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The Attorney General of United States testified under oath that he doesn’t know when he knew that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had “gone rogue.” Because, after all, Mr. Holder would never have approved tactics whereby the ATF provided Mexican cartel members with illegally purchased firearms without keeping track of said guns. Nor would other members of the Obama administration. Aside from the ones who did. Whom the AG can’t identify (other than Arizona agents at the sharp end). Who may or may not have told Administration official what they were up to either before but definitely after (at some unknown point) the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry at the hands of drug thugs wielding ATF-enabled weapons. In other words, the AG is stonewalling. Again. Still. Big time. So what happens next? Well . . .

The Fast and Furious scandal is not going away—despite an attempt by the White House to end-run the Congressional investigation. Obama’s Boyz have been playing kissy-face with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Facing the looming prospect that Congress will hold AG Holder in contempt for his refusal to cooperate with the House Oversight Committee, some kind of deal was in play. They can have these documents, not those. These guys fall on their sword but not these guys. That kind of thing.

Yeah that didn’t work out. The New York Times:

Last month, House Republican leaders — including Speaker John A. Boehner — sent Mr. Holder a letter about the subpoena, prompting staff-level talks between Mr. Holder’s office and House Republican leaders. A reply by Mr. Holder’s deputy praised the talks as constructive, and Mr. Holder expressed confidence on Thursday that they could “result in a mutually acceptable resolution.”

But Michael Steel, a spokesman for Mr. Boehner, said: “There have not been any substantive talks at all, or any response from the attorney general to the speaker. We are still waiting for accountability.”

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: the only way the ATF, DHS, FBI, DEA, CIA, ICE, CPB, Justice Department and State Department will be held accountable for their “Guns And Grenades and Laundered Cash for Goons” programs and policies will be if Congress forces their illegal activities in the open.

Remembering that not one Administration official has been terminated for their role in Fast and Furious and other pro-cartel programs; including turning a blind eye to official gun sales seepage from the Mexican military and police to drug cartel members.

Keeping in mind [via] that U.S. District Judge David Bury sealed the records of the government’s case against Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, the man accused using ATF enabled firearm to kill U.S. Border Patrol Agent Terry. And moved Osorio-Arellanes’ trial date to, get this, Nov. 6, 2012. Election day.

So it’s down to Representative Issa and Senator Grassley to expose the truth about the Obama administration’s Mexican gun, grenade and cash-walking ops. The Democrats insist that they’re on a witch hunt. Who cares? If not for these two men, even the possibility of justice would have died with Agent Terry on that lonely desert floor.

That said, the media could play a decisive role in this. You know; like the Washington Post and The New York Times did with Watergate. They could pursue Obama’s Boyz with all the relentless ferocity a well-funded American media company can bring to bear on men and women who believe they are above the law.

What are the odds?

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  1. Just wondering but what happens if Holder can delay things until after the elections, and Obama loses, putting Holder out of a job?

    • Look at it this way: if a CEO embezzled millions of dollars then resigned before they found out, he’s still accountable for it. If a politician took bribes during his time in office, he can still be prosecuted.

      If anything, once he’s out of office, the investigation would go faster because the next person in might actually be competent and willing to right the wrongs that were committed.

  2. Anyone expecting Holder to be marched from the DOJ building in chains is in for a sad surprise. With Daddy Obama calling the shots from the Executive seat ,bringing this corrupt sack of manure down requires testimony from Holder’s underlings-at the certain expense of the whistle-blowers livelihoods. Being on the Honorable Barrack Obama’s s–t list when he’s number 1 on the office organizational chart spells disaster no matter how this turns out.

  3. It’s a bizarro world where George Zimmerman will end up doing hard time and Eric Holder will end up being a Federal judge.

    • George Zimmerman forgot to be friends with the President, or some other high level politician. If he were, he’d be golden. Left or right, if you’re connected, you can do anything you want and be fine. That criminal justice system is just for keeping us peons in line.

      • Yep, Robert Vanecko, Mayor Daley’s (of Chicago) nephew got away with murder stemming from a fight outside a bar.

        “The confrontation ended with a punch… Koschman fell backward and hit the back of his head on the street. He died 12 days later from a brain injury… The Cook County medical examiner’s office called it homicide. No one has ever been charged… prosecutors say their files on the case have disappeared… The Cook County state’s attorney’s office says it stands by its initial conclusion that no one should be charged. Though its files are missing, officials say the original prosecutor who recommended no charges be filed still works there. They would not identify him… Koschman’s friends did identify Vanecko’s two male companions as having been present that night but said those men didn’t punch Koschman… Koschman had no criminal record… In 1992, the mayor’s son — Patrick Daley — and R.J. Vanecko had pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges stemming from a brawl at the mayor’s Grand Beach, Mich., second home at which a teenager was hit in the head with a baseball bat. Vanecko, then a senior in high school, held a shotgun during the beating, court records show…”

        • Funny how hitting someone in the head with a baseball bat while your cousin holds a shotgun results only in misdemeanor charges compared to felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, if your connected.

        • And Zimmerman is lucky he didnt get a brain injury like Koschman did. Koschman got hit only once, compared to the pummeling Zimmerman took.

  4. Holder will get a pardon if things get too sticky; thats what douchebag presidents (and what other kind is there?) do when their term is up.

  5. The NYT and the WaPo are increasingly irrelevant. If it weren’t for the Internet and websites like this one, we’d probably never even heard of F&F at all. Which kind of makes you wonder how many things the media has covered up for their buddies in the past.

    It doesn’t look like Rep. Issa will back down. And by January 2013, the lay of the land may be very different. Holder and his pals better use the turbo-charged shredders.

  6. “The Attorney General of United States testified under oath that he doesn’t know when he knew that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives had ”gone rogue.””

    Because “going rogue” was never in the equation. Everyone downhill did exactly as they were told whether they liked it or not.

    It’s becoming harder for the White House for this to go away. Families of Mexicans killed with F&F weapons are filing a civil suit,

  7. Holder seems to keep trying to focus on not knowing about the specific tactics or details by the local ATF in AZ and not to respond to knowledge over questions about the larger operation itself.

  8. After watching the AG testify a number of times I figured out how to tell if he’s lying or telling the truth.
    If his lips are moving he is lying.

  9. So if Holder gets the contempt charge, then what? Issa gets the master key to the DoJ file cabinet?

    My guess is business as usual, as usual.

  10. Gee, If Roger Clemens can be crucified for lying to congress, what gives Holder a pass?

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