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Around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, a 27-year-old man in New Haven, Connecticut, was suddenly attacked while walking down the street. The attacker, “an adult black man holding a knife,” allegedly said “Happy Halloween” and stabbed the victim in the bicep. As it turns out, that sentiment was premature, as he didn’t live long enough to celebrate Halloween.

The victim’s 24-year-old cousin, who was waiting in his car nearby, overheard the noise and stepped out with his firearm, which he has a valid permit to carry. After he was also stabbed by the attacker (in the elbow), the cousin shot and killed the man.

Although the shooter hasn’t been charged, the investigation is still open.

“This is still unfolding as far as investigators are concerned, but the information we have so far is this is an unprovoked attack,” said Officer David Hartman, New Haven police.

Neither of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries, which is a very good outcome, as serious stabbings are often fatal.

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  1. Gotta love ‘diversity.’ It surely is our strength … lol …

    And gotta love the 2nd Amendment to protect us against the ill effects of diversity. While the primary purpose of the 2nd was to give ‘we the people’ the weapons we need to toss out the traitors … the right to defend our lives against the scum in this world, is a natural right.

    Good for this fellow’s cousin for carrying, and taking one of the bad guys out of this world.

    • @michael buley, Take your racist BS elsewhere. Or better, take it nowhere. I don’t want to feed a troll, but this statement is racist garbage.

        • Your out-and-out lies are what’s actually pathetic. Where were these allegedly “anti-Semitic” remarks even made, let alone “not responded to?” No, GYF, pal.

        • All racism can get f***ed. Link an article it comment, Stan.

          Sorry you’re butt hurt nobody engaged your other racist sock puppets.

        • Stan, WTF are you talking about? You’re obviuosly a troll. I even hate mr excedrine but he’s actually right for once. There’s little to no anti semetic stuff here, and when it is, it’s usually called out. If you want to read some anti Semitic literature I suggest heading for some left wing site.

        • Your hypocrisy is pathetic. Where were you when anti-Semitic posts are made here with impunity. GFY.


          1) Show us the Jew-hating posts.
          2) Just because he didn’t comment doesn’t mean he agrees with it. There are plenty of articles that I miss on TTAG because I do other activities other than reading TTAG all day and commenting.

        • Stan and Buley. The 1% of gun owners who are racially prejudiced curmudgeons that ruin it for everybody else.

    • I wouldn’t focus on racial groups and identity politics. He was a black guy. Doesn’t mean all black guys are bad. Complaining about “diversity” suggests that, and I would avoid it, unless you hate black people. Be precise with your words.

      This was one guy. Who was black. And crazy. Really psycho non-empathy kind of crazy, if his attack was truly random.

      And he wasn’t invited to Connecticut for the sake of diversity or anything, so I’m not sure what this has to do with the left’s term “diversity.” It’s not like he was selected for something on the basis of diversity and then performed this attack. He is just a crazy guy that happened to be black.

      P.S. Don’t chase all the black dudes away from TTAG.

    • The 2nd didn’t give us anything, It affirmed our God given right to protect ourselves from bad people and from tyrannical governments.

  2. “This is still unfolding as far as investigators are concerned, but the information we have so far is this is an unprovoked attack,” said Officer David Hartman, New Haven police.”

    Doing my best imitation of a Philadelphia lawyer, “Not so fast. The first attack might have been unprovoked, but the second stabbing was in self-defense. The guy with the gun should have stayed in his car. By intervening, with deadly weapon in hand, my dead client exercised his natural, human and civil right to self-defense. The guy with the gun was the aggressor. Had he stayed in the car, the situation would not have escalated to a deadly encounter. This is a clear case of abuse of “stand your ground”. The shooter was not standing still, or defending his position, the shooter was the aggressor and should not be permitted to claim “good Samaritan”, or any other affirmative defense. My dead client would have been happy to answer for his attack on the first person, but the shooter acted as judge, jury and executioner; just like everyone with a gun. This is an outrage that offends the public welfare.” (PS, my dead client just completed criminal rehab, and was starting a new job and a new life the next day,. He was just transferring his knife from one pocket to another, slipped and fell, unintentionally striking the first person, but someone showed up with a gun, and my dead client was prevented from apologizing to the man he stabbed, or rendering aid, as he surely would have done. This is an outrage I tell you, an outrage that can only be remedied by providing a mega million settlement to the aggrieved family of my dead client)

    • Sam, spoken like a true liar! Confess, now, you must have gone to lie school somewhere to get that good.

      • “…now, you must have gone to lie school somewhere to get that good.”

        Nah. Just wickered together some of the stuff that shows up on TTAG (and the mainlining media).

        And some legal procedural novels.

        And a good chunk of law classes.

        Maybe some natural talent.

      • “Confess, now, you must have gone to lie school somewhere to get that good.”

        Lie school, law school, what’s the difference?


    • I can believe those kinds of leftist sentiments coming out of Connecticut. I had the misfortunate to live there once for about 10 months and it was about 95% negative common sense socialist BS.


  4. Huh. I expected CT to be one of those “haha sure buddy, we’ll get right on that-issue” states when it came to carry permits.

    • CT does throw up roadblocks, but by court ruling it is virtually “shall issue.” If a person meet the minimum criteria, he or she will receive a permit.

  5. No provocation and no apparent motive. Gotta wonder about the attacker. Mentally ill, methed up or what?

    • Nope. This guy’s just been reading about the successful knife attacks in the UK and continental Europe and figgered he could do the same thing here. Only problem with that strategy is, as he discovered, that a bunch of us go around armed where going round armed in the UK and continental Europe is illegal. Kinda makes the point about being a ‘good guy with a gun” doesn’t it?

  6. so…victims were black as well? if not…possibly a hate crime…right?
    prior arrests/convictions? social media posts? member of any hate/other groups?
    and how many are going to whine about shooting him…he only had a knife…
    or the old stand-by…why not shoot the knife out of his hand…I saw it in the movies…
    play stupid games…win stupid prizes

    • I read both linked articles, and neither one indicated the race of the the victims, only the perpetrator.

    • Don’t upset the righteous whites on this board. Only Jews are attacked with impunity. But they’re not bigoted, nope no way.

      • Except that there aren’t any “righteous whites” on this board in the first place, and even if there were, all of the rest of us would be rightly upset with them regardless. To the point where they’re banned, for all the good that does. And, no, those same assholes actually attack everybody that disagree with them — not just the Jews.

        • Bullshit. This website has a shitload of anti-Semitic comments and I can count on one hand the number of posters that objected. I’ve called this out before several times yet no one had the guts to step up. In fact, you people love to target Feinstein and Schumer as Jews rather than anti-gun activists. You know it and I know it. But you people are fucking cowards to fight bigotry when it comes to your precious guns. GFY.

          • @Stan — You’re spreading bullshit. This website actually has a shitload of comments that didn’t come from you calling out these people, few-and-far-between as they are, and you studiously go out of your fucking way to conspicuously ignore them. In fact, you would be targeting Feinstein and Schumer for their Jewishness through your racist sock puppet accounts, and that’s because you don’t see it here beforehand. That’s what you actually know and that’s what all of the rest of here know, too. But, no, you’re the lilly-livered fucking coward who actively provokes bigotry by projecting it onto others who are actually fighting it. So, fuck you, everything that you stand for, the high horse you rode on, the cavalry being you, and the stupid crack whore who made the grave MISTAKE of breeding you. You ARE what you’re pretending to hate and that’s literally all there is to it, full-stop, STFU & GTFO.

        • Stan,

          The chief editor of this blog, (Dan Zimmerman) is of Jewish heritage. It’s previous owner (Robert Farago) is of Jewish heritage.

          “Some” of those comments, (maybe not all, show us the comments!) were just friendly puns at the owners/drivers of this blog.

          Nothing wrong with Jews (Unless you are a billionaire leftist or leftist media mogul, or leftist weirdo hollywood producer).

        • Stan, if you’re going to throw around allegations, you really should supply links to them, otherwise, you leave the impression you’re nothing more than a troll. Don’t be a putz, either supply links, or kindly refrain from making unfounded allegations against other posters here, thanks.

  7. If someone stabbed me in the arm with a knife I’d get pissed.

  8. He belongs in the psychopathy section of the ward. Serious mental/empathy related problems.

    My guess is he will 100% perform more crimes like this in the future if his attack was indeed “completely random.”

    If it was completely random – He needs to be in the psych ward.

    My opinion anyway.

  9. Clearly fake news.

    – Only guns are used in assaults and similar. What’s this “attack with knife” stuff. Next it’ll be claims of trucks (Ramming speed!), bombs, bats, and bike locks.

    – DGUs never happen.

    – An attempted DGU is always fatal for the victim; just provokes the attacker to escalate. (Counts as “asking for it.”)

    – But before they go down, they manage to take out eleventy-kabillion bystanders minding their own business. All mothers with children / children with mothers; or the occasional grandmother. Because once out the gun must be fired until it empties it’s high-capacity clipazine. (And one presumes then settles with a cigarette.)

    – Crazed gunny types never cooperate with an investigation.

    So much fail in one little article. This is what comes from making stuff up. Less spin, more facts.

    Wait, what’s that?

    News and police reports?

    Sources for it all?


  10. I’m confused by JWM’s comment that “diversity gave us Jeffery Dahmer, Adam Lanza, and Ted Bundy.”
    My understanding of the most common meaning of the word “diversity” is primarily a blending of dissimilar
    cultures and ethic backgrounds together and, as far as I can find out, all three of these prolific killers were
    both native-born Americans and were all classifiable as white or Caucasian.

    • It was a sarcastic response to the racist assumption that the victims were white and that minorities are a threat to whites. They’re pointing out that white people aren’t plenty crazy too.

      Regardless, this racist BS is false dichotomy, us-vs-them, identity politics that does not represent reality. The antis want to paint with a broad brush, and use identity politics to keep minorities away from the gun culture. Some pro-gun folks are indeed racist, too. It super doesn’t help.

  11. don’t care if you are mentally disturbed, striped like a zebra, and a wiccan. grievous bodily harm and /or death = tough s**t, don’t care what happens to your worthless ass.

  12. I work at a drug and alcohol detox in New Haven. Recently, we made national news because people were smokeing K2 on the city green and overdosing. Not only were they overdosing, but some of them, after being saved, went back and smoked more! Also, PCP is common among substance abusers. (White, brown, and black, male and female by the way.) I can easily see how a person could perpetuate such an act after taking a couple wacks of some “Good” stuff. I’m not “Allowed” to, but I do carry some type of firearm with me at all times while in that city. You never know if the choice between innocent life and the life of an aggressor may need to be made. God willing, I never want to make that choice.

  13. I live in the Boston area and this has not made the news at all. Strange considering the trivial things that will make headlines. I will keep digging until I find it!

  14. This is exactly what “they” want. Rabid gun owners endorsing death and arguing about who is more prejudiced and racist. This is exactly where “they” find things to cut and paste to prove how bad we are.
    We should be happy that no innocent people were killed due to the presence of a handgun legally carried.
    The stabber doesn’t sound like your average knife wielding assailant…. who the hell stabs people in the arm and elbow while saying Happy Halloween anyway… weird.

  15. “who the hell stabs people in the arm and elbow while saying Happy Halloween anyway”

    Someones client.

  16. My solution ALWAYS works for me…I’m not prejudiced….I HATE EVERYONE!!! I’d rather spend my time looking out for and rescuing animals ANY DAY!!! Mark Twain was so right….”Humans are a despicable breed”!!

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