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As RF highlighted earlier today, Former Rep. Gabby Giffords and hubby Mark Kelly kicked off their “Rights and Responsibilities” road show by visiting a pistol range in Las Vegas. But before hitting the road, Mr. Giffords Kelly stopped by CNN to let the media know what they’re doing. When asked point blank if “any of those steps [in his gun control plan] would have stopped what happened in [insert site of shooting here]” he said that, “maybe, absolutely” they quite possibly could have perhaps made a difference. He wants to expand background checks and make sure that the mentally ill are included in the NICS system. I wonder if that would extend to those with brain damage who can hardly point a gun to fire it? (Oh no he di’n’t!) Continuing in the background . . .

The Washington Times reports that a survey done by the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows that “almost all first-time gun purchases in 2012 were made at retailers or other venues where background checks are required.” Only seven percent of first-time buyers bought their guns at gun shows, and about seven percent purchased them from friends or family. Of course they also point out that “other analysts” say “less than half of the people who own military-style, semi-automatic rifles — akin to the kinds used in mass shootings in recent years — buy them from the retailers who are subject to background checks.”

Today, gun rights advocates marched to the National Mall from Arlington, Virginia with their guns in plain view. No, this wasn’t the resurrection of Adam Kokesh’s defunct Open Carry March. This was the Toy Gun March, and everyone carried “toy pistols with orange tips, water guns, Nerf guns and ‘anything peaceful.'” Organizer Austin Peterson said the goal was “to show people that we’re respectful, and that we are responsible gun owners.” It was planned as a kid-friendly event with face painting and a watergun battle. They also protested the harsh punishments doled out by some school districts to kids playing with toy guns (or eating Pop-Tarts the wrong way).

On July 13, the Maine Republican Party will combine a fundraiser with concealed handgun permit training. According to a press release from the GOP, the intent of the event is “to celebrate Republican success in protecting the privacy of Maine concealed carry permit holders.” The event includes breakfast, lunch, an “official concealed carry permit class” and a reception that evening. Total cost: $185. If you don’t want to attend the reception you’ll pay $150. But if you just want to attend the reception only, it’ll be $50. It doesn’t say who they’re receiving.

California Representative Jackie Speier is promoting a bill (H.R. 2566 – “Modernized Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 2013”) that will change the definition of “armor piercing” and could basically ban most of the ammo used in rifles. She claims that her bill will help protect police and other first responders. The text of the bill isn’t available for public release yet, but a key provision seems to be that it addresses bullets that can pierce the thinner body armor worn by first responders instead of the thicker armor worn by SWAT members – which includes most rifle ammunition. We have to wait until she releases it to see if she’s actually going to go that far, or stops at SWAT-style armor.

Rep. Speier has also introduced the “Child Handgun Safety Act” (H.R. 65) which “would require that all handguns manufactured, sold in, or imported into the United States to incorporate technology that precludes the average 5-year-old child from operating a handgun when it is ready to fire.” It “would also require any handgun sold, offered for sale, traded, transferred, shipped, leased, or distributed in the U.S. two years after enactment to be child-resistant or retrofitted with a child-resistant mechanism.” As you can imagine, the Brady Bunch is all over this one.

Finally, the CCRKBA gleefully reports that “CNN’s Piers Morgan pulled in the fewest viewers last month since he replaced Larry King in January 2011” while “gun sales continue to hit new highs.” Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed, “…that it was privately-owned firearms in the hands of American citizens that sent his ancestors packing back to England 232 years ago, which is why we have an Independence Day in this country.” If Mr. Morgan had any comments, so far he has kept them to himself.

On that note, have a Happy Independence Day holiday!

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  1. Why are people still taking this guy seriously? Just because you’re an astronaut doesn’t mean you’re not an idiot.

    • I personally think volunteering to sit on top of a rocket built by government contractors would require some idiocy

    • Lisa Nowak was also an astronut.

      It is painful to see my childhood heros have moonboots of clay.

    • Disingenuous; Kelly sometimes has to struggle to make the gun restriction claims he and Gabby supposedly support and believe would be useful.

      “maybe, absolutely”; now that sounds real decisive and full of conviction.

  2. Send morgan and any other freedom hating brit expats back to their trailer park of a country. england, the flyover part of Europe.

    • Actually that would be the Irish Republic. No reason to stop there unless you’re flying on an Aer Lingus flight.

      • Guinness, Smithwicks and Harp there’s three reasons I would stop. Oh and lets not forget who doesn’t love a slutty red head with big jugs?

  3. I’m not giving that idiot five minutes of my life.

    Alan Gottlieb can always be relied on for an amusing, pithy quote.

  4. I wonder if that would extend to those with brain damage who can hardly point a gun to fire it? (Oh no he di’n’t!) Continuing in the background . . .

    Sure, as long as they go through a gun safety course using sock-puppets and lots of bright colored pictures to communicate the main bullet points. I don’t want them getting confused and drooling all over the place.

  5. I wonder if that would extend to those with brain damage who can hardly point a gun to fire it? (Oh no he di’n’t!)

    This made my day, because of course, it doesn’t apply to the “elite”..

  6. Having taught at NJSC for several years, this asshat was hat by all the other astronauts. He is a douchebag from way back. And he will never change his spots.

  7. Just watched the Fargo local news coverage of today’s Giffords/Kelly tour stop in Fargo. Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D) was in town on other business and turned down an offer to meet with them. Heidi stated she stands by her vote against the background check bill and has seen nothing that would make her change her mind. In fact, her stance has hardened, due a DOJ study released after the vote showing how few guns purchased at gun shows are used in crimes. Go Heidi!!

  8. Looks more like the Kelly/Giffords crew is taking an all expense paid vacation to me…

    • Which raises the question I have had since these young lovers have started traveling/traipsing across our nation……who is picking up the tab? If they have created their own 501c4, I posit another question… long did the IRS take to approve their application? Or has Mayor Bloomberg hidden their expenses in the NYC budget somewhere like he has done MAIG?

      • RE:…who is picking up the tab?
        Steve Mostyn has donated at least $1M to their ARS pac. He and wife Amber wheel/deal in the same circles as Soros & Buell who have also heavily backed Obama and Hillary.

  9. ever since 9/11 “first responder” has been a buzz word used to get people to support something without thinking.

    • Im a first responder in Memphis and as rough as it can be here, didnt ask for the protection Speier is seeking. In fact the grabbers might poop their pants if they realized many of us are gun owners. Hell, I had a patient today with a huge Winchester safe in the house… if only I had time to look.

      • i’m drafting a piece of legislation right now. The “Children and First Responder’s Act of Protecting Protection for Safety Act Law.” (It basically just grants a free IHOP short stack with every firearms purchase.)

  10. Just when I thought Cali govt couldn’t get any more retarded, they go and do this. I love this state, but I cannot stand the people who are supposed to be running it. Heaven forbid we deal with issues like debt and education, it’s those damn law abiding gun owners we’ve gotta take care of.

  11. All the hating aside, I’m pretty sure a gun that would prevent a five-year-old from operating it would be pretty useless. Whenever I need to open a small child-proof container, I hand it to my kids. They’re getting older now, so I’ll have to figure something else out.

  12. Regarding the video, when the commentators said something to the effect of “it was said your wife was upset when the Manchin-Tommey bill did not pass”

    I am willing to bet, she had no clue what the bill was or what was happening. Given past videos of her, I really do not believe she knows what is going on.

    She is just being used as a puppet at this point.

  13. I think we would wise to stop ridiculing Gaby Giffords. She deserves sympathy for her injuries. It makes us look bad. At this point she is little more than a prop. Save your scorn for her husband.

    • You’re right, she’s not the one deserving of our anger. Take the anger directed at her, and add that on top of the anger towards her d-bag husband, and we’re getting close to the level of hatred that man truly deserves.

    • +1 I don’t know how much damage was done, so I don’t want to write her off just based on taking a bullet to the head. Maybe she’s a prop, and maybe she’s willing. Either way, she does deserve some sympathy. However, her husband is quite clearly a tool (IIIIIIIN SPAAAAACE) deserving only scorn.

    • I really feel bad for what happened to Gabby. My gut instinct says that she is being used as a tool, pawn, showpiece for her husband. He is riding the coattails of a losing party. The video of her shooting a handgun spoke volumes about their relationship behind closed doors. If it were not on camera, I can totally see him yelling “give me that Fu#c*ing gun back before you ruin everything.” Power hungry A-hole trying to make a name for himself. Personally…just got a bad vibe about him….I don’t trust the agenda here.

  14. “If Mr. Morgan had any comments, so far he has kept them to himself.”

    That would be a first.

  15. Gabby Giffords has been nothing but a social parasite for her whole adult life. Kelly is simply traveling over well-trampled ground.

  16. [So my first post got eaten. Okay..]

    Once a politician, always a politician. I don’t buy that Gabby’s been reduced to the functional level of a toddler, she wants to be whored as a prop for stupid gun control schemes and as such deserves as little sympathy as her husband.

    • After watching her on promotional videos (that put the best possible face on her condition) and sorta following her recuperation/rehab in the MSM, I suspect her cognitive function IS limited to a great degree. Health professionals feel free to debunk this theory.

      And her space cadet husband should be ashamed of himself.

  17. Maybe it should be called Desi&Lucy part II? Desi was a communist from Cuba and Lucy loved him for it.

  18. Except for shifty guys like Mark who lie on their background check form, the current system of background checks works. Mark lucked out when the gun shop in Tucson that he tried to fraudulently buy guns at, voided the sale to save Mark from being arrested for making a “straw purchase” even though he said he was going to give the guns to law enforcement.
    More stringent background checks are unnecessary and will not prevent the mentally ill from obtaining guns.
    If the Nation is serious about stemming gun violence, they only need to check voter registrations. As everyone knows, the vast majority of gun violence is committed by Democrat’s or their offspring. Authorities need only check voter registrations and remove the guns from the hands of Democrats and they will virtually end gun violence. After all, simply registering as a Democrat confirms an individual is mentally unstable and therefore should not possess a firearm…

  19. I want to see giffords scars, IF THERE ACTUALLY ARE ANY !!!
    I am so tired of these liberal liars with there “DOOM” stories to promote their libtard agenda !
    Give it up libs, it won’t work against REAL AMERICANS !!

    • Dude, she got shot, and her head is messed up. Nobody’s arguing that. Peddle your conspiracy nonsense somewhere else.

      • how do you know that, these libs create scenario’s for effect, as they know that dumb libs BUY it!!

        • I know that becausealakdjlfmnklamfklafk

          I just lost interest in arguing with you. I’m gonna go have a beer. Goodnight.

  20. I thought as much, this is what happens when you test out a broken, dumbed down, drugged down libtarded down, brain, VOTE FOR OBAMA, DUMMIE, so you can keep your “obamaphone’

    Any other questions, libs????

    • doug, I’m really glad you’re enjoying your Independence Day, but you really shouldn’t post comments after you’ve been drinking heavily.

      Sidenote: Did I just get called a DUMMIE, among other things? And is that a step up or a step down from “sheeple?” jwm, J&D, care to opine?

      • Damn, Matt. Sheeple, schmuck, dumb. You must be doing something right for these guys to come at you so hard. Maybe you use words with too many letters and it hurts their brains?

        • Combine alcohol with conspiracy theorists and this is what you get. A lot of name calling.

          If my daughter was smoking crack I’d pull her out of school.

        • And all these years I’ve been eating my ice cream with the bones in. Just shows what a sheeple I am.

          Where do I get me one of them obama phones?

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