NYC Councilman Joe Borelli. Image source:
NYC Councilman Joe Borelli. Image source:
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NYC Councilman Joe Borelli doesn’t think much of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 diktats. He tweeted the following:

Borelli tweet

Can anyone else think of another example of an official announcing a harmful financial policy while simultaneously touting statistics that show that policy will be ineffective.

Well, Joe, I’m a gun owner. So I’m accustomed to decades of harmful financial, criminal, and social policies that by design are ineffective at their alleged purpose.

Hey! I know, let’s effectively ban the lawful possession of firearms, then release the violent criminals in our jails. How’s that working for y’all?

Or we could effectively ban the possession of some of the most commonly owned firearms in the country because they’re rarely used in crime.

Maybe we could just force honest people to be photographed, fingerprinted, and investigated before we grudgingly allow them to exercise a constitutionally “protected” right. Of course, we can only do that to the honest people because the Haynes decision means criminals don’t have to jump through all of those hoops.

Oh, wait! Let’s get banks and credit card companies to deny service to firearm dealers and gun owners. Because everyone knows that crooks swapping weapons in the black market carefully document their financial paper trails.

So yeah. Been there, done that. Doing that, in fact. Long before the Chinese flu.

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    • And say it in stereo, while you’re at it. 🖕 🖕 Molon fuckin’ labe, ‘progressives.’

  1. He should try and run a small business. Between taxes and expensive regulations it hard to make it anywhere.

  2. Guarantee that line of “reason” blew right Joe’s head… How can you POSSIBLY try to equate the trivial issues of a few gun owners to the real problems of the REAL citizens of New York City… I mean C’MON MAN… Get real.. OBTW, It’s the Liberal values of the assholes in the North East and on the West Coast that has placed the whole country in this shithole so STFU, quit whining, and maybe instead of running away from the shit YOU created dragging that stupid liberal mindset with you how about working to fix the mess YOU created…

    • Borelli is one of 3 GOP on the NYC city council, he’s pretty conservative. He’s not in favor of how NYC is governed but he is out numbered 46-3 right now in the 51 member council (there are a few vacancies right now

  3. Lessee, the NRA, a gun control organization from day one, masquerades as a leftist boogeyman. Surprising, Orwellian?

    Haven’t been surprised by any of this since I started listening to my grandfather in the early ’80s. I can only imagine what he would saying about the last 30 years of the Fed…

  4. It never fails…Some pompous punk shows up and regurgitates the slander and libel that some jackass pooped in his ears. That’s right he thinks he can stick his butt in the air and trash the NRA with the sht between his ears. And his contribution beyond his butt spew is? Zip, NADA, Nothing.

    • It does get tiresome, listening to you defending the NRA. They lost their way, and attempted to do things that the NRA never should have been doing. They have a few corrupt azzholes in charge, who skim off money for their own purposes. Instead of spending tens of millions on this election, they mostly sat back and watched the enemy storm us. We have little to thank the NRA for, for the past ten years.

      Get rid of Pepe Le Pew and his cronies, and the NRA might one day return to it’s position of power and influence. Might. Or, the skunk running things may just drag the NRA down with him.

      A lot of us resent where the NRA is today, and you sound like Hillary Clinton calling all of us “deplorables”. Knock it off.

      • I have kept my membership up to date but my donations have been going the organization that is what the NRA is supposed to be, Second Amendment Foundation.

        • Donate to the NRA or donate yourself another box of bullets, I think the bullets will do you more good. The NRA claims to help gunm owners but it dont as far as I’m concerned. Back in 94 all them NRA stickers plastered all over my Ford F250 did was turn it into a cop magnet. Then when I put their NRA/ILA to the test on a cop gunm grab they shuffled me to every other lawyer but any of theirs. I’m pretty sure they said they’d stand behind me if I donated to them, before that I was big time NRA guy. I only get lied to once. ,, ,,Remember Charlie Heston, not one more inch, holding up a flintlock? Yup not one more inch, Flintlocks is where it stops. Then the insurance scam crap they tried to pull, yup everybody needs gunm insurance, you can’t drive a car without insurance ( well you can ,,,but) and they was pushing the same thing with gunm insurance .

    • Ill-informed trolls, such as yourself DebbieW, are why I don’t come here much anymore. Might want to learn the history of the NRA, before you start typing and remove any doubt, and all that.

      Farrago did a piece on this, (and on St Ronnie for that matter) way back before your day kiddo…

  5. Joe’s a token, actually he’s set dressing; he exists solely for the purpose of making people think that New York City and State has a representative Govt. His voice is literally irrelevant and Im sure history will show it to be completely ignored.

    See the Democrats run New York, City and State, and are in the process of changing in State procedures to guarantee that they continue to do so and, as if that weren’t enough, changing procedures such that the not only gain a supermajority but that it will take a future supermajority to undo what they have done.

    Joe should just call in to the Council meetings and spend his time working on a secession movement; although the option of joining New Jersey is equally bad.

  6. I noticed Joe’s CCP handler sitting next to him and taking notes. Looks like it’s going to be
    summer reeducation camp for you Joey.

  7. Welcome to California where DA’s direct the release of everybody due to Covid-19. Remember back in the 50’s when Californians were among the best educated? Days gone by…

  8. A nice, direct and powerful statement Carl. Too bad you had to throw it out the window with your snarky and inaccurate “Chinese flu” comment. It’s Covid-19. Leave the misguided prejudice to John Boch.

    • The Chinese in China call it Wuhan flu because it started there. Tell them how racist they are why don’t you. China wants everyone to forget who ruined the world and thanks you for your support.

      • It annoys me that people refer to SARS-COVID-19 as the flu. It is not pendantic to correct people. If Covid were in fact a flu strain we would have had a vaccine in March and the population vaccinated by the end of June.

        Covid is a cold virus. It is Frankencold.

  9. At some point the voters need to be held accountable by the government they voted for.

    Or having voted for progressive socialist policies, they will move to Florida, Tennessee, Texas, etc, and keep voting the same way.

    • Unfortunately, they’re already ‘migrating’ (en masse) to Austin, Houston, Boise, etc. I feel sorry for the ‘native’ residents of the aforementioned locales.

  10. I really believe you shouldn’t connect these 2 ideas. No problems with guns here, but I’m guessing your perspective is limited as maybe you haven’t had any friends or family die from Covid. I have. I also work in a hospital where we’ve had hundreds die from Covid, some of them our coworkers. Please don’t blame the economic troubles from the shutdowns due to Covid on the people who had to implement them. Blame Trump, Fox News and every legislator who followed Trump and promoted the lies that Covid is nothing and will go away. If Trump and the others had pushed masking up, social distancing and encouraged everyone to get on board we probably wouldn’t have had to shutdown and maybe we would have lost much less than the 330,000 people we have now lost.

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