+2 base plates or 7/8 round mags, they’d be fine.

    • Funny…I don’t need or own any of those. Not that need matters.

      I own a 43 cause it’s small and slim….un-Glocklike.

      My other polymers are Ruger SR9 and SR9c…which are also slim….unlike Glock.

      I think I may need/desire/want a model 48.

  10. I would be more accepting if they adopted this pistol into one of the existing model lines. Like the “G26 Slim” or the “G43 Fat Boy”.

  11. What a garbage review by an obviously uneducated and unexperienced reviewer. Stick to COD and airsoft, leave the serious stuff to grown ups.

      • Ok….so an editorial where you state the merit and worth of firearms that you have never laid hands on.

        Then you proceed to lambast an imaginary audience for said guns and then lump anyone who would buy one as a Fudd.

        We know Sootch in an infotainer who reviews guns that he likes.

        You are a just a devisive, pompous jackwagon….er…editorial writer…..who seems to be tromping sour grapes that he wasn’t chosen to leak a video/article on new hardware.

        I watch Sooth to see guns and some entertainment….never heard of you before today.

        • If you think my opinion would be different had I been asked to review the gun, you are sadly mistaken. I refuse to say nice things so that I stay in a company’s good graces.

          My integrity is worth more than that.

          I get it though, you like Sootch and are defending his honor. I can disagree with the guy and still respect him.

        • Sootch is entertainment and is a grown-assed man who can defend his own honor.

          You wrote an un-learned opinion piece using his review.

          If rounds carried are all that matter, why don’t you carry a 17? It is clearly superior when you look at it objectively vs the 19. ( see…I can may broad, arrogant statements as well).

          I would have a tiny bit more respect for you opinions if had actually fired a 48 and 43x along side a 19.

          Why don’t you go ahead and give us an opinion of Sig’s offering of 2020. It would have about the same clout.

      • Repeatedly saying that anyone who doesn’t want a red dot (or better yet, a $2500 custom Glock for truly operational operations) is a Fudd is pretty derpy.

  12. So when is the old fart Gaston gonna croak so that the company can finally release a carbine?

    They’ll have to buy a fleet of dump trucks to take all the money to the bank.

  13. So a review of a gun based off of the reviewer’s experience watching a youtube video of someone else reviewing the gun. Why did ttag bother getting permission to reprint a review of someone who has never actually seen the gun he’s reviewing?

      • Ah. Excuse me. It’s an “editorial” wherein Patrick Roberts passes judgment on a firearm he has never handled. His “editorial” is based on a video review by Sootch00 (the “someone else” in my original comment) and uses screen grabs from Sootch00’s video. TTAG (nee Dan “We will maintain the high journalistic standards of RF!” Zimmerman) then took this “editorial” from Patrick Roberts and reprinted it.

        Regardless, if you’re going to insist on this being an editorial then fair enough, that answers my question. I’ll wait for Jeremy or Chris to provide a first hand review when able.

  14. The 43X looks like good competition for the Sig 365. The 48 is the pistol I wanted Glock to make 28 years ago, right after the 19. Either would be a good choice for my wife and daughter.

    • This thing isn’t even close to being serious competition for the Sig P365. Especially since its still spanked on capacity when Sig P365 owners can get factory 12rd magazines. Also good luck adding a light to the Glock since it has no rail. Sure the Sig owner has to buy one from Sig to fit the proprietary rail on the P365, but at least the option is there. Also there’s little chance the 43X trigger will compare to the trigger on the P365. I doubt this new offering from Glock puts any kind of dent in the P365’s sales.

      • Who puts a light on a small gun that is tailored for CCW? Seriously no one. The whole point it to conceal easier because of its size. Not to make it bigger and harder to conceal.

        Carry a good flashlight…that can be used as a flashlight 99.9% of the time when you carry a gun.

        • I say do both if possible. I carry TLR1s exclusively and keep an Olight M1T on me at all times. It’s not been harder to conceal on me at least since all the added bulk is below the belt.

  15. The ultimate Glock zealot thinks it’s necessary and great. Surprise.

    So 10 is better than 6 and better than 15.

    The perfection engineers couldn’t figure an extended 10 round mag grip extension for an existing model.

    I like the 17, 19, 23 and 43. All I need from G.

  16. No interest in a Glock unless it’s a po-leece trade in. Interestingly I mentioned SootchOO earlier today for his prepper channel. I don’t look at him as authoritative on guns…

  17. Sootch, a guy who never gives a bad review to a gun and a man enamoured with his own voice.

  18. Sorry, Patrick, but I think you will turn out to be wrong on this one. The G43x will sell fairly well just because it’s a Glock and there are plenty of fan boys out there. That part you got right. However the G48 will sell like mad because people who want Glocks but have small hands have been wanting a G19 slim for decades. I’m not going to buy one, because I think Glocks are overrated, but a ton of people will jump on that.

    • Both guns are going to sell like crazy, there is no denying that. My opinion is that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. A Gen 4 or Gen 5 gun is going to be pretty dang close in grip size, I don’t think the 5/32″ width difference is going to make that large of a difference.

      Those looking for a slim Glock 19 are better served buying a flat trigger like the Overwatch Precision or Agency flat triggers.

      • ????

        So if you want a slimmer gun for CCW you buy a flat trigger for you fatter gun???

        The attraction to the 43, its only attraction, (for Glock owners) is the slimness, as in width, especially for IWB carry.

      • You forget the fastest expanding shooting demographic: women.

        Also, trigger reach goes from 2.76 on a gen4/5 to 2.64 on the 43/45. Thats in addition to the slide grip thickness change of 1.26 to 1.10 which you already mentioned.

        My bet is most women and some men in IDPA start using a 48 as it has longer slide than a Glock 19 and doesn’t give up any rounds competition wise.

  19. In 1982, the Glock 17 was a truly innovative gun. Many of those innovations have been copied by other manufacturers.

    In the 37 years since then, Glock has done nothing innovative beyond changing the size and shape of various parts. And despite a thriving aftermarket that produces improved trigger components, sights, etc., Glock has done nothing to improve those things to make their guns shoot better out of the box.

    Glock’s enduring market share is something that should be studied by marketing students. Other companies continue to innovate and produce arguably better products, but Glock continues to outsell them. Go figure.

    • I would love to see Glock introduce a line that has the same Glock function and reliability but that actually looks good. Maybe a Glock 19 Elite or something like that.

    • Bingo. You nailed it.

      It’s just the same burnt Cheez-Whiz in a different configuration. That’s it.

      Glock became popular with law enforcement because they knew how to cater to LEO gun buyers: With hookers and blow.

      After that, they’ve relentlessly marketed themselves by putting their pistols onto movie sets, into the press, you name it. Any press is good press for the folks at Glock.

      People ask me what I have against Glock – and most of my animus is their marketing, which is mendacity bordering on bald-faced lies. The first Glock I bought, waaay back 30+ years ago, still works, and there’s nothing they’ve added to the G19 that would make me buy a new one over the one I already own. The G36 works, but has all the charm of a Jennings — it just uses Cheez-Whiz instead of pot metal.

      You’re also right that the competitors have done much, much more with the polymer pistols they’ve produced, incorporating many new features and ideas. Glock doesn’t do that – they’re the Coca-Cola of handguns. Glock’s only mission is to tap a cash flow so that Gaston can continue to spend it on horses and pretty women who are much younger than he is.

      If I’m going to spend money on horses and young women, then I’m going to have them in my stables, not Gaston’s.

  20. It took me a good long while before I bought my first Glock. A 23. Waited on that .40 almost as long. That whole buy the ammo anywhere thing. Anyway, I began seriously considering a Glock after reading an article by Chuck Taylor. Dating myself now. If I remember correctly Taylor put 40,000 plus rds through it with three malfunctions. All traced to ammunition. One part replaced. Front sight. Began to wear after all those draws and presentations. Kept records. Date, time, locations, rd count fired, etc. For you youngsters out there do your research on the man. Have attended Glock armorer school several times. After Hurricane Michael a gunfight broke out on the corner of my street. About 100′ from my front door. There were about 30 rds fired. Involved a couple of guys I used to work with. The whole story will make your hair stand up. (Bad guys 1 deceased, one in custody. Good guys all went home. That night.) Rolled out of bed and picked my nightstand gun. A G 22 rigged for night shooting. That said, I really don’t get the 43X, 48 thing. I’ve told Glock, more than once, if you will build a full size (4 1/2-5″ bbl) single stack (8+1) .45 ACP it will sell. Never understood the .45 GAP either. Although, I did once have a Glock rep me Gaston just wanted a proprietary cartridge with his name on it. Hubris. Whatcha gonna do?

      • Yeah, I know that. The Glock’s rep’s statement I have to take at face value. FHP adopted the GAP. I told one of the guys on the selection board they would regret that. He inquired. I said, “You won’t be able to get ammo.” He scoffed. I told him ammunition manufactures don’t have production lines running for all calibers at all times. They run what is mostest in demand most of the time. Saw him about a Year oh so later. Asked how that GAP thing worked out. He litteraly whined, “We can’t get any ammo!” I really tried not to gloat. Out of that loop for five years now. Young troopers I see around? Don’t know them. Retirement and transfers. Don’t know if they’re able to get G.A.P. ammo now. But hey! At least it’s a .45.

  21. I don’t understand the hate but with the popularity of the Shield EZ I could see it have a niche. It’s not the same caliber but I wouldn’t recommend a .380 anyways so they may pull away customers that way.

    The people I’d recommend this to in my life are all people who have hands too small for a G19 but they hate micro guns. Glock reliability and simplicity, a full grip, and a “more interesting than matte black” finish? It won’t get any Glock execs an early retirement but it’ll do ok, I think.

  22. What a sincerely butthurt article/post. TTAG getting sloppy? I don’t even like glock pistols much but the butthurt is obvious here.

  23. Tough crowd.

    Why would Glock even waste their time coming out with new gun that doesn’t even hold 12 +1 like the P365 can?

    I cringe every time I see a commenter say “Glock goes bang everytime you pull the trigger”. I know it’s anecdotal, but the only gun I’ve had an issue with at the range is my G43. P365 has never had an issue, N E V E R.

    Glock customer service sucks too, I contacted them the 1st time it messed up after I bought it, still cost ME $90 to send it back Next Day Air per their requirements.

  24. I want one of those Glock 7 ‘s I heard about in the Christmas classic Die Hard!

  25. I think Glock is positioning itself for the inevitable high capacity magazine ban to retain us g19 packers after the shoe drops. Same footprint but only 10 rounds…

    On a side note, scootch is a pathetic shill.

  26. TTAG has never really discovered that the internet likes and watches gun videos. Maybe it’s a sign that you didn’t get a T&E sample and those creating videos did. Just saying. Blogging is so 2002.

  27. write a gun review and make fun of people who don’t believe the way you do. The stupid is stunning.

  28. Sootch should have left the video up. Who cares if Glock got mad? It’s not like he gets free product from them. The writers discount is usually distributor cost.

    • That used to ge the case, but now it very much depends on the manufacturer. I am a writer with an FFL/SOT and a distributor for several brands. Writer discounts go from ZERO to 40%. 25-30% seems more common.
      That’s usually just a bit more than the distributor price. It’s almost always cheaper for me to buy the gun as a distributor than as a writer.

  29. The entire review read like a New York Times hit piece. The bias in the review of a review is obvious. You didn’t get invited to the party so please tell us what when wrong at the party.

  30. Have a great time with your new guns. I will not be buying a Glock. I prefer hammer fired hand guns.

  31. “Plainly put, I think that this pistol was built for the Fudd community.”

    Disagree. I think these were built for dudes who just collect Glocks. Dudes who, no matter what it is, want to own every model of Glock.

    Otherwise, there is no real point to either of these guns whatsoever. Fight me if you disagree.

  32. “I should probably expand a bit on what I mean by older guys that think they understand firearms well, but really don’t being the target market. I am talking about that guy that dismisses MRDS sights like the Trijicon RMR or DeltaPoint Pro because battery powered sight will get you kilt on da street. We are also talking about the same guy that blames his poor shooting on sight radius because the internet told him that longer slides are more accurate.”

    lmao!!! this guy…

    Most people dismiss MRDS sights because that requires either a custom milled slide or a gun that already accepts MRDS sights, on top of another 300 bucks just for the sight. For a carry gun? no thanks. And a longer sight radius is in fact more accurate. Just look at any Limited Class USPSA shooter. Have you ever seen one shooting a 3 inch gun in competition? doubtful. There’s a reason why MOST competition model guns have at least a 5 inch barrel.

    “I personally have no problem concealing an ATEi milled Gen4 GLOCK 19 C with a Streamlight TLR-7 and a Trijicon RMR mounted in the PHLster Spotlight I recently reviewed.”

    “Again, I have to say flat out no. I just don’t see the upside to replacing my well-loved GLOCK 43 with a GLOCK 43X. Not only does the new gun have a longer, harder-to-conceal grip, but I would also have to buy all new magazines and holsters.”

    So he has no problem concealing his 19c with laser, flashlight, RMR, and Flux Capacitor. But the 43X is to hard to conceal?

    I believe this guy fits in the FUDD category fairly well.

  33. Yup, I’ve already offended some of the Glock community by saying hard pass on these. “Just because it’s not for you doesn’t mean it is a mistake!” Yawn.

    I have a 17. I have a 43. I don’t see a need for these. If anything, I’d buy a 19 gen5 or maybe I could justify a 45 as a dedicated suppressor host?

  34. What’s wrong with just saying, “Not my cup of tea” concerning both the gun and the reviewer? The author’s tone was off putting to me. He was negative toward seemingly everything he addressed: 1)Sooch, 2)Glock as a company, 3)the gun’s intended audience, 4)the g43x, 5)the g48.

    I think any new guns are exciting and I have fun reading about new releases. However, this was not an enjoyable read in my opinion. The author’s attitude soured the experience for me. It was as if someone spiked my favorite coffee with vinegar.

    I respect the 1st Ammendment as much as the 2nd so I’ll take my own advice. This author’s style isn’t my cup of tea, I’ll stear clear of his articles in the future.

  35. I would be the first one to say Glock hasn’t done anything new in years, but the G48 is something most people wanted. Here is a thinner , 10 rd, 4” pistol without a messed up mag, can’t wait!

  36. I can’t say I am fond of glocks, since they came out, they just do not fit me. My P-365 with hi-caps does me fine. 43’s feel very rough, IMO. I WILL STAY W/MY 365.

  37. I don’t get why people get so worked up over new offerings. Having choice is a good thing, right?

    The Glock 48 is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. My carry-able guns include a P320C on a subcompact grip module, an M&P9 2.0 Compact, an HK45CT, a Shield 45, and a Glock 43. I can IWB all of the comfortably, but the G43 and Shield are significantly more comfortable even though the size and weight differences don’t appear to be much on paper. So even with several decent carry guns, the one I actually carry and train with is almost always the G43.

    Lower capacities don’t bother me a lot as I carry extra mags and can swap at a speed I feel is sufficient. The double stack pistols, even in compact form, print more (relatively speaking) and I’m always more aware of their presence.

    My only issue with the G43 and Shield is the fact that I prefer a minimum of 4 inch barrels, as many hollow points won’t expand out of 3 inch barrel velocities, and even if they do, they aren’t dumping as much energy in the process. I know velocity differences from 3 to 4 inches may not seem like much, but velocity is the dominant part of energy, which contributes to effectiveness just like diameter and weight.

    The Glock 48 gives me a slim, lightweight, and comfortable profile while offering 4+ inch barrel performance, which is pretty much everything I want in a CCW. Its one of the very few guns that will offer duty-size ballistics in a package with subcompact weight and comfort. With 2 extra mags you’ll have 31 rounds, which is very unlikely to come up short for anyone who is not LE or Military.

    • The 43X, on the other hand, is exactly what I’m not looking for: less conceal-ability with short barrel performance. But to each their own.

    • I agree with your assessment, though I can pull off doublestacks due to my *cough* frame. People are acting like a lighter alternative to a commander framed 1911 in 9mm is a bad thing. People have been carrying guns in that capacity and footprint for a while now so I don’t see how making a gun to fit that niche is a bad thing?

    • With what you are saying it would have made more sense to keep the G43 frame with the longer barrel then. The problem with the 43x/48 is that the grip is now as long as a G19 grip which is going to be harder to conceal.

      • Jordan, yeah, I would have liked the G48 barrel on the G43 frame, but I think the slimness of the G48 will still allow it to conceal better than typical compact double stacks. Plus, even though capacity isn’t one of my top priorities, it is nice to have 10 instead of 6.

  38. Glock is now making the S&W SD9VE series guns. It took them long enough to climb on the band wagon.

    • The SD9 is Glock 19 size… These are smaller and easier to CC. I guess having a silver slide makes it a copy cat loser? FFS…

      Why does everyone on the internet just want to criticize everything?

  39. you nailed it. i think both these guns are pointless and defeat the purpose of the G43 which is deep concealment. I’m sure a lot of people will buy them but i’ll stick with my G43.

    • What is pointless about something that offers more capacity and better ballistics than a G43 while being more comfortable/concealable than a G19?!

  40. With the amount of close-minded ignorance on here it’s no wonder gun owners face increasingly negative stereotypes.

  41. In my opinion the Glock new the G48 was a clever design response specifically addressing the comunist States retard limitation of 10rds mags. What is better, a fat G19 with 10rds mag or a slimmer and lighter G48 with same 10rds mags? G48 is the obvious answer.

    Considering IF in fact the G43 slide is the same as G48/43X, if I buy a G48/G43x frame, will it work on a G43 slide? Think about that, if you already have a G43 you could setup a G43X? a frame is pretty cheap.

    • Brian, you are correct. It is hard for people who live in the free states to understand what living in a state where 2A rights have been restricted means. I like Glocks. I have a fat G19. Since the law was changed I am suddenly only allowed to have 10 round round mag. I could have a thin G19 which holds a 10 round mag. I probably will buy one. People in the free states probably will not.

      • Good for you Tom, I would do the same and buy one if the laws in my State had limited the capacity to 10 rounds, it just makes sense to have in essence a slim G19.
        Some buyers don’t get it but many others will, those marketing gurus at Glock did and aimed right, they rarely make mistakes. Will other manufacturers follow suit? my guess is yes.

        • Yep, also a shooter with smaller hands ( no trump jokes please) a single stack thinner gun is easier to control. And living in a round restricted state. Would like a win win to me. A much market like what’s been said. But more choices is a good thing.

  42. What is this, a review of a review? An “editorial” about a review? Whatever you call it, it’s useless, bordering on idiotic.

  43. This is the worst example of “journalism” I’ve seen in a long time. And then the author of this “editorial” (which is piggy-backing on an actual review that this author has never ever seen) sticks around at the end to argue with commentators. What is TTAG thinking by allowing this? Is this the future of modern gun journalism? Have standards really fallen so low? Patrick might as well post “Glock” followed by a bunch of poop emoji’s. That’s the value of this article.

  44. Way out of date but it came to me out the range. The G-48 is designed for States with a 10 round limit and hedge against a Federal magazine capacity restriction. There is no advantage to a double stack pistol if you are limited to 10 rounds.

  45. The people getting pissy about this firearm are just dullards. It’s obvious why Glock is doing this and they’re intelligent to do it. Somebody already mentioned it earlier but it took WAAAAAY too many comments from the dullard types, but they are obviously doing it to gain a competitive edge in markets where greater than 10 capacity is effectively illegal. News flash: that is a much larger swatch of people than most of you realize. I looked up the number of states that have standard capacity magazine bans. Check this shit out:

    California: 40 million
    Colorado: 6 million
    Connecticut: 1.5 million
    Hawaii: 1.5 million
    Maryland: 6.5 million
    Massachusetts: 7 Million
    New Jersey: 8.75 million
    New York State: 19.5 million
    Vermont: 630,000

    So basically, for roughly 91 million people double stack magazines provide no legal benefits compared to single stacks. And red dot sights are still so uncommon that they are essentially a fringe part of the market as of right now.

    So what is a large gun seller to do? Keep selling the same thing with a retarded magazine? Or do some redesigning for a huge segment of the market who might benefit from it.

    And by the by, I just put my hands on one of these things today in a shop (for demo not sale) and I don’t mind telling you it feels a hell of a lot better in the hand than their double stack offers. It fits just wonderfully, so much so that I am considering buying one just because it is so comfortable. I’m going to wait to make sure glock didn’t screw anything up obviously (they occasionally do that despite their “perfection”) but to editorialize that this is just dumb and satisfies nobody is just nonsense. There is a huge market in the less free states and frankly the pistols feel so nice that I could certainly see people buying them on their own merits.

  46. I’m guessing I’m one of the Fudds Patrick Roberts mentioned, you know, us old guys who don’t really know anything about firearms and blame our bad shooting on shorter sight radii, but I think the G48 is an interesting gun. I’ve long wanted a single-stack G19, and it looks like Glock thought the same thing. I think I’ll buy one.

    As for Mr. Roberts, I think he layers on the pseudo-hip snark far too thickly. Perhaps he’s trying to compensate for something. I don’t know. But I’m certainly not going to make a habit of reading it.

  47. So basically what your saying is that your so biased that the only way you can carry and look cool is if you rock a full size long slide glock with a tac light laser combo and a red dot sight with a threaded barrel mag well with extended mags and a suppressor in your pocket like your John wick when your not and you look like a douche cool thanks for wasting my time with a crap article

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