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Adam Kokesh posted a video ostensibly showing him loading a shotgun and racking a round in the chamber in Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. According to the Washington Post, the US Park Police and the DC police aren’t happy about it and “are investigating the authenticity” of said video. If they decide it’s legit, they’ll most likely bring charges against him because as we all know “carrying a loaded weapon, concealed or unconcealed, is against the law in the District.” So is possession of a 30-round magazine, but I digress. If they do press charges he could face up to a year in prison for “possession of a firearm not registered in the District.” Of course, if his name was David Gregory and he worked for NBC, he’d automatically be in the clear and the DC Attorney General would be defending his First Amendment rights.  Also on Thursday…

You would think with all the attention the Zimmerman trial is getting, the folks who go on patrols for neighborhood watch organizations and HOAs would think twice about brandishing firearms. Apparently Howard Fox didn’t get that memo. Thursday night a woman was sitting on a pier at an apartment complex in Orlando, Florida watching fireworks when Fox walked up to her and told her to leave because it was “after hours.” She said he then raised a weapon and pointed it at her. Fox, who told police he was chairman of the “Fine and Hearing Violations Committee” of the local HOA, was arrested for aggravated assault and openly carrying weapons. He claimed he was carrying the S&W Sigma and Glock (with short barrel rifle conversion) for “hunting small animals” around the complex. Maybe the Zimmerman defense team should try that approach. Or not.

Utah gun-rights advocates want to celebrate the state’s open carry law by running with guns. On September 12, there will be a 5K “Run 4 Guns” in Spanish Fork, Utah where participants are encouraged to carry their legally-owned firearms openly. They can also bring ammunition as long as the firearms are holstered or the ammo is in “unattached magazines.” In addition there will be a half-mile “armed dash.” Organizers want to donate proceeds from the event to a charity that supports gun victims but have yet to find one that isn’t an anti-gun organization. Good luck on that one.

Things aren’t going quite like Illinois Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon wants them to, according to the AP (via In spite of her “encouragement” only four communities in her fair state have enacted restrictions on semi-automatic weapons in advance of the new concealed carry laws. So far, “14 communities have rejected or decided not to act on proposed bans” and 10 more “have yet to vote or have delayed consideration.” Meanwhile in Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel wants “a tougher city assault-weapons ban” that includes “weapons not included in the current ordinance and would ‘reflect advances’ in gun technology.” You know, since so many murders in Chiraq are committed with semi-automatic rifles and high-tech state-of-the-art firearms.

Meanwhile in Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon has nixed legislation that would have provided for federal gun law nullification, made it legal for teachers to carry firearms, and protected gun owners from having their private information published. He cited the wording of the section on federal nullification and restrictions on publishing gun owners’ information as his reason for his veto: “Under this bill, newspaper editors around the state that annually publish photos of proud young Missourians who harvest their first turkey or deer could be charged with a crime.” When the legislature reconvenes in September they’ll need a two-thirds vote in both the House and Senate to override the veto.

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        • I like “Old North Bridge Plaza”… But people so easily forget why the redcoats marched on Lexington.

        • That is an insult to the Chinese people. If you recall the most famous photograph from Tiananmen Square was a lone protester facing down a tank. Kokesh showed up at 0600 and filmed his video and then beat feet. The equivalent would have been to walk up to the capital and did his bit in front of the Capital Police.

          Now as bit civil disobedience, I can’t object. That is how you get things in front of the court. I don’t think he will win because he would have violated open carry laws in most states that have them.

        • Tdiinva, I’d add “in front of the Capitol Police with all of them armed and aiming at him”.

          The bags that Chinese dude was carrying were for holding his gigantic, brass balls.

        • Of course you put a subjective twist to it, tdiinva.

          I agree that Tianamin Square be fairly sutable.

          Pictorial alagory considered…

  1. Kokesh loaded THREE rounds, not “a round”, and racked them. It could have been four, Frank, but you should strive for at least as much accuracy as me!

  2. Actually, Kokesh may be a dummy, but this may also be a springboard for a lawsuit expanding on.. what was the D.C. case, McDonald? Maybe? Any lawyers want to chime in?

    • DC vs Heller is the case. However, the circuits are split on the right to carry. It would be a bit of a nail bighter for us. I’d wait and hope we got a few pro-freedom justices in before bringing such a case. But then again…

      • Ah, McDonald must be the Chicago case, I guess. I also suppose if a case did happen, probably would be best if the plantiff weren’t so… provocative (i.e. douchey). Yeah, it shouldn’t matter if the judge is truly impartial, but might as well stack the deck in our favor.

  3. So they want to celebrate legalization of open carry by an UNLOADED OC event!? Congradulations but what the fv@k?

    • I think your weapon can be loaded as long as it is holstered and stays there, but I’m not entirely sure. Bit ambiguous.

      • They are probably worried about pistols falling on ground and firing. How long does it really take to load a magazine into a mag well? This would probably be the safest event EVER. I doubt the Boston bombers woulda tried that crap if the runners and crowd were packing!

    • You’re going to look a bit odd by runners standards but any good gunbelt and holster configuration should secure the pistol in such a way that you can forget about it while running. I recently put mine on (well made by a local leather smith) with swim trunks (ie no belt loops) just to get it from point A to B. Surprisingly it was comfortable and secure even sans loops. I managed to forget about it even playing with a friends young children. I was much more out of shape for being barefoot than worrying about my weapon falling out or beating my hip/side.
      We all (the gun guys and wives) had a good laugh about my swim suit plus gun belt outfit, but like many things, sometimes the absurd is instructive.

  4. As to the Utah event, can anyone offer ideas on carry forms which are run-friendly? OWB aint gonna work with my Air Force PT shorts…..

  5. Would someone please throw a net over this loon and get him the mental health care he desperately needs? His martyrdom/messiah complex is going to get innocent people killed and do more for gun banners than Josh Sugarman and Bloomberg ever could

    • it is a form of expression and thus, under the 1st amendment, legal. smoke that. Capitol Police should have prosecuted Gregory for something . . . . now they opened the door.

    • And while Gregory licks Obama’s rear end a few nights a week, Kokesh told our troops to desert their posts, “broadcasts” on Putin’s Russia Today, helped Code Pink send $600,000 to jihadis in Iraq, and is basically a stoned moron:

  6. When people hear that I’m in the Marines, they often go into this ritual of “thanking me for my service.” No such thanks are necessary, I get paid for it, and I admit to feeling a bit of self-consciousness and embarrassment about it. I’ve been shot at and mortared and lived in discomfort, but in the end I was completely unhurt in both my wartime deployments.

    This man is risking a lot, has little love from his countrymen, but if you read the second amendment, he has every right to carry an old fashioned pump action shot gun in the District of Columbia. It is not a state, so even incorporation should not be at issue.

    This is the man that should be thanked for his service. He’s at much greater risk to have his liberty taken away and jailed for years, and be named a felon and lose his second amendment rights. If only we could get a battalion of such men.

    I do think he is tilting at windmills, but you can’t win if you don’t play. I hope he wins if he is arrested. And if he does, he will have earned all the gratitude that people blithely grant to me.

    • God damn you sound like a chump. Kokesh is a lefty tool, period. He is likely in bed with Obama’s camp.

      Also, walking down the street in DC with a shotgun is bizarre and stupid. I’ve been there, you are going to scare people. Fact is open carry is simply unacceptable in some locations, especially with a LONG GUN and this has always been the case. Kokesh knows this, he just wants attention and he needs it now that the Ron Paul gravy train he was hitching a ride on has tipped over.

      • @Skyler: Well put humble warrior, and even if you don’t want it, thanks again. I’m with you, I don’t know this guy and he might be a tool, but until someone is willing to go to jail laws aren’t questioned in the courts.
        As for FUG:
        Open carry is ‘bizarre and stupid’ only because we’re conditioned to think of it as such. There should NOT be a place in the US in which the mere sight of a weapon is cause for alarm and if not for decades of abuse and neglect the right to do so would be stronger. If the sheep are frightened of the sheep dog it is of no matter. Were he not scary the sheep dog would be of no use against the wolf.

      • He is not in “Obama’s camp.” He is a market anarchist, meaning that he doesn’t believe socialism works even for military and police services.

  7. BTW, if you visit Moms Demand National FB page, they are using the video of him doing this and using it as fodder. I have tried to explain to them that he does not represent us, but I can no longer post on their page.

    • Ahh yes the “Delete & Ban” policy of the leftist liberty supporters.

      Opening statements on FB should be…
      “We Don’t need any stinkin’ Liberties, Just keep us Safe Big-Governement from all the Bad people I judge because I’m saturated with Fear to take care of mine & myself even though all you do doesn’t really make me any safer, but you tell me I am, so I believe it & I won’t let anyone say anything that jeopardiseds that happy balance of control you have over us.”


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