Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak
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Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, signed a so-called universal background check bill into law yesterday. The measure outlaws private gun sales in the state. That means Nevadans now need government permission to sell a firearm to a friend.

The Democrats who control the legislature sped the bill through the legislative process to give opponents as little time as possible to gather opposition.

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Introduced on Tuesday, it was sped through the legislative process faster than normal, drawing concerns from Republican lawmakers about the speed and rebukes from Democrats that voters had requested the law in a 2016 ballot measure. The measure was narrowly passed by voters in 2016 calling for increased background checks.

That 2016 ballot measure narrowly passed after a heavily Bloomberg-financed campaign. But it was so poorly conceived and written that it proved to be unenforceable.

Gov. Sisolak had this to say upon signing the new bill:

The bill I’m about to sign is a long-overdue, common-sense measure that will make Nevada safer and has the power to save lives from gun violence. We have already lost too many lives across the country to guns. With this bill, we are taking an important step to address the nationwide public health crisis that is gun violence, and we are making our children and families safer here at home by making it harder for potentially dangerous individuals to access a firearm.

There’s only one problem with that. Well, two. The first is that a study by an anti-gun research organization in California found that universal background checks did absolutely nothing to reduce crime rates or suicides there. Why Sisolak thinks universal background checks will be any more effective in his state is a mystery.

The second problem is that if this law had been in place two years ago, it wouldn’t have stopped the Las Vegas shooter (the ostensible reason it was first proposed). The Mandalay Bay shooter bought all of his firearms legally after passing the requisite background checks.

Not that any of that makes the slightest difference to Nevada’s anti-gun political class. Their objective was to DO SOMETHING and now something has been done.

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  1. Only if its registered, and only an idiot would register their weapons. John selling to his co worker, Bill, isn’t going to be stopped since Mr State doesn’t even know who last owned the weapon.

    Doesn’t stop anyone from building their own.

    • That’s what I was thinking, too. All it did was shut down selling it to a stranger because the stranger might be undercover police

    • That only applies to firearms purchased before the law takes effect. Any gun that had a background check completed after the law takes effect is now “known” in the system. Basically any new or those purchased from a gun store.

      As a resident of a state that recently went down this same path, good luck finding someone who will sell/buy and ignore the law, because surprise! Most gun owners are law abiding citizens, even when it is counter to their interests.

      And when they get to the “must report stolen guns” laws, now your illegal transfer will come into question, because how can you comply without indicting yourself, if you didn’t transfer the guns legally?

      If I as a seller can no longer tell the government “I don’t remember who I sold it to”, they will end up at your door sooner or later. Why I always thought bills of sale (back in the good old days) for private sales were stupid.

      Moving isn’t the answer to these laws, people. They are going to catch up to you until/if SCOTUS takes them off the books…or something worse happens.

      • Not so much. Unless the bill contains such a provision to store such information (which I doubt it does), the government would still not be able to establish a chain of custody. I actually find it unlikely that serial numbers are even submitted to the state.

        • “Temporary transfers for things like hunting or shooting events are allowed. Republicans in the Senate spoke Tuesday about concerns the language around “transfer” was not concrete enough — concerns rebuffed by Democrats.”

          This is or will morph into “anyone except immediate family members, or only during such and such government approved activities”

          The background checks will be done through NICS I assume, so there will be a form filled out that includes the serial number. It will take some work, but there WILL be a paper trail.

          Some states do indeed maintain serial number databases, regardless of what the laws are.

        • I temporarily transferred it to Joe, 27 years ago, if I recall Joe temporarily transferred it to Bill 7 years after that, I kinda lost track after that, but it will get back to me someday.

          Oh, and the law was different back then, look it up.

          Completely unenforceable, and every time it is *IGNORED*, it becomes more unenforceable.

        • DY is completely wrong

          No registration
          No NICs
          No serial recorded anywhere but on a 4473

          It’s bad enough we don’t need morons spreading misinformation

        • Yep, and buy used too.

          I was thinking about parting with some nightforce glass, then I learned the most I will get it for in this economy is 40-60% of current retail price. I did a little reading, even new stuff suffers. You can take a brand new rifle into a gun store, and get low balled all the same. The same store will try and sell you the exact same rifle in the exact same condition for twice what they just offered you.

          Its nice to get a refresher on value vs worth before getting burned. I only buy used now. Plenty of goods at gunshows need new homes, and for what the market deems it to be worth too.

    • This is true and I’ve always wondered about it.

      The BATFE’s ability to very rapidly trace guns in some cases suggests that they keep more records than they let on (or are legally allowed to). I have suspected that this is the case with the CBI as well.

      Dunno how that works in NV.

      • strych9,

        Firearm manufacturers record the serial numbers of their firearms that they produce and where they ship those firearms (to which FFL). Those FFLs then keep all of their form 4473s in their bound book. And those form 4473s record the name and address of the first owner of that firearm.

        So, when law enforcement asks ATF to trace a firearm, ATF simply contacts the manufacturer who tells the ATF where they shipped that firearm. The ATF then goes to the FFL that received that firearm and asks them who purchased that firearm, which the FFL determines from the from 4473s in their bound book. At that point ATF knows the first owner of the firearm and can go about contacting him or her.

        It is actually a very simple and very fast process.

        Subsequent private sales are where it gets murky because generally there are no laws that require any records (e.g. traceability) of private sales. If that first owner of a firearm sells it to someone in a private transaction and either doesn’t know who the purchaser is or doesn’t keep a record, ATF would not be able to track down that subsequent owner of that firearm, nor any subsequent owners who purchase it.

        • I’m aware of how bound books work.

          I’m also aware that this is a substantial loophole in the law that bans the ATF from keeping records by allowing the ATF to have other people do it for them.

          That said, I still suspect that the ATF keeps records far outside what they’re supposed to. A bit over a decade ago they asked Congress for $5 billion to computerize “aircraft hangers full of gun sale records” (bound books received from retired/dead FFLs most likely) which Congress refused to do because there was already a law saying ATF wasn’t supposed to have these records in the first place.

          I doubt those records were lost in a tragic fire. Either way, Congress’ reaction combined with the ATF’s request made it quite clear that at the time they were very obviously maintaining records in a way that was illegal and working towards building an covert registry. Even if they “lost” the old files I’m sure they’re back at it.

        • Yeah, I knew all that. What I don’t know, maybe you could enlighten me, is what is all that good for? Who owns the gun does nothing to prove who fired it, you cannot start to trace ownership until you possess the gun, so either the shooter left it at the scene (in which case you can be pretty sure it won’t be traced to *him*), or you arrested the shooter and took it from him. Either way, I cannot see how tracing the ownership of the gun helps anything other than how to dispose of all the excess money we have to spend.

    • The law also doesn’t ban private sales, just requires a transfer through an FFL. It doesn’t require new registration of said firearm, just a 4473 check. So there is no additional information captured than currently is.

      In Nevada, handguns are supposed to be registered, and this doesn’t change that, also doesn’t require a new registration.

      The courts will weigh in again, of course.

      Nevada isn’t the first state to implement this, Washington state has as well, and there’s no evidence that it’s effective, or enforceable.

      • I am not sure where you are getting your information, but as a Nevada resident I have bought 3 new guns in the last 5 years and all I filled out was a 4473 and there was no ‘registration’ involved. There had been a LV registration, but it was struck down and files deleted.
        As for going to the FFL to transfer the original bill and the misguided referendum that was passed, did not say that. It said that the seller, that is the gun owner, was to call for approval. That was not workable because it is only open to FFL’s. If they did not fix this it is still unworkable. Also in the original was by loaning your rifle to a friend at the range could be considered transferring of ownership/possession if you left the immediate area, like to go to the restroom, no money needed to change hands. The private sales part is bad, but there are most likely other hidden traps in it.

      • Unfortunately, like Illinois, the rest of the state is outnumbered by the population of Las Vegas. The majority of the rest of the state is conservative, we like our guns and would prefer to continue as we have been. Most of the sheriff’s of the rural counties have publicly stated that they would not enforce the bill as it violates the U.S. and our state constitutions. Can’t speak for Clark County though.

    • Even law abiding folks can skirt this law as it is a private sale, unless you sell it to an undercover LEO. If the gov’t ever gets a registry then they will have the opportunity to trace the weapon should it ever end up on the street. Whenever the term common sense is applied to gun laws that means who ever is purporting it has none and assumes that the electorate doesn’t either.

      • “…unless you sell it to an undercover LEO.”
        Or snitch.
        I’m sorry, I meant CI.

        And, “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment” is broken.

      • “They will have the opportunity to trace the weapon … ” For what purpose? To what end? COMPLETELY useless, can accomplish exactly nothing, a waste of time energy, and taxpayer money.

        • These laws are tracers for several issues but one MAJOR one is Liability!! After someones gun is used in crime they usually cant extract too much from a criminal but they can then go after some one else to pay for the damages done…it will happen!!!!

    • The truth is the Mafia is not the problem and in fact are not in control here. That ended decades ago.
      The real issue is that open boarder with the left cost allowing refugees from Commiefornia to move to Nevada. The mostly came to Las Vegas and now this city controls any and all state wide elections and have swayed the House to control it. Then big Cali money basically bought the missing Senate seats so they now have control of all legislation. I am sure they have a whole series of leftist gun control in all ready to introduce.
      Utah is looking awful good to me.

  2. Could care less about this brain dead unpatriotic guns are my private property and I will sell them, trade or give as a gift to selected family and friends.none are registered.nevada be damned

    • How are you going to get new to you guns?

      I applaud the wanton disregard for these laws, I truly do, because I’m there too. However, if new guns aren’t getting into the pipeline, these laws WILL eventually diminish the pool of guns that aren’t known as to location/owner.

      We need manufacturers and retailers on board with this as well, and I don’t see that happening unless those who believe in freedom are willing to defend those entities the same way it happened at the Bundy Ranch. Retailers and manufacturers are the weak link here, they aren’t numerous enough to violate the laws and remain immune from government intervention.

      I don’t think I saw the cost mentioned either, which the anti’s don’t care about of course. But to comply with the law in this state, should I want to let a friend borrow a gun to go to the range, we would have to spend $50-100 at current local rates, to transfer the firearm, twice.

      Perhaps Trump could make sure NICS was only used as intended, retailer to consumer. Not fair for taxpayers to be footing the bill federally for these “progressive” idiots.

      • yep bundy ranch style actions are the only way it will stop them. here in australia we had the most massive unarmed protests ever in 96 protesting the NFA they forced on us. Quite litterally we had at minimum 250,000 people attending in all capital cities at the time and a couple were around 800,000 people. these were ignored. Armed but peaceful unless fired upon is the only way to send the message

      • All the guns I have purchased since the boat sank were stolen within days. THAT is how that gun I purchased ended up in that killer’s hands. Next question? These ideas are from a dream world, they can accomplish nothing, a total waste of time, but they keep our persecutors busy pounding their puds.

  3. Ah yes, government telling me what I can and can’t do with my own property. Guns are still property and not magical talismans. If I want to sell to a friend of family member, the government should not be involved in that transaction. This is just a symptom of a larger control problem these people have.

    In the long run, it’s not looking good in a lot of states. We are winning in a handful of states that in the large scheme of things, don’t politically matter. Also, don’t expect the Supreme Court to be a 2A rights savior. They historically haven’t done much to help us. I guess the best we can do is keep fighting stupidity where you can. The other problem is, democrat lawmakers are not open to facts, reason, or evidence that their policies do nothing to curb the problems they want to solve. The aren’t reasonable people, and have show for years that they are not acting in good faith. They believe your rights are subject to whim.

    • Furthermore, they refuse to implement solutions that would reduce the problem such as more hospital beds to treat the mentally ill and more prison cells to deprive the merely evil of access to future victims.

  4. I guess the same felons who already don’t do 4473’s will be rushing to fill out the forms on this bill during their next transaction….. but what about the people who pay with heroin or meth? Shouldn’t they have to register their drug sale and get taxed?

  5. F*cking traitors!

    Same crap that keeps getting exported out of Peoples Republic of Kalifornia to the rest of the west coast by Progs & billionaires – same as here in Washington. They can go pound sand!

    • Yep….. it’s an other reason to stay and fight. I’ve been saying it for years: You can’t run away from this sh*t. You have to stay and fight it. I’ve seen so many people say “I left Kommiefornia, haven’t looked back, and don’t regret it for a second,” only to later read articles like this one bemoaning how these pro-2nd ammendment states somehow rolled over (Florida, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, and soon Texas, etc). THEY dont have to fight us in New York or California (the 2 biggest states in the counrtry) because all the gun people fled to YOUR states. Now the anti’s who won here, are setting their sights on YOUR states. “But, but, but, but that California stuff will never happen here! From my cold dead hands!!!” ….. shhhhhhhh… of course it won’t happen there sweetheart. Just close your eyes, go to sleep, and keep on dreaming.

    • Dont be so naive. He could care less about private sales.

      “…Why Sisolak thinks universal background checks will be any more effective in his state is a mystery…” He doesn’t think that and he doesn’t care. This is about people control. Criminals don’t care about laws so you can’t control them via gun laws. But criminals only make up 1% – 2% of the population. The vast majority 75% – 80% just go along with whatever laws are passed and get on with their lives. The remaining ~20% who wilfully disobey the law, will do so quietly and not cause any waves, because they want the approbation of the majority and because they don’t want to be “that guy” who gets caught and suffers the consequences.

  6. Gee, why don’t they outlaw drugs? Most crime involves drugs. Theft to buy drugs. Abuse while using drugs. There, I just solved their problem.

  7. Y’all in NV make sure you do all your transfers out in the desert after midnight. And watch out for those rectangular holes in the ground. LOL.

  8. Don’t worry. It’s not coming to your state. ATF isnt making a registry. Just keep paying your taxes and voting for politicians. They have your best interests at heart, just look at any history, ever. Im sure all these politicians are doing the opposite of what the constitution says, (in unison no less) simply because they came up with the idea themselves, sporadically and are very brave. It had absolutely nothing to do with the 100 year takeover of the USA by jews as they turn it into a hub to force world-government upon the nations.

    There is no one trying to create world government and it’s definitely not the jews who are behind it or gun control, world immigration, international communism, marxism and banking. Suggesting so is not only anti-semitic, but anti-American. It’s not like the jews have entire volumes of writing discussing how they intend to create a world government via specific economic tactics cited in deuteronomy or the talmud, decapitate christians via the sanhedrin noahide law and enslave the entire world of nations when their world gov is achieved. (something-something, Law of Kings, RamBam)

    You need to be sure to not be anti-semitic by always supporting europeans that converted to judaism no matter what. Even if it means you have to give up your guns, it’s just the right thing to do. If onviously-european people want to steal land from people who were born on semitic-lands, it’s ok because obviously the people born in europe are semites, and the people who are born on semitic-land are clearly *not semites*, and so not supporting european take-over of semitic-land is anti-semitic. And in the USA we’re good!

    If we all just embrace world government and give up the silly notions of our constitution, the quicker we’ll all just get along. The jews love christians… so, so much. The big problem is muslims. I know this because I watch fox and cnn and so I have a broad insight of world affairs in the last 15 minutes. I served in one of the numerous GWOT wars and I saw nothing but muslims everywhere taking over the banking system, media, academia, transportation, food production, judiciary, manufacturing and executive government. Huuuge threat to the constitution. They just want sharia law on my wife. Plus the muslims did 9/11, obviously. Certainly, no mountains of evidence exist which would indicate that jews directly organized 9/11 and had the saudis execute it. Certainly no evidence they guided the response via their infiltrated host nations to make each country waste trillions of dollars and go to war with a bunch of countries which just so happen to entirely surround israel. That would be preposterous.

    Im sure if we just get some more censorship online, control of our debit cards, and some more gun control and some anti-semitic hate speech law, maybe more cameras everywhere, a solid national ID card that has to be carried at all times, maybe then we’ll be able to get our constitution back. First things first, we need to imprison all these people who are anti-semitic. Perhaps execution.

      • It’s all right, historically, the masses always need someone to blame, Jews have always been good for being scapegoated.

        Rather than try to fix your own problems, or look at your life and situation and figure how to better yourself, blame the Jews! Through the centuries that has worked so well for those who have done it… or maybe not.

        • I blame the Jews!!! I blame them for going through thousands of years of persecutions without developing some serious kickass reactions. I have a similar problem with blacks, to a lesser degree, why bitch forever instead of taking care of your own business? Dafook difference does it make which superstition a person follows, what color his skin is? But continuously asking other people to save your bacon is unacceptable to me. Read my lips; ALL jews should be armed, 24/7! ALL blacks should be armed, 24/7! So curse me for a racist bigot, that’s where I come from.

        • Strikes me, I got serious problems with the LGBTQRSTUV groups, for the same reasons! Mommy! That bad person is being mean! So kick his ass and be done with it. I don’t CARE!

  9. Good luck enforcing it. Will only come into play during sentencing after an arrest to add to crimes.
    But it makes people FEEL better…right?

  10. It’s not legal, it can’t be legal. I’m thinking if I buy something, anything and I pay the state it’s taxes then it’s mine to do with how I choose. These laws just ain’t right,,,,,, but Nevada, wow, a person would think it would be a Gunn friendly State. uhmmmm, this possum nose doe’s not like the smell of things, no Sir I don’t like it

      • “That asshole in the mandolin bay hotel event changed Nevada.”

        Wrong! Blame lies with the ones committing the act. Stop with the “He/They ruined it for the rest of us!” nonsense. It’s childish. It’s dangerous to liberty.

        Why in the hell do you and others want to give government excuses for tyrannical behavior? Are y’all dense? Government is going to do this stuff under any pretense. Tick-tock. This is the incremental march towards tyranny. Government has control of your children’s minds. It only has to wait you out until you are too old or dead. Indoctrination becomes normalized. It’s generational warfare and you will lose the long game. We already tolerate far more tyranny than generations ago would put up with. There is only one way to stop it.

        Government is to blame. People will either tolerate it or they won’t.

  11. If you can’t go to Nevada win a bunch of untraceable cash and then use that cash for a hooker and a stop at the “back alley buffet” to shop the deals from the back of some guy’s trunk, coming away with a gun and a bunch of reasonably priced narcotics… then what the hell is the point of Nevada?

  12. CA spreads like an std. But don’t worry all you ‘just movers’. Wyoming is just about empty. Lots of space for you to move there and set up your own republic.

  13. Non compliance is a thing. If you don’t follow unconstitutional dictates they don’t matter. Just don’t sell to untrustworthy people. Magazine bans have been defeated thusly. Registration as well. Power to the people, not scumbags who want to control your every move.

    • Not sure. I can see benefit in ignoring the entire idea of being careful, just freaking IGNORE the law, go on about your business as if it did not exist, and if arrested demand attorneys, speedy trial, do not even listen to proposals of “deals”, they cannot find a jury which will convict you. But I am old. 3 hots and a cot is a gift to me, why would I care, if I am proud of what I am standing for? Meanwhile, if a few hundred thousand feel that way, imagine the cost of prosecuting (not plea bargaining) them in front of juries and imprisoning all of them for any significant time!

  14. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is not a politician he is a dictator in sheeps clothing following the call of others and doing their bidding. He is weak and a poor leader. It is now up to the people of Nevada to write letters, tweets, emails, etc, to the Gov and every member of their Legislature and also every news paper and call every radio station to make their displeasure known.

    • Which will do nothing. You need a repeal to work its way through a hostile legislature and media blitz and hope a future governor resists accusations of trying to kill others.

      Nope. Nevada just took one more step to being California.

    • Did you know that Governors don’t dictate laws? This law passed both houses of the state congress, then the Governor signed it.

      • Does that mean there is no hope? I’m guessing we’re all betting our bippies on SCOTUS, in which case we better be getting massively behind Trump. RBG, maybe more, cannot make it to 2024. We also need to maintain the control of the Senate.

  15. Regarding the results of recent elections in Nevada, choosing of a governor and legislators, the following might be said of the electorate. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  16. I did not sell my gun to anyone. I needed a loan and this person wanted collateral for the loan I needed. I gave him my gun as collateral for the loan. I very much plan on getting it back one day when I have the money to pay back my loan.

  17. Can You ”give or gift” a gun to a friend? Just curious. Face it, disarming and denying a constitutional right is on the agenda, free speech is next. Totatalian control. Let me be free.

  18. Big deal. The universal background check law is virtually ignored here in Washington State. Some people I’m sure obey it and many MANY don’t.

  19. Common sense, my hind leg. Common sense would tell you this is not only unenforceable but unfair and unconstitutional. But let that not stop the civilian disarmament lobby and their elected lapdogs. I hope the good people of Nevada will both crusade against this and other misbegotten laws while purposefully not abiding by it.

  20. That fat turd signed a law that is not only unenforceable, but also flatly unconstitutional. It circumvents the Voter Initiative process that mandates that the legislature CAN NOT touch a law passed by that process for 3 years after it is passed. They ignored that law too.

    Furthermore, it creates a taxable event for any transfer in violation of state law. I hope this goes down in flames, but NV is part of the 9th Circus, and we see how that works -___-

    • Anytime a politician says something it’s frequently a lie. With Democrats the incidence of lying is higher.

  21. California spreads its STD and other states get dick cancer or ass cancer. “Anti-bodies” like myself got the hell out years ago.

  22. Give the gun to somebody who wants to buy it as a gift and have pay them you in cash under the table for the “gift”. No records of a commercial transaction should be filed. If there is a law, there is a way around it. I am sure the law will be challenged in court based on your rights to private property. They worry so much about guns and yet more death and injuries occur each year due to car accidents. And please do not forget that in England, where handguns and semi auto rifles are forbidden to the general public, using a truck for plowing into and killing people is the preferred method by terrorist. Screw Bloomberg, the hypocrite has armed body guards for his protection and us plebes cannot afford that nor would have any way to defend our “lives, limbs and property if he could have his way. I wish the asshole happy hemorrhoids along with the governors of California, Oregon, Washington, Mass. and NJ. Elitists and professional politicians always think they know better than the people who elect them.

    • The NRA did quite a bit to stop this. The response was overwhelming from gun owners. Bloomberg paid each one of the politicians that voted for this at least $10k each.

      • Where was the NRA in all of this…………………….”crickets”

        Wow what an ignorant statement. NRA worked heavily against this. Bloomberg was able to put tens of millions into Nev legislative races.

        • The NRA is on record as fully supporting red flag confiscation laws and mandatory background checks but the NRA fanboys like you always claim it’;s a lie. You’re like the liberals who deny the Democrats’ calls for immigration control before Trump decided to actually DO something about it. It doesn’t matter how many videos are out there, it’s a LIE because you want to believe your precious NRA is REALLY “standing and fighting” for your gun rights. LMAO…

    • It’s funny when something like this happens, and people ask ” where was the NRA when this happened”; but these same people who are complaining the most are too cheap to join and support the NRA. This is one of the reasons that shit like this is allowed to occur.

      IF EVERY GUN OWNER was a member of the NRA, the politicians would not even think of passing something like this. There’s power in numbers; that is one thing politicians do pay attention to. If they knew that something they were going to vote for would cause them to be defeated in the next election, due to the majority of the voters in their district being against it, a lot of this infringement of people’s rights would come to a screeching halt.

      Hopefully, this will be overturned before it becomes too much of a precedent.

      • For a few dollars more, each gun owner could join GOA, SAF, CCRKBA, find some more. But they won’t, figure it’s not necessary, nothing is going to happen, etc. Some will show up on the battle lines if it comes to that, but will not acknowledge the possibility before then.

        • GOA is a ineffective organization. It spent virtually all its money pursuing easy to get and totally pointless SAPA laws in places where it is irreverent. It goes for easy meaningless “victories” which are “bill mill” type legislation. Feel good bill mill legislation makes for photo ops, but effective opposition to gun control

          NRA and SAF fight where the fight is tough, for example in purple states.

          I worked lobbying for a decade for a major national grass roots association (not related to firearms or second amendment). There are always ineffective groups like GOA that spend all their time attacking major groups.

      • Oh, please, the NRA sold its members down the river a long time ago. They haven’t done shit for black gun and self-defense gun use legislation for decades. If you’re a Fudd, they’re in your corner. The real issue is Fudds rolling over on other gun owners so they can keep their precious muskets and blunderbusses.

  23. I live in the former-Constitution State aka Connecticut; If I want to buy a handgun or long gun from a person I have to fill out two state forms. One stays with the seller, the other is filled out in triplicate. One gets mailed to the SP, one get mailed to the local police and one stays with the buyer…The sale can only be effected after a call is placed to the SP, special weapons and licensing to get a transfer #. This transfer # is written on all forms that are filled out. And yes the guns are registered and there is a data base held by the SP and the local police. Do we still have criminals using guns in crime? Hell yeah, watch the local news Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury almost nightly… where are these criminals getting their guns from? With all these laws in place how is this happening? Will the laws passed in Nevada stop crimes with guns? Hell NO

  24. Why would the NSSF continue to hold the SHOT show in Las Vegas after this? I think pulling millions of dollars out of their economy could definitely send a message.

  25. Ever notice how the commie Dems have to push their nefarious legislation under the cover of darkness? This Nevada Bill was “sped” through the legislative process; New York’s SAFE Act was hastily pushed through at midnight by His Highness, The Pious Cuomo; or the Affordable Care Act had to be passed to see what was in the bill…if these bills were righteous and honorable, then it should be able to withstand any amount of scrutiny without time constraints. But they know, don’t they? Otherwise, be honorable and forthright, everything else is simply a ruse.

  26. And how, exactly, do they think they are going to prove I just bought or sold a firearm from someone? Did they see the transaction go down? No? Then prove it happened in violation of your silly law..

  27. As a gun owner, I’m still on the fence about private gun sales. Unless, for a fee, I’d be able to log into the registry and see if there was a problem with the person that wants to purchase a gun I am selling. If the record is clean, I should be off the hook, right?

    • “..As a gun owner, I’m still on the fence about private gun sales. ”


      Why are you playing their game of accepting blame for something someone else does?

      If you *want* to check the NICS because it makes you feel better that’s fine. Wanting the ability is different than being required by anyone to do something.

      If you want a way to check the NICS so *they* don’t/can’t blame you for selling the gun then you have lost because you just gave them control over what you do and with whom.

  28. Gun Registration by another name.

    Now that they know who owns the guns, it’s much easier to confiscate them.

    Make no mistake; this is the main objective.

  29. This just proves that Democrats are either incredibly stupid or nothing but liars. There is no way that this bill makes anyone safer. It just makes it more difficult for law abiding citizens to sell a gun to a friend or family member. Do these people really think bad guys are going to obey a law.

    If laws stopped criminals then why is there an “opioid crisis”????

    These laws only make it more difficult for citizens to keep and bear arms which is the real purpose behind Democrat gun control laws. They want a disarmed citizenry so that should they actually decide to impose an oppressive socialist or communist government the citizens would be unable to defend themselves and the Constitution of the United States.


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