Miami Beach Man Found Arsenal Guns Passed Out
courtesy NBC News
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NBC News is wants you to know that an “arsenal of weapons found in truck of man passed out behind wheel in Florida.” ZOMG!

A stockpile of weapons, including loaded handguns and a semi-automatic rifle, was found in the back of a truck after Florida police found the driver passed out behind the wheel.

David Goldammer, 32, was arrested after officers found him unconscious in his pickup with the engine running and parked in front of an alley in Miami Beach around 1 a.m. ET on Thursday.

It turns out that Goldammer had tipped a bottle or two.

Police said they could smell alcohol coming from the car and Goldammer almost fell when they told him to get out of the vehicle.

Two open beer bottles were found in the truck, as well as two loaded handguns. He also had a gun in the waistband of his pants, police said.

Goldammer’s facing charges of DUI, open carry (while not fishing), and carrying a concealed weapon (without a permit, we assume).

As for that frightening “arsenal” they discovered in his vehicle, if it weren’t for the fact that Miami Beach PD (no friends of civilian gun ownership) came across the blotto’d Goldammer at 1:00 a.m., that looks more like what lots of gun owners take to the range for an afternoon of practice and plinking.

“What’s alarming in this case is that it’s the early morning hours, it’s Thursday morning, and there’s a man asleep at the wheel under the influence of an alcoholic beverage with an arsenal of weapons in his possession,” police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told NBC affiliate WTVJ.

A few useful lessons: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t get drunk while carrying a firearm. And stay out of Miami Beach.

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  1. Everyone knows that an “arsenal” is one or more guns, and one hundred rounds of ammunition. But sometimes people get that confused with a “cache” of weapons, which is one or more guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition.

      • Well, if you have shit scattered all over the place and not organized, a ‘dump’ would be accurate.

        In your case, an “Arsenal” might be more appropriate, since you probably do some maintenance on them in there… 😉

      • “So that would make my arms room, what, a supply dump?”

        Thinking that if it is a single room, it might be designated an Ammunition Supply Point. If it is a small room, perhaps is would be a Field Ammunition Supply Point. On the other hand, if your storage encompasses an entire house, you might qualify as an Ammunition Transfer Facility.

        To qualify as a “supply dump”, you would probably need to establish a containment zone consisting of multiple houses on the block.

          • “Wow, thank you for your words.”

            OMG! I managed two helpful comments in one week. Wish I knew what I was doing right.

        • Nah, an “ammunition transfer facility” would be my buddy’s range out behind the house. It’s where we transfer hundreds of bullets downrange at high velocity.

    • I never understood why the media makes a big deal about how many guns someone has, you can only use one at a time.

      • “I never understood why the media makes a big deal about how many guns someone has, you can only use one at a time.”

        Guns equate to an attitude, an attitude of aggression to law-abiding, peace-loving, caring people (“nice people”). The more guns you gots, the more aggression you gots. A gathering of guns means you are willing to fight it out with police, switch guns rather than take time to reload, intend to be able to shoot your way into any building, plan to one day kill alot of people.

  2. Looks like five pistolas and one rifle. Plenty of people have that much in their truck. Big deal who cares.

    • And those semi-auto pistols look kinda crappy.

      Are they Hi-Point?

      • Small one is a Ruger SR22 with a threaded barrel. The other two are Springfield XDms of some flavor… All good quality gear, to be sure.

        • The revolvers look like Tauri, with one being some sort of Judge variant.
          I personally don’t take Judge type revolvers seriously.

    • Probably not allowed to have it in the cabin of the vehicle and/or loaded. Without a license you can’t do that much in Ohio, and you’re not even really supposed to have any mags loaded.

      • “Probably not allowed to have it in the cabin of the vehicle and/or loaded.”

        No, in Florida, no permit required for a loaded gun in the cabin. It’s considered your home, by law.

        It must be in a holster, zippered case, or glove box or similar, however

        That’s probably where the ‘open carry’ charge came from, one or more of them were in plain sight…

    • That’s just silly. Drunk, sure that I can understand, not approve of, but understand. Any tiny bit of alcohol? Do any of these clowns have any idea what volume of beer it takes to get a 200+ lb man inebriated if he has any degree of alcohol tolerance?

      • “Any tiny bit of alcohol?”

        Yes. Absolutely. Such is the beauty of “zero tolerance”. One does not need to consider more than two factors; it’s a binary proposition.

        The world is much more pleasant when critical thinking is not required.

      • Here in TN you can be arrested for drunk in public based off of the perception that you’re intoxicated.

    • Iowa is sort of similar. If you are intoxicated enough that you can’t legally drive then you can’t legally handle firearms or possess them on your person regardless or whether or not you have a concealed weapons permit.

      • Incredibly stupid. The equivalent would be you can’t shoot them, not you can’t possess them. I carry all the time, drink some of the time, and don’t shoot people, seems to work for me.

        But, hey, among all that junk, is that a suppressed .300 blk SBR, or is it a toy?

  3. BREAKING: MASS SHOOTING AT Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Several dead. White right-wing dude will be blamed. Like the so-called rabid Trump supporter from Floriduh. And a bunch of us predicted this before the election. Vote R(maybe)…

  4. Whatever they call his collection, this is an extremely negligent gun owner. Being passed-out blotto drunk in a vehicle with unsecured firearms is a recipe for a disaster.

    • I agree. While NBC’s reporting is garbage as usual that guy the person in question deserves whatever awful legal consequences come his way.

      • Well, they didn’t wait to see if he would drive while drunk, pretty good DUI defense, he didn’t shoot anybody or anything, Looks like the only charge available would be something like “armed while drunk” if there is such a thing in FL. Not seeing any felonies possible.

  5. I’d call that a normal. 2 pistols, a PCC carbine, and an arm-braced AR pistol live in my vehicle, complete with a chest rig setup. Hardly an arsenal, and a few rifles away from a range trip.

  6. upon exiting the vehicle, goldammer’s pants fell down around his ankles, exposing his arse an’ all.

  7. Every person needs to do a no shit assessment. If you cannot control your addictions you need to man up and dispose of your firearms until such time as you can get your life back in order.

    Everybody has the right to be armed. They also have the responsibility that goes along with the weapon.

    • Not certain. I don’t know how to calculate for “load car, set out, stop to get drunk, sleep it off, proceed to range.” I’d sure consider claiming t!

    • Oh, I dunno.. Night shooting is a lot of fun.. how else do you get to play with that laser sight ?

  8. Well, I(not NBC) is wants you to know: On a trip to the range I always take at least two rimfires, a boltgun, a semi-auto or a shotgun, and at least two pistols(usually one is a revolver), probably in addition to whichever one brought me to the range on that day. I do a lot of test firing on customer guns so I can observe the malfunctions for myself. But I always take more than just the one or two in question. No sense in wasting a trip. Besides, if its a head scratcher of a malfunction I always think better while shooting.
    That’s about the same number of firearms as what I see here. If this guy was going to the range, he chose different pieces than I would have, but then “different strokes for different folks”. Maybe he had a good reason for the three similar plastic fantastics. Just had them worked on and testing for function, just bought them, hadn’t shot any of them in a while and wants to make sure they still work, just happened to be there because they live under the seat, etc. Could be a host of reasons.

  9. Goldammer was charged with DUI, openly carrying a weapon and carrying a concealed firearm.

    DUI I can see. In most states being drunk in your car just with the key in the ignition is “operating under the influence”.

    But “openly carrying” and “carrying concealed”? When did FL become NYC?

    • That is curious, charged with CC and OC at the same time, bet the OC was the gun in his belt when the cops made him get out of the car.

    • Wait. Is he being charged with openly carrying a concealed fully semiauto weapon with a shoulder thingy?

  10. He has a gun and ammo. He’s the enemy. If they had found him with a .45 in a holster, a pocket, in his glove box, they would have ‘reported’ it. Scaaaaaary … he has a gun.

  11. Confucius once said that “the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name.” An “Arsenal” is where guns are manufactured, while an “Armory” is where guns are kept. Can’t leftists get anything right?

    • Thank you Rocketman! Couldn’t agree more. The left has a problem with language simply because they change (in their own minds) the meanings of words, that they confuse themselves!

    • Due to space limitations, my Armory, Powder Magazine, Reloading Bench, Satellite Coms, and Secure Server Rack room are all in the spare bedroom…

  12. Alcohol and guns… Not the most responsible approach, but I’m gonna have to call “no victim, no crime” on this one. Considering that he had been drinking, had guns, and was in a vehicle, sleeping was probably the wisest and safest thing he could be doing.

  13. This is the kind of stupid shit that gets responsible gun owners a bad name. Put your guns up at home and then do your drinking. Poster boy for the socialists . For the sake of argument, wonder what 11 pistols and 14 long guns would be classified as, stockpile ?

    • The problem, Ed, is that you (and me and many of us here), by virtue of ownership of multiple guns and substantial supplies of ammunition … are ‘a threat.’ And indeed we are to those who wish to disarm us. And so they will continue to demonize us at every opportunity, pushing the agenda that ‘a disarmed populace is the only protection against violence’ … At which point, of course, they can and will inflict whatever violence they want on the disarmed populace, in whatever numbers, for whatever reasons.

      Communism. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Unlimited violence by state.

      I think I’ll go to the gun show tomorrow. Feeling like another gun or two … a few thousand more rounds of ammo … lol …

  14. Definitely not a range day for me unless I’m working with a specific firearm. Otherwise not nearly enough firearms or ammo. As far as drinking and firearms go. Nothing good comes from mixing intoxicants and firearms. Both are fun and both have a place just not together. While some will disagree. At the end of the day good judgement is always better then regret. Keep Your Powder Dry…

  15. Normal range trip !
    If someone who was a SASS shooter was stopped there would be main match guns,2 pistols,1 rifle,1 shotgun,perhaps backups for those.
    Then if the competitor was going to shoot side matches , Wild Bunch 1 1911 1 rifle,1 shotgun and assoc. backups if any.
    Then pocket pistol,long range,rim fire match and all of those assoc. firearms,the ammunition for a three or four day shoot would at the very minimum be a thousand rounds and if one really enjoys shooting closer to two thousand rounds,YuP normal range trip.

  16. Guns and booze don’t mix.

    The BATF proved this at Waco.

    Seriously; one common sense gun control law that I could support is s prohibition on carrying a firearm while intoxicated. Exception would be exigent circumstances where a need for self defense arises when one was already imbibing. If your drinking or smoking pot where legal, you should not be carrying or shooting.

  17. Play stupid game, win stupid prize. Let’s all move along, nothing to be seen (lots of stuff to learn) here. Darwin’s coming closer every day. -30-

  18. I never bring that many firearms to the range.. don’t usually get to shoot em’ all equally so I’ll stick to around 5 at most but usually 3.

    Not sure it’d constitute a range trip at 1am parked behind an alley..

  19. He should be locked up! I didn’t see 1 p-mag at all in the photo above….What was he thinking?

  20. This whole “arsenal” argument is silly. How many weapons can someone effectively carry and maintain mobility? Honestly if bad guys could be forced to carry 30 rifles they’d probably be LESS dangerous than they are now.

    • “Honestly if bad guys could be forced to carry 30 rifles they’d probably be LESS dangerous than they are now.”

      It’s not about tactical practicality. It is about the attitude of violence having numerous guns engenders. It is optics, not logics that matter. If you have enough weapons to terrorize a neighborhood, or a school, or a town, then obviously that is on your mind, a mind just waiting to snap. The perceived (alleged?) intent is that an owner of an arsenal, an armory, a collection, a stash, or a cache does not have benevolence on the mind.

  21. And, after Miami Beach PD demonstrated their less than thorough understanding of Florida Constitutional law (via the open carry fishing fiasco) and my personal experience with their lack of understanding of Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 14, and what the hell, all of them, really; am I surprised that the MBPD is making a jealous stink about someone carrying more than they do, ie., a shitty Glock, a spare magazine (maybe) and a “Taser.”

    • “sorry SAM I AM but I have a lot of guns, and I have no intention of doing any of that.”

      Not quite following you here.

  22. and I agree, alcohol and guns do not mix. and people need to change their attitude, brought on by fake media, ( see Trump really is holding back here, I just call it communist propaganda) to make us look like the enemy. funny though, one of the things I do, is make a nice check providing armed security.

    • Communist propaganda is correct. Trump may get to that point yet. It might help people to realize what is happening — maybe. Many are too unable to think at all, by design, of course. Lays the necessary groundwork for communists to take control … which they already have done to a great extent. Going back to before McCarthy, at the least. McCarthy nailed ’em, too, was going to. Thus, he was necessarily destroyed by ‘the machine’ – the communist machine. He was proven right a few decades later, through the Venona files. At that point, people didn’t care. They had already been brainwashed into believing the McCarthy demonization. McCarthy was one of the true heroes, and he had to be destroyed for standing up to communists as no one else had, and no one else has since.

  23. In the evening, usually after 9:00 PM I’ll have a couple of shots and a couple beers. I sometimes worry that if a bad guy should happen to pick my door to kick in and I defended my “castle” would I be in deep stuff for having those drinks? I n my bedroom there are at least three loaded handguns in the open pistol safe several others put away in other easy to access locations and about Three thousand 9mm and the same of .22 and a few hundred .380 rds.I guess my bedroom is safe. But those couple of drinks might make me hesitate questioning my own capabilities. I don’t hang around bars and certainly not in Miami. But I still think about if I am “compromised” legally.

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