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From Atibal . . .

The Atibal SAP Micro Prism is the smallest and lightest prismatic scope on the market to date. The SAP is the ideal optic for short range and close quarters engagements, with its exceptionally small size and weight the SAP is extremely agile in tight spaces when speed and accuracy are paramount.

Unlike a traditional red dot sight where your reticle is projected against a plane of glass the SAP features a laser etched illuminated reticle which is apparent with or without illumination. The laser etched reticle also has the added benefit of always being crisp and clear, as opposed to a red dot which may be prone to poor reticle experience, depending on the user’s vision.

The SAP also features a reticle focus adjustment at the ocular lens to further ensure a perfectly focused reticle every time. We spent 2 years of extensive research and development to bring you the smallest and lightest 1x prism on the market to date.

The Circle Dot reticle of the SAP is not designed for engaging targets at various long distances, but more so for enhancing target acquisition and engagement at short distances and close quarters. The reticle is designed so that the 60 MOA outer ring can be used to rapidly frame the target until the center dot is realized and a confident shot can be placed.

The uncluttered sight picture along with the both eyes open operation of the SAP enable the shooter to better observe the impact area and place accurate follow up shots rapidly when needed, all the while maintaining good situational awareness.

During the R&D of the SAP we were able to determine the best features and specifications that would ensure stable and reliable operation while lessening the overall footprint of the optic. Oftentimes products become so feature rich that they inundate the user with too many options all the while embedding elaborate components that are more apt to fail.

We have removed all the unnecessary aspects that are currently trending in newer optic designs and have fortified all of our existing components to enhance performance. The Atibal SAP 1x Micro Prism comes standard with improved LED technology for brilliant illumination and long lasting battery life. The 4 hour auto shut-off will help to prolong the battery life, as well as alleviating the user’s worries of forgetting to shut their optic off.

The SAP comes installed with a co-witness height mount and can be configured with a low profile height mount by simply removing the co-witness height spacer from the existing mount.


● Parallax Free @ 50 yds.
● Easy accessible battery compartment
● Low Power Consumption
● Lightweight
● Reticle Focus Adjustment
● Multi-coated lens to reduce glare
● Removable Co-witness Height Mount


● Magnification: 1x11mm
● Eye Relief – 2″- 8″, Optimal Eye Relief ~4″
● Dot Size – 3 MOA Dot, 60 MOA Outer Ring
● Adjustment – 1 MOA
● Windage Adj: 100 clicks
● Elevation Adj: 100 clicks
● Laser Etched Reticle, Red Illumination, 8 Brightness Settings, 7 Daylight / 1 NVG
● Battery – CR2032
● Battery Life: Up to 30,000 hours
● Exit Pupil: 10.6mm
● FOV: 68 FT. @ 100 YDS. Perfect for Close Quarters
● Fog Proof – Nitrogen Purged
● Waterproof – IP67 Rated
● Shock Proof
● Length 2.2″
● Weight 4.8oz w/ Low Pro Mount – 5.9 oz w/ Co-Witness Mount
● Lifetime Warranty
● MSRP – $279.99

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  1. “Oftentimes products become so feature rich that they inundate the user with too many options…”

    I like that they went this route. I appreciate simplicity in my weapons. I like having something I can just pick up and shoot without having to start it up and program it first.

  2. I like enough just from this write up I believe I’ll purchase one soon. The etched reticle and prism got me and it being illuminated, we’ll that’s icing with 30k battery life. And if warranty is on the up then cool deal.

  3. Pretty much exactly what I’m looking for- even better if offered in 1.5x or 2x. Heck, while I’m wishing… how about a design that can be mounted ultra, ultra low (like pancake flat) on a pic rail so it can co-witness with “normal” rifle sights. It’s so frustrating to always see these stratospherically-high mounts/designs (which I get because of all of the ARs out there)- but not everyone owns an AR, and many AR folks own “normal” rifles, too. Just sayin’…(and it never hurts to ask).

    • I agree, it would be nice if there were prism sights that worked on non-AR rifles. However, besides the fact that most prism sights are too high for non-AR rifles, the other problem with prism sights is that the eye relief is too short for non-AR rifles, because prism sights don’t extend backwards the way a normal scope does. I’m encouraged by the fact that this sight advertises a wide eye relief of 2″ to 8″, but they say that “optimal eye relief” is 4″, which may still be too short for standard-stocked rifles (such as a 10/22 Takedown, or a lever-action rifle).
      The specs here say:
      ● Eye Relief – 2″- 8″, Optimal Eye Relief ~4″

      What do you think, would the eye relief be enough for a 10/22 Takedown rifle or a lever-action rifle? Also, what is the height of this prism sight with the “Low pro” mount? It’s hard to tell from the photos how much of that mount is the “removable spacer”, so can anyone post a link to the manufacturer’s website, or are links still verboten (still not allowed in comments)?

      • I, too, am curious about the eye relief- somewhere between 4″ and 8″ would suit my needs quite well. I would think that any traditional-style rifle with a picatinny rail (or even a flat top AR) could work well with an etched reticle low magnification prismatic red dot sight utilizing an ultra-low mount. Whether it be as a primary sight (i.e., Ruger American Ranch rifle, BAR DBM, tactical shotgun, etc.), or to co-witness with iron sights (i.e., Ruger Mini-14 Tactical, PC Carbine, AK/Galil, etc.)- the key to making it work would be the eye relief and it being mounted low enough.

        Designing an optic from the start to sit ultra low should result in an integrated body/mount that hugs the pic rail to allow co-witnessing with rifle sights. The mechanics, electronics, battery, etc. can be placed beside the optic instead of under it (Primary Arms’ SLx design appears to come close to what I’m picturing), but eye relief with a standard red dot presents less of a problem than prismatic sights. However, it appears that Atibal felt it worthwhile enough to invest in designing longer eye relief with the SAP- so hopefully that can continue to be improved. I certainly would appreciate it if they did- and thank them by purchasing their product.

        I’d guess a perceived lack of “market demand” is the limiting factor in getting the sight I want, but I know I am not alone in wishing for an electronic sighting system that operates with or without power- and operates seamlessly with traditional iron sights. I will keep searching for (and hoping for) one to appear- and it certainly can’t hurt to come right out ask ask for one to be made…

    • I don’t believe the Romeo 5 has an etched reticle like the SAP- I think it’s SIG’s Bravo line (3x,4x,5x) that are laser etched prismatic red dots, and they’re substantially larger and more expensive than the SAP.

  4. Interesting.

    Unfortunate that Atibal billboarded “SAP” on the sides, though. I really don’t like my rifle looking like a bicyclist’s jersey.

    • Kind of an unfortunate acronym too.
      “Sap” is another term for “sucker”.
      You’re brand new $280 optic is dissin’ you.

  5. Magnification: 1x11mm

    So this thing has a 11mm diameter rear lens?
    If so than that is definately “micro” at under 1/2″ rear lens.

    One problem I see with that is that if folks have a weak left eye then I’m pretty sure the effect is going to be like looking down a soda straw especially since there is relatively a lot of blockage aound that 11 mm lens in the rear.

    • imagine this thing on an ar pistol compliant with those new aft rules. you might as well just use a laser at that point.

    • Yes, I’m hoping that 11mm is a misprint, because 11mm is even smaller than an RMR, but at least the RMR is an open sight, while this Atibal SAP is a tube-type sight. The smallest tube-type red dot I’ve used was the Holosun HS515C, which has a 20mm objective, and 20mm was too small for me, like looking through a straw. If 20mm is like looking through a straw (which it is), then 11 mm must be like looking through a pinhole!

      I’m hoping the 11mm is a misprint and it’s really 22 mm, or maybe 1.1 inch.

    • The 1x Micro Prism is supposed to be used like a red dot and is meant for two eyes open for fast target acquisition and situational awareness. The 11mm objective lens shouldn’t hinder the shooters ability whatsoever when using both eyes. If your a shooter that shoots with one eye closed when shooting red dots than this might not be a good option for you.

      Also, it has two available heights. Co witness for an AR type setup and a low profile when the space is removed.

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