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Reader Dennis D. writes

The latest Australian gun grab attempt has now escalated even further with attempts to outlaw lever action shotguns, pending the release of the new Adler A110. The new Adler lever action shotgun has drawn over 7000 orders already by firearms owners in Australia prior to its release. A promotional video of the shotty and subsequent overreaction by far left groups has prompted the Firearms Policy Working Group, a shady think tank being deliberately kept out of the spotlight with total disarmament intentions, to move to reclassify these firearms from Category A to Category C . . .

This charge has been led by Victoria Police Commissioner Tim Cartwright, gun grabber sociopath extraordinaire Penny Wright and apprentice David Shoebridge. Because as always, the best way to solve a problem by people who don’t follow the law is to come down on those who do, and have already had to pass a criminal check to get a firearm in the first place.

As usual, not one shred of evidence has been provided to suggest that criminals are using this type of firearm to commit crimes and it remains a fact that lever action shotguns have never been used in a mass shooting in Australia. Ever.

Even more interesting and embarrassing for the grabbers is the fact that Victoria Police just last week announced that they are seizing illegal firearms from “prohibited persons” every two days at the rate of thousands a year. And just two days after that, two more drive-by shootings occurred in Melbourne. Awkward. But how about that gun control, eh? And of course, all those illegal guns were tracked by the new database, right?

This is the same Victoria Police that just two months ago at the last Senate Inquiry testified that the overwhelming majority of illegal firearms seized were from criminals who had imported them illegally. This is the same Victoria Police whose incompetence led to dozens of firearms thefts by criminals across the state, and then had the audacity to place the blame on poorly secured safes.

You can see the astounding lack of knowledge and corresponding level of ignorance on display from Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana in this interviewand in this article from Age journalist Liam Mannix (who obviously got his journalism degree by correspondence) deliberately trying to pass off the Adler as a semi-auto. It is a real concern when the Assistant Commissioner, you know the top of the heap on the side of the ones enforcing the law, cannot tell the difference between firearms or their respective categories. Moral superiority indeed.

Sensationalistic, unqualified opinions from self-appointed experts on firearms who make their arguments on shallow generalisations borne out of ignorance, is the general order of the day in the Australian media. Such is the level of ignorance towards firearms in Australia that should you tell the average Australian you are pro gun, a recital of reknown tool, “comedian” Jim Jefferies’ routine will follow as if it is scientific gospel.

As someone who wore the Australian Army uniform on deployment in East Timor and Iraq, this is an absolute joke. Somehow my, and thousands of others, ownership of an object that has been legal for the last 128 years, has now been deemed arbitrarily dangerous by a group of unqualified people. They would instantly designate me a felon and confiscate my guns even though I’ve been trusted with far better firepower for years.

Tim Cartwright and Steve Fontana are a disgrace to the Victoria Police uniform and should resign. Although it’s not surprising whose side they are on given Victoria Police’s outstanding history. That also goes for Penny “Australian Dianne Feinstein” Wright and David “kumbayah” Shoebridge, a coward of a man who just recently called for toy guns to be banned as they could be considered weapons.

Liberty is currently being trampled in Australia at a rate never seen before. The government has passed internet spyingan internet filter and citizenship cancellation in the last two months. Add to this two arbitrarily attempted gun grabs in the space of six months and it’s quite obvious to me personally what the motiviation is. Throw in the looming TPP and it’s as clear as day.

And just to make this clear: I will not be handing my lever actions in.

Australian shooters, Shooters UnionSporting Shooters, everyone: it is time to unite once again. After 1996 we said never again. We reminded them of that earlier this year when they went for our handguns and were completely humiliated.

It’s time to make that reminder more permanent as the message doesn’t seem to be getting through.


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  1. These Aussies need to grow some balls and start some serious backlash campaigns against this crap. Maybe they need a constitutional amendment or something like that ? Come on Aussies, we know that not all of you are cry babies that fear everything that makes a bang. After all, you have done OK helping out with a few wars and skirmishes over the years. Where is that outdoor, pioneer spirit ? Don’t let the Socialists control everything in your lives.

    • Australia gun owners had an opportunity in 1996 to put a stop to the ban when John Howard stood before thousands of them wearing body armor. All that was needed was one confident man and his rifle, but the opportunity was squandered. I think it’s also important to understand that in Australia gun ownership has always been about hunting or sport never defensive application.

      • TheBear, if the citizen politicians in Oz realize that their vote could cost them most dearly it might cool their ardor for the policies they propose to implement.

        Just saying….

        • This^ but again firearms ownership in OZ was/has always been a hunting, sport collecting thing.

      • “All that was needed was one confident man and his rifle, but the opportunity was squandered.”
        This is exactly the kind if reaction we DON’T need. Some idiot like you saying crap like this is exactly why the anti-gun lobbyists are winning the argument. What a completely STUPID thing to say. I’d recommend that your firearms and licence be removed from you forthwith!
        I don’t know where you’re from but in Australia we DO NOT think that way.

  2. Are semi-auto shotguns already banned there ? Don’t need a lever on my Beretta Outback 12 guage. My shells load for me without the need for a lever.

    • Here’s the Aussie classification list.
      What firearms are applicable to a Category A firearms licence?
      * Air rifles.
      * Rimfire rifles (other than self-loading).
      * Shotguns (other than pump action or self-loading).
      * Shotgun/rimfire combinations.
      All prohibited firearms are excluded from this licence category. Prohibited firearms are listed in Schedule 1 of the Firearms Act 1996.

      What firearms are applicable to a Category B firearms licence?
      * Muzzle-loading firearms (other than pistols).
      * Centre-fire rifles (other than self-loading).
      * Shotgun/centre-fire rifle combinations.
      All prohibited firearms are excluded from this licence category. Prohibited firearms are listed in Schedule 1 of the Firearms Act 1996.

      What firearms are applicable to a Category C firearms licence?
      * Self-loading rimfire rifles with a magazine capacity of no more than 10 rounds.
      * Self-loading shotguns with a magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds.
      * Pump action shotguns with a magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds.
      These firearms are prohibited except for limited purposes.
      Some firearms, specifically those adapted for military purposes, are excluded under all circumstances from this licence category.

      What firearms are applicable to a Category D firearms licence?
      * Self-loading centre-fire rifles.
      * Self-loading rimfire rifles with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds.
      * Self-loading shotguns with a magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds.
      * Pump action shotguns with a magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds.
      * Any firearms to which a Category C licence applies.
      These firearms are prohibited except for official purposes.
      Some firearms, specifically those adapted for military purposes, are excluded under all circumstances from this licence category.

      What firearms are applicable to a Category H firearms licence?
      * Pistols (including blank fire pistols and air pistols).
      Prohibited firearms are excluded from this licence category. Prohibited pistols are not authorised for Sport/Target shooters.

      Are there restrictions on the types of firearms allowed for each genuine reason?
      Yes. There are restrictions on the category of licence, and therefore types of firearms, allowed for each genuine reason. See each individual genuine reason FACT Sheet for restrictions on licence category and types of firearms authorised for each genuine reason. Also, see the Genuine Reason Table available on the Licence and Genuine page.
      Are there restrictions on what the firearms can be used for?
      Yes. Firearms may only be used in connection with the purpose established by the person as being the genuine reason for possessing or using the firearm – sections 7 & 7A of the Firearms Act 1996.
      For example, if you have category A & B firearms for the sole genuine reason of Sport / Target shooting, you cannot use those firearms for any other purpose

      • My apologies Constable, I seem to have shot you with my target – only rifle when you asked me to hand it over. Shall I file a complaint on your behalf?

      • They are and have been for some time, they will never get back what they lost because they were not prepared to fight for it. And by fight I don’t mean protest/emails/letters/phone calls.

        • Well, Ross, pray for a patriot to hold those who took your rights personally responsible.

  3. Yet another hard and fast illustration that progressives are never done with you. They’re like a teenage boy at a buffet — never satisfied.

  4. Since 1996, keeping Australians chained to the 19th century (and soon to be 18th century) one firearm at a time. Keep it up lads and you’ll soon be indistinguishable from your old English masters.

  5. It’s sad to see what has happened to what was once among the world’s greatest riflemen’s cultures.

    Also, I miss Chopper Read. He was the last hard case from Down Under.

    • Revolutionary war… the right time for that would have been 1996 when they had the tools suitable for such an endeavor.

  6. All those vicious, poisonous, nasty critters and no guns to defend yourself, lot of snakes and spiders too.

  7. I’ve beto Australia and I think they are a great people. That said, I think they need to lock down those crazy liberals and take back their freedoms that have been stolen from them. We all need to take back the freedoms that scared, entitled, liberals wish to steal so they can enslave us more. I say that if a great, strong, and brave people’s as the Australia’s fail to regain their freedoms then is spells even worse for us Americans.

    • Hunting, sport and collecting is what gun ownership was all about in Australia as a rule. It wasn’t just the gun ban it was the lack of due process, owners who owned the banned guns were found to be felons without trial but the government was gracious enough to grant them an amnesty and buyback (why it’s called that is beyond me as it wasn’t theres to start with) using their own money (tax dollars). Failure to comply was rewarded with 14 years in the big house.

  8. lost privacy rights, filtered internet, citizenship rights and further deteriorated possession of firearms in a couple months… that hurts from here.

  9. I like this guy’s writing style – it’s not for everyone, I suppose, but it reminds me a little bit of Upton Sinclair.

  10. Well that was disgusting reading. Almost as disgusting as those videos of the aussies destroying all those guns in 1996. Yep-you guys need a revolution…

    • How’re they gonna do that? The majority of the citizenry has been disarmed with even more on the way there. And the only arms left are tightly controlled, antiquated designs. Any armed insurrection in Australia would be put down by the government almost immediately–likely before it even started, since the Aussies snoop on their own people pretty thoroughly.

      • As I posted below. America’s grab a bunch of C130’s/C-17’s/C-5’s and just air drop AR15’s and .223 tell the entire country of Australia is covered in black rifles. lol

  11. I bet several hardcore Aussie dudes just disappeared with their rifles into the Outback and won’t re-emerge… ever.

    I guess it’s not surprising since Australia still maintains fairly close ties to the Crown and the UK, another “anti-gun paradise” (cough, HAHAHAHAHA, cough).

  12. This is what what happens when you give gun grabbers one single inch. We can’t make that mistake again here in the USA. Not one more inch.

  13. It’s sad, the industry finds little squeakers of a work-arounds and one day out come the torches and pitchforks. This is why the 1994 AWB was painful; people were scrounging regular (>10) capacity mags, it would have gotten worse. It was undignified.

    Not that the stuff about sig-braces and bump-fire stocks we have going on here now is dignified, but it’s better than… you know.

  14. As an Aussie I can say for sure that our gun grabbers are taking orders from the UN, the same people that are trying to get ‘their big break’ in the States.

    I will consider fighting for this, but as a husband and father I have more than my own safety to think about. How is the United States at accepting “refugees”?

    • “How is the United States at accepting “refugees”?”

      It depends on if you fit the current administration’s politically correct agenda.

  15. Hard to believe so many folks turned in their guns in ’96. Hell, even New Yorkers told the government “KMA” when they were told they must register their so called assault weapons by way of massive non-compliance. Registration always leads to confiscation when it comes to firearms. I hope the good people of Australia have made individual preparation to recover or recreate the tools they will eventually need to throw off creeping government tyranny.

    Never forget the standard gauge for determining if a politician is lying: His lips are moving.

    • Well the truth is that many didn’t turn in their guns at all. In fact out of what was estimated at 3.25 million firearms in the country (and mind you that this was before we had nation wide registration) only 650000 guns were recovered and only a tiny minority were the semi automatics that were the subject of the confiscation(estimated >3%). Also most of the people who turned in their guns got the money at five times the value of the firearms, you can guess what they used that money for. To top it off, in some States like Western australia his move to tighten gun laws to make it more uniform across the country actually watered down their draconian gun laws more then it did to tighten them. I personally would love to see the look on our former prime minister’s face when he finds that out.

  16. I wish a bunch of Americans could take a bunch of C-130’s, C-17’s and maybe a couple of C-5 Galaxy’s and just airdrop a metric fuck ton of AR15’s, .223, Glocks (I know Glock has a secret stash of turn ins somewhere in a mountain lol), etc. Just so many guns that no one would be able to confiscate them all.

  17. I visited the Western Australia site about the class A vs C stuff. I came away with a WOW! They are a very oppressed society, talk about control! I had no idea it had got this far. Clearly not the cool place it used to be. In fact, now very uncool. This where the progressive USA wants us to go, which after seeing the W.A. site is a disarmed lawful citizen society. Criminals have got to love this arrangement. Really, imagine it!

    • Western australia is kind of like the New Jersey of australia. The Most draconian gun laws in the country.

  18. Look’s like the death worshiping terrorists called the “law abiding-gun community” is at it again.

    Any “NRA Law-Abiding” gun owner can snap at any time and go on a killing spree

    If any Australians are reading this forum on discovery and opposing the fascist opinions of tyrannical NRA pigs,

    Again, Australians do not want their country flooded with infinite access to deadly weapons.

    Criminals would not have deadly weapons if you did not gun-nuts along with the fact all illegal weapons started as legal.,

    They’re perfectly fine with their current gun-laws as it is and they see no use for high-capacity machine guns.

    Notice that it is not very often idiot! Australia has only 1/10 the gun deaths of America! Keep on being a Wetarded NRA Sheeple!

    It is easier for Wayne “America’s Chief Gunnut” LaPierre/NRA — other Govt conspiracy wackos to dupe them with propaganda. LaPierre’s big lie about Australia’s crime rates or Obama nullifying the 2nd Amend – set off panic buying of guns/ammo by the under-educated hillbillies. Other under-educated gunnutz are stocking up on guns/ammo on this day because of the tragedy these NRA freaks caused weeks ago at SC.

    • Again? Jesus H. Christ, man, don’t you freaks have a Special Olympics to train for?

    • Hmmm, “Willy Lunchmeat” = “Billy Baloney”. Could be a slightly sophisticated troll. Does Poe’s Law apply?

    • Rant 1/10. I expect better from you, Willy. This doesn’t even reach your regular gaffe level. Extraordinarily poor grammar even for you, needs more name calling, and no where near the regular worn out theme use. Please rewrite and resubmit with a 10 point loss.

      Very dissapointing, Willy.

    • Now, now, Willy. It is time for you to take your meds and go back down to Mommy’s basement and play with the kitty.

      • So that’s what we’re calling it these days?

        …and, yes, Tubesteak (or, apparently, Kitty) needs to either take a writing class or get back on his meds.

        • No, I was referring to the parent’s real cat. Stroking and petting it might be therapeutic and calm him down. I think one of the Islamic nut jobs in Cincy had a kitty to play with.

  19. Every time Willy opens his mouth, I put another $25 in my new firearm fund jar. I’m hoping for a Benelli before fall.

  20. Bless his organizing little socialist heart, lets not forget that our ” Commandeer in Chief” has mentioned Australia as the model for what he’d like to do to us….

    • Dear Leader is such a great example for the Donkeycrap party and I do hope their candidates keep up the gun control blather now and through the November elections.

    • “Bless his organizing little socialist heart,”

      I’m stealing that, Maggie…


  21. Sensationalistic, unqualified opinions from self-appointed experts on firearms who make their arguments on shallow generalisations borne out of ignorance, is the general order of the day in the Australian media. Sounds like the media in a lot of other countries as well.

  22. The latest Australian gun grab attempt has now escalated even further with attempts to outlaw lever action shotguns,

  23. Well there is a reason Paul Hogan was so good at throwing rocks and cans of soup. And then there is that swordesque knife 🙂

    BTW are there still Aussies in OZ? Didn’t they all go to Thailand and Bali?

  24. There are videos on you tube with American guns owners saying the lever gun would be acceptable to anti gunners. They have no proof of this. I think it is just wishful thinking on their part.

    When the anti freedom crowd watches the “lever machine gun” on the tv show The Rifleman, they will ban it in California.

  25. My question is, how do I get a lever shotgun. I don’t know why…but I want one….oh Henry!

    • USA has had 1887 lever shotguns almost as long ago as 1887. Otherwise I’m sure Adler will catch up on its Australian orders in oh about 9 years. They should really contract out some parts to another manufacturer as they will sell like hotcakes here until Australian laws are changed one way or another.

  26. Classic “give em a inch, they’ll take a yard” ; just like the gun grabbing culture of the US swears will not happen here.


  27. These countries will never fight back, the media has them brainwashed into thinking that America has a gun problem and they need to get rid of them quick.

    • We’re taking back rights in Canada, and New Zealand is holding ground, so I think Australians have a chance if they work together.

  28. America should keep a close eye on Australia and use them as an object lesson for loss of liberty – and that goes well beyond the RTKABA. Obama has been praising their gun control laws as a “model” for a reason.

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