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“There’s a street in Melbourne’s outer south-eastern suburbs where weapons have become a way of life,” reports. And that’s because . . .

As little as five years ago, the area was considered rural, but now, it’s been swallowed up by suburbia.

A slow but steady tsunami of urban sprawl is wiping out the hobby farms and paddocks, and replacing them with housing developments, traffic lights, a shopping centre, and a McDonald’s.

With the population explosion has come the crime, and for the first time, locals who’ve lived here their whole lives are dealing with home invasions and theft.

So, residents have formed a citizen militia. But as these law-abiding residents can’t own a firearm for self-defense — or defense of their community — they’ve turned to legal weapons . . .

“Baseball bats, nail guns, compressed air homemade machine guns that shoot paintball pallets. On this stretch of road, people are petrified.” . . .

Joe and his neighbours patrol the streets at night, on the look-out for burglars and suspicious activity.

They call themselves the “No Fear” gang.

“Yeah, I patrol with my bow and arrows. I’ve got a 70 pound (31kg) compound bow with more than a dozen arrows with various types of tips, and blades that pop out of them to make as much damage and fatal wounding as they can,” Joe said.

He’s been stockpiling weapons in recent months and is proud of his terrifying arsenal.

“I got my knuckle dusters, various steel pipes. I’ve got a pen gun, hollow tip bullets that have been hollowed out a little bit with mercury in them.

“That way if you only nick your target, you know they’re going to die five days later in an excruciating death.”

Why do I get the feeling that a Oz’s Current Affair program chose to highlight “Joe” due to the fact that he’s the most “extreme member” of the citizen militia? Perhaps for the same reason put the problem at the end of the article instead of the front (corrected here).

This story’s “shock” value can be traced to the fact that Australia’s mainstream media views armed self-defense — whether it’s with a gun or a crossbow — as madness. Madness I tell you! Madness!

There’s only one street in this suburb where the road is mostly still dirt, and that’s where we find a kind-of motley militia, disturbingly comfortable with taking the law into their own hands, even if it means putting innocent lives at risk.

I guess the fact that innocent lives are already at risk doesn’t figure. Not when you live in a disarmed society.

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  1. America’s future? Make no mistake about it, as freedom and liberty is erased under the false flag “it’s for your safety” or the “common sense” lie, IT WILL HAPPEN. Wake the hell up folks!
    I read that the ATF bump stalk input request only received 35K or so inputs. This is outrages! The Gun community again sit on its collective ass and does little!

    • That’s probably because they ask for an address and contact info, and not very many people actually own bumpfire stocks and no one wants the ATF to know where they live. I think it will turn out okay and the ATF will be ordered to stand down, though.

      • “I think it will turn out okay…..” – How many times have heard that over the decades out here in CA.

        “….and the ATF will be ordered to stand down, though.” – Its a shame that a government organization weilds so much extraconstitutional power they can be ordered at a whim to oppress or not oppress and we stand sedately by.

        This isn’t an attack on you AMoose or anything you’ve said. Ive said it myself over the years and find myself begging for scraps at the throne of the California bureaucrats, so horse on me. Don’t be a back bencher. Give them your name, let them know who you are, and let then know what you think. They want you to be quiet.

    • The bump stalk is just a way to skirt around the NFA. And even most gun people realize that, just like the SigBrace.
      Now I’m not for the NFA, but at the same time it a realist. If the Vegas shooter had be shooting .762 or been 200 yards closer (or worse yet had a belt fed open bolt .762 light machine gun) the shit would have been raining down for gun rights. He still manged to hit over 400 people at close to 500 yards! Its just the 556 at almost 500 yards kind of sucks in terms of lethality and firing sustained “simulated automatic” fire out of a close bolt gun is not the best idea in the world.

      • What’s a .762? Is that the rifle version of the infamous .9mm?

        And what in god’s name is a “bump stalk?” Can I buy one in a corn field?

      • Not a difficult feat at all. The only thing he had to do was hit the ground in the general area the size of several football fields. You have a huge area covered in people. Somebody is getting hit.

  2. Admitting you own anything as a “weapon” is a terrible idea in a Commonwealth country- at least if you are an ordinary citizen (actual criminals have special rights).

    Let’s take that bow for an example. If you admit to owning it as a weapon you’ll be in trouble. If you own it for target shooting- that’s different. Now, I’m writing from a Canadian perspective, but it isn’t that much different in Australia. As far as I can see, all these guys are doing is making it easier for the Crown to put them in jail. Then the criminals will be able to break into their houses at leisure.

  3. “… we find a kind-of motley militia, disturbingly comfortable with taking the law into their own hands …” —

    A person who protects their own life and property is somehow “taking the law into their own hands”? A government which prohibits a person from protecting their own life and property is a criminal accomplice to the thieves, robbers, rapists, and murderers who attack us.

  4. I keep saying that if you want to effectively disarm a populace, you need to take their balls first. Australia has been socially doing that for decades and only recently started the arms-confiscation bullshit.

    People need to never let that fire go out in their eyes or that part of the soul will be compromised.

    • Smartest thing I’ve I’ve heard in a long time: “they need to take your balls first”. Leftists have been doing that for 50 plus years. PC garbage, toxic masculinity, more genders than Baskin-Robins has flavors of ice cream. Balls are in short supply in the USA.

      Fortunately, the ones who kept theirs will demonstrate true “toxic masculinity”. Make no mistake, we need to kill EVERYONE on the left, and soon. Or your children and grandchildren will be living a totalitarian nightmare. We are almost there. I know, I’m an assholes, I’m crazy. Don’t give a fuck. I’m sick to the back teeth of the shiteating left. They took a live and let live libertarian and made me want to personally end all their lives. Slowly. Painfully. Especially the mainstream media propaganda cucks.

  5. I don’t know if putting mercury and lead together for very long is a good idea, I’ve heard it melts the lead or somthing? ….. Well that’s a neighborhood watch with some teeth for sure. Probably here in the States you’d get in trouble for it.

  6. Always remember that this would be the US had Hillary and the democrats won the 2016 elections. Once the US is disarmed and governed like Mexico, we can expect at least 75,000 murders per year.

    • never happen!
      most AUssies are too gutless or too fckn stoopid to ‘take on’ TPTB;
      if they had to spend a coupla days in a cop lock-up, most would ‘sell out’ their own grannies…..
      there’s where the leftists have it ‘all over them’ b’cs they are not afraid of a bit of ‘stir’….

  7. As usual, these “journalists” are withholding information. Usually, when “urban sprawl” moves out to the country, the small landowners sell out at a big profit and find a new place farther out. I suspect that the phenomenon reported here has more to do with the type of people moving into the area than their number. If the folks moving in were doctors, lawyers, and computer programmers, then everybody would be happy. I suspect, rather, that they’re the sort of people who commit a highly disproportionate share of the crime and simultaneously lower real estate values. I further suspect that they’re all wards of the government. Of course, we’re forbidden to speculate about such things. I’ve probably put myself on a federal list already.

    • i’ll save you the trouble of speculatin’ there, m8!
      the sort of ‘people’ moving in to those outer ‘burbs are: ☻
      that’s where the biggest violent crime explosion is coming from!
      they’re now openly talkin’ of deportations….that’s how bad it is….

  8. “…have been hollowed out a little bit with mercury in them.

    “That way if you only nick your target, you know they’re going to die five days later in an excruciating death.”

    Jesus, apparently the Oz school system followed the US school system straight down the fucking drain.

    • You’d be really deterred if he didn’t miss. Those things are powerful.

      I wonder can they defeat a 111a vest?

      • I definitely wouldn’t like the odds of soft armor stopping a bolt with a sharp or edged point unless the vest is stab resistant. Even then, since plate armor was still vulnerable to a bolt I wouldn’t want to test my luck…

      • If it has a broad head on it, I’d say it’s a toss up. The broad head may deform enough to slow it down and/or cause it to deflect (right into your arm most likely so, not really a win I guess). Probably would still penetrate though, or at the very least hurt like hell. I’d say a regular practice tip would pass through handily (all the energy concentrated on a much smaller area).

        Steel plate on the other hand…

        • Remember, arrows and crossbow bolts rotate, like a bullet, for accuracy. A broadened will not penetrate a soft kevlar vest for the same reason a pistol bullet won’t, it gets caught and trapped in the kevlar fibers. A practice tip,though, might just slip through, like an ice pick.

  9. “A slow but steady tsunami of urban sprawl is wiping out the hobby farms and paddocks, and replacing them with housing developments, traffic lights, a shopping centre, and a McDonald’s.”

    Aha, I knew it! McDonald’s causes crime! Because crime can’t possibly be caused by criminals.

  10. You don’t NEED more than one baseball bat. Only one will do. And since you don’t need it when not playing baseball why not have it registered and keep it locked up at the local sports centre? We’re talking about common sense laws here. You don’t want maniacs running around the streets with these clubs…because that’s what they are make no mistake. They’re clubs, they’re weapons to do harm and that’s their intended purpose.

    • So you believe that I would need a gun to threaten anyone and put “the fear of god” in them? The military taught me numerous ways to kill a person without using a gun.
      Would you care to tell us how many violent crime were committed in Australia per hundred thousand population vs. the United States?
      I take it you did not read the article as it stated that the residents are arming up because they fear for their safety. So much for” knowing they don’t have to fear everyday being possibly their last day on earth.”

      • Prove it to me then liar.

        Australians are doing great without armed nuts running all over the place.

        Australians don’t have to fear going to school, work or their place of business without some pro-gun trump supporter with a chip on his shoulder going berserk and attack them.

        And as someone who has been to Australia many times, Your claims of it being a violent crime hellhole are complete and utter crap. Australian don’t want guns and don’t need them unless they have jobs like farming, animal culling, pest control or competition shooting. Australia seems to be doing a better job of keeping criminals and the mentally deranged from arming up.

        Not a single Australian I know has ever need to use their category A, C or H license to protect themselves.

        PM john howard saved australia and it’s people from turning into a hellhole country like this where every nut is armed to the teeth, A russian puppet as president, americans living in fear wanting the madness that has happened to end.

        • Slipping off your meds again I see. Your reading comprehension is lacking tremendously.
          I never stated any statistics about crime, I told you to check out what the facts were.
          Your head is telling you false facts about the US that are not true. I have traveled all forty-eight lower states and I never felt afraid of being attacked by anyone in any region of the country. Take out the gang violence that takes place in the inner cities and the US is one of the safest places on earth!
          Prove me wrong with hard facts, not some leftwing propaganda.

        • Commie Troll !!! Back to CNN, or MSNBC with YE !!! I look forward to the day the USA returns to McCarthyism to hunt down Commie Trolls to be exiled, or imprisoned….

    • As of 2014, there were 8,124 murders in the US attributable to firearms. A nontrivial % of which are the direct result of gang violence or some other criminal activity (secondary to the whole ‘murder’ thing)

      If you “fear everyday being possibly their last day on earth” because 8,000 people were killed in a country of some 318,000,000 people-a rate of roughly 2.5 people per 100,000-then you seriously need to take a statistics course. For any and all practical purposes, nobody dies of gun violence in the United States. 2.5/100k is statistical background noise.

      And that’s before you even get into the fact that many of them were/are related to some other crime, as I said, and thus many of those 8k people-to varying degrees-deserved what they got.

    • i/almost all “mass shootings” in the US are out-and-out hoaxes!
      (Sandy Hook, Vegas etc)
      ii/AUssies were disarmed b’cs of a bogus hoax…the so-called Port Arthur “massacre”
      ( http://facebook(dot)com/theportarthurmassacrehoax )
      iii/violent crime has EXPLODED in AUssie b’cs of Howard’s ILLEGAL and un-Constitutional
      (re: Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901) gun-grab;
      iv/Aussies are living in fear 24/7 from violent crims and thugs;
      v/b’cs the av. AUssie is dis-armed and helpless, the gov(dot)au sees this as a justification to run AMOK with all sorts of legislation that abolishes historical rights and freedoms;
      vi/Howard’s dog-shite “laws” have done nothing to reduce gun crime…. re: the Saurdi-Lee and McPhearden-Baker studies of c2010 ;
      vii/Howard was a secret gun-grabber from the GET-go….just waiting for a convenient “incident” which him and his bum-chums manufactured;

      the maggot calling itself “realamericanpatriotagainst…” blah blah blah is, more likely than not, some under-cover gov(dot)au narc or ASIO agent….

      WTF say you there, sarge, eh?!?

      ARSEstralia…land of the freak….home of the knave…
      fun by fa99ots, femi-twats and gun-grabbers….
      where the effin’ liberals (“leftists”) make the liberals in the US look like Rush Limbaugh…


  11. Seems to be a hatchet job by the TV reporters.

    You can legally form a Neighborhood Watch in any state of Australia with the help of the police. This group didn’t bother or can’t read the paperwork. I have been a member of several.

    As I’ve mentioned many times here our firearm laws are bad but I still have enough for most media to call me a super owner.

    Concealed carry licenses do exist I had one for years. Clean record and over 21. Mr crossbow probably fails clean record.

    • Sure. The vote was unanimous. Right?

      Get over yourself. What we have here is a prime example of the tyranny of the majority. The majority gets to trample the rights of everyone, including the minority. The rural (mostly conservative) residents of California, New York and Illinois are subject to the same kind of tyranny.

      The U.S. Constitution was designed to prevent that, to some extent. And it has worked, to some extent, though not perfectly.

        • bit of a pity that you dunno WTF yr talkin’ abt, eh?
          the overwhelming majority of AUssies “back-in-the-day” kept their guns …. despite the threat(s) of savage gaol terms and house-to-house searches…
          very few were handed in…. prblby less, per capita, than would’v been handed in a few yrs back in Cnnct….

    • And the south consistently voted for Jim Crow laws back during the days of segregation.

      The constitution was meant to be a bulwark against the tyranny of the majority. The Federalist Papers referred to it as the dangers of faction, whereby one group could dominate the other simply by having the majority vote.

  12. I wonder what would happen to one of those Australians should he use his improvised weapon to do serious damage to a home invader. Because of castle doctrine in the US, I can be confident that the law permits me to fight off a home invader who tries to do me harm.

    • Depends on the state. Victoria where this story is you would probably be charged with everything they could think of.

      The last two home invasions I can remember locally where the invaders where killed the police cleared the home owner in less than a week. Overall a rare event here.

      • I am a huge fan of TV Seven’s Today show with Karl Stefanovic & Georgie Gardner. Love their banter and back-and-forth. But one morning they (and Lisa) were discussing what to do if an intruder broke in. Karl said he had this “long stabby thing” he keeps under the bed. Lisa said she had a “long swordy thing” plus a baseball bat. Georgie said her husband Tim was her long stabby thing. All worried about getting up close & personal with the intruder in order to deploy their weapon of choice. No mention of firearms at all, of course.

        I would love to tell the Today crew that my home is protected with a “short bangy thing” of which I own several. We also have the right of self defence here, but that’s another story. Wait a sec, mate, that IS the main issue here.

  13. Madness?

    In a time of darkness, a blind man is your best guide. In a time of madness,
    Look to the madman to guide you.

    • Not as many guns. Much lower population and much lower firearms ownership rate. But criminals are more likely carry guns and use them impulsively. Also many crooks often carry knives or other improvised weapons and so do gang members, drug addicts (we have a lot of meth and opioid addicts), and your average dirtbag.

      Crime rates vary greatly. Most suburbs are generally quiet. Others can be frequently mentioned in police reports or can be locations where the police are only seen driving through at high speed with lights and sirens or with riot and public order squad providing backup.

  14. I wonder if the 7 to 1 ratio of women to men (so I’ve heard, when I visited in the early 90’s) has anything to do with this??? Too many pearls??

  15. The challenge for Aussies is they have never fought for their freedom, or the freedom of their country. Dont give me they seceded from England. No civil wars, no war of independence, nothing. The Aussies are sheep now and their sheep may be better men than they are.

    • pretty much “sums it up”;
      AUssies are, basically, too gutless to ‘take on’ TPTB ;
      the US was formed b’cs of a specific set of ideological and philosophical principles which are still ‘in play’ ;
      AUssie was formed as a dumping ground for crims and thugs;
      the current gun laws are ILLEGAL under a n° of different historical and statute provisions but, again, no AUssie has got the guts, the determination or $the where-withal$ to challenge these bogus, BS “laws” in the High Court;
      some have tried but they either didn’t know WTF they were doin’ or didn’t have sufficient fund$ …. consequently, the challenges fell in a heap….

  16. “…compressed air homemade machine guns that shoot paintball pallets”

    That’s a big contraption to shoot pallets. 😉

    Wouldn’t that be a thing to see though? 😀

  17. lotsa AUssies have been ‘sprung’ making those Phil Luty-type subbies;
    of course, as most commenters here know, it ain’t that hard to manufacture a working fire-arm… after all…its 500+ yr old tech’ …..
    the problem is getting hold of the ammo….
    22lr and 12g ammo can be got with a bit of effort but…
    unfortunately, nine millie ammo of the sort that the Luties use is a bit hard to come by…..
    again, unfortunately, AUssie cops are professional and effective…so..its hard to escape their ‘notice’ in the medium-to-long term……
    how-ever, as they become more ‘diverse’, they will, undoubtedly, become more and more corrupt and ineffective…..
    in which case: AUssie may end up like Brazil….or, even Sth Africa
    with…yeh!…tough gun laws…but gun laws that no-one bothers to observe and that are not and cannot be effectively ‘enforced’….

  18. A Mate of mine live up in the NW Territory somewhere. We talk often of the insanity going on in AUS with gun control. I can promise if this article reaches the “right” person, there will be more than a couple led away in handcuffs. Bragging you have a zip pen with illegally altered 9mm rounds? Bragging you are using your probably legal crossbow for self-defense and using it in a patrol of your neighborhood? This will not end well for these idiots.

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