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Courtesy Cherev Gidon via Twitter
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From the AP

The number of residents seeking to own handguns has risen sharply in a New York community shaken last month by a machete attack that injured five men during a Hanukkah celebration.

The Journal News reports 73 pistol permit applications have been filed with the Rockland County Clerk’s Office since the Dec. 28 attack at a rabbi’s home in Monsey, a hamlet in the town of Ramapo northwest of New York City.

That compares to 51 applications the office received during the eight weeks prior to the stabbing, County Clerk Paul Piperato told the newspaper.

Sixty-eight of the new applications came from Ramapo residents, including 31 from Monsey.

new york jews guns monsey attack
Courtesy Cherev Gidon via Twitter

“It’s definitely because of this incident,” Piperato told the newspaper, referring to the attack. “In some way, shape or form, they want to defend themselves.”

Chief William Barbera of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department says an application is the first step in a months-long process. Applicants are required to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check and firearms training before the paperwork is submitted to a licensing officer.

new york jews guns monsey attack
Courtesy Cherev Gidon via Twitter

An academy run by veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces has been providing weapons training in Ramapo’s synagogues since the machete attack, The Journal News reports. Its trainers have been advising Jewish residents to seek unrestricted pistol permits.

“The goal is to be able to carry at synagogue and not to just possess at home and take to the range,” said Yonatan Stern, the academy’s director.

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Come and take it.

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  1. Let’s hope the Jews being attacked on the streets of New York city will soon be given the ability to tool-up and defend themselves as those in most cities in free states can…

    • Tool up and defend themselves? I woulda thought the lesson was clearly demonstrated in WWII (amongst the many, many, many other teachable antisemetic events throughout history). I don’t get it…lotsa Jews like to say “never again”, but a great many of them don’t ever seem to really mean it.

      • Maybe the large Jewish population in NYC will get off their collective asses and help correct that city and states gun laws.

      • My thoughts exactly. If there’s any voting bloc that should be highly skeptical of a powerful, centralized government with a monopoly on force it should be the Jews. But apparently they don’t see it that way so my sympathies for them are… limited, to put it mildly

        • *cough* letting them into the country was the beginning of the end. Why don’t we ask Bloomberg, who is Jewish BTW, why he didn’t fix NYC. Oh yeah, the people at the top don’t want it fixed, they want more laws, more power, and more control. Neither the banks nor the media giants, want anything fixed.

        • Evidence of full moon in some posts, I hope that these folks aren’t just getting “in the home” permits which are useless anywhere else. Maybe in the house of worship permit. Gotta fix crazy NY gun laws.

      • That “Never Again” was repeated over and over by all our history teachers in school. So was “I disagree with you , but I’ll die to defend your right to say it”. Perfect example of how history repeats itself. I doubt any kid has heard those phrases. Especially those millenials who want to punch you for using the “wrong” pronoun.

      • The problem is that despite all the talk of intermarriage Jews in the big cities tend to hang with other Jews so they never encounter the left and see how anti-semitic they are. When NYT columnist Beri Weis ventured out into the wider world she discovered that leftists are F-ing Nazis

  2. I don’t need the government’s prior consent to exercise my 1st Amendment rights, so why do they think I’ll ask them, “pretty please”, before exercising my 2nd Amendment rights?

    • John
      Short version NY city guns laws from 1911 were passed by corrupt politician to protect the gangs who provided his power base. Too many citizens we’re fighting back making it dangerous for the criminals.

      • Specifically to protect the Irish mob from upstart Italian and Jewish gangsters.

        If there still were Jews like Ben Siegel and Dutch Schultz in NYC this kind of stuff would come to a quick end.

      • Bingo!
        Basically nothing has changed in NY. NY continues adding more and more anti2A restrictions in the interest of protecting p̶u̶b̶l̶i̶c̶ ̶s̶a̶f̶e̶t̶y̶ criminals.

      • They are unconstitutional, but people are sent to prison every day for violating unconstitutional laws.

        • Arc,
          The founding fathers didn’t believe in prison. Stocks, flogging, restitution, exile, execution, etc.

          Far more humane than the current system

        • Arc,
          “Maybe its time we tear down the prisons?”
          Kind of like the Storming of the Bastille; and the Revolution begins.

    • You do though. Go peaceably assemble in a public place with everyone you know and get fined and/or incarcerated for failing to get a permit, and then tell me about how you don’t need prior permission to exercise your 1st Amendment rights.

    • LOL…they DON’T in Chiraq. Black folks either. Dontchaknow repubs are raciss? Both group’s have a knife laying heavily on their throat😩

    • They did the same thing in New Haven back around 2005-7 because of assault of the multicultural variety. Made the CT news nightly for weeks with politicians trying their best to navigate the “guns are bad” talking point around the “Jewish are a protected class” cause. Quite entertaining.

      Did not change how they voted.

      • Voting in Ct is useless, democrats always win or have enough power to control token republicans. So glad I could retire and leave there !

    • If they vote for any Leftists of any stripe, they are voting against their freedom and liberty and the road to their slavery ,as the Left is the domestic enemy the founders warned of.

  3. “Government is just the word we use for things we do together.” Barney — come out after I’m retired — Frank.

    “When doing it together isn’t working, we’ll do for ourselves.” Jews, Christians, Muslems, Sikhs, n the rest. Peaceful, responsible Americans, defending their houses of worship for themselves, when the official protectors have declared them acceptable losses. Or as 7 folks in Texas said recently: “Nice that our colleague hit that guy quick. Saved us having to clean our guns, too.:

  4. Makes one wonder considering the two most prominent political Jews in New York are Anti 2A. Who have their own armed security personnel. One of which is paid by the taxpayers.

  5. I just finished watching a documentary on the L.A. riots after the King verdicts. Something I remember is many anti 2A Hollywood types rushed to purchase firearms only to learn of waiting periods. Consternation! Charleston Heston said he received calls wanting to borrow firearms. No joy there either. What’s a liberal to do!? The time to acquire a firearm, like a fire extinguisher, is before you need it. I hope those in New York haven’t waited too late.

    • Hahahah I remember that. Hollywood was dumbfounded. I think the Korean businessmen were the only ones who were able to protect their businesses. They had guns. Good for them. Maybe that will happen in the Hamptons. The MS13’s are becoming a little problem there, now.

  6. I live in Los Angeles and all the Orthodox Jews and Israelis I know are very pro 2a and rather conservative. I know a few elderly Americans Jews also who are big time gun guys. That said most the current wishy washy under 50yo Jews are just leftists who go to synagogue. It’s rather sad because if anyone should know how important the right to self defense is, it’s the Jews.

    • Like all leftists, they figure that if the government controls the guns, and they control the government, they can be safe by using the government (and their guns) against their enemies. Somehow, it doesn’t occur to them that, as it transpired in Bolshevik Russia, they may end up being the enemies, instead of being the government.

  7. … [a handgun license] application is the first step in a months-long process [to carry handguns for righteous self-defense in New York].

    New York’s law therefore means that applicants who suffer horrific injuries/rape/death as a result of being defenseless (while waiting for New York to approve their handgun license) are allowable sacrifices in pursuit of a perfect society.

    Reminds me of the Aztecs who sacrificed humans in a horrific attempt to improve their society.

    As I have recently stated several times, government employees who prohibit you from being able to defend yourself effectively are ACCESSORIES to the CRIMINALS who attack you while you are defenseless. And that makes those government employees CRIMINALS themselves.

    • What do you expect these government EMPLOYEES to do exactly? To refuse so they can be fired and replaced by people who will do it? Politicians and those who contribute financially are the problem, also those who vote for gun grabbing politicians.

      • Dukes,

        What do you expect these government EMPLOYEES to do exactly?

        I expect everyone — including government employees — to act with honor and do what is right. Enacting legal penalties against someone for nothing more than having or using an effective means of righteous self-defense is neither honorable nor right. In fact that is criminal.

        Thus, government employees should refuse to support or participate in any process which exacts legal penalties against good people for righteous self-defense. Period. If that means they should seek another job, so be it.

        • It’s easy to say harder to do. Job protection forever and lucrative retirement packages make it hard to buck the system.

  8. Long guns people, they are training with long guns. That’s smart. It would take a very long time for pistol permits which would likely not be approved. So, select some long guns the state and city have minimal laws in the way of, train on those.

    If the pistol licenses do eventually get approved, well so much the better.

    • I was thinking the same because the next step these anti-semitic attacks are going to take is home invasions and assaults on their property. A long gun you can get faster is better than no gun.

      This was a really well thought out and I hope this group continues their efforts.

    • enuf, that’s smart. Long guns, especially rifles, every day. The only reason I carry a handgun is because it’s handy. If I can get to my rifle, any rifle, that’s what I’m going to kill you with.

  9. Meanwhile, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to purchase a handgun, shotgun or rifle from an authorized dealer requires just two things – the money to pay for the purchase and passing a PSP/FBI background check. No waiting ten days, no classes to take, no fingerprints (as if you were a criminal), no psych report, no license/permit required.

    Want to carry your handgun? No license required if you’re Open Carrying and within walking distance of your home. Concealed Carry and in or on a vehicle (you’re on a motorcycle, you’re in a car), takes a one-page application, twenty bucks, and in most cases your license will be approved the same day.

    • The concealed license application also takes two references who are not family members, which is ridiculous imo. PA is usually ranked in the middle when it comes to best and worst states for gun owners, nothing to brag about, unless of course you compare to NY or Massachusetts.

      • The Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms (otherwise known as an LTCF) application form currently requires two personal references. In some counties they’ve dropped that requirement since it’s not supported by statute. And in just about all cases the “references” are not contacted.

  10. I was at Cabela’s on Friday picking up a lower and the man behind the counter asked me ”why do so many Jews vote Democrat when it’s the Democrats who are putting them in th exact same position they were in in germany?”
    I said Bec the Democrats make u feel good with all thier promises of a better future and making the world a better more equitable place. And that is a core belief in many circles of judaism.
    That and many of us have very short memories. And lots of us either never had Holocaust parents and grand parents (I had grandparents) around to tell us to be careful of nice people offering to protect us if we would all just live in one place and have no guns.

    • I get your point but even if all Jews had firearms their fate would have not been any different in the forties in Europe. Hitler, the gestapo, etc, may have been obliged to send more troops but the job would have been done. Maybe more would have been shot and killed in a fight rather than dying in a camp, which would have been a better death so there’s that.

      • Maybe if they weren’t busy pushing drugs and prostitution and usury and stabbing the German people in the back…

        Have you even read Mein Kampf? Maybe Jews need to learn to conform to the Christian values of their host countries.

        There was a swimming pool and an orchestra at Auschwitz.

        • I didn’t write all that Bec I assumed it was already well known and understood.
          Everyone knows Jews are filthy liars.
          Oh wait. Your an insane crazy person.
          Never mind

  11. Now if the jews will stop voting for gun grabbing jews and start to vote for ANYONE who is pro 2A.
    The 2A is for EVERYONE. Even if the they thought they would never need it.

  12. @Dan Zimmerman: is it acceptable to voice opinions on this blog that maybe people do have legitimate grievances with Jews?

    The black community does have legitimate grievances with Jews.

    I’m tired to Jews using the holocaust (which has been greatly exaggerated) to get special treatment here in America. Maybe if they stopped trying to take away our guns, pushing drugs, flooding our country with immigrants, GLBT and pornography, and having our military fight their wars for them… anti-semitism wouldn’t exist.

    But Jews, as a whole, are working to subvert our country. Sure- This blog is on the right side of the gun question… but we don’t make policies based on outliers.

    Jews are openly hostile to our way of life, and the fact that a few embrace guns when it benefits *them* doesn’t change that.

    Wake up white man!

    • very suspicious that, knowing who runs this blog, wants its readers to stop supporting the NRA.

      Don’t get me wrong – Wayne and his suits and Jet need to go. Still makes you think.

    • Amen.

      Jews are the most racist people I’ve ever met. They project their bigotry onto the white man.

      “Did you see his shiksa girlfriend?”
      “I don’t want my child going to school with those scwartzes”
      “Don’t fight. That’s what goys do”

      The orthodox will talk to you like you’re not human. Why do they get the Shomrim and Hatzolah?

        • “liljoe, I agree. I’m about as deep south southern as they come. Ancestors who fought for the Confederacy. Owned slaves. I have black friends. Hunt with them. Did so today. My favorite cousin married a Jewish girl. Want to get shot in the head? Touch Nancy while I’m standing there. I admire the Israelis. They brook no bullshit from anyone. Yeah, they get a lot of help from us, but they would do the same thing anyway. We should take a page from they’re playbook. Oh, still want to get shot in the head? Lay a hand on Rodney or Obie while I’m standing there. That is if they don’t beat me to it first.

        • Gadsden isn’t racist! Thank you for clarifying. We didn’t know.

          Is your cousin raising the kids Jewish or Christian?

          Why do you threaten people with violence?

          Why does everyone just resort to threats and name calling when someone brings up that: yeah, maybe people do have a reason to be upset at the Jews.

        • Truth, I never asked Bill and Nancy how they were raising their boys. That was their business. Christian, Jewish? Who cares? After all the Bible was written by a bunch of Jews. Jesus was a Jew. As were the apostles. Just had a conversation with my friend Jimmy Mohammed. Islamic. From Jordan. Former paratrooper. Took him on his first deer hunt. Sold him a Hi-Power. He used it to break up an armed robbery at a convenience store. Trust him to cover my back any day. I judge a man on his merits. Not his ethnicity. When I was a child my mother used to make reference to “white trash.” I asked her once what that meant. She said, “They’re just like niggers, but they don’t have the excuse.” That was a less enlightened time, but I still see white trash every day. Just because a man has the same skin as me doesn’t mean he gets a pass.

        • @gadsen

          “White trash”

          What is wrong with you? Why do you hate yourself? Why do you hate black people?

          If I say the K work to describe Jews, I will be banned.

          There is no reason to ever use such hateful language. We need to love our fellow man.

          Let’s stop with the threats of violence and hateful language. Also stop using real peoples names on the internet.

          How old are you?

        • Hey truth,

          Maybe because we don’t like being painted with the same wide brush for all of us?

          Bloomberg is Jewish so I have to be guilty by association?

          Off is the direction I want you to F in.

          The problem with racists and bigots (I don’t know why I’m wasting my time), is they are too lazy to treat people they meet as individuals, each to be judged on his or her merits. Instead they find a simple (because they can’t do complicated) common denominator and judge everyone in a group by that factor. They come across as ignorant, hateful, and just plain crazy.

          Having said that, I really feel like you and the few who post with you are just a false flag group designed to make the rest of us look racist and foolish. How much does 30 pieces of silver go for these days?

    • Obvious false flag is obvious.

      On yr fake point, because this is the interweb, n that was all about playing to the audience…

      The American Compact extends to any who join it, from as far back as Washington’s famous Synagog letter. Groups who worship a certain way — practicing Jews in particular, with a particular ethnic background — ethnic Jews in particular, from a particular diaspora — Jews in particular, are irrelevant. Individuals — people — who join our compact are welcome; all comers. Who don’t, well maybe they’d find being among like minded more congenial.

      The compact includes that you are your own person, leading to natural rights, then govt — and groups — derived from collected people, not the other way around. Some crappy people happen to be Jewish. Most aren’t; read that both ways.

      In The American Compact of humans first with natural rights, guns — this being a gun discussion site — are something the govt needs quite a reason to meddle with, and people no reason at all. Gun politics based on groups is particularly heinous. Under the American Compact, individuals — including “Jews” — have every right to defend themselves, in particular when our collective protection doesn’t, in particular when they are singled out as a group.

      The pasty, Methodist-looking folks in Seattle who assembled outside a post-9 11 graffittied Mosque are American; handing out flowers, waving little flags, n plunking their Costco-fueled behinds in lawn chairs, a respectful distance outside. “We’re sorry this happened.” “This ain’t us.” “You go ahead n do your thing: we’ll keep watch.”

      This happened. Somebody else blew up those buildings.

      There was a Rabbi among the famous chaplans who gave up their life vests, as their WW II carrier went down. Anyone who joins The American Compact is one of us.

      • Again, what is with this boomer infatuation with outliers that fit their distorted world view?

        We should make policies based on outliers.

        Jews, as a whole, work to take away our guns, destroy Christianity through Hollywood and porn, fleece is through usury, and ask for special privileges in society because of something that probably didn’t happen.

        I’m sick of white people not taking their own side in this issue.

        • I’m not writing for truthiness, there; no point “discussing” with a bot deployed to false flag disqualifying slime as battlespace prep. COINTELPRO is one example of the tactic. (At least the F B I is consistent.)

          Everyone else should read Hoffer’s The True Believer. That’s what we’re dealing with.

      • This “American compact” you speak of is not real. Where does this exist? Did you just make it up? Seriously- this isn’t even real. Why do you believe In Something that doesn’t even exist??? GW’s letter to a synagogue doesn’t mention anything like it. It was more like “thanks for supporting me”.

        America is not an idea, it is a people. Turn your TV off. Read a Bible.

        • I decline to choose sides on silly differences — only behavior. Not groups, defining individuals, but individuals collected by what they do.

          The anti-people — this is a gun site, after all — come in all shapes, colors, religions, n things that make them go squee. Except, perhaps, they don’t think much of their fellow humans, don’t think their co inhabitants should have agency, n think — using tbe term generously — in labels, groups, n irrelevancies.

          I’m not a fan of the anti-people; collected by behavior.

          Those are subtle notions compared to “Orange man bad!”, or other slogan rants. But empowering. The most powerful, and uplifting things in life, you can only hold in your mind. Read a bible — that’s in there.

        • “America is not an idea, it is a people. Turn your TV off. Read a Bible.”

          The Bible has nothing to do with America, the constitution doesn’t mention Jesus or Allah.

          And yes, America is an idea. Perhaps the greatest idea in the history of Humanity.

  13. possums spirit says,Do not get involved with people’s religious beliefs. As a matter fact do ot’t get involved with humans at all. They are evil wanters trying to become gods. Gunms for Jews, gunms for me, gunms for you. It’d be dumb if somebody was out to get you and you did not arm yourself with the best means possible.

  14. Suggestion. When searching for how to file a permit or ANYTHING that is gun related, do NOT use your regular browser.
    Keep this in mind. Anything you search for that is gun related can and will be used against you.

  15. Very interesting information, though not in the least surprising. That sad,I wonder as to how many applications from law abiding citizens might be “lost” in the maws of state and or local bureaucracy. Also, what might become of fees paid?

  16. The Sullivan Act
    A lot of you don’t understand you have New York state and then New York City,you can get a CCW permit in most part of NYS.That being said in NYC only rich,mostly white people (Trump and family,DeNiro privileged white elite are given the ability to get a CCW permit and police and law enforcement of course they can defend them self and their family.
    For the rest of us if we even carry a knife we have to say its for work related purpose.
    Example If i am getting mug and i use my non foldable 3 3/4″ inch blade and i injure my attacker to defend,i will get a higher sentence then him for mugging me.
    NYC gun laws are based on racism from the beginning they were passed to keep immigrants unarmed and a tool for political power.With the help of the NRA to unarmed black Californians NYC followed suit.
    Trump,Bloomberg they are all the same,the day they take the 7 train at 2o’clock in the morning coming home from work,then they can talk to me about gun rights.

    • The white race is the most “discriminated-against” race on the such a damned thing as white privilege ..if so someone please show me how to get it..

  17. Jews have historically used “antisemitism” to further there own goals. They will cry out as they strike you… and make it seem as if youre the aggressor. Makes me wonder if these jews would advocate for non jews to carry firearms. Read the talmud and see what it says about gentiles. Jews are supremacists and hate goyem, they always have. The worst day in jewish history wasnt the holocaust, which was vastly overexaggerated, but the day the talmud was translated. They people arent our friends. In fact, they are actively working to subvert you and your culture

  18. Hey Guys,

    I thought I’d chime in on this one as someone who is uniquely qualified to answer. I live about 5 miles from the area referenced in the article, and pass through this area all the time. A few things that probably deserve correction that nobody would know if they weren’t directly involved in the politics of this situation. Obviously the attacks on their group are terrible and unjustifiable, however there is some significant animosity locally for the group based on the following:

    1) The hasidics you reference here are not “jews” the way many probably think. These are not normal American people that are jewish and are being persecuted for no reason. They are very different and essentially belong to a cult, and I would say that if most here lived in an area with an increasing presence, would be less inclined to view the group favorably. This fairly extreme group has zero interest in integration and is typically not friendly to outsiders. There are exceptions but generally, they would not speak to you.

    2) These people barely speak English (primary language is yiddish, despite being born and raised in America), and they are widely known in the area for what I would call at minimum deceptive and largely illegal manipulation of the American system. They are EXTREMELY insular, they really do not deal with the outside world, they govern themselves through the religion and will essentially deny interaction with the outside. You’d be amazed how effective this is; I have personally witnessed a car accident “disappear” where an extremely reckless hasidic fellow was clearly at fault and subsequently generated 3 false witnesses to an accident, at which point the poor woman basically was forced to “give up” and negotiate on the spot for a few bucks in cash, far less than the damage caused.

    3) Marriages only acknowledged within their religion, but not filed with the state, leaving all women in the community to commit blatant welfare fraud on behalf of the men. Large numbers of children, usually 5-10 mean that with no income, they receive a handsome payout from Cuomo to keep voting for him. This is why Monsey, NY and Kiryas Joel, NY are on paper two of the poorest areas in the country, yet all the men there works illegitimately for one another, yet claims no income for the family.

    4) This group typically move into a middle class area then overtake it importing all of their relatives, subsequently becoming the majority in the area, collapsing real estate values and turning it into a ghetto. The next move is usually to erect cheap tenement/ghetto style housing to cram in as many people as possible, essentially erecting city blocks in suburbs to support future generations of low income hasidic housing. Often the church owns these homes, renting them to community members while claiming tax exemption to grow the real estate portfolio.

    5) They are a very visible group, as they only drive on select days, much of the time you will see them walking, men in black suits, women dressed like pilgrims, pushing carriages of 3-4 babies. The neighborhoods are usually strewn with debris, children’s toys in the front yard, very dirty, but it doesn’t seem to bother them.

    6) Public schools in the towns that they take over are usually quickly defunded (hasidics vote in blocks to do this, they home school their children, don’t care about yours) and as such the locals suffer, their children forced to attend schools that plummet in educational quality, crushing home prices, thus allowing more hasidics to buy up homes, gain more influence, rinse/repeat.

    I don’t write this in personal hatred, I don’t live in the area effected by them, but I do understand how someone that grew up in a town and had hoped to raise their children there, only to see it completely destroyed along with their home equity could find this disheartening. With no interest in participating in the incumbent community, it apparently becomes us vs them by the choice of hasidics, not the locals. It’s a shame that state government is too corrupt to stand up to it, forcing locals to act very desperately.

    • While there are some truths here there are many falsehoods or partial truths.

      Basically the best way to lie.

      Doesn’t matter though, does it? Not a single thing you described is a valid reason to commit random violence on a community as a whole. Not every person one that community is guilty. But collective guilt is what leads to racism and blind attacks on people for what they look like.

      I have relatives literally blocks from that synagogue, they pay an exorbitant property tax, their property is valued at close to a million, and theirs is the second cheapest house on the block. Go a mile west and you have the community you describe, go a 1/4 north and south and it goes back to regular suburbia.

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