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Chip McCormick On NY Mag Ban: “Ridiculous!”

Chip McCormick has made standard-length 8-round 1911 magazine for decades. They go like stink, and I’ve used them myself for more than 15 years. Now, of course, they’re illegal in New York State. I talked to Chip briefly today about the NY Gun Ban . . .

What does The Man himself (pictured) have to say about Andrew Cuomo’s grand plan to save humanity? “Ridiculous! My F350 diesel pickup is a lot more dangerous than a 1911, and I don’t see them banning those.”

Chip is right, but no idea seems to bizarre or too stupid for New York to try. Bloomberg already banned Big Gulps, so I suggest we don’t give Cuomo any more ideas.



  1. avatar ensitu says:

    I love Chip’s triggers

  2. avatar Lance says:

    Pure good Logic. Why not ban Fords too there much to BIG for individual ownership! lol!

    1. avatar William says:

      Limit them to 7-gallon gas tanks. SEE? Perfect.

      1. avatar Sammy says:

        Or 7 miles per hour???

        1. avatar Evan says:

          7 [email protected]! 7 Windows and 7 Doors? And no Assault TIRES!

      2. avatar Mauser says:

        He already owns an F350 that probably comes with a 40 gal. tank so it should be grandfathered. He just can’t put more than 7 gallons in it. New F350s will be required to have the 7 gallon tanks!

        1. avatar scottlac says:

          Pickups are OK. Not many people die in them. I think we should do something about those “High Capacity” 15 passenger “Econoline” vans. There is NO reason to risk that many people in one auto.

          If it only saves one life…

          Do it for the children.

        2. avatar Greg p says:

          Save the children. Ban all rape vans.

        3. avatar David W. says:

          Truthfully I can’t believe they haven’t banned those huge vans yet. They are used in human smuggling a LOT down south.

        4. avatar AlphaGeek says:

          No, I’m sure he would be required to permanently install a capacity-limiting inflatable device. With the definition for “permanent” left legally vague (see: CA mag cap limit laws) so they could bring charges against you at any time.

          I’m not bitter or anything.

  3. avatar beanfield says:

    It would be nice to the see the gun manufacturers refuse to sell firearms and related gear to any state run agency in NY. I doubt it will happen…but one can always hope.

    1. avatar surlycmd says:

      It would be nice to see gun manufacturers support each other during a relocation from these gun hating States. Whatever needs to be done to assist these companies to escape from New York, Illinois and California. Then they can go back to trying to put each other out of business by new and better products.

  4. avatar Daniel says:

    Love my Chip McCormic mags.

    “In a man to man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.”
    -Erwin Rommel, speaking from personal experience in WWI, after he was shot upon running out of ammo in his K98.

    1. avatar scottlac says:

      If it was WWI then good old Erwin probably had a Gewehr 98.

    1. avatar ensitu says:

      Yes, there is a move to ban Assualt Knives and other Knives Of War, especialy the Automatic Knives

    2. avatar ChuckN says:

      That’s hilarious. Maybe we should run this
      on a few tv spots, just to show the level of
      absurdity in many of the anti’s arguments.

  5. avatar Paul says:

    But … but … but Chip — you don’t need that big F350 diesel!

    1. avatar Vinson says:

      How do you know? What if he hauls heavy loads with it? There are plenty of *needs* for a large truck.

      1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

        Well, if he needs to haul anything, we can create a new government department to haul it for him, thus creating new jobs for citizens in need. Of course, the jobs will be union jobs, and the loads to be hauled will have to be checked for safety by TSA and for environmental safety by EPA.

      2. avatar Aaron says:

        Actually he could go Willie Nelson and fill that sucker up with biodiesel… Mix strained fryer grease with lye and wiper fluid in a heated, stirred container and you can fill it up for 70 cents a gallon. Look up the Gears Auto Show website; they have the details. You could probably fill it up for less than a Prius without losing your balls.

    2. avatar Daniel says:

      As we all know, those oversized F-350s are only good for mowing down crowds of 30 or more people at a time. They have no practical use whatsoever.

      1. avatar Dutch says:

        The F350 is too powerful for ordinary citizens. Must outlaw them.

    3. avatar scottlac says:

      What are you compensating for with that big truck?

      I’m guessing it’s making up for that little .380 you carry.

    4. avatar WLCE says:

      chip mccormick?

      he didnt build that


  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Has anyone tried to connect two mags together end to end, with the cartridge alignment reversed? You know, to facilitate rapid mag changes like you’d have to with those dinky New York 7-round AR mags? Which violates no law that that I’m aware of?

    Yeah. Me too.

  7. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Chris aren’t you a lawyer? That’s what I think I remember from some previous post at least. Could you get a legal breakdown of the NY law. I looked at the cleaned up version this morning and it runs 38 0r 39 pages of legalese. I have had a number of conversations with other NY folks today and no one “really” understands all of what the hell just happened. I am not joking. We seriously don’t understand the legal implications of this law. Yes some mags are banned. But does that mean we have to register them? Do we have a grace period? I even saw in this law something about transferring stuff out of state and you have to report that to the state police in 72 hours or your a felon.

    There is some really crazy stuff here. Understand that we may disagree with it but it is now the law. I’m just looking for help quite honestly.

    1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

      I tried to have a ‘quick take’ on the NY law yesterday, but my the damned thing is so complicated and poorly written it made my head spin. My post was riddled with errors and I had to edit the crap out of it.

      One of us will take a more detailed look at the NY law soon, but for the next few days we’ve got a SHOT show to cover and honestly that’s much more fun!

  8. avatar Highvoltage says:

    I hope some of these companies relocate to Michigan. We need the jobs here, and have plenty of manufacturing capabilities.

  9. avatar chewcudda says:

    In the police academy they taught us that there is only one 100% affective impact weapon…

    Crown Victoria at 70 mph.

    1. avatar Jesus says:

      You can’t break a Crown Vic. You can only send it to hell for repairs.

    2. avatar AlphaGeek says:

      Gentlemen, I submit for your consideration… the Volvo.

  10. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Any state stupid enough to ban the size cup you can drink from will soon ban all your guns and anything else the feel is bad for everyone. This is what happens when the no good COMMIES take over.

    1. no this is what happens when cowards allow it to go on.

  11. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I’m probably on some gubmint list now, because I sent one hell of an e-mail to the NY governor. I mentioned how surprised I was that with all his schooling and fancy degrees, and prestigious job experience, that he had no clue as to the definition of “infringed”. So I wrote that he had apparently had never read the Constitution of the US or his rich family had paid someone to do his school work for him. I think I might have also mentioned that I hoped he would soon be unemployed and homeless. What can I say, the arogant elitist bastard made me angry.

    1. You and me both bro, Told them over my dead body Swear I am being followed ,

      But hey that is why I am always armed.

      Sooner or Later it’s ALAMO time or they will sneak up on me.
      Good Luck from Ronk NY.

  12. avatar Larry says:

    New York is working overtime to keep its number 50 position on the annual George Mason University State Freedom Survey.

    New Jersey is jealous and wants that “honor.”

  13. avatar repeal1968guncontrolact says:

    8 rd mag = big gulp in threateningness. Is new york in some kind of fag fantasy world or what.

  14. avatar steve morrow says:

    The elitists and statists know that when the economic collapse begins and tshtf, everyone will finally realize that they, the Federal Reserve System, Alan Greenspan, corrupt congress, and the sattelite banking syndicate were the cause.
    Bubbles and bust, bubbles and bust. Complete wealth confiscation at every turn.
    They are all afraid of losing what they stole, the power that they hold, and being held accountable for ruining the rest of us.
    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and now it is 2013. Any questions?

  15. avatar d3 gold says:

    I have been browsing online more than three hours lately, but I by no means discovered any fascinating article like yours. It

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