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Aurora Package of Illinois Gun Control Laws Will be Heard Tomorrow

Kathleen Willis Gun Control
Courtesy Maxon Shooter's Supply
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By Dan Eldridge

The tragic mass murder of five in Aurora, Illinois earlier this year has exactly nothing to do with law-abiding Illinois gun owners and everything to do with cascading failures by local, state, and federal government workers who failed use the tools they already have to keep firearms out of the hands of felons.

Rep. Willis’s response to government failure is: more government!


  • Federal 1: failure to ensure NICS background check data was comprehensive
  • Federal 2: failure to prosecute perjury on 4473 form
  • State 1: (Mississippi): failure to report felony conviction by this offender to NICS
  • State 2: (Illinois): failure to prosecute perjury on FOID application by this offender
  • State 3: (Illinois): failure to prosecute perjury on CCL application by this offender
  • Local 1: (Oswego): state’s attorney failed to query for firearms when offender bonded out on another charge
  • Local 2: (City of Aurora): failed to follow-up on Illinois State Police FOID and CCW revocation

These are all felonies that could have been reported to the State’s Attorney’s office for warrants and prosecution, but they weren’t. So let’s punish law-abiding gun owners to cure government failure?


Raise the state fee for a FOID card by 1,000%

  • FOID card goes to $50 / 5 years, from current $10 / 10 years.
  • Illinois State Police can charge for the background check ($30),
  • Fingerprints would be required with every application if not supplied before ($75)
  • Presto: A $205 FOID every 10 years.

You May Not Loan A Firearm

  • Unless you are present at all times with the borrower, you may not lend a gun to anyone.
  • No big deal? Consider these scenarios:
    • Your son or daughter wishes to borrow your rifle for a competition. Sorry, no way.
    • Your friend wishes to borrow your sweet Weatherby rifle for an elk hunt. Too bad.
    • A friend asks you to take a gun to the gunsmith for him. Nope.

No More Private, face-to-face firearms transfers

  • All transfers must go through an FFL.
  • Transfer fees capped at $10

I won’t willingly do a $10 transfer; it is a money loser and an un-compensated risk to my license as an FFL.

Will the state compel all FFL’s to do these $10 transfers? They may try, but consider that a) some shops will not do transfers of any kind currently, and b) an FFL can deny any sale at any time to anyone, as long as it’s not on the basis of racial/protected class discrimination.

So…say good bye to private firearms transfers.


  1. Enforce (investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate) the existing laws.
  2. Put some liability back on business or property owners who post property as CCW-prohibited when not required to by statute. The Aurora location was posted no-carry, leaving the law-abiding citizens disarmed and the criminal with evil intent free to commit multiple murders.
  3. Stop wasting scarce law enforcement resources on law-abiding citizens.


  1. Contact your legislator.
  2. File a witness slip OPPOSING HCA-1 here.
  3. Support your FFL and their association. FFL-IL will be in Springfield tomorrow to oppose this mess with boots on the ground.


Dan Eldridge is President of Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois and owner of Maxon Shooter’s Supplies in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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  1. Do. Not. Comply. Do not assist, nor support, the police in any way, as they will undoubtedly find glee in enforcing these laws, if passed. Recall. Recall. Recall. Go to every meeting and point out all of these facts out for all of the ignorant and let them decide for themselves.

    • You have spare $$. I have spare gun. We swap, and nobody knows shit, as 2A intended, whole law is unenforceable, IGNORE IT!

    • “Does that sample FOID card misgender John or does John just have a really shitty plastic surgeon?”

      What a cruel and thoughtless thing to say about a transgender individual, Strych…

      *snicker* 😉

  2. There will be NO DEALERS in IL that do transfers due to dealer licensing. Plain and simple. All the small guys are going away.

    • I’m in Eastern WA state. My favorite small GS owner refuses to do ANY private sale transfers since the passage of I-594.

      Due to risk? No

      Fees? No (they aren’t capped here)

      He feels the law is “garbage,” and he cannot enable it in any way.

      • “He feels the law is “garbage,” and he cannot enable it in any way.”

        Tell him the only people inconvenienced by his policy are the kinds of people he wants in his establishment, gun owners, in particular, probably first-time gun owners.

        And he is doing *exactly* what the grabbers want to do, making gun ownership more difficult and onerous.

        If he wants to be a patriot and really ‘stick it to the man’ (the Leftists), he needs to do transfers for free, or at his cost. That puts more guns in local circulation, and that’s what Leftist scum hates.

        Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite the face…

        • Shop owner is completely correct, his assistance is not needed for a private transfer. Just transfer it, and stop looking for reasons you can’t, there aren’t any! Read 2A again.

  3. The FOID card is the real thorn. Many states have them. They were content with knowing who the gun nuts were but now they want to make real money on it.

    • FOID only works if people bother to recognize it at all.

      Something something about tolerable rules tolerated, intolerable rules broken, and we the people being free…

  4. I hate ILLinois…the same a-holes who wanted to ban “high capacity” mags because a carreer criminal killed a gungho unarmed po-leece captain chasing himi in Chiraq(of course he was a felon and couldn’t have any of that chit). Same as homie in Aurora…oh and if you won’t do transfers I’ll let every Illinois gun owner know yer a jerk. I’ll ASSume it’s from Maxon. Am I wrong?!?

  5. That FOID fee surpasses California’s $25 fee for a “Gun Safety Certificate” (required for any transfer), which now stands at $25 (and an easy test) every five years. But then we have to pay $25 for a “Dealer Record of Sale”, payable to the State, plus dealer transfer fees. Most shops will charge $25 or waive a fee if you are buying from them, but if you are doing a person to person or internet purchase, that shoots up to $75 or more. We don’t require fingerprints unless applying for a CCW (in those counties that actually issue them) plus another $75 for the application,. plus another $150+ for the first time class. Renewals are about half that every two years. Meanwhile, the state is considering an additional excise tax of $25 per firearm, and taking the cap off of CCW fees.

    Since they know that we have these rights, the newest method of encouraging people to forego guns is to make it too expensive. They call it a tax, based on the 1938 decision in U.S. v. Miller which concluded that the $200 fee to get a machine gun or suppressor is “merely” a tax and therefore not an “infringement” on the 2A (i.e., you can have whatever you want if you are willing to pay through the nose).

    • US v Miller was about a sawed off shotgun, had nothing to do with machine guns, and I think the “tax” for sawed off shotguns is $5, not $200. No one has ever asked SCOTUS about a $200 fine for a machine gun. Case was eventually decided on the basis that sawed off shotguns were never used in military/militia actions (because the prosecution lied and there was no defense present), therefore 2A was not a player. IOW, the law would have been tossed in the shitter if it were about machine guns.

  6. Can only hope the FOID Card Act is fully struck done in the Illinois Supreme Court. Illinois Circuit Judge has already ruled FOID Card Act as unconstitutional twice. Just waiting for the final blow from the Illinois Supreme Court to see the FOID Card Act as unconstitutional also.

  7. SCOTUS, Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U.S. 105 1943. A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right guaranteed by the Federal Constitution. A decent lawyer should be able to get the crap kicked out of this. ” a person can not be compelled to purchase, through a license fee or a license tax, the privilege freely granted by the Constitution.” This involved the distribution of religious material but that is not specified in the ruling and the right of self-defense is no less a right than free expression of religion.

  8. It is clear, on the face of this thing, Ms. Willis hates herself and apparently gets some sort of strange satisfaction by making other people hate her too.
    Mission accomplished, tyrant.

  9. “1.Enforce (investigate, prosecute, and incarcerate) the existing laws.”


    In PA they did this. Turns out all people who supposedly lied on a form were not real criminals. They were people with minor offenses in their youth or distant past who did not even know they were prohibited. Many of them should not have been prohibited but they took a plea to the charges of lying on forms because they didn’t know any better and/or couldn’t afford to fight it and now they really are prohibited.

    The laws suck. They seriously suck. They are not clear and are often interpreted incorrectly by various agencies. Stop calling for more enforcement of laws that suck and are incorrectly interpreted.

    • Amen. POTG need to wise up and ditch the whole “law abiding” gun owner shtick. Eventually, most of us won’t be considered law abiding and still be armed.

      Besides, shall not be infringed means those laws ought not exist in the first place.

      • “Law abiding gun owners” is one of the favorite catchphrases of Richard Pearson, executive director-for-life of ISRA (Illinois state rifle association) the state affiliate of NRA. Like Pearson, most of their members are fossilized old turds whose brain waves are stuck in 1962. In real life Pearson’s insurance office doubles as ISRA World Headquarters in Chatsworth, Illinois, an aging farm town next to a railroad line.

        This turd did nothing whatsoever to promote concealed carry in Illinois for twenty years, but now he thinks that passing Illinois’ garbage concealed carry bill in 2013 was his idea all along. Along with NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde and Valinda Rowe from (southern) Illinois Carry, Pearson negotiated Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps “NRA backed” carry bill, so “law abiding” gun owners can get their brains blown out like Philando Castile in Minnesota. Pearson, Rowe, and 90% of NRA members are brain dead cop worshipers that think a CCL makes them junior policemen.

  10. I keep hearing that we must keep guns out of the hands of criminals. That is backwards. You do not keep cars away from drunks, you keep drunks away from cars. Keep putting the criminals in jail when they perform criminal acts. That keeps their hands away from guns. Adding more fees and permits to legally have firearms does nothing to the criminal having firearms.

  11. Don’t worry, if you’re an Illinois resident, the same old tired cast of losers will cut deals with the police unions to sell you out:

    Richard Pearson, executive director-for-life of ISRA, who convinced Otis McDonald to sign on to the Supreme Court lawsuit against the city of Chicago, then signed off on the Duty to Inform w/criminal penalties in state Rep. Brandon Phelps’ “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013, Valinda Rowe from (southern) Illinois Carry, who introduced Otis McDonald to 2nd Amendment attorney Alan Gura, then personally negotiated Duty to Inform with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police, who opposed any form of citizen carry for FORTY YEARS, and John Boch from Guns Save Life, who was also in the room with Valinda Rowe and former NRA lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde to cut the deal on Duty to Inform, so police criminals and police impersonators can set up and execute armed citizens, then get away with it legally.

    The “A Team” has your back in Illinois, if you’re stupid enough to let this crowd of small town hicks stab you in the back again as they fall all over themselves to slobber at the boots of police unions. Don’t forget to send in your NRA life membership.


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