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I reckon a thermal sight would solve all those gun-mounted flashlight problems we identified in the Gear Review of Insight’s M3 TI (Tactical Illuminator). A tad bulky for a handgun perhaps, but needs must. Press release:

American Technologies Network, makers of military, law enforcement, security and outdoor night vision and thermal applications, is proud to announce a new advanced family of thermal sights for light, medium and heavy weapon applications.

The ThOR series of thermal imaging scopes are based upon a proven 320 x 240 microbolometer core, which is coupled with a high resolution OLED Color Microdisplay Assembly that provides exceptional resolution and clarity. To achieve superior accuracy and precision the ThOR scopes utilize a rear projected optical precision windage and elevation system that allows for ¾” MOA (2X) and ½” MOA (3x) reticle adjustments.

This is a significant improvement over systems that use digital windage and elevation. The ThORs are the only thermal weapon sights with ATN’s new proprietary feature – Two Color Manual Brightness control of the aiming reticle. This feature allows for a choice of color (red or amber) of the projected reticle depending on the operator’s preference and tactical situation. The ThOR line is built with either a 2x or 3x optical magnifications. This provides is increased resolution benefits over digital zoom models.

The ThOR is an ideal product for force protection, border patrol officers, police SWAT and special operations forces providing them the tools they need to be successful in all field conditions both day and night.

UPDATE [sorry for the delay]: The MSRPs are $9995.00 for the 2x and $12,195.00 for the 3x. Non-civilian use.

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  1. For some reason, ATN's logo looks low rent to me, like UTG. No idea if they are any good. Maybe they spent their graphic design money on engineering..

  2. Actually, the “Non-civilian use” is incorrect. I am a civilian and hold no LEO or active/reserve military status, (served honorably but no longer), and had no problem purchasing a THOR. I did not lie nor distort any facts when I purchased the unit in December; in fact the only concern ATN seemed to have was what flavor of credit card would I be using… I have used mine on a Rem. 700 PSS with a suppressor and it works very nicely. I have only had the opportunity to use it on targets of steel and/or paper so I cannot speak for using it on ‘warm’ targets. I was actually quite surprised when I sighted it in that the 8″ black circle on standard “tan” target paper reflected the heat from the sun very well and gave a very good sight picture for adjustments. I had brought a “shake-n-bake” hand warmer which I stapled to another target but the ‘clean’ target reflecting the sun gave a more uniform picture to hold the cross-hairs centered much better. I will say the picture in the article above, (same as on ATN’s website), is a much better image than I’ve been able to see in mine but overall, I’m happy with my sight. A LOT of money for something I personally don’t “need.” But then, we don’t “need” most of the crap we have, do we?

  3. The price on these has dropped significantly. Down to well under 10k. The thor works wonder for hunting pests, like hogs, and even those darn opossums. I like ATN, they made the optics I used in Afghanistan and they worked wonders. They are pairing it with an eotech for a decent price,

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