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CNN is reporting that a Ferguson resident happened to have recorded what he claims were the gunshots fired by Officer Darren Wilson at Michael Brown. Click on the image above to go to the CNN report to hear it for yourself. If authentic, it clearly indicates two groups of shots fired; an initial burst of six rounds, a pause, then four more. “‘I was very concerned about that pause … because it’s not just the number of gunshots, it’s how they’re fired,’ the (recordist’s) attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, told CNN’s Don Lemon. ‘And that has a huge relevance on how this case might finally end up.'” Really? . . .

CNN dug up another attorney who is “concerned” by the pause, too.

“It’s the pause that gives most concern in a police shooting, especially with an unarmed victim, because at this point Mr. Brown is defenseless — he has no weapon,” said (attorney Chris) Chestnut, who represented the family of Jonathan Ferrell.

So imagine our surprise then to hear a logical – and likely – explanation from, of all people, Van Jones.

“To be fair, there could be other explanations for that pause,” said attorney Van Jones, co-host of CNN’s “Crossfire.” “Maybe the officer will say, ‘Well I fired, and he kept advancing, so I fired again.’ “

Which would be a perfectly logical explanation for the gap. Yes, it’s all still speculation given the fact that no one (other than, we assume, investigators) has heard Officer Wilson’s account of the shooting. But an initial burst followed by more shots would seem to be consistent with the story some have put forward that Brown charged the officer. Then apparently kept coming.

Again, it’s all still guesswork based on hearsay. And some of the the stories told have changed as more evidence has presented itself. But those who are trying to portray the pause as evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Wilson may very well be jumping the gun. So to speak.

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  1. Even before I heard what the audio sounded like I knew it would answer no questions. Maybe it means he fired once then fired some execution shots. Much more likely in my mind it means he fired, re-evaluated, and then had to fire again in response to aggression.

    People will see more evidence for whichever side they already believe.

    • Pretty, much, Hannibal.

      People are just responding emotionally, and of course some of them have a financial stake in the outcome and/or how it is covered.

      I believe the autopsy showed 6 wounds – it’s entirely possible that he fired 6, of which 2 were hits that didn’t stop the attack, then he took more careful aim and fired the final four, ending the attack.

      It would be a lot more concerning if 9 shots were fired, followed by a pause and then 1.

      • Pretty good one-eye shooting, I’d say.
        He fired the first volley, and missed center of mass. Poor eyesight and the fact that he probably didn’t know whether he even hit the target at all. Poor finger/trigger control caused him to pull to the left, and down causing the rounds to hit the right arm and shoulder of the target with some fly-out rounds to the outside-right of the target.
        Then, as the 6’4″ 300lb MAN kept advancing, the officer settled, got a better grip on the weapon fired the final 4. The first of which hit him in the upper right chest causing the target to hunch down, bringing the head down to shoulder height and exposing the top of his head, where the next 2 rounds missed and final round hit the top of the targets head and the target dropped like a sack of spuds. Dead before he hit the ground.
        Initial game over.
        That’s my take given the info I have heard on the news, so far.
        Let the games begin.
        Donate to the officer’s defense fund.

    • I’m just throwing this out there to get some perspective… I heard two volleys. The first volley sounded like five shots (with echo following each) the second volley consisted of four shots. Assuming that the first volley was fired, as the witnesses stated, as Mike was running away then the four must have been after he turned around. He was shot six times in the front (one of those may have been a graze from behind). How do four shots in the second volley hit him five or six times?

      • There was three volleys of gunfire.

        The 1.first volley of gunshot came from officer Wilson gun within SUV sitting down. According to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Brown was shot in the upper chest area at this time and this is why they ran. The optopsy has proven there was a gunshot to Mr. Brown chest.

        Officer Wilson SUV did not have any bullet holes in it and he was not shot himself, I have no doubt that Mr. Johnson statement was true.

        If there is any injury to officer Wilson face, it could have came from the gun hitting him in his face but that’s hard to believe because he was walking around just fine at the scene are his fellow officer hit him in his face to show probable cause to kill.

        The second volley of gunfire was recorded by a resident within the apartment complex as officer Wilson was standing up out of the SUV running or brisk walking after Mr. Brown.

        Mr. Brown was not shot in his back but this does not mean that he was not shot from behind and hit with a bullet on another part of his body.

        I believe one of the 7 bullets fired in the second of shooting hit Mr Brown in his 2. right arm. The wound that the autopsy stated they was not sure if Mr. Brown was moving his arm up and down was from behind as he was running in fear for his life because he was just shot in the chest. 

        According to the shot being recorded, I heard 7 gunfired then a pause.
        The third valley of gunfire was four gunshots, then there was a two and a half second pause when Mr. Brown turn around with his hands up because one of bullets hit Mr.Brown in his
        3. right hand, then officer Wilson shot Mr. Brown in his
        4. right arm again, then office Wilson shot Mr Brown in his
        5. right eyebrow, then officer Wilson shot Mr. Brown at the
        6. top of his head as he was bending down surrendering begging for his life.
        One bullet went into one of the resident apartment building.

        That is a total of 13 bullet shot from officer Wilson gun and fix of those bullets hit Mr Brown.So if an officer gun hold 13 bullets the officers shot a whole clip at Mr. Michael Brown.

  2. This seems distinctly like grasping at straws. I am eager to learn what the investigation uncovers – hopefully there will actually be an investigation. I always wonder if the “black leaders” actually consider the risks and possible blowback of going all teary and dramatic over “a gentle giant” like Michael Brown without actually knowing the facts. I guess not – hysterical agitating must be lucrative.

    • let me help you understand:

      1) THEY DON’T CARE
      2) THEY ARE NOT OUR LEADERS (I didn’t vote for Jess or Al)
      4) INTEREST IN STORY FADES AFTER TIME (right when the evidence showing what really happened comes in)

      • They are afraid to go to trial because they will have purger themselves or admit to things that will get them thrown out of office, fired or jailed.
        They are not releasing an incident report because they will use a stratagem common to law enforcement agencies that abuse citizens. They will wait to see all the evidence then do what they can to Taylor their story to the evidence. They will destroy all evidence they can that contradicts their story but save any they have collected that supports it.

    • They are still agitating about Trayvon…which means that justice is what they say it is, not what the evidence shows.

  3. Wonder if the person on the other end of that recorded ‘video chat’ knew their conversation was being recorded….

  4. The recording itself sounds fake, as do the circumstances surrounding its creation and belated emergence. But let’s play along and assume it’s real.

    I heard eleven shots in two blocks of seven and four. From the autopsies, we know there were six hits, the last of which in the top of the head being the stop shot. Connect those dots and we find that it took eleven shots from a trained professional to stop a crazed attacker’s violent assault.

    Arbitrary ten round magazine limits don’t seem so reasonable and common sense, now do they? Given the prevalence of three and four man group attacks, I’m not even seeing limits on thirty and forty round rifle magazines as being tenable.

    • That was exactly my first impression. While the voice sounds real, the cadence sounds mechanical. The message itself also seems a little odd.

    • His shot percentage is far better than the NYPD. That said, looking at the pathologist’s diagram, I had to wonder if he was counting six different bullet holes, or merely six different wounds not necessarily caused by six different bullets. I say this because I think it odd that the wounds to the arms did not exit out the back, which to me means that it is possible multiple wounds on the right arm may be a single round, the last wound being the glancing wound to the thumb.

      • This. Plus there was supposedly only 3 pieces of lead recovered. Initial reports I read said “6 shots, no exits, 3 projectiles. ” in my uneducated opinion the arm wounds line up in a nice line if you imagine the perp charging arms first. Oh well, I’m just speculating.

        Ps. The timing and circumstances of this recording don’t lend to its credibility.

  5. I’m still skeptical the recording is authentic. Remember, NBC “selectively” edited George Zimmerman’s 911 call to push the racism agenda and distort the facts. Given CNN’s desperation and non existent journalistic standards, this recording needs a salt lick block until it can be verified.

    • I wouldn’t take anything presented by any media source at face value, ever, unless I knew from firsthand experience that what was presented was, either from being on scene, or unassailable logic, in fact a true account of an event.

      Waiting for the investigative findings to be released is the best, if not necessarily perfect, option for learning the truth.

    • Could very well be. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a line item for legal defense of slander, libel, and defamation of character within some of these media outlets’ annual marketing department budgets. Destroying people’s lives is just a cost of doing business.

  6. Yeah, I told them to verify this crap before it aired. “Oh, we have someone who recorded the whole thing who is JUST NOW coming forward? You’d better contact some of the investigators to see whether this is genuine BEFORE we put it on the air.”

    So, TTAG, you hiring?

  7. The autopsy would confirm if the two groups are reasonable or not.
    If he is laying down on the ground for instance, the bullet path is much different than if he is standing. Judging by the locations of bullet impact on the previously released chart, I think he most likely paused for a second but then needed to keep shooting.

  8. To me this says more about deteriorating journalistic standards than anything else. They are releasing audio from an unauthenticated recording and reporting it as news. While I agree the fact that alleged audio of the incident has surfaced is news, it seems irresponsible to release the actual recording, as it implies that the recording is real before there is sufficient evidence to know one way or the other. If it’s authentic, fine, talk about that. If not, sit on it and wait.

    • “If it’s authentic, fine, talk about that. If not, sit on it and wait.”

      I’ll go one better. If it found to be fake, run THAT as a story.

      “Hoax audio tape turned in to muddle investigation” or some such could be the headline.

      Either way, I do agree that until it is authenticated, they should say nothing about it at all. Not. One. Single. Word.

      • “Hoax audio turned in, media swallows hook, line, sinker,loses more nonexistent cred. Now completely devoid of honor.”

  9. Well, I guess we can now safely conclude that the officer involved was not using a .45. Even if he missed that first shot, the dude would have died instantly from a fatally wounded soul.

  10. They may be jumping the gun? They ARE jumping the gun. That’s all this Ferguson situation is: a gigantic parade of dipshits basing opinions and actions on incomplete information and pre-existing assumptions.

    We’d be better off trying to extract sunbeams from cucumbers.

  11. If the recording is legitimate, all it tells us is the cadence and how many times someone shot a firearm. The officer’s dashboard camera should tell us the same thing.

    Beyond that, it doesn’t tell us anything. Forensic evidence at the scene will fill in many, although not all, of the blanks.

    • I doubt there will be anything on the dashboard tape except the sounds. The incident was to the rear and to the side of the patrol car, so it would seem likely the camera was not pointed in a direction that would see what happened.

  12. Conclusive proof that the Police Officer is racist and is to be burnt at the stake without a trial. Witch! Witch! Burn! Cleanse Salem now!

  13. This is slightly off-topic, but since we are dealing with a mob-rules kind of justice it does give one something to think about….

    ““It’s the pause that gives most concern in a police shooting, especially with an unarmed victim, because at this point Mr. Brown is defenseless — he has no weapon,” said (attorney Chris) Chestnut,”

    This is why Stand-Your-Ground Laws are so helpful to the person who does the shooting. The quote above shows an opinion from someone not involved in the incident who is analyzing it from the comfort of a office with the ability to rewind, enhance, replay, and review anything at will. No acknowledgement of the fact that the situation went down in less than a minute, maybe two, and the actual shooting took place in just a few seconds.

    Its easy for the lawyers to say ‘why didn’t you….’ after the fact. Same with the reporters, arm-chair lawyers, John Q. Public, and anyone else listening to the news. It’s all *after* the fact.

    I’m not trying to defend either side in this, I just saw some parallels in the media coverage of this incident and the media lynching of Zimmerman.

  14. Would like to know how long this guy was recording. 12 seconds is not the whole story. Does the recording go back several minutes prior ? Would it catch even muffled verbal altercation ? Catch the single shot inside the car ? Anything afterward ? Does it at some point record the guy becoming aware of what happened outside ? Sirens coming toward scene for back-up ? Lots of questions to ask.

  15. When I first saw the pic I figured it was a shootingthebull ammo test, with some weird expansion in the gel, and if that was .380 ima gonna getmesome.

  16. To ME it seems to back up the cops story. To me. What do I know. This s##t happens all the time in Chicago. Only the POlice always claim the perp had a gun or a knife. Nobody gets too excited unless they DANCE for Obama…

  17. If the recording is legitimate, then I believe it is incomplete, because it doesn’t include the round discharged inside Wilson’s police car; however, it does otherwise fit the circumstances. Assuming a police Sig P226 .40S&W 10+1 load, we have:

    1) Discharge in car = 1 round (not heard on audio recording)
    2) First volley = 6 rounds (last shot echoes)
    3) Second volley = 4 rounds

    Since the first shot is not heard, it corroborates WIlson’s story that he exited his vehicle to pursue Brown – since that round was sufficiently prior that it was not captured in the recording (or, at least, not in the released part of the recording – this does come from Crump, after all; and he did get busted leaving part of the DeeDee interview on the cutting room floor).

    The audio also corroborates Wilson’s story that, when Brown charged him, he simply didn’t stop coming, so he kept shooting. The number of shots fired is also consistent with a physically and mentally impaired, post-assault Wilson missing Brown with several shots while shooting a moving target from some (undetermined) distance, while connecting on shots in the latter volley, with a much closer Brown. (Note: anywhere from 3-6 out of 10 shots fired actually hit the target = better than the average LAPD or NYPD officer, even without impairment.)

    I would further speculate that the audio likely refutes the claim that Wilson was shooting at a fleeing Brown. I simply cannot fathom any reasonable circumstance where Brown would, after being shot at while fleeing, turn around and come back toward the person shooting at him. Stop and put his hands up? Sure. Keep running (the shooter was missing him, anyway)? That too. But to turn around and come at the shooter? I just don’t see it. (Even if that was some really dope marijuana he was on at the time.)

    Given that the “pause” was approximately 3 seconds, it also does not appear to corroborate witness statements that, after being shot at, Brown turned around, got on his knees, and put his hands up before Wilson continued shooting him. There’s simply not enough time for all of that to happen.

    • The P226 can be with either a 10 or a 12 round magazine and I’d expect a cop to have the 12. I think the 10 is made for States with 10 round limits.

      With 13 available then he stopped when the threat was over not due to running out of ammo.

      Anyways his department knows full well how many shots were fired as they would have the expended brass and the magazine and that might blow the tape away or help confirm it along with the data from the ISP and the chat companion.

  18. For a long time they pushed this idea that it was an execution. Then that story kinda fell apart when it became reasonably clear the officer fired in defense. The additional shots would seem to suggest an execution again… 4 more shots we never heard about before and only one “witness” has claimed. Call my cynical but I have serious questions about the authenticity of that tape

  19. That is interesting, it just so “happens” the third party was recording a video chat at the time of the shooting. Sounds fishy to me. Why record a vid chat? The only thing I can think of he was recording something for self gratification at a later date. He is rolling with that “Chef” voice from South Park.

  20. I think this purported audio is like a Rohrshack test. Everyone sees what they want to and uses it to fit their already preconceived notion. I don’t think on it’s own it proves anything either way. That’s the point of an investigation/grand jury.

    On a side note, if Ferguson cops had their dashcams installed before this incident, they may have been able to avoid this entire mess.

  21. Does the Audio Recording of Shots Fired by Officer Darren Wilson Tell Us Anything?

    Yes. It tells us about as much as the recordings from Dealey Plaza — which meant exactly whatever the “experts” wanted them to mean.

  22. Isn’t it always the case that those who have never been in a combat situation are the first to explain how you should react.

  23. Now that their innocent “gentle giant” story…fiction is in discredited tatters, they need something that will put the media glare back on Darren Wilson, and off of Michael Brown as a strong-arm, um…..uh……….criminal!

    I hope Darren Wilson, or somebody, was smart enough to take a few photos of his injury. Curious how those photos, if they exist, haven’t been leaked to the press the way the celebrity autopsy bullet hole pictures were?
    The after affects of a crushed eye orbit aren’t pretty. Blood in the iris and bruised skin discoloration from the blunt force trauma are usually massive, and nothing like your everyday black-eye. We’ll all know it, if, or when we see those photos.

  24. I listened to the tape many times over and can definitely hear a distinct cadence that goes like this:

    1-23456——7-8910 A dash is a half a second or so.

    This is definitely bullcrap on the part of CNN. That’s not an execution, it’s a “Holy S**** he’s still coming!”

  25. There is absolutely no proof other than the Pr0n-watcher’s word and that of his buddy that those shot sounds even came from Wilson’s gun. (I’m certain that he got his check from CNN already.) And the pause could well have been a replay of a part of the original shot string.

    There’s insufficient information either way for anyone to do anything other than speculate. I’ll wait for the FBI report.

  26. This is conclusive proof that Michael Brown was performing cartwheels at the time that Darren Wilson ‘curved the bullet’ that killed brown thus avoiding ruining the Swisher Sweets… that is all.

  27. My guess is that of the first six shots fired, four hit in the right arm. Then Brown kept advancing, or became infuriated and upped his attack, then two of the last four struck in the head.

    I believe the officer forgot the most important part of this incident:

  28. it’s the pause that gives most concern in a police shooting, especially with an unarmed victim, because at this point Mr. Brown is defenseless — he has no weapon

    It’s a concern because the person on the receiving end was unarmed and defenseless? Aren’t we being told that nobody but members of law enforcement and the military need be armed in our oh-so-evolved society? Isn’t defenseless supposed to be some righteous virtue these days according to progressives? If their message is to be consistent then it shouldn’t be a concern that he was unarmed and defenseless since the officer was one of the only two groups who need to be armed. After all, Mr. Brown wasn’t a law enforcement officer nor was he a member of the military so he didn’t need to be armed and, according to progressives, didn’t have the right.

    • Unless you are a sumo wrestler, a 6’4″, 300lb healthy MAN is not unarmed!
      If he is charging at a 6’2″, 220lb man he has already assaulted, he should be considered a lethal threat!

      • It appears that you have missed the main point of my post. My post wasn’t about who was right or wrong. Indeed, I’ve stayed neutral on that subject in the Wilson-Brown incident.

        My message stated another way says: Progressives proclaim that being unarmed and defenseless is what we should all be except law enforcement and military. Therefore, progressives shouldn’t have a problem with Mr. Brown having been “unarmed” and “defenseless”.


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