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NY Congressman Brian Higgins (courtesy

We’re more than a little late with this story of a gun rights turncoat, but I reckon it’s worth highlighting the fact that the Democratic Party has turned its back on firearms freedom. A couple of weeks ago, Empire State Democratic Congressman Rep. Brian Higgins (above) posted the following on his Facebook feed:

I have always believed in the necessity of a responsible balance between Second Amendment rights and the critical role of the government to protect Americans. As we’ve witnessed the growth of unconscionable gun violence in our elementary schools, clubs, on our streets and even at a concert event, we know that lives are at stake with each day that passes.

The fact is that the federal government is not doing nearly enough, and accordingly I have intensified my efforts related to common sense gun reform. While I cannot change the past, I can demonstrate to you – through my actions – that I am listening and fighting.

For over five years, I have refused to accept contributions from the NRA, and while I have not chosen to return previous donations, I have instead chosen to donate those funds to local and national organizations fighting for common sense gun safety policies. Moreover, the attached information provides, in greater detail, examples of actions I have taken over the past several years, to address gun safety.



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    • More like around all politicians. Republican law makers and officials certainly have committed their fair share of abuses of American rights.

  1. Why would the NRA contribute to any money to a New York democrat? Seriously, I’d really like to know.

    • Because ‘ole Wayne LaPierre is from New York, dontchaknow? Those Empire state roots run deep

      • Before the congressional districts were revamped up here, Higgins had a decent amount of conservatives living under his purview. Since the redistricting, those conservatives have been shifted into the district of Chris Collins (R-27), and Higgins oversees the failed, dying Democrat cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. He no longer has to pretend to care even a little about gun rights. So it makes sense that once upon a time the NRA donated money to Higgins. Happy to say at least that Collins has his head screwed on straight when it comes to guns.

    • Because backroom deals.

      Because even people who publicly declare you an enemy will do things for you behind the scenes that doesn’t get noticed, like refusing to allow certain bills to come up for vote, if you grease their palms.

      Politics -> strange bedfellows.

    • “For over five years, I have refused to accept contributions from the NRA,”
      Okay. So how much – in total – was contributed to him before then? Once he answers that question, let’s compare that figure with the dollars he hands over to the anti-civil rights orgs.
      Then just to mess things up further: how much money will those same anti-civil rights orgs be contributing right back to him anyway?

    • You meant to say the Peoples Money? I guarantee you it’s not the NRA’s money the donated. How’s that membership working out for ya?
      I will never give the NRA a dime. Over the past 20 years the NRA has done nothing more than line their pockets and even more so now with Carry Guard. They basically kicked everyone in the balls and laughed.

      • Remember all the federal anti gun bills that passed after Sandy Hooks mass murder? Oh wait, they did NOT pass, mostly because of NRA’s efforts.

  2. This A-hat says strike a balance of rights and the overlords need to protect (control) Americans. His answer, is to eviscerate freedoms and liberty under the false flag of “its for your safety”. Will sir, YOU, are more dangerous than any firearm.

  3. His to do with as he sees fit…the NRA will not send him any more…no problem.
    How much money does he get from alcohol and tobacco and pharma lobbies? Ten times as much? A hundred?

        • Well, they claim to have sourced the data from the FEC. You’re welcome to double check their numbers if you want.

        • Dear Professor Macaque,
          You’re far too subtle. Try to be a little more direct in your diatribes, that way more people will know what you’re trying to say.
          Including as many facts as you do only serves to confuse your readers. Try more ad hominem attacks, they always work well for people with your ideals.
          Otherwise, keep up the good work, you’re really knocking them dead!
          Oh, and calling the president names is a nice touch, and so effective. See if you can work more of that into your posts. It really highlights your maturity; you know, it set you apart from all those who post from their mothers’ basements, while in their pajamas.

        • “…legitimate papers like the Washington Post and NYT…”

          The Washington Post and New York Times are eloquent tabloids and are almost completely invalid as a source for news. At times they’ve posted information that is on it’s face correct, but then they skew that information with enough bias that it renders it useless. Other times they fabricate and lie outright. Both have issued so many retractions since Trump (or Hump, as you called him, that’s funny in a grade school kind of way) took office that it’s hardly surprising that both have dropped all pretenses of being objective and have admitted they hate the man.

        • How perfectly in character. I love it when gun grabbing Liberal like ProfessionalMacaque talks down to me. “Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain and follow only Liberal controlled media! It can’t be that our candidate is criminal harpy, you are just too dumb and ignorant to see what’s good for you.” Cracks me up every time.

  4. They have also turned their back on the 1st amendment and 5th amendment They don’t care about the 5th amendment, if they take your guns or real estate to save some blind shrimp.

  5. Go tell that virtue signaling idiot how you feel on his Facebook page. The responses are overwhelmingly negative, let’s give him some more negative feedback.

    • Not really because it’s a total show gesture. He’s not really redirecting the money the NRA gave him. He’s actually just making a donation in the same amount and is claiming he’s giving away their money.

  6. He fails to mention how much NRA money he has donated “to local and national organizations fighting for common sense gun safety policies”.

  7. I wonder what the hell he was thinking when he advertised to every potential supporter than he can lie with a smile and take their money and hand it to their enemies. I hope other donors of all stripes will take note of his two-faced nature and think twice before supporting this jackal.

  8. Now I’m mad, I didn’t even red the other post( rarity) That lying piece of shit took money give to him from them and he takes it and gives it to them. That son of a bitch is wrong, big time wrong That just can’t be legal … Son a bitch I’m pissed

  9. Now gun owners and the NRA can find his opponent. Of course with Buffalo and Niagra Falls voting for him he better get a good rating from BLM instead

  10. no kidding youre more than a little late with this story of a gun rights turncoat

    you could have ran a story about the profoundly cowardly as well as developmentally disabled johannes paulsen the day after he wrote that modern day debacle of internet commentary on this very website in which he proffered the imbecilic opinion that the nra calling for gun control wasnt folly as much as it really was in fact pure genius

    the nra calls for restrictions on something the obama administration said was OK and johannes paulsen doesnt just agree he says its genius

    he should in fact refrain in the future from writing about big ideas using big words he doesnt understand

    oh yeah and register as a democrat

    and the woman in his life should tell him that they both should start seeing other men

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