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From Tyrant Designs . . .

Tyrant Designs is excited to announce our NEW Glock G43, G43X, and G48 I.T.T.S. Trigger (Improved Tyrant Trigger System) with the I.T.T.S. Trigger rapidly becoming known as the fastest resetting trigger on the market! The NEW Glock G43, G43X, and G48 I.T.T.S. Trigger is compatible with those 3 Slimline Series Glock pistols to improve the consistency, travel, and break of your carry gun.

The superior reset on the NEW Glock G43, G43X, and G48 I.T.T.S. Trigger will give you a competitive and tactical edge when at the range or if your sidearm is being deployed for defense. Outfitted with a 30% Power Spring, you will be able to engage more targets in faster succession with lightning-fast trigger resets.

To aid in the swift reset of the trigger, we utilized a hybrid design that boasts both Flat and Curved Trigger Face properties. The Flat Faced elements ensure a consistent, repeatable trigger pull every time. The sculpted geometry delivers uniform pulls regardless of the environment you find yourself in. The Curved Face attributes provide for a tactile, ergonomic feel all Glock shooters should be accustomed to since that is how factory Glock triggers are designed. The methodical crafting of the NEW Glock G43, G43X, and G48 I.T.T.S. Trigger allows for comfort, consistency, and perforated bullseyes on target in your future.

Like all Tyrant Designs products, the NEW Glock G43, G43X, and G48 I.T.T.S. Trigger is machined from quality American materials to guarantee greater reliability. This trigger also utilizes set screws in lieu of pins for easier maintenance and cleaning of your firearm. The NEW Glock G43, G43X, and G48 I.T.T.S. Trigger attaches to existing/OEM trigger bars and is fabricated from only quality materials to ensure a lifetime of durable use. As always, this new offering and all of our products are manufactured in the USA and carry our fully-backed Lifetime Warranty! Available now for Pre-Order in Black, Red, Grey, Blue, and Gold at

About Tyrant Designs

Tyrant Designs officially started in 2015, but the business has been around for almost 40 years. As a whole, Tyrant Designs and its other divisions of work, are a state-of-the-art CNC machining shop that performs work in the aerospace, medical fields, and now firearm industry.

What prompted Tyrant Designs to wade into manufacturing firearm components was one sour firearm purchase. After an expensive AR-15 was found to be flawed with an inferior and foreign-produced pistol grip, they believed there had to be a better grip available. Upon realizing nothing met their expectations of quality, Tyrant Designs sought out to make one themselves! Their passion for quality and better firearm components manifested into the skeletonized MOD Grip, and grew into the full-fledged firearm component business they are now today.

Everything they produce is American Made in the heartland of Chicago, Illinois with an enduring Lifetime Warranty. For more information, please visit us at:

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  1. Single action magic.
    Would you like to shoot my Glock?
    ” Sure!”
    *KABOOM* ”
    you got any other gunms needs shot?”

    • Charging $100.00 for a grip, they done fell and hit there head. Any one who would pay that is just plain stupid, in my opinion.

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