California Can't Confiscate Guns Fast Enough, Backlog Continues to Grow
courtesy Fox News
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California Can't Confiscate Guns Fast Enough, Backlog Continues to Grow
courtesy Fox News

California had established a goal of confiscating 20,000 over three years under the new gun control law they enacted following Sandy Hook. They wanted to seize firearms from people who had become prohibited persons or had mental health problems.

But California is having trouble hiring enough people to go out there and seize all those guns. From Fox News . . .

The law, which was passed in 2013 following the shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school and set aside $24 million for seizure programs, had a goal of confiscating around 20,000 guns over three years. But six years later, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report, there are still roughly 9,000 of those guns out there, with more being added to the list yearly.

While the state’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, has made gun control a priority of his new administration and has proposed a multi-million-dollar increase to hire more agents, the program reportedly has been hit by retention issues and a lack of experience among new agents.

It seems that no matter how many guns California’s politicians want to confiscate, thanks to the state’s strict gun laws and the ever-expanding list of justifications for forfeiting gun rights, there are always more guns to be grabbed.

“This is just the unglamorous continual need to invest in the task and to see it through,” former state Sen. Mark Leno told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It just does not go away, and the job is never done.”

Looking for work? You, too can have a rewarding career as a California firearms confiscation engineer.

New hires make between $50,844 and $66,852, and a recent report by the California Department of Human Resources found that state agents make around 19 percent less than their local counterparts.

Just dial 1-GRA-BTH-EGUN for more information.

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  1. So they budgeted $24 million, have collected 11,000. So far that is just shy of $2200 per gun. Did they consider sending out some letters offering $2,000 per gat to the “miscreants” they wish to disarm? Would have saved them some money.

    • By going after the guns they will ensure that those specific 11,000 guns will never decide to go hurt or kill any people. Bad guns! They are like wolves, you have to hunt them.

      Ah, but what of the people who owned the guns, who or where are they?

      • I don’t really see why the people in Californication would run to Nevada to buy more guns. Wouldn’t it be much easier for Uncle Sam to ship more guns to Mexico, then simply bring them back over the border? Since Californication is welcoming all those illegals anyway, ……………

        • Good one, but Obama and Holder aren’t in office any longer, so the only Fast ad Furious is on TV or DVD

        • yet thanks to Holder we have more recidivist repeat violent criminals, on the streets today, often legally allowed to buy guns under crimes that previously resulted in prohibitions –and where those released felons are, comprise precisely the jurisdictions that are bucking the 25 year decrease in gun crime and murder and seeing rises instead.

          Washington DC incarceration rates doubled from the mid 1990’s until about five years ago and murder rate there fell and fell as incarceration rose.

          But since 2013 DC incarceration went down, from 2,5000 to 1,500 and murder rate rose. It isn’t guns since even knifing murder rate rose (s did even mas murder by knife in DC).

          it has gotten so bad in DC that the Democrat mayor and Democrat city council have asked the Trump administration to have the DOJ reverse policies put in place by Obama admin and his man Holder which had lightened prosecution for serious crimes (In DC serious crimes are federal prosecution)

    • That would then have to imply some kind of intelligence coming out of Mexifornia. That’s a laugh as they can’t even tell what gender they are……

        • you mean like the $77 billion for a bullet train that was canceled due to cost overuns and pretty much being impossible to complete?

  2. But, but, but NO ONE wants to take our guns. 😱

    I’m actually surprised that we have not heard reports of deaths related to people’s disinterest in surrendering their property.

    • “No one wants to take your guns.” That statement needs to have an *asterisk* next to it. No one *who knows better* wants to take you guns…. or…. No one *getting paid $50,000* wants to take your guns (in California that’s at the poverty line). … or….. No *politicians* want take your guns, as in: no politicians have the balls to go to your house and take your guns.

      Leno is correct: it is a matter of money. He won’t come get the guns he decided you shouldn’t have, and the unscrupulous people who will, won’t do it for less than $130,000 a year with benefits, 90% pension at 50, medical/dental, generous vacation, and no oversight.

    • There was one man killed – in Maryland. It isn’t just California. Thirteen states have these laws, the first was in Connecticut (passed in 19990. These laws are being pushed in almost every state right now, including some of the most conservative, such as Idaho and Tennessee. California was trashed by waves of East coast liberals and foreign nationals migrating here to escape the septic tanks they’d turned their former homes into. I was born here, watched it happen, fought it tooth and nail. Most of the state is still red, but the massive populations of Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside can consistently outvote the rest of us. Now, the same thing is happening across the country.

  3. Do they also give themselves quotas for how many criminals they have convicted, or a goal to increase arrests and incarcerations by a certain percentage? Maybe shoot for the highest number of executions per year? Ideally you don’t want to convict, sentence, confiscate, or execute anything, so increasing confiscations doesn’t mean you are doing a good job.

    Only government would sell paying $24 million to destroy 20,000 guns as a good thing.

  4. So much labor went into those and they’re just throwing them away. Some classics, some modern.

    Dude was just tossing that R700 pattern bolt gun in an AICS Chassis like it was garbage…. absolute disgrace.

  5. You gotta understand the leftist mentality. They view guns themselves as the cause of crime and death. Therefore “every 1 gun off the street saves who knows how many lives”. $2000 per confiscated gun……. that’s a hell of a number. I despise Ca state politicians.

    • No, the reason Democrats want them is because eventually they will be turned on them. They know the 2A is NOT about hunting or target shooting.

      …from behind every blade of grass

      • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
        Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

        • Pretty much every invading army has found out just how tough the Russians are. Comes from living in a country where the 4th and 5th of July is summer and the rest of the year is brutal winter.

    • The Leftist Mentality: Silence, even by death, all those who disagree with the Left, or question/challenge their positions.

    • This is a video filmed on Feb 12 of California man getting a visit from the CA DOJ. From what I read about this case he registered two AR Pistols which he bought in legally in 2012 he then registered them with the CA DOJ because they were now considered AW back in June 2018. The reason was because on the new laws that were passed. After reviewing his application several months later, they decided to pay him visit to see if they were legal what ever that means.

      As soon he handed them over they went straight to law citing he was manufacturing of a unsafe pistol that had not gone through the Calif drop safety test. For those of you who don’t know CA has its own Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale which currently under Petition to the Supreme Court as unconstitutional (Peña v. Cid).

      This is not the first case of I heard about. When they do these confiscations, they show will several officers and unmarked vehicles.

      So when they tell you that registration leads to confiscation here is the best example of it …

      • I made my long guns CA compliant, instead of registering them as AW mainly because I want my sons to inherit them.

      • In the early morning hours there’s a din in the air;
        mayhem’s on the loose.
        Stormtroopers comin’, and you better be prepared.
        Got no time to choose.
        Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
        Comin’ up that street, jackboots steppin’ high.
        Got to make a stand.
        Looking in your windows and listen to your phone.
        Keep a gun in your hand.
        Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
        Get ready. Stormtroopres comin’ around.
        Two hundred down, and it’s comin’ ’round again.
        Got no second choice.
        Where’s the justice and where’s that law.
        Raise your healthy voice.
        Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
        We’ll be ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
        Getting ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
        Get ready. Stormtroopers comin’.
        Written by Ted nugent circa 1975…….he predicted this was going to happen almost 45 years ago

        • “We’ll I don’t care if your just thirteen
          You look too good to be true
          I just know that you’re probably clean
          Theres one little thing I gotta do to you”

          “It’s a combination of the Nazi thing, which has got to be the ultimate scam on earth. I deplore that scene and how they should have controlled themselves. Some f–kin’ stormtroopers come down my street, Jack, they’re dead. Got it? F–kin’ Jews and everybody else that got taken, I have no sympathy, man. They should have armed themselves and crushed them pricks. So the idea is don’t ever be stormtrooped, you do the Stormtroopin’.”

          Ol ted is a pedophile and anti-Semite. He’s a draft dodger, … and oh yeah,… a cop, if you can believe that. He likes to play dress up with some shitburg texas podunk and kick in doors, ya know like a storm trooper, just not full time, ya know… for fun.

  6. “California had established a goal of confiscating 20,000 over three years under the new gun control law they enacted following Sandy Hook. They wanted to seize firearms from people who had become prohibited persons or had mental health problems.”

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Everyone here was complaining about Illinois not confiscating the Aurora shooters guns after they voided his FOID once they tracked down is Mississippi felony.
    Never mind that that there is NOT gun registration in Illinois, and the law permits transfer of firearms once the FOID is pulled so there is no way to even get a warrant for search and seizure of said firearm.

    Typical TAG, if a nutcase shoots a bunch of people, then it is the government’s fault that they did not confiscate the guns / keep them from buying them. But turn it around and the State tries to track down prohibited people with registered firearms and confiscate them and TAG is yelling “they are coming after your guns”

    • While I’m not quick to shoot down your statement that identifies hypocritical text in the comments. If you don’t believe “they’re coming for your guns”, please change your name to Blinders

    • the problem is they keep moving the goal posts. how long will it be before having a parking ticket is enough to get them confiscated, how long till expressing an opinion they dont like is enough cos you can bet your boots i can see it coming as it always does with these big govt types and it matters not if they are left wing or right wing….. 2 wings of the same goddamn vulture called govt

  7. I’m waiting to see what will happen to any guns that belong to a california resident with a gun Internet Web site or you tube channel????

    I know the owners of movie prop gun businesses were given special exemption. The Rich get to keep their Machine Guns.

  8. $ 66,000 a year to become a taker of a Constitutional right. You can kiss my hairy possum ass…… Oh California is going to have fun in a few years, Hola Wang Chung Allah Akbar, I’ll take a hamberder pizza with 9 mm bullets please.. .. I just love watching shit go to hell, especially when they ask for it.

  9. This is entirely unconstitutional. The government, city, state or federal has no right to regulate guns. Actually if your read the Founder purpose for the 2nd Amendment and it’s place in the Bill of Rights no government or government entity can restrict a person’s right to own, possess, purchase or carry any firearm of any type. The Founders all clearly stated numerous times in speeches and writings that the rights detailed in the Bill of Rights are God given rights that no person shall tamper with. Therefore if all of these wussy libertard gun grabbers are afraid of us gun owners having a right to keep and bear arms maybe they should move to one of those Socialist nations that deny the citizens their right to own firearms. All gun control laws here are actually illegal.

    • How it works. It’s legal till they say it ain’t, now whatcha going to do about it? I believe for every gum confiscated someone should loose a Facebook account or an X box game, problem solved, no more gum confiscations

    • Heh, since when has Sacrament cared about legallity, constitutionality and rule of law unless it is in THEIR favor.

  10. This makes me want to watch the second half of “Red State” for the 11th time.

    Talk about California gun confiscation gone sideways—> that’s a movie you don’t want to miss!

  11. Tried 3 times to write a comment almost done and someone doesnt want me to post anything. My opinion is as good as any other.’s opinion

    I am fortunate to live in Missouri. We love our guns. we love our country and we love God above everything else nothing else is really important we have background checks and i believe there is already over 300 laws on the books already.These states that want to confiscate and other things. Its been tried before and the end result is simple . control and misery for everyone. If not happy here in the united states please move to a socialist or communist country. and enjoy your freedom there. Let me know please. I live by a sinple rule and has always worked God ,Country,family and our great people who live here . confiscation is just a political gimmick. they know not the answer Mental help and caring about our fellow man goes a long way. and a great start

    • There’s some weirdness with. omments that take anlong time to compose, sometimes not posting. Seems otherwise random.

      • Dear Overlords,

        Despite any comment function weirdness, please *do not* go to Disqus. They have been credibly reported to grab n keep copies of all comments, collate comments across sites n “identities”, and “share” all that around.

        • You can’t honestly believe that matters anymore right? Everyone in Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. and there mother knows exactly who you are dude, have for probably ten, twelve years. When push comes to shove all they’ll have to do is ask. “they” are not trying to get you, they already got you over a decade ago. If your concerned about anonymity, don’t be, it’s a warm fuzzy, you’ve been fucked for over a decade you just didn’t realize it. Here’s an idea don’t post shit you would be ashamed of or embarrassed to say without the protection of anonymity. But that’s pretty much ninety percent of comments here so never mind.

          • not sure that i have made any i would not say in real life. I use my real first name and have added my real Surname to it on a couple occasions. on a couple occasions i have misunderstood someone and said something i have apologized for but i have on occasion done the same face to face.

  12. The Supreme Court needs to step up and hear this case pronto , someone’s going to be killed , probably more than just a few before they rule,,, they have to stand behind the constitution or the civil war will be coming quick.

  13. Even aside from my distaste for Kalifornia’s draconian and useless firearms laws, you couldn’t pay me enough money to make me do that job, even if they provided a full suit of Level IV body armor which covered me from head to toe. Besides, a man my age would look pretty silly decked out in body armor over the black tactial uniforms the agents wear, along with the M-16’s they carry with full-auto capability.

    • You and a bunch of other people they’ve hired. Once they get trained, hires are qualified for a better paying position. So they get that better job and quit, starting the (expensive) training cycle all over again.
      The REALLY sad part about this, not mentioned in the article, is that up until know, guess who has been paying for this boondoggle? If you guessed GUN OWNERS
      give yourself s gold star. California buyers pay $25 to the State every time they buy a gun for the mandated background check, etc. (DROS), a fee that is supposed to cover the cost of the program but no more. Well, one day, an enterprising person discovered that the state had amassed an actual multi-million dollar surplus in the fund. And being an enterprising fellow, he sued to get his –and everyone else’s–money back. Not wanting to give up ta cash cow (once the state has your money it never wants to give it back), the state passed a law funding the gun confiscation task force with the excess DROS accumulations. So every time you buy a gun here, some of that DROS goes to the state to fund confiscations. And yes, a court ha held that this is NOT a tax and therefore legal. (No surprise there either.)

  14. Yet another reason to celebrate my exit from California to an extremely gun-friendly state almost 10 years ago…

    Sadly, California is leading a trend out west: Washington, Colorado and now Nevada (after passing a new law enforcing universal background checks earlier this weekend) seem to be moving in Cali’s direction.

  15. ” California had established a goal of confiscating 20,000 over three years ”

    This is curious. How did they know when they passed the law that there would be 20,000 legitimate cases where guns needed to be confiscated? No way they could have, or they would have gone to get them regardless. Looks to me like they just pulled a number out the their butts and said “go get ’em, boys.” And over the next 3 years it will be 80,000… and over the next 3 years 160,000… and over the next 3 years…

    I think I see a pattern here.

    • Um, no. What they did was to look at the number of people who had been convicted of a disqualifying crime (all felonies, specified violent misdemeanors, DV)or who had been involuntarily confined in a mental institution and compared that to the number of people who had had a background check or who had (at least at one point in time) a firearm registered to them., (California has had mandatory registration of all handguns since 2000 and long guns since 2001.)

      The problem that the state faces is that the gun owner database is horrendously and hopelessly inaccurate. the system reports purchases but does NOT report subsequent sales of the same firearm. In other words, simply because you show up in that system as owning a gun doesn’t actually mean you still do. The system is so unreliable that it cannot be used as the basis for the issuance of a warrant. In most cases, the investigators have to ask for permission to search for firearms, unless they have reliable reports (e.g. vindictive ex-spouse) that the target is in possession of a firearm. Add ot that the task force went after the soft targets first, i.e. people who’d been confined for mental illness, and NOT violent felons. I assume they didn’t want to take the risk, and such perosns are likely to re-offend anyway…

  16. I remember Cali being Hot Rods , Surf boards & Rock and Roll . It has truly went to Hell. Glad I live on the east coast, Petal to the metal, Party like ya mean it and always Locked & Loaded

    • Mopar guy here and surfer (when I can get away from the wife and kids). But, between the all the CA outdoor activities we have (e.g. surfing, scuba, deep sea fishing, snowboarding, hiking/trail-running, overlanding, etc.), 2A has taken a backseat for some gun owners I know.

  17. So what if you say that “I lost them.” or John Wick it and bury them under a few feet of concrete? Sorry sir, an illegal stole them, or I sold them for a nickle to a friend in a free state.

  18. I have read the constitution, In my life I have taken the oath 3 times. I Know what it means. I am older now and realize there are some values worth dying for. I am ok with dying to protect the oath I took and protect my right to bear arms. . The question is: Are they willing to die to take that right away? With regret, Some day in the future we will see…

  19. New hires make between $50,844 and $66,852, plus all the bullets they might catch.

    You know it’s going to happen eventually.

  20. So they can’t even muster a convincing “protection of the public interest” even when empowered with confiscation.

    Can we get a SCOTUS to take a big, steaming dump of strict scrutiny on these idiots?

    Shame on every officer involved in this program, and every one of their co-workers.

    • Justice Scalia indicated (not held, but…) in Heller that there was no constitutional infirmity in taking guns and gun rights from felons. Deal with it.

  21. Maybe gun owners could apply for the job. With the voter fraud and government corruption rampant in the socialist people’s republik of Kalifornia, who would know the difference?😝

  22. If you live in CA . . . move. I was stuck there for 18 months after getting out of the Army and I didn’t waste any more time than I had to getting out of there. There’s no excuse to stay. I did it with three kids. I just found a job in another state and moved. Do it!

    • Easy to do for some folks, but my wife and I have very stable jobs, especially when recession will hit in a year or two from now. We also have most of our fam here and a house. But we keep CO and TX in the back of our minds. I the mean time, I will support 2A from enemy lines.

  23. For the mere annual salary of 50k you to can be a gun grabbing goon. How can these pukes look themselves in the mirror each day?

  24. I left The Toilet State of CRAPIPORNIA 10 years ago & I have Never regretted it. Crapipornia is Cancerous Hell on Earth & whenever I hear All the usual addictions for Staying I just laugh because those of you who “Can’t” leave are DEAD ALREADY you just don’t know it. You will be the Modern Jew who is too busy with your Fantasy World while your door is getting kicked in by the State or the bewildered one when 1 of your Multinational “Friends” are Raping & Murdering your Family. At that moment Look in the Mirror to See who Killed You & Your Family. If you have any Brains MOVE!

    • Wow man that’s,… that’s dark. Sounds like your not in a very good place emotionally right now, maybe you could use some counseling. Insurance in your state covers that right?

  25. They say “The law, which was passed in 2013 following the shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school and set aside $24 million for seizure programs”

    But that $24 million was the excess the California DOJ had illegally collected in their mismanagement of DROS (Dealer Record Of Sale) fees – the state’s background check and registration system. See the results in Gentry v. Becerra (originally Gentry v. Harris).

    • Love that look on your face dude. You look like you should be groveling to be some one else’s running mate.

  26. Only IDIOTS will sign up for a job to go confiscate guns.
    I’d never be that stupid.

    “KNOCK KNOCK, we’re with the government and we’re going to take your guns”

    What are the chances of hearing a BOOM?

    • Very slim. Cops have been breaking down the doors of armed and dangerous people and carting them of to prison for lengthy sentences all over the country, everyday for like, I don’t know, eighty fuckin years. Were have you been? You think because it’s over guns, it’ll be any different? You give people a lot more credit than they deserve.

  27. I can’t wait to see the plummet in gun deaths due to these confiscations, although I won’t be holding my breath as the rate has increased 20% over the last 2 years. If your going to hire more cops, how about using them to protect innocent citizens rather than collecting guns. Oh yeah, that’s right it makes better headlines for politicians to promote ‘gun safety’.

  28. that’s only the ones they can find, have to get the detectors out and scour those there hills! no wonder they want all the illegals they can find, they use them as human shields for the cost of social services!
    Muslim’s also have a place in case of riots they strap a few kids and women up give them a cell phone detonator and then told to go mingle. while the social justice warriors set back like Billy boy and get there BJ from who ever is available

  29. register nothing, never answer your door to cops and if you do ask to see a warrant, dont let them into your home or answer any questions without a lawyer, no warrant, no entry..

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