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UTandJG Guns

Scenario: You usually aren’t a gambling man, but when your friend, the Class 3 FFL, wagered his knowledge of foreign gun laws against yours, you couldn’t resist. Your friend insisted that he knew British gun law like the back of his hand. Ask him anything, he said. If he was wrong, he’d let you have your pick of two integrally suppressed guns from his shop. He would even eat the cost of the $200 transfer tax. Well, your friend wasn’t quite the expert in UK gun laws he thought he was and lost the bet . . .

On top you have the: Underground Tactical M&P 15-22 Integrally Suppressed. It’s a fun and compact package that’s whisper quiet. You can shoot all day long on the cheap and you won’t bug the neighbors.

On bottom, you have a John’s Guns Ruger 77/44 Integrally Suppressed. You’re not going to shoot all day with 44 magnum, but you could go hog hunting without any hearing protection.

If you could have one of these guns all expenses paid, which would you grab?


Both guns available at Sportsman’s Finest in Bee Cave, TX. And no, they don’t take wagers.

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  1. If your friend is willing to eat the transfer fee, I will be willing to fill out the paper work for the other one and transfer it to me.

  2. Ruger, the heavier round will deliver more energy since both have similar velocity so it would be more useful for things beyond plinking/squirrels. Plus being a bolt action it won’t have any cycling problems due to the lower velocity ammo.

    • Yes. The bolt-action will be quieter than the semi and the .44 will have more impact force and longer range. Plus it just looks like a heavy-barreled hunting rifle, not an Evil Assault Weapon.

      Also, I already have lever-action .22 rifles that will be at least as accurate as the M&P, more reliable, and not much louder with .22 shorts or .22lr subsonic rounds. And I made myself some speed-loader tubes, so that mostly negates the magazine-fed reloading advantage, too.

  3. I suspect the Ruger would be much more accurate than the M&P and a bolt gun would not get as dirty as as semi.
    So I would go Ruger.

  4. I have a suppressed 5.56 so I would probably go with the S&W since it has platform commonality and I can already hunt larger game with the 5.56. I would much rather have a .30 caliber can though for my threaded savage .308 bolt gun, is that an option?

        • You take the squirrel the old fashioned way when you have a big bore like a .44 … You “Bark” them … IE … You shoot the tree that is next to them or the branch they are sitting on, and let the bark from the tree or branch hit them … And you have dinner. No muss no fuss 🙂 And oh yah … I would take the Ruger hands down!

  5. The Ruger. I can reload 44, but not 22. No need for integrally suppressed 22, several really good 22 cans available that fit on a regular M&P 22, a 10/22 or a Savage bolt.

  6. Ruger. A suppressed 22 is cool, but a suppressed 44 is cooler.

    Now for the questions: how hard is it to clean the suppressors? The 44, might it be damaged by supersonic loads, if you were to load some up? I realize subsonic is preferred for noise, but if it was me I would eventually have to try out some full house loads, just because.

  7. Tough choice. The S&W is a fun plinker, but it’s a .22, and will eventually require some serious cleaning. The Ruger is going to be cleaner (unless you use cast), and can handle much more game, but is a bit of an oddball combo.

    At the end of the day, I’d go with the rimfire, since I do far more plinking than I do hunting. Were that reversed, I’d go with the bolt.

  8. Go with the Ruger. I have an M&P15-22 and it’s so much fun to shoot, but it’s already pretty quiet. And I looked at the site for the suppressed one, there’s no way it’s worth about a thousand dollars more than the standard 15-22! The Ruger is a more unique gun.

  9. I’d take a .22 over nothing, but anything over a .22. Ruger all the way. And I would have no quams shooting a 44mag all day.

  10. the ruger. why? cause i can stil find .44mag everywhere, whereas .22lr is as rare as obama telling the truth. that and .22lr’s costs are nearing full rifle caliber costs…

  11. Ruger 44. Can even shoot the same subsonic ammo as my Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .44 Special. Magnums can be so pushy. Probably has a true rainbow trajectory, but who cares. Consider it field artillery for hogs.

  12. “Scenario: You usually aren’t a gambling man…”
    Indeed. Occasionally a gambling girl, but I digress.
    The M&P because its smaller and better suited for home defense, and because a scary black semi-auto rifle is much higher on my want list than a suitable for hunting bolt action.

  13. I’ll take the M&P. .22 LR may be hard to find at the moment, but it would still be easier and cheaper to feed.

    That’s still a wicked bolt gun though.

  14. Ruger 77/44. Own 5 .22lr/.22mags and hard to feed them right now! Don’t have a .44 and I can handload for the .44!!

  15. How about neither.. Never been very impressed with the quality of the S&W M&P-15/22 and I’ve shot one quite a few times. My SIG 522 on the other hand has wept itself to sleep every night, longing for a suppressor since the day I bought it.

  16. Silly question.

    Better question, would you rather piss off a moose (M&P 15-22) or blow up a squirrel(Ruger)?

    I think we all know the answer to that question. And I don’t even hunt.

    • A friend once told me a story – full disclosure, he tended to embellish his stories – about an Indian he knew in Idaho who hunted moose with a single shot .22. Apparently he’d just get a few rounds into the animal’s lungs and follow it around for a couple of days until it dropped. I guess the moose just thought he found a bee’s nest or something. Sounded plausible at the time. Not for the faint of heart though.

  17. I’d take the .44. It’s a versatile round to begin with if you toss handloading into the mix. With a suppressed rifle already paid for… oh yeah! Kind of like a modern De Lisle carbine.

  18. Its a tough one, the MP22 would be a blast…and its a integrally suppressed MP22…
    But the Ruger would be an awesome real world use gun
    In the end id go with the Ruger all day long, because if I really wanted, .22 cans are cheap

  19. You’d need a 60 round magazine for the .22 to match the 8000-10,000ft./lbs. of muzzle energy that 4 +1 round of .44mag will get you from a rifle, so I’d go with the Ruger. Also, the Ruger retails for around 50% more than the S&W, at least in un-suppressed modes.

  20. I was surprised by the answers. I thought the little black rifle would win hands down, but it looks like pragmatists are winning the day.

    The Ruger .44 will take any big game on the continent, is easy to reload for, would compliment my Ruger Bisley SA revolver and being suppressed would make it even more handy. Heck, a .44 makes just about the perfect truck gun. Get the Ruger, you won’t regret it. Besides, it’s twice as big as the .22, right? 😮

    • How many have at least one .22 rifle compared to the number of suppressed Ruger 77/44 owners?
      If you want a silent .22 rifle the CB longs will suffice and at 710 fps which is enough to take out most small critters and varmint without alarming the neighbors.
      That is, if it can be found.
      I got lucky and found 6 boxes on the shelf a couple of months ago.

  21. Anybody ever shot the CCI .22 CB Long? It works in any .22 rifle (won’t cycle an auto) and you don’t need a can to quiet it.  In a rifle, your neighbors probably won’t know you’re shooting anyway.  I’d take the Ruger without hesitation!

    • Kinda pricey for what it is, but I keep a box or two around for that reason. I have a 24″ bolt action rifle, and it is a hoot to hear the pin hit the brass, the pop of the bullet out the barrel, and ping as it hits a can. Love shooting without hearing protection.

  22. I have some first hand experience with this subject owning an integrally suppressed 77/44 and an external can for .22LR. My vote would hands down be for the 77/44. I think external is a much better setup for .22 and the 77/44 will hit hogs like a freight train with subsonic 300 grain XTP’s. My 77/44 is an SRT with a fast twist barrel, not sure how the stock barrel will do stabilizing those same loads. The downside of the 77/44 is that you will need to reload if you want to go subsonic in .44 mag.

  23. Since this is clearly going to be a ‘toy’ no matter what…. I vote M&P. Low cost ammo, plinking fun, and what a great rifle to introduce noobs to the world of silenced shooting.

  24. Gotta be subsonic ammo to minimize sound – that reduces the range so throw the biggest slug you can – that means 77/44. I happen to have a John’s 77/44 with a Leupold 6x and it’s a 1 inch group all day long


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