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Young Jeezy's mug shot (courtesy

“Young Jeezy is currently behind bars for possession of an assault rifle and TMZ has learned the weapon turned up during the investigation into the deadly shooting at Wiz Khalifa’s concert Friday night. We’re told Irvine PD executed a search warrant on the rapper’s tour bus Sunday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in connection with the shooting in Mountain View, CA … where a man died after being shot 5 times. Cops found an assault rifle they believe belongs to Jeezy. Several members of Jeezy’s entourage were also arrested for gun possession. Jeezy’s being held on $1,000,000 bail.” FYI Young Jeezy (Jay Wayne Jenkins) is the titular leader of . . .

United Streets Dopeboyz of America (USDA) and a former member of Boyz n da Hood as well as the Black Mafia Family (BMF). He launched his musical career with his record Thuggin’ Under the Influence (T.U.I.)Those and subsequent tracks (including those with other artists) are heavy on themes involving guns and violence.

So, basically, no one could have seen this one coming.

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      • Probably not. AK’s are way more common in gangs than AR’s.

        They’re cheaper.
        They’re louder.
        They’re easier to use.
        They’re scarier.
        They’re smaller (folding stocks)

        If all you knew about guns was what you heard about them on the news and in rap songs, you’d want a “Choppa” too. Heck, I know my way around a gun store or two and I still love the AK’s.

        • Technically they are with a bullet button and an overall length of 30″. With that there really isn’t much of a reason to have them on an AK because you have to have a ridiculously long muzzle device to obtain the 30″ OAL. You can also have them on non semi-auto rifles and shotguns.

          For the children.

          To stop the war on women.

          To keep kittens and unicorns safe.

          Or because we have morons in our Fool Time Legislature

        • Mark,

          Considering he was already in possession of a weapon the state of CA deemed illegal, I’m sure putting a folding stock on it was not on his list of concerns. However, that’s just IMHO.

          Have a good one.


    • Sure about that? Californians, of late, seem to confuse the noun, a drawing or pricture of, or a sentence containing with the actual object. Oh, let’s not forget umbrellas, too.

  1. I’m still waiting on an explanation on how possession of an item the ownership of which is protected by the CotUS is in any way a crime.

    • Actually SCOTUS still hasn’t taken up a dedicated AWB case. While the “common usage” language in Heller should render AWBs invalidated across the nation, federal judges do not choose to interpret the case in that way, especially federal judges from the 9th Circus. So until one of these cases gets to the SCOTUS and is granted cert, we are still prohibited from owning modern firearms. Keep an eye on Kolbe v O’Malley, which should be headed to the 4th circuit soon, then probably to the SCOTUS.

      • I’m still wondering how a firearm with over 10,000,000 copies in private hands constitutes “unusual” or how a magazine of which probably billions have been manufactured and hundreds of millions are owned by private citizens constitutes NOT “in common use”.

  2. What? Did you say you know your rights, like those 2A rights? Yes, you are an American. Yes, you are in America. Yes those rights SHOULD apply. But this is Cali, where they choose to not hold your Constitutional rights as applying, and the US government is complicit in allowing states to fail to recognize those rights. Sucks to be you.

  3. Was he prohibited from owning a firearm?
    Arrest for possessing one isn’t good enough unless you are under age or have been convicted of a felony…

    • I don’t think you understand. This particular firearm is maybe kinda scary looking. So, obviously, that changes everything. FOR THE CHILDREN!

    • …except in California.
      I’d bet his “assault rifle” was unregistered, and had detachable, full capacity magazines, a pistol grip, a flash hider, an adjustable stock, and maybe a few other evil features.

      • You mean….? Are you suggesting? Don’t let it be, Oh heavens no, not a…..a…..a…..GHOST GUN?

    • Why should felonies be disqualifying? If someone has been deemed to be safe to release into society, why should their rights continue to be restricted? Parole, I can understand, prior convictions, especially those that took place before the law was in place, make no sense.

      • I agree; once a person has served their sentence; they should get all of their rights back. Even violent felons; even if they have a few years on probation to show they have given up the thug life.

        It gives those that truly want to change an incentive to go straight and those that are unrecoverable will ignore any law denying them a gun and being a human predator anyway. (Chicago anyone?)

  4. In before people are people and we should just treat them like people regardless of whether or not they are suspected of a murder conspiracy™.

  5. Here’s the problem I have with the presentation thus far … not enough info. If it was actually an “assault rifle” and he didn’t have the proper NFA tax stamp or whatever as a civilian, then there would be just cause for his arrest. Otherwise, what was the evidence and charge for the crime he was arrested for? This doesn’t give any info as to what’s really going on.

    • Not really… The NFA is based on a legal fiction. The federal government has no authority in the CotUS to regulate firearms in private hands.

  6. I remember listening to some of his music when I was in highschool…only reason this made the news was b/c he’s “famous”.

    I seriously doubt it was an “assault rifle”…most likely just a “rifle”

  7. Personally I don’t have a problem with rappers shooting rappers. They are criminals, they admit it, hey these guys could do a weekly show where they bring their weapons to some remote location and last rapper standing wins a trophy and goes on to next week’s show. Now that’s what I call reality TV. Don’t normally watch those shows but I’d sure watch that one.

    Just kidding of course-

    • The vast majority of them are entertainers. They are no more their stage persona than KISS is made up of actual vampires / freaks / mutants / whatever they are supposed to be.

      • KISS members are satanic screaming mimes. The screaming is what makes them satanic, as opposed to normal mimes which must never speak.

        • Nothing against KISS. I just didn’t get it.

          The point is that for most rappers, it’s just a stage persona. Nothing more.

        • “Like younger outlaw country.”

          Really? That stuff has more edge than a pack of razors. Funny enough, it’s about the only country music I can stand.

      • Probably a lot of rappers are just entertainers, but they really send out and glorify a bad message. I pulled the plug on MTV on the kids for that reason.

        • So do a lot of porn stars, rock stars, and TV personalities. Do we tar them all for daring to express a view we disagree with?

        • Obviously you missed the Christie Mack post where half the regulars said that she deserved to be beaten and raped for being a porn star and dating a MMA fighter.

  8. Golly gosh gee whiz…where are the trolls who hung around for a while? “the man and “jesus” would call us racist rednecks for makin’ fun of jeezy. Well except Dirk 🙂

  9. This incident could be the inspiration for a new instructional video (with appropriate apologies, of course):

    Thugs in Da Hood: Too Rapper to be Tactical

  10. Unless they believe he is the shooter (for which no charges have apparently been filed) the $1,000,000 bail is outrageous. Up here, felons in possession get OR releases every day because of jail overcrowding. Second “assault weapons” are, with limitations, legal in California, and the usual remedy for an improperly configured weapon is a seizure with citation, not necessarily an arrest. (The rule is that ah AR has to be “featureless” or have a bullet button–with the latter, all features are legal except “large capacity” mags). Third, absent being “prohibited persons”, the parked tour bus constitutes a residence where it is legal to possess firearms. So if the popoman is seizing firearms for mere “possession” I think they have some problems validating the seizures.

  11. Instead of typical Ca. fines and jail time for non-celebrities, Jizzy will now be relocating to NYC where he’ll qualify for a whack of grant money to become a “neighborhood violence interrupter”.

  12. Robert, titular? Really?

    Just cause that feller looks really well fed, don’t mean he got man boobs.

  13. What an upstanding bunch of citizens and role models for the kidz of LA.
    Couldn’t happen in any other city…….Maybe Chicago but they still have the blues there more so then rap Id imagine.
    As for the gun.
    Must be a semi auto/auto. One of those mean looking black rifles…………………………with its scope mounted sideways.

  14. I got a Jeezy back in ’65 at Woodstock. (yeah, I was early) Burned like a bastard.

    To this day, I still celebrate Alexander Flemings’ birthday. (08/06/1881)

  15. They’re criminals if for no other reason that they make gazzilions for their music-and it ain’t even music!

  16. I’m confused … someone was murdered – shot 5 times – but they only charge “Jizzy” or whatever with having a rifle, not murder. So I guess they’ve stopped looking for the person(s) who committed the actual crime and have hung up their belts?

    “This guy will do. At least we get to log someone on the books today. Hunting down murderers is dangerous and we need to get home safe tonight.”

    Did I miss anything?

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