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Ms. Culberg’s handing out promotional bumph for The Outdoor Channel. I asked her if she’d ever fired a machine gun. Negative. I asked her if she watched The Outdoor Channel. “I have Direct TV so I don’t get it.” Roger that.

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  1. The Brits would echo your last sentence with a different intent. Oh, and I watch the Outdoor Channel on DirectTV, but I can split atoms with my mind.

      • Oh, that was brutal. And after taking another look at the photo… I would say she took that one right on the chin.

  2. “I have Direct TV so I don’t get it.”

    So then, the answer would be… No.

    Is there one single person on the face of the earth that will answer a question the first time it’s asked?

  3. Hey, why snark at poor Ashley? It’s not her fault some schmuck in marketing ordered her to man (er…woman) the booth. She may not have product knowledge, but she’s likely a personable gal and (bonus) easy on the eyes, so what’s not to like?

    Besides…the Outdoor Channel? Ashley Culberg handing out promos is probably the best thing they’ve got going for them.

  4. Blow 70 bucks on a Roku box and get just about any show in the known universe. You folks are so last century.

    • You folks are so last century.
      I don’t think Men looking at, or talking to a pretty girl has a Century???
      My to do list at these type shows is to:
      Check out the hot girls.
      Check out the neat cars. There is always one or two.
      Check out the stuff the show is about.
      Check out cool tools. Like the car’s there are always some.
      Eat well. Drink with people I like.
      Network!!! This being the most important.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. Then I remembered I added the Outdoor Channel to the main menu on my Roku like 4 months ago and haven’t watched it more than twice.

  5. Mr. Farago!!! You asked her if she had ever fired a machine gun and she answered no. So did you OFFER to take her to the range and try one out? Did you even attempt to help her gain some gun knowledge? She is certainly an attractive young lady, you had the perfect opertunity to possibly spend some quality time with her, I hope you at least asked her.

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