Ares Armor makes the EFFIN-A compensator, a design that allows the user to adjust how and where the gasses are vented from the end of their barrel. It allows the end user to precisely tune how the compensator mitigates the recoil from your gun based on testing your specific setup. Previously it had been available for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and related barrels, but they’ve just announced through Predator Armament that they have released thirty cal versions for both the AK-47 and the AR-10 rifle platforms. Oh and it also works with 300 AAC Blackout, but I have no idea why you would do that. What really interests me is the adjustability of this compensator, allowing the user to try out all sorts of combinations of direction and size — it appeals to my inner hacker. Needless to say I’ve asked for one to test and we’ll get back to you shortly about how well it works.


  1. Works fairly well for follow-up shots- keeps things very steady. Takes a bit of time tuning for your particular likes/dislikes and forces you to carry around a hex wrench for a while while you do so. The problem I see is that my AR is now set up perfectly… for me. Anyone else uses it and they’ll have problems because they probably won’t hold it with the same firmness and probably won’t be left-handed. A generic compensator doesn’t do as good a job, but it can be used by anyone regardless of handedness or stance/grip.


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