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ShotStop, the Ohio-based manufacturer of Duritium based body armor, is running a de facto “winter special” through the month of February on their lightweight body armor plates and protective inserts for “armored backpacks”.

Perhaps more importantly than that, they have armor in stock.

Armor plates from ShotStop out in the cold
Seen here during a training evolution turned photo op, ShotStop plates range in protective levels all the way up to multi-hit rifle-rated versions…which the company claims will take up to 8 green tip rounds without penetration. That will help keep a bad guy from poking holes in your favorite American Jedi (presumably you) or ruining your favorite Viking shirt with bloodstains.

ShotStop posted this on social media recently:

“We are hearing many armor companies have diminishing stock and slow delivery times. Not ShotStop! We are ready to take your order whether you are an agency or civilian looking for the lightest most durable ballistic technology out there.”

The special runs through the end of the month. Here’s the rundown.

  1. Use coupon code protect2021 for15% off
  2. Offer is valid through February 28, 2021
  3. Applies to any order of armor plates and BallisticBoard inserts
  4. Limit One Usage Per Customer

* While supplies last

You can take advantage of that special on their website,, or listen to an extensive interview about their ballistic plates and manufacturing ethos in a ShotStop interview at Gunmagwarehouse’s blog The Mag Life. 

armor plate from SHOT Stop
The best plate carrier in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have the correct armor in it. ShotStop is one option – as with any equipment your life might depend on, due diligence and critical objectivity should be used to make your choice(s).

What is Duritium? Josh Brooks explains on Full30:

Duritium is a proprietary technology owned by ShotStop. It is a next-gen polyethylene compound with an extremely high tensile strength. This tensile strength is extremely good at kinetic energy disbursement. The primary result of this high tensile strength? It’s very good at stopping rounds.

Okay, but a ton of newspaper can stop a round. Why is Duritium better than ceramic competitors?

Ceramic compounds have been battle tested, and battle proven [sic]. This is a fact that no one can deny. Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time on the ground in places like Iraq or Afghanistan inevitably knows someone who was saved by their ceramic SAPI plates. With that said however, ceramic compounds have a few major flaws. They’re extremely brittle, and they have a very short shelf-life meaning they need replacement often. It wasn’t uncommon in Iraq or Afghanistan for a fellow Marine to need replacement plates. All it took was one fall off of the roof of an MRAP onto some hard ground to completely shatter the brittle ceramic plates inside of a vest.

Want to know more? Here’s Tim Kennedy talking about their plates.

Some more info from the company:

That website again is

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  1. I have a pair of their plates, they’re very light, got em at a great discount. Huge game changer vs AR500. No Bloody hell am I Chugging around nearly 16 lbs. Right now I’m nearly 8.5lbs with carrier. The warranty is fantastic. The cost is up there, but worth it. You could pay $99 at botach for their polypropelene plates but it won’t stop 855. this will(G2). What are you willing to pay to save your life? you really wanna go cheap? I’d give you a pass on that $5 holster vs the $250 one but the plates? no. I’d rather thank god and see the money well spent saving my ass than being a cheap ass being a plugged.

    • Many poly plats will not stop 855 so I would want to see that tested but in all but a few cases nij certified poly plates will be a better pick than steel. I had a laugh at their trying the expiration date and durability claims but I guess you need something for a selling point in a developed market. And now that I check their spec sheet only the special threat and lv4 composit/alloy plates stop 855. With that said looking at the lv4 price to weight is competitive with ceramics if it works as advertised. Likely a better idea than ar500 but would want more info before choosing them over hesco/ltc/rma/tencate

  2. “…kinetic energy disbursement…” Dispersion is undoubtedly the word they were after. Or maybe dissipation.

    Kinetic energy disbursement is what guns and explosives do. The last thing you need is armor that does it too.

    • What you don’t want reactive armor that is capable of defeating rpg threats? AKA mad science gone wrong.

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