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SW gas gun


Scenario: Every morning, you take your favorite little Pomeranian, Mr. Scruffles, for a walk around your posh neighborhood in Lakeway, Texas. Both you and he enjoy your daily constitutional. You get a chance to show off your manly physique and so does Mr. Scruffles. Sadly, Dr. Excelsior’s Doberman likes neither you nor Mr. Scruffles and you fear his bite much more than his his bark. To make matters worse, you have a “thing” for Dr. Excelsior. I mean, she’s rich, cute, and damn…that Mercedes. You don’t want to stop her Doberman permanently, you just want to keep bite marks off your body for when you two spend the day at Hippy Hollow So a on-lethal weapons it is . . .

On one hand, you have a Smith and Wesson 276 37mm gas gun. It can fire rubber projectiles as well as numerous incendiary gas cartridges. They would be lethal within the confines of a car or small room, but out in the open they’ll be fine. The loud noise of the gun will call attention to Mr. Scruffles’ plight at the hands of the vicious doberman. Interestingly enough, the SW 276 has the classic DA/SA trigger of a Smith and Wesson revolver, so you could have a match-tuned gas gun!

On the other hand, there’s Sabre Pepper Gel. It’s lightweight, it fits in your pocket, and it sticks to your assailant’s eyes. It’s so simple a child could use it. Plus, if you have any gel left over after using it for defense, you can use it as a condiment on your Torchy’s Tacos. Mmm… tacos!

Which gun would you grab?


Both weapons available at Sportsman’s Finest in Bee Cave, Texas.

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  1. Saw a story on the news the other day that the pepper gel (I think it was gel, I know it was at least small balls of pepper spray with a coating), is having issues where they don’t really work.

    Other than welts on his skin, the suspect was just standing there with arms out inviting the cops to keep shooting him (which they did, of course)

    • You mean a pepper ball gun? The on time I saw one used on JAIL, it looked pretty effective. Link or GTFO!

      • First of all… since this web site is based on a belief in the Constitution, I would remind you that there is one amendment before the 2nd. As such, I’ll GTFO when I feel like it, or when the owners of this web site invite me to leave.

        Second… It’s kind of hard to have conversations when people don’t trust others enough to believe something without seeing proof.

        Third…. here is your link. It happend a few days back after a basketball team lost…

        • I do believe “$condition or gtfo” is meant in gest, its like an Are you serious type thing.

    • They were using pepper balls on him; which are paintballs filled with powdered OC. Some people are very sensitive to OC spray and some people can take a whole can and not be effected.

      • I agree. All the more reason why, when planning your personal defense, you don’t roll the dice and rely on something that may do nothing other than annoy the person attacking you.

  2. Why not throw the dog? It is sorta like wildfires, you have a problem with one so you throw another at the problem and those two snuff each other out.

    If I had to choose I would take the gas gun, makes a good club.

    Regarding the CS on tacos, has anyone tried it?

  3. Pepper GUN. ALWAYS on my person. Kimber though. You tube video of a cyclist shooting while moving.

  4. Well the good doc wont hear the pepper spray. Non lethal or not, you just shot her dog with a grenade launcher, that will be all 3 strikes. You can deny the pepperspray alot easier.

    • But think of the epic tale you now have…

      “Me and this chick had this thing going until I had to shoot her dog with a grenade launcher…”

      That’s epic bro points.

  5. Well the good doc wont hear the pepper gel. As for the 37mm, non lethal or not, you just shot her dog with a grenade launcher, that will be all 3 strikes with her. You can deny the pepper gel alot easier.

  6. The pepper gel. Strolling around the neighborhood with something that looks like an M79 grenade launcher would result in more attention than one would want to receive. Also, “incendiary gas cartridges,” sound closer to a fuel-air explosive than something non-lethal.

    • oops–Sorry, I was scrolling from the bottom up and didn’t read your post before I submitted mine…

  7. Is a paintball gun filled with CS balls a viable third option? You will get both the pepper spray effect and the solid thud of a .68 ball traveling 300fps all in a package that can fit in a normal holster depending on your selection.

  8. So a on-lethal weapons it is . . .

    I’m already good with lethal weapons that are, well, on.
    And if you spray her dog, she’ll never forgive you.
    Fox Brand pepper spray. I don’t know if it’s good on tacos, but it works in chili.

  9. If you’re walking a pomeranian named MR. Scruffles you’re married to a harpy of a wife and she has your balls in a jar in the fridge. The best you can hope for is the dobie gets a 2fer and takes you and the foo foo dog out.

  10. Not to sound all macho. Neither, I’d pin that dog to the ground by his ears let him know whos boss so if things ever do get good between me and Dr.E when I come over ill have aleady established dominance over the dober.

  11. I would grab neither.

    If you want a less lethal approach that actually works, use a large can of really expensive bear spray. That will mess up the Fido’s nose — its most sensitive organ — and do far more to stop Fido than a some pepper product on Fido’s eyes. Plus, it will be nearly impossible to get pepper gel precisely on Fido’s eyes. The large can of bear spray makes a large cloud that blasts out 15+ feet long before Fido can actually attack you. That large cloud virtually guarantees that you will get Fido and turn him/her back.

    The only drawback: that large can of expensive bear spray is bordering on useless when wind speeds exceed 10 mph.

    • +1

      It’s designed to dissuade a BEAR. If fido can still breath after getting hit with that, it’s lucky.

      Also, being afraid of the dog biting you sure isn’t going to help anything. With the dog or the doc.

  12. Anyone who owns a pomeranian, or names his dog “Mr. anything,” deserves neither firearms, nor pepper gel, nor hot doctor babes.

    Here’s the rule: If it doesn’t weigh at least forty pounds, it’s not a dog.

    • Anything that bounces when it barks….. not a dog.

      Anything you can kick over the fence…. not a dog

      Anything that gets scared by a leaf blowing across the grass, that’s not a dog it’s a yapping beanie baby.

      ..Jeff Dunham ‘Spark of Insanity’ monologue

  13. What, no Kimber Pepperblaster, Taser C2, sticky foam gun, etc? Fine, be that way. I’ll take the 37mm with rubber pellets, baton discs or micro-dust OC charges, please.

    The real question is, who owns both of these items for the photo shoot?

    • Yeah, I was also thinking “37mm DD, duh”. I’ve seen those revolving six shot ones on GB for not-insane prices, I could see those being pretty effective against a crowd when using tear gas or rubber buck.

  14. Neither
    Feed the pomeranian to the doberman, buying it’s friendship, and then get a real dog.

  15. I don’t think I would get very far carrying something that looks like an M79, especially in a tony Austin-area neighborhood. So I’m afraid it would be the pepper gel

  16. The S&W, definitely. Big, loud, so it could scare the dog. You can reload quicker, use it as a club after the shot, and it shows that you are NOT messing about.

    • And carry LOYS of extra rounds to scare off the SWAT team that responds to the “Man with a grenade launcher” call.

      • Really! It would seem some people didn’t think this one through far enough.

        That S&W is gonna have cops all over you faster than flies on a fresh dog t*rd.

  17. 1.) A babe with a Doberman is very high probability is a crazy chick. Stay AWAY. Get a REAL (normal)woman.
    2.) Get a REAL dog.
    3.) Get a REAL weapon

  18. I like the non-lethal suggestions because last year while out walking I almost had to rescue a woman and her dog from another canine that was desperate to hump her dog. The woman was screaming in real anger and distress but managed to get her dog into her car just as I got near.

    All I had with me was my handgun, and I wasn’t going to shoot a pooch just for being horny. I carry pepper spray now.

  19. 1. If your a single dude with a pomeranian turn in your man card.
    2. If it happened to be a leftover in a divorce settlement the spray the pom with the pepper spray and offer it up as a spicy snack to the dobe.
    3. Skip the gas gun and get a vintage 40mm grenade launcher (I think MK-79) they’re more fun and can do evertything the gas gun can do.

  20. we had an incident kind of near my house in a heavier residential area (sub division) where a short coated, medium sized dog with a big head escaped from his home while the kids were getting ready for elementary school (really, Mom was in the kitchen packing lunches, kids were having breakfast, etc) I guess he ran out the front screen door when Dad left and didn’t shut it all the way.

    The dog ran right for a guy walking his good sized dog on the sidewalk, apparently mr loose dog was super friendly and was wagging and wiggling his way to this guy’s dog. meanwhile behind him the family had realized the dog was out and were on their way into the street.

    That was when the guy walking his dog whipped out a 5″ blade knife and stabbed mr loose dog! right in front of the kids and Mom.

    Considering how that played out for everyone involved, I’d recommend the pepper spray.

    • All un-leashed dogs are considered feral by me. Feral dogs should be dispatched unless they are labeled as having their rabies shots.

  21. Had OC Spray used on wings for a wing eating contest on my first ship. Makes your mouth go numb and tingle, couldn’t really tell if it added anything besides that as they threw everything possible in it to make it nuclear hot.

    Having said that, and being sprayed/spraying others several times, OC/pepper spray does not always work, as the video posted above shows. So although it is convenient to carry, OC spray isn’t worth the risk of it not working the one time you need it. Then again, hitting someone in the chest with a 37 mm bean bag round doesn’t seem the best answer either. Baton would be my choice, just don’t hit the “red” zones!

  22. I’ve used pepper spray on dogs, and it has always worked pretty well. In all, I believe human beings are tougher than most dogs when it comes to pepper spray and CS gas. The guy in the vid who took the pepper balls was pretty badass, he barely even flinched.

    As to the Pomeranian, I just wouldn’t ever have one of those. My Weimaraner hates them even more than me, and the yapping (and bouncing off the ground) tends to flip on her predatory kill switch. I don’t know what it is about small dogs that they yap at big dogs – probably a Napolean / inferiority complex. One of my favorite things about coyotes is that they rid the world of yappy dogs whenever opportunity arises. It’s pretty tough to sue a coyote for get bills.

    I think an attractive, assertive woman with a dobie or sheppard looks fantastic.

  23. Use the 37mm with rubber bullets, rubber pellets, bean bags and the like, it best be registered as a destructive device under the NFA. Otherwise you’d be in a heap ‘o trouble. Flares, gas/smoke or bird bombs are GTG without NFA.

  24. Why do you need one? I think you’re just unassertive with the dog. You’re being the Beotch. Step on, make your presence known to the dog. Demand respect. And besides, you’re Mr. Muscles, appearantly. You can probably take the dog if you outweigh it intellectually.

  25. I think with my obvious charm and good looks I’d say if be able to get back on my neighbors good side if I shot her dog. That said if rather I with a Taser. BTW my neighbors dog is very nice and plays with my dog regularly. No if only I could cash in on that pizza he owes me…

  26. Story time: Years ago my size 13 boot did a number on one dog that attacked me, it had to be put to sleep afterward (shattered jaw and probably worse). But that was not a Doberman, it was a lab mix that maybe weighed about 50 pounds. I still feel some guilt over that, but the dog jumped a fence and ran across the street to attack me so it was pretty much feral as far as I (and probably the law) was concerned. The negligent idiot owner was furious, but no charges were pressed and I spent no time in cuffs. Got lucky.

    Anyway, if I had to do it over again I’d probably use the strongest bear spray available to me. Carrying that S&W in NY is just begging to get swatted, and pepper gel is useless unless your aim is VERY precise, which almost never is when you’re dealing with 80+ pounds of pissed off canine.

    And no real man would be caught dead with a purse mutt. Might as well get a cat, easier to care for, smarter and will murder anything it can get its paws on.

  27. Neither. Go with the FN 303. Soul of an Automag RT, yet flings those bismuth nose weighted rounds with incredible accuracy and force. I think there’s still probably dents in the steel doors down at AGD’s old building from their *ahem* testing…

    (also, is the ‘Non-Lethal _Addition_’ part of the headline some sort of pun that I’m missing? I’ve never found summation to be sufficiently lethal as it was…

  28. Have any of you ever realized how often a divorced mans dog hates women and a divorced woman’s dog hates men?
    Picked up a SIG M 11 A1 (228) tonight at my local Cabelas, looking forward to sending some rounds down range tomorrow or in couple weeks depending.

  29. When dealing with an aggressive dog, always use conventional pepper spray in a stream dispenser, that way you can SOAK the offending animal, who then runs home, enters through the doggie door still dripping, and lets his or her owner share the experience. Bonus points!

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  31. I find that taking my (leashed) pit bulls for a walk makes loose dogs the other owner’s problem. That said, it’s rather strange that the dogs that try and pick a fight are the little yappy ones. Those are bite-sized snacks. But, I’ve had another pitbull run up to mine, they sniffed each other out and walked away. Last week a basset ran up to my PB, tail wagging, and they greeted each other like old friends. Seems like dogs know aggression and meet like with like. Oh, and I carry pepper spray in case the SHTF for real. I don’t want my dogs, or somebody else’s to ever become seriously injured.

  32. Here’s an update: my pitbulls ended up in a dogfight with two other pitbulls because their idiot owner left his front gate open. I emptied the entire container of pepper spray into the faces of the dogs with no visible effect. In the end I had to lift the dogs up by their hind legs until the owner (who eventually came to help) grabbed them and pulled them away. I think the pepper spray affected me more than the dogs. Either the spray was weak, or the dogs were so mad that it had no effect. I’m a little disappointed, to be honest.


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