aurora shooter martin
courtesy Aurora Police Department
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aurora shooter martin
courtesy Aurora Police Department

Gary Martin was in the process of being fired by his employer yesterday when he pulled a gun and began shooting, killing five people. He’d worked at Aurora, Illinois valve manufacturer Henry Pratt Company for fifteen years.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Martin was issued an Illinois firearm owner identification (FOID) card back in 2014 despite a record that included a Mississippi felony conviction. FOID in hand, he then purchased a Smith & Wesson .40 caliber pistol.

He applied for a concealed carry permit shortly after purchasing the gun, according to police. During the fingerprinting and background process, Martin’s conviction in Mississippi was discovered and his concealed carry application was denied. He had also had his firearm license revoked by the Illinois State Police, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said.

Martin had six prior arrests by the Aurora police, including charges of domestic violence.

So let’s see where we are here. We have a convicted felon in illegal possession of a firearm. He must have lied about his record on his FOID application, which would have been another crime.

Martin was able to purchase his gun legally thanks to an error by the Illinois State Police, who failed to find his felony conviction and issued the FOID card. And the Mississippi felony apparently didn’t show up on the NICS background check Martin underwent when he bought the handgun, either.

So Martin was a criminal in illegal possession of a firearm, carrying a gun on his employer’s premises (which, no doubt, was also a gun-free zone).

So please, Speaker Pelosi, tell us once again how universal background checks are going to keep us all safe and reduce the “epidemic” of “gun violence” that we’re told plagues this country.

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        • Yep My grandfather voted straight GOP ticket all his living life, but for the last few years he voted DNC?

          in-case you don’t get it…he died in 2001…lol

        • Pile of shit Roy Cooper (Pooper) was losing race for NC governor when they went and woke up 94K dead people in Durham to put him ahead. Dems hate voter ID because dead people do not photograph well.

      • For those who don’t like “ALL CAPS” I ask what is wrong with upper case letters?
        PC is like used TP. It is full of what ‘Those’ who demand to be in control of everyone else.

        • You wouldn’t write a letter in all caps because it would make you look pretty stupid. Same reason you wouldn’t do it on the internet.

        • Because all caps is too hard to read, so most will just ignore it. The same as if you are standing on a street corner on a soapbox with a bullhorn. A few will stop to gawk at the spectacle, but everybody else will just ignore the crazy man.
          OTOH, if one want to be ignored, then all caps is perfect.

        • But that doesn’t apply to this post, because it is NOT in all caps. Just like the above sentence is not. This is “emphasis”, not all caps.
          THIS IS WHAT ALL CAPS LOOKS LIKE! See how annoying and crappy it is?

        • “This is “emphasis”, not all caps.”

          Does anyone know if there is a way to bold, italicize or underline using these comment boxes? ALL CAPS is not really a good alternative, but it seems to be all we have.

        • @BOB IN TEXAS:

          “For those who don’t like “ALL CAPS” I ask what is wrong with upper case letters?”

          Nothing, when used properly. But since you evidently don’t know proper use and have need to ask such an 8th-grade question, I suspect you’re too daft to be edified.

        • BOB in TEXAS,
          I’ve been writing for many years.
          When write on the computer in a word processor, we have various ways of
          modifying standard text.
          Undrerline, and
          Each has its purpose.
          But in writing in a comment field you typically only
          Lower Case and Upper Case.
          It is not easy to modify text on comment fields.
          So if people don’t like the all Upper Case,
          then modify the internet to accommodate that.
          Shoot, I remember being in the military when
          at a time when electronic memos were ALL IN CAPS.

        • Yes, there is a way, and if you think about it, you’ve seen the results now and then. I read a description once but didn’t care, so did not record. Its combinations of keystrokes which begin and end italics, underline, strikethrough, maybe others. something you just have to know, I guess. Next time you see italics or whatever, ask the poster to tell you how to do it.

        • “Yes, there is a way, and if you think about it, you’ve seen the results now and then.”

          Thanks for the input. Have asked before when someone managed to use emphasis marks, but no response. Went to the WordPress website, but the query page explains how to make emphases in HTML when creating a page (as a customer of WordPress). Opened the text inspector for a comment, and the edit of page elements is not user friendly.

          Thinking the judicious use of CAPS to make emphasis is the quickest means.

        • Larry, Sam, it’s kind of a PITA, but I just use HTML tags to bold and italicize text. Prefix the word or phrase with a greater-than symbol, a capital B or I and a less-than symbol; suffix it with the same tag, plus a slash (/) added before the B or I. No spaces anywhere.

          It’s a pain in the ass, true, but it’s a lot more expressive than all caps!

        • You are right, PITA. Need to save the expression somewhere, and just paste and edit when needed.


    • How would YOU know how he voted or if he even voted? Do you base that on skin color? Are you a racist? Besides, felons can’t vote anyway. What difference does that make if he was Democrat? He was a felon and shouldn’t have had a firearm. People who judge people solely by political affiliation is what devides this country and are part of the problem, not the solution.

      • No democrats divide this country by thinking everyone’s rights end where their candy ass feelings begin. I personally don’t care if someone wants to own a gun or not. I don’t care if they don’t want to have freedom of speech or religion. I don’t care if they think the government should be able to rule over everyone with an iron fist like Stalin. What I do care about is those same people pushing those feelings off on my rights, that I do care about. I don’t want to hear some crap about that’s not what democrats do because that’s exactly what democrats do. Hell turn coat Republicans do it too in some cases. Democrat=liberals=anti freedom anti constitution cry baby whimps. Don’t like it then start speaking out against the democrat liberal crap because it’s not America. If race is an issue it’s because statistics prove it. Black are more violent and are involved in crime more per capita than just about any other race. Something else democrats refuse to acknowledge, facts proven by statistics. I personally vote a straight Republican ticket. Why? Because it best serves my interests such as freedom and liberty. Not fear mongering control freaks.

      • Richard, you don’t understand the reference and are filling in your own theories. The common trope (whether accurate or not) is that the majority of mass shooters are Democrats. People on gun sites bring this up to point out how Democrats and their friends in the media will allegedly fail to disclose a shooter’s political affiliation unless the shooter is a Republican.

        • You claim all shooters are Democrats. Prove it! What data do you have that proves your theory? You have none. You are just a knuckle dragging, mouth breathing racist. I’ve served 8 years in the military and worked with many fine men and women of all races.

    • Gun control was never meant to prevent crime.

      It has always been about the elites controlling the peasants. Gun control is people control. People control is tyranny.I

      Quite believing the lies the media,government,schools tell you.

    • Gun control fail? You’re kidding. This one event represents about 5 gun control fails over about 5 years. And so many other fails. We have a committee consulting about whether to fire the turd, call him in to fire him, consult further and then announce that he’s fired, he draws down and kills them all, and not one is armed to shoot back? That takes a level of stupid arrogance that is impossible for me to imagine.

  1. 1) Pass an inconvenient “common sense gun safety” law that you know will do little or no good, and press it as a solution to the mythical “gun violence epidemic.”
    2) When that made-to-fail law fails, pass more restrictions. Several iterations may be required.
    3) When this fails, push hard to get as close as possible to a full on gun ban. Suggest that it’s a “national emergency” that could be resolved by executive order.

    The Dems are now in phase three.

  2. This one’s going to be memory-holed by the mainstream press pretty quickly, anyway. The shooter is of the wrong demographic.

    • As soon as I read your post I went to and clicked on the first article I could find about this incident. Not one single picture of the shooter. Not. One.

      Pictures of cops and crime scene tape, pictures of two crosses made in vigil to the fallen, but not a single picture of the shooter.

      I’m just old I guess, damn few things surprise me anymore and this was no exception.

  3. Wow…I assumed he was a white guy…and I am a white guy…
    Were all the people shot/killed white? maybe it was a hate crime.
    oh wait…that’s impossible…because he is black…I forgot… /s

  4. Nancy KNOWS the new law won’t do anything to stop crime. They all do. Do you know what they do in Chicago? They slap their wrist and they go thru the revolving door bond system. If they were truly against guns, they wouldn’t have a security detail.

  5. The shooting scene was a gun free zone. Saw the decal on a door in the background of a news report. Here’s another news flash. The left doesn’t want current proposed firearms restrictions to work. That way they can push for total disarmament. And no, I haven’t had my tin foil hat on all day. Oh! Just closed a private transaction. Another 1911. Sorry tuberware shooters. lol

    • Tuberware?

      Is someone making firearms out of potatoes now?

      Is ATF going to try to use the contents of my pantry to prove ‘constructive intent’?

    • Those “no guns” stickers are *everywhere* in Chicago. It’s a very leftist city. I used to travel there a lot on business, making sales calls to businesses there. I was always tempted to ask them exactly what good they think that sticker is going to do if someone with bad intentions comes into their business with a gun.

      • “Those “no guns” stickers are *everywhere* in Chicago.”

        When you think about it, those gun-free signs are not intended to protect anyone.Those signs merely proclaim that the people controlling the premises are morally superior because they refuse to have anything to do with guns.

        Look at the recent situation where there were student protests at a university because armed cops chased an armed bad guy onto some university campus, and captured him. The students made no mention of the bad guy who ran onto their campus while armed with a gun. They protested cops bringing their guns on campus.

        Gun free zone markers are simply, and totally about virtue signaling. Appealing to such people to consider that the signs do nothing to protect them is just wasted air. It is all about maintaining their air of moral superiority.

      • ” recent situation where there were student protests at a university because armed cops chased an armed bad guy onto some university campus ”

        As I recall, this incident happened at… wait for it… University of Chicago

        • “As I recall, this incident happened at… wait for it… University of Chicago.”

          Aw, shucks. Thought it would be hard to guess.

  6. This sounds all too familiar. The idiot waste of skin in Texas that shot up the church shouldn’t have been able to own a firearm either since he was dishonorably discharged from the air force. How the hell does someone get dishonorably discharged from the air force anyway? Is it really that hard to count rivets on a airplane? Sleep in hotel like accommodation? Have someone come around and get your dirty dishes and tray after chow? Yep air force life is damn hard! Anywho I digress, but he shouldn’t have been able to by the gun and the latter will always be a lingering question for me.

      • I once worked for an Air Force full-bird colonel – before Christmas break she used to (in total seriousness) wish everyone a “Happy Solstice”.

        What a douchebag.

      • “How the hell does someone get dishonorably discharged from the air force anyway?”

        Good question. Once tried to get a one-strip enlisted person discharged because he believed uniforms were, like, man, way uncool. Most often, he would come in the building with one or another piece of official uniform, either worn or carried. Since he worked in a secure, highly classified comm center, he saw no reason to wear uniforms when “no one would see” him.

        Ultimately, the Colonel in charge said it was up to officers and senior enlisted personnel to make every, and continuous, effort to get the one-striper to see that it was in his own best interest, and a form of self-actualization, to conform to dress codes. If the one-striper continued to go his own way, it was the fault of his supervisors…and maybe they needed corrective action taken.

        Then there was the story of a protected officer on the fast-track to promotion who, with his wife, nearly destroyed the bar in the officer’s club. Story for another day.

    • Don’t be stupid. Try to rape the wing commander and his wife and daughter, while stoned out of your mind, a DD seems a mild response.

      • Who the hell did that, seriously? If it’s the douche from Texas that shot up the church I hadn’t heard that yet. What can you say to that but WOW!, DAMN!, and laugh a little at the stupidity.

        • I didn’t mean to suggest that had ever happened, but as a response to the suggestion that it was impossible. I did know a 1/Lt passed over for Captain and given a General Discharge, just for being a doofus, no specific charge. He did not believe he could be passed over for Captain, and would not believe me when I warned him. Adios.

    • For all of those who claim the government would never try to confiscate guns because there are simply too many of them, how many people owned gold when FDR declared it to be illegal to own gold actually turned the gold in as opposed to defying the government? As for not using the military, was it the Girl Scouts who rounded up and put all the Japanese Americans into prison camps?

      • “As for not using the military, was it the Girl Scouts who rounded up and put all the Japanese Americans into prison camps?”

        Good point.

        I suppose it was a successful roundup because the Issei and Nisei were unarmed.

      • I’m not saying the government wouldn’t but I am saying it could possibly be a bloody deadly mess with serious casualties on both sides. Our government is so corrupt I wouldn’t put much of anything past them. My having served in the military that actually puts me at odds with my rights and my brothers and sisters in arms. Not a position I like to even think about and I pray such a day never comes to pass.

      • Interesting question, I have no idea who rounded up the Japanese Americans, I would assume the police, perhaps FBI. Are you suggesting it was the military? I think they were busy.

    • It was a bad conduct discharge for domestic violence not a dishonorable one the DV being put into NICS would have made getting a gun through an FFL difficult.

      • Yeah posted a link to an article that explains all of it. A bad conduct discharge wouldn’t have prevented him from buying a firearm. Although the reasons for his discharge (child abuse and domestic violence) he should have been given a dishonorable discharge which would have prevented him from buying a gun. For the longest time it was reported he was dishonorably discharged, hence my confusion.

    • Wow Iraqvet, still butthurt the Air Force rejected you? Counting rivets on a plane? Lol, nope. Worked around nukes and other high dollar assets after a year of technical training. Damn right we had hotel-like dorms and decent food. You’re just jealous we had it so good. But hey, someone has to do it.

  7. Obviously the only solution for this raging government incompetence is for all of us to give up our guns. /s

    Every time the authorities fail to keep us safe by doing their jobs to even the most minimal standard, my decision to own guns is validated.

  8. There is a scheme behind all the failures of background checks to actually prevent crimes. Extending that scheme to private sales further sets the stage for implementation of “the scheme”.

    By extending the footprint of “the scheme” to include every transaction between legal gun owners, “the scheme” creates set piece for proving, once and for all, that the only reasonable, safe, measure left is total gun confiscation. After “proving” that all other attempts at curbing “gun violence” have failed miserably, a compassionate, feeling, caring nation cannot oppose total confiscation unless the opposition finds advantage in killing 96 million people per day.*

    Gun-grabbers will eventually admit gun control laws don’t work, and the nation is left with only a single measure for making America safe, again: total confiscation of privately owned firearms (before you start with, “bbbut, they can’t, just think about all the “bbbut, they can’t.. that has already happened on almost all fronts since 2000).


    • I agree but be careful you’ll be accused of sitting in your basement wearing your tin foil hat. Most can’t bring themselves to believe that the government could be capable of a conspiracy.

      • “be careful you’ll be accused of sitting in your basement wearing your tin foil hat.”

        Nah. Everyone knows my basement is lined in space blankets; hats are not enough.

    • Lol! They can’t even stop one guy with a pistol, but that probably just their angle right??? Let me know when the door kickers get here…..

      • “Let me know when the door kickers get here…..”

        People looking for door kickers are going to be surprised at how vicious and cunning the leftists can be.

        Here’s an exercise for you….

        How many schools have policies that punish both the attacker (bully) and the victim who fights back (self-defense)?

        Actually, it doesn’t matter. The same type laws can be implemented regarding use of banned firearms (doesn’t have to be delayed until confiscation laws exist). Armed attacker (if he/she/it/WXYZ lives) will be charged with crime with a firearm. Defender will be charged with felon in possession of a banned weapon. This may even be preceded by states (controlled by illegal immigrants who vote) removing “affirmative” defense procedures. In the end, the laws will be so restrictive that even being “judged by twelve” is a guaranteed jail sentence.

        There are so many ways to hem in the ability to use firearms. People once thought it was impossible to install a constitutional amendment prohibiting consumption of adult beverages. That little ditty inconvenienced everyone, so it was ultimately repealed. Don’t imagine for yourself that there will be enough pro-2A people to overturn a constitutional amendment prohibiting private ownership of firearms. That whole thing about only for militia is not a dead letter. The anti-gun mafia always doubles down on attempts to subjugate the population. The SC will not remain “conservative” for all that long. Thomas is 80, and operating similar to Ginsburg (hanging on until Taps). A Dimowit president will appoint a sensible liberal.

        Point is, the wave is coming. All the intermittent “wins” for gun owners will be repealed by new legislation at every level.

        • “How many schools have policies that punish both the attacker (bully) and the victim who fights back (self-defense)?”

          I was called to my son’s high school after he got sucker punched by some scrawny little punk. He is a big kid, had about 5 inches and 50 lbs on the punk but didn’t fight back. It was during FB and my son was the QB and didn’t want to get in trouble.

          Principal said they were both suspended for a week. I objected. Doesn’t matter, zero tolerance and all that. I turned to my son and told him to just put the punk in the hospital if it ever happened again. Principal didn’t like that. Told me that would result in criminal charges. But it worked (a little), Principal called the teacher and confirmed my son didn’t fight back. He still got a 2 day suspension. Sigh…

        • The principle and I would have had serious issues. I would also bring suit against the school and the parents of the other kid. This is why my daughter is home schooled. My wife says it’s to keep me out of jail and people in the school system out of the hospital. She’s probably right. Our local school system says no political or religious items can be worn at school. They either have to be brought clothes to change or be sent home. Think I wouldn’t bring a 1st amendment suit against these idiot tyrants.

        • “Principal called the teacher and confirmed my son didn’t fight back. He still got a 2 day suspension. Sigh…”

          Yep. In the good ol’ days, we really did settle things after school, off school grounds (well, sorta, but since the school staff was gone, they ignored what wasn’t their affair.

        • @SamIAm

          So the cops are just gonna start arresting victims in mass on a zero tolerance high school-like enforcement strategy????

          This is where you think we’re headed? If that’s the case… What happens when 100 guys head to the police station with rifles? Is that when they unleash the predator drones?

          Good lord man… You sure have a pessimistic view. When do you think this is gonna start to go down?

        • “So the cops are just gonna start arresting victims in mass on a zero tolerance high school-like enforcement strategy???? ”

          Keep looking for SWAT teams. The distraction works in favor of the anti-gun crowd. You terribly underestimate the cunning of your opponent. The grabbers are going to squeeze us like the Anaconda. One day, you could find that the Second Amendment truly only protects your guns in the home. That reasonable limits on where, when and how you may transport firearms is totally up to the dominant political party (there is a reason anti-gunners are also a core element of the “no borders” movement).

          How this can all go wrong:
          – guns in the home, only
          – you are in possession of a firearm away from home
          – probable cause to search for guns (to ensure public safety) is that any vehicle may be searched, at any time, because with 100 million gun owners, at least one out of three people probably have a firearm on their person, or in their vehicle (if you do not have a gun in possession outside the home, your 2A right is not being infringed/obstructed – If you have a gun outside your home, you are in possession of an illegal object, for which confiscation is not an infringement on 2A [because the traffic stop doesn’t happen in your home])
          – ending vehicle tag issue via mail/internet, you are required to personally pickup your tags/tabs, and de facto consent to search of your vehicle at the time of pickup
          – use of toll roads is de facto permission to search your car when entering or leaving the toll road; every traffic stop/violation is a legitimate event to allow police to determine if the offender is a gun owner (as in has a gun in possession), and if that person possesses the gun outside the confines of their home
          – “duty to retreat” laws – use of firearm to defend yourself in the home is no longer justified assault/homicide, and the gun owner must bear the burden of proving reasonable use of a firearm (opposite of the “affirmative defense” where state must prove you acted irresponsibly)…and so on.


          You bet. Remember, all the laws permitting us to have guns (outside the home) are merely legislation, subject to majority vote. Look at the demographics. Setting aside the tsunami of illegals coming from where personal ownership if guns is forbidden (so anti-gun politics make perfect sense), the education system, top to bottom, is churning out anti-gun voters by the hundreds of thousands every year. Where are the production facilities churning out 2A believers/supporters? Simple truth, we are being out-bred. We can try to convert some anti-gun minds, here and there, but the tide of history is not our friend.

          Give up now? Nope. But avoid self-delusion that we have the political means to deflect and vote the anti-gun movement into submission.

          One of my sons married a woman from Vermont. She is a classic liberal airhead, and thinks guns are not nice. My son was told that there would be no guns in the house (and all the other liberal claptrap), not even a .22 plinker like mine. End of hobby for my son; no discussion, no objection, no hope. We cannot even talk guns around his house (his wife also hates it when I spin up my anti-gun brother-in-law). When son and wife visit, I know she is always looking around to see if my .22 is lying around somewhere it will jump up and shoot her. So, a staunch conservative, constitutional originalist was taken off the board because he loves his wife. Now, she is questioning why there are states instead of one country with multiple precincts, like Switzerland. Son has trouble defending his salary because so many people are in need, and taxes should “level the playing field” so everybody can live comfortably (wife works a min wage job to “be close to the people”. While it is all entertaining, this won’t end well for my son.

        • You said quite a bit there so I will respond with this. First I hope you are wrong about the defacto approach to search and seizure examples you laid out. And more importantly with no disrespect intended but your son is whipped and should have his butt kicked. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My wife would never dream of telling me I can’t own a gun or carry a gun. First and foremost it wouldn’t fly and second she is smarter than liberal women and last but not least she likes the security that guns provide. I’m sure she also enjoys kicking me out the door to the range at times too.

        • “My wife would never dream of telling me I can’t own a gun or carry a gun. ”
          Different times, different folks. My son explained that his situation was much like his affiliation with the GOP. He dislikes most of it, but the other side is a train wreck. So, he votes where there is the most chance of his important issues being pushed, while knowing the realities. With his wife, it is an “except for that” proposition. Like voting GOP event though he knows squishes are in the majority. Son’s wife is very compatible in every way except politics. The like each other (very, very important; “love” is overrated) as persons, and outside politics share so much, like sports, arts, music (and playing instruments). They seem to enjoy each other when together (even if the wife is suspicious about my .22). And for my wife and I, we are happy they actually talk and spend time with us. (of the four, only my wife doesn’t understand “Fawlty Towers”) The reason for mentioning this particular daughter-in-law is to point out that conservatives lack a factory for turning out the anti-liberal in mass numbers.

          “First I hope you are wrong about the defacto approach to search and seizure examples you laid out.”

          I am very mindful of the horrific abuse of authority the SC granted when declaring civilian asset forfeiture was constitutional because it is a very useful tool for law enforcement. When one crosses into a military installation, there are signs telling people that once inside the compound, they are subject to search and seizure without benefit of warrant, or lawyer. So, de facto, when you enter a military installation, you de facto surrender your Fourth Amendment protection. The proviso applies to civilian visitors, and members of the military, equally.

          So, it is not much of a stretch to wake up one morning and find that if you obtain a driver’s license, you agree to random search and seizure of firearms (most people do not realize how often they sign contracts that prevent the buyer from suing in court for defects or default).

          We have yet to see a full-on attack by the left, and it will not be pretty. Right now, Pelosi is threatening a national emergency declaration when the Dimwitocrats hold all branches of government. She is saying it now as a sort of retaliation, but even if Trump did not declare a national emergency, that would not stop the Dimwitocrats. They don’t need Republicrats to teach them how to abuse power.

          I worked too long with governments to not know how the autocrats think, and understand that they play the long game, never letting a matter be settled to their disadvantage. I have even seen the federal government plot to sue a major defense contractor for not bidding on a series of contracts, even looking the SC rulings that refusal to conduct commerce is a violation of the constitution’s commerce clause (thank you Justice Scalia). We non-liberals want to decide matters and be done with them. The leftists want nothing settled so that they can harass the citizens into compliance with whatever program is on deck. Non-liberals want to be left alone to live their lives, government wants nothing of your life to be let alone.

    • lemme’ see if I got this figured out right ……93,000,000 American shot each day that would mean everyone of us here in the good ‘ol USA would be shot dead in less than four days.

      • I don’t believe the line about 96 million but I do believe that the government wants to disarm the general populace. No I don’t wear hats so no tin foil. I’m an Army veteran of 11 years and a huge patriot but I wouldn’t put it past the government we have now days.

        • @iraqvet2003

          I’m not saying big government doesn’t want to confiscate guns. I’m in total agreement with ya there. I’m saying there’s no way they can do it on a national scale. The vast majority wouldn’t comply nor would Law Enforcement be able to enforce it.

          I think the more brazen they get on guns the better and a all out attempt to ban semiautomatics or a flat out repeal of the 2nd amendment is needed to get a response from the populace.

          So if we get mandatory registration and confiscation of compilers who takes the guns? Local police? Door to door swat raids? The national guard? Maybe some drone strikes on pesky AR15 owners? Perhaps the UN Shock troops will parachute in Red Dawn style…..

          The globalist and the politicians they own are backing themselves into a corner on every issue not just guns.

        • Sorry I meant to clarify my original response to Sam I am when I said I agreed with him. I guess I responded to your response instead. I agree with your comments as well though so no harm no foul I guess. I don’t know what a mass confiscation would look like in this country. I would bet it would be uglier than say England or Australia though. Who would do it I also wonder. I don’t think law enforcement is that stupid and would they really risk the casualties of having the military do it? I don’t charish the thought of fighting our own military but I also will not be disarmed with out just cause and due process either. Another thing I also wonder is how many are there really that feel the same way I do about it? Will there really be enough resistance should something of that measure come to pass to really make a difference? I’m really not sure to be honest!

        • I agree there is no way they can do that. My problem is that I don’t believe they know that, and the deaths which will occur if they become convinced they could succeed.

        • “I don’t believe the line about 93 million”

          What’s not to believe? I gave the reference. It really happened.

      • “lemme’ see if I got this figured out right ……93,000,000 American shot each day that would mean everyone of us here in the good ‘ol USA would be shot dead in less than four days.”

        The governor of Virginia made the claim. He was governor. He had a big staff to dig up the data. How can we dispute his claim?

        • “You know as well as the rest of us that no antigunner was ever accused of being intelligent.”

          To borrow a recent phrase, “You don’t have to be intelligent if you are morally correct.”

        • Haven’t heard that one but I certainly like it. Seems a lot of folks now days have their moral and ethical compass so far out of calibration, I’m surprised most can find their way to wipe their own butts.

        • “Haven’t heard that one but I certainly like it. ”

          Twisted a statement from the NYC socialist congresspersonthingwhatever. Being challenged on her accuracy regarding costs of social programs, she declared that, “You don’t have to be accurate if you’re morally correct.”

        • Ok when you put it that way I don’t like it. Just goes to show context is everything. Why do I doubt she was morally correct?

        • “Why do I doubt she was morally correct?”

          Because you have an actual brain, rather than straw under your hat?

    • Yup, look what kalifornia just did to a gun owner just following the law. He made 2 AR pistols from 80% lowers. Following the law, he put serial numbers on them, photographed them and sent the registration into to state DOJ. He was waiting for the registration confirmation when DOJ agents showed up at his home to confiscate his weapons. Please don’t tell me registration does not mean confiscation. But this was kalifornia after all.

    • If we’re going door-to-door, why not practice by confiscating all illegal drugs, first, just to see how well that works? Don’t even have to violate the Constitution!

  9. Here is how this is going to play out. This guy was prohibited from owning a gun but still got one. In someplace like CA there are laws that allow for confiscation of guns at that point. I’m sure they will push for similar things based on the idea that the discovery of his prohibited status after buying a gun should have led to the guns being taken away

    • Being a Felon in Possession of a firearm was grounds for picking him up as soon as they had a 4473 showing he’d purchased a firearm.

      That he had a FOID card issued improperly is not a defense.

  10. And all of us ILLinois denizens will pay for this violent lowlife’s crimes. Helluva job State Po-leece. Hell va job dumbazz employer. FOID aside this dead POS shouldn’t have had a gun in ANY state(and he had the balls to try for a CCL!).

    • “dumbazz employer”? I would fault him for posting a no-guns poster. Other than that, what is he guilty of? I don’t think an employer in Illinois can ask about past felonies/arrests on the job application.

      • Illinois employers can certainly ask about felony convictions and generally that question is on all job application forms.

        Pre-employment background checks are a thing, too.

      • the employer pulled a background check prior to hiring and that company missed it…might want to buy the 30$ BG check package next time…but I am sure that decision maker is a bit cold on the idea or any other idea right now?

  11. How about we work on separating the guns from individuals who fail to live up to the laws already passed. Lock them in jail.
    We do not try to outlaw cars because people are being killed by evil doers. We separate them from the cars with jail time.
    Take a look at what happens to someone with a weapons charge in Chicago. If they start putting them in jail for every conviction and pressing the charges and not dismissing them so much. Then they will not be on the street to shoot people again.

  12. Good luck getting a respons, let alone a substantive answer from Pelosi or likeminded others. As for the several other systematic failures involved here, there is no shortage of blameworthy organizations and individuals. The long and short of this episode is as follows. Gun Control, as usually offered and promoted is a fiasco, one that leads to the deaths of innocents, who are left disarmed. By the way, how is it that the blame for systemic failures here illustrated is never placed where it so obviously belongs?

  13. Guess the IL governor plans to sue WI and IN for “lax” firearm laws was just shot to heII. Can’t blame other states when your own state police can’t detect a person is a felon before issuing a FOID or realize he purchased a firearm then deal with recovering it.

  14. Interestingly enough, the point of purchase checks in Illinois are run by the Illinois State Police, not sure if they only use NICS, but the fact that they OK’d his purchase (Illinois has no 3 day automatic authorization) means that they are the ones responsible for this clusterfuck.

    • Illinois incompetence ?
      Looks a lot more like Mississippi incompetence. NICS missed it too, so my guess that is was never reported to anyone outside of Mississippi.

      But hay, Mississippi is a “F” rated state, so that will not work on TAG

      • You back here again? Why don’t you tell us again how Hillary didn’t break any laws and how it’s ok to break all the laws regarding the handling of classified materials and information as long as it’s not done with any ill intent. Explain your legal theories of Mens Rea crap to us because maybe we didn’t understand it the first time. And tell us some more of your military exploits and how you learned so much back when you were fighting for OUR freedom. We’re not going to forget that dirtbag.

      • 1. Illinois State Police do not use the NICS for their background checks.
        2. He had disqualifying incident in Illinois.
        3. Fuck off.

        • FYI, he had his FOID pulled when he applied for his concealed carry. Illinois will do a far greater dive into someones history then and there have been more that a few FOIDs pulled that way.

          So unless you are advocating for a gun registration in Illinois so that the State police would have justification for knocking down his door, FUCK OFF AND DIE.

          Or start that think about the Truth about guns and not the crap TAG spouts off without digging deeper.

      • @ binder Illinois has one of e lowest prosecution rates for lying on FOID application. No time in jail for the vaste majority. This was an Illinois screw up.

        • Are the Feds any better?? Or do you advocate throwing everyone in jail for any infraction of the firearms laws on the books?

    • “Amazing how gun control NEVER works.”

      Ah, but you err. If gun control didn’t work, we would have 96 million people killed by guns every year. Just look at all the deaths that didn’t happen due to gunfire; countless numbers. POTG have data to prove that hundreds of thousands of people successfully defend themselves with a gun, every year. But look at the millions and millions who weren’t killed by guns. The only explanation must be that gun controls are successful.

  15. Good grief.

    Now “they” are cranking up the use of hijacked narrative/scripted/managed/spun/hoaxed/take-your-pick EVENTS to directly bolster and support other hijacked narrative/scripted/managed/spun/hoaxed/take-your-pick EVENTS.

    These articles have an eerily similar undertow.

    It’s almost as if they were MANUFACTURED IN A PSYOP LABORATORY.

    In this case, once is happenstance, twice is ENEMY ACTION.

    Brace yourselves for weak, feminine, jwm trolling in 3… 2… 1.

  16. “Martin was able to purchase his gun legally thanks to an error by the Illinois State Police, who failed to find his felony conviction and issued the FOID card. And the Mississippi felony apparently didn’t show up on the NICS background check Martin underwent when he bought the handgun, either.

    So Martin was a criminal in illegal possession of a firearm, carrying a gun on his employer’s premises (which, no doubt, was also a gun-free zone).”

    Background checks — didn’t catch the known BG who turned out to be inclined to do more bad stuff, while burdening uncounted non-BGs who have since done nothing. They don’t help, so lets do more of them!

    How’s this? We’ll consider burdening more people who’ve done nothing with checks and delays, *after* you start getting the info to screen against into the system reliably. (Wasn’t the guy who shot up that church — you know, the one they keep insisting the citizen who engaged didn’t help stop at all; that one — likewise background chedked vs. multiple known disqualifiers that didn’t get in to get screened against.?)

      • No! We don’t want to make any bets with you. We. Want you to tell us again how it was perfectly legal for Secretary of State Clinton to erase classification markings on some documents, ignore them on others and use unauthorized communication systems to transmit and store said documents. Tell us again, was it ok because she didn’t know any better or because she really didn’t mean any harm. And you know this is true bride you were in the military at some point right? Scumbag liar.

      • Thank the Mississippi government employee unions run by Democrats

        Democrats refusing to implement even existing gun control related laws is a surprise? Look at Washingon DC PD, 75% of violent crime and illegal gun possession PAPERED (meaning no record, nothing submitted to NICS)

        • Last time I checked, Mississippi was very pro gun. But I guess that Donald Trump won the election in Mississippi with 57.9% of the vote and they have a republican governor try again.

  17. I think people are missing a point of this story. There has been a subtle push over the past few years that if you’ve served your time in prison and have been released back into society that you should have all of your rights restored, including the 2nd. If you are a danger, you shouldn’t be let out, and if you are not a danger, why can’t you buy a gun?

    Wanna bet the ant gun nuts will use this as a reason to never restore rights?

  18. …Well that’s easy…DemoCRAPS are going to convince everyone that ALL citizens CAN’T be trusted because everyone has a potential to be a criminal…Hence the attack on Due Process…No one can be trusted under liberal logic except Big Government (One Ring to rule THEM ALL)…So no matter what, THEY will run gun control through every statehouse they can . The people be damned…

  19. Man, doesn’t that background check system work well. LOL Maybe the new ‘universal background check’ will work better. NOT! The fools that believe that it will are exactly that, fools. Typical pandering by politicians to low info voters who buy into their BS.

  20. This guy was most likely a racist and figured all white people were out to get him!! So he shot back when getting fired!!! I argue with people like him on FB almost everyday!! They are liberal and the one who act the worst are black! Not saying all black people are bad but just stating facts as I see them!!! The blacks kill each other in record numbers in places like Chicago that is just a fact! The blacks on FB say all white people must die!!! I say there is something bad wrong there folks!!

    • How do you know that all these black people you argue with on facebook aren’t left wing scumbag trolls just baiting you in an effort to get you to spew racist crap? Divide and conquer, that’s what they do.

    • Why is anyone on FarceBook anymore?
      Not only is it a massive waste of time, it puts money into the pockets of some very un-American people.

  21. Did Illinois screw up or maybe do that on purpose? If you don’t understand that just think “sneaky bastards”.

  22. just another mass shooting that can be blamed on two things:
    the failure of government to enact and enforce laws
    gun free zones
    the continued failure of the government to do its job and seemingly endless people who are afraid of guns does not now nor will it ever constitute a requirement on my part to relinquish any or all of my weapons


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