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We have become victims of our own fear. Gun sales surged after 9/11, and after Sandy Hook, and at the start of the pandemic. Open carry laws proliferated, and in Alabama, lawmakers decided you don’t even need a permit to carry a concealed weapon anymore.

We are supposed to be afraid. Because fear drives politics, and gun sales, and emotions. And deaths.

In 2020 the national murder rate rose. Whether that’s because of the pandemic or the spike in gun sales is unclear. But more than 20,500 people were murdered that year – more than three out of four by guns – and America’s homicide rate reached 7.8 for every 100,000 people.

That’s a lot for this century, when typical rates have held in the fours and fives. But the good old days were rarely so safe. That 2020 U.S. homicide rate is lower than any year between 1970 and 1995.

I’m not telling you not to have a gun, or to love it. I just want you to know the truth. Living in fear is bad for your health. And carrying a gun doesn’t make you safer. Or tougher. It just makes you more dangerous.

— By John Archibald in You know what you can’t have without a gun? A gunfight.

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  1. Oh, you can have a gunfight without a gun if the other guy has one. Typically, you lose those types of encounters. Idiot!

      • Has archibald contemplated how non-dangerous he will be when dead and buried?

        We can truly say “Your future happiness is assured, mr archibald! Bon appetit!”

        • Plenty dangerous even still. Only need drop his corpse into a water supply reserve.

          Almost said “useless corpse”, but that would be obtusely redundant.

    • actually ….. you need two guns for a gunfight.

      that why I carry…..otherwise …. it’s called a shooting.

      if I am th3 only one with a gun, the chance of a shooting is very small.

      if a murderous bag of shit has a gun and attempts a shooting, I at least want the opportunity to turn it into a gunfight.

      the author of the article is somewhat correct. if I am not “dangerous”, I am more apt to be in peril. most thugs are cowards.

    • The lack of analytical skills is astounding.

      Guns have been flying off the shelves at a consistently high rate since President Obama took office. But it took until 2020 to see the homicide rates increase. / Sarcasm “Yeah that seems correct” /end

      Or you can look a little deeper at the CDC’s Numbers. Maybe ask a few questions. Like was the increase in homicides all year? When you look at the data you will find it was not. The First part of the year looks like 2018 and 2019, with rates of 1300 to 1750 a month. Then in May there was a spike to 2061 homicides per month and the rates did not go down for the remainder of the year.

      So what could have caused the increase then? Well, I looked up what happened in May 2020. For those who don’t remember, this was the month when the George Floyd Protests started.

      Now I am not saying that this is definitely the cause of the increase because as we know correlation does not mean causation. However, an increase in homicide rates during a time of less than peaceful protests seems to be a more likely candidate for the increased homicide rates in comparison to what can be summarized as ” I do not feel safe because a lot of guns have been sold”.

      I do not know how to embed a picture here or I would share the Graph from the CDCs data lat shows the timeline.

      • Would you care to comment on why homicides increased? You think it could have to do with the break down in respect for authority, law and the family unit? It sure wasn’t due to guns doing something, being they are inanimate objects.

    • There is no truth in this article! This is just made up propaganda. Guns are used defensively more than 2,000,000 times a year. Most of the time it is not necessary to fire the gun. Just produce it and that usually is the end of the situation. It sounds as if they are trying to protect the criminal in this bogus article.

      • In my one episode I didn’t even have to display the gun which I didn’t have on my belt. I merely reached around behind me as if I had a gun in the small of my back while I bellowed at the trio not to approach. That caused them to skid to a halt and say that they just wanted a light for their cigarettes. I kept my hand there until in my vehicle. They slinked back to the wall they had been holding up. If they thought I was reaching for a weapon when I was just massaging a sudden crik in my back, that was their mistake.

  2. Having a computer keyboard and an internet outlet doesn’t make you smarter, it just shows how big of an idiot you are.

  3. And a 5′ 100lb woman SHOULD be just as if not more dangerous than her 6’5″ 250lb male attacker. Leftists always make the best arguments for gun ownership unintentionally and unironically. TWO WORDS FOR THE LIMP NOODLES IN THE BACK: FORCE. EQUALIZATION.

  4. I want to hear his views on owning a bath tub or driving a car. I bet he totally freaks out anytime a doctor say he needs a Procedure!

  5. And a 5′ 100lb woman SHOULD be just as if not more dangerous than her 6’5″ 250lb male attacker. Leftists always make the best arguments for gun ownership unintentionally and unironically.

  6. Pansy. being murdered doesn’t make you safer either. I guess those women stabbed on the Vegas strip would have been stupid to be “fearful” enough to have been armed.

    • Straight from the article:
      “You solved things with your fists, or your wits, or your feet if you had to. You took your lumps. Or gave them. In the end everybody got to go home.”

      If only those girls had listened to this genius. He said everybody gets to go home. Apparently they didn’t give enough lumps.

      • I notice that most of the people that make this argument tend towards the shut up and do what we tell you crowd and are more angry they have to worry about their violence towards unpopular opinions being answered effectively.

  7. The main reason why murder rate is rising because the cops can’t do their jobs and politician AGs are screwing enforcement of laws. No cash bond is the icing on the sh!t pie.

    • It is kind of amusing how “empty the jails” doesn’t really seem to get any air time in his story now isn’t it?

        • Somehow, not surprised in the least.

          Truth is racist. Indeed what isn’t, in ‘The World According to’ those rocket surgeon’s?

    • All one has to do is look at the level of violent crime and murder in the 90’s. Then notice how it goes down as gun ownership increases over the following years. They aren’t related unless they’re inversely related. These people are great at ignoring relevant data.

      • If anyone is looking at those nationwide statistics, notice how the murder rate went up in 2014. That’s the Ferguson effect. Obama and Democrats did that. Then the BLM Cultural Revolution came along in 2020. Now murder is up again. They have to blame inanimate objects and lawful gun owners. Otherwise, they’d have to own up to what they pushed on us. They brought this. They encouraged it. That’s why the white supremacist talk is so loud. They have to distract from the truth, just like they distracted the occupy Wall Street movement with identity politics. Eric Holder is a friend to the financial sector.

  8. Yes, I agree that in my normal, day to day travels, I AM more dangerous- To anyone that would try to do harm to me or my sphere of influence. To no one else…

    BTW- I would’ve rather replied to the article at its site but no option was available there…

  9. John Archibald has it all wrong. These past two years we have been entering a period of lower sun spot activity. Correspondingly, the murder rate has gone up. It is a very simple equation: fewer sunspots, more murders.

    It really is a serious intellectual error, the way Archibald mis-uses statistics.

      • Geoff, how long have you been a ham? I’ve been licensed for 65 years. I am extra class and been on several dxpeditions. Current prefix W5 Ex; KR6, KG6, J79,VK9.

        • Been ‘playing radio’ since the mid-1970s.

          Back then was a ‘freebander’ running an FT-101EE, talking all over the planet…

  10. “Carrying a Gun Doesn’t Make You Safer, It Makes You More Dangerous”

    Isn’t that the point in the first place? Owning a gun won’t stop thugs from being thugs, but it will provide consequences to their thuggery. A couple leaky holes will give them pause to reconsider their path in life. That is unless they are DRT

  11. ‘Whether that’s because of the pandemic or the spike in gun sales is unclear.’ 😂😂😂

    • I’ve lost count of how many propaganda pieces I’ve seen saying that. The pandemic was and still is perfect for those liars. They also say more black people are buying guns because they’re worried about white supremacists.

      • The pandemic didn’t cause a spike in crime, but the idiotic lockdowns did.

        They brought out ‘white supremacist’ when they figured out that nobody paid any attention to them calling people ‘racist’ anymore. They’re wearing out ‘white supremacist’ pretty fast. It will be interesting what smear they’ll come out with next.

        • I’ve been hearing Christian nationalist being thrown in with the other slurs. I never heard it before this year. It works for them since they despise national pride and Christians. It’s easier to destroy something that people are taught to hate.

        • Well technically they called Larry Elder the ‘Black face of white supremacy’. Although I would think that would entail being a white supremacist himself.

  12. So gun sales have been surging since 2001 and the homicide rate only recently spiked but it’s still lower than before the gun sales started surging because more guns cause more homicides. How does that work?

  13. I don’t carry a gun out of fear, to be cool or even to be dangerous I carry as I have for the greater part of my 73 years on this planet to ensure that I am at least able to compete on a level playing field if I’m confronted by an individual with a gun or I’m in a situation where I am facing superior numbers. That is NOT fear, no one can do anything to me that has not already been done but I will take every measure possible to ensure my survival, I already participate in several high-risk endeavors including riding a motorcycle alone in the middle of the night (in the middle of nowhere) but being stupid and allowing myself to become a victim or a statistic is not one of them.

  14. The increase in murders is offset by the increase in crimes stopped and deterred by citizens with firearms. The increase in crimes including murder is due to Democrat support of loosened prosecution and penalties and influxes of illegals.

  15. With a name like Archibald, he expects anyone to take him seriously? Come on now, do the people who named him even take him seriously?

    Murder rates. I read an article way back, perhaps by John Locke, tracking murder rates. The long and short of it, no one understands why murder rates rise and fall. Politicians will take credit for a decrease, while at the same time, 3 states away, politicians passed the same or very similar laws, and saw an increase in murder rates. No one knows, no one understands why the rate increases, and declines.

    One thing I’m sure of: Murder rates don’t increase just because there are more guns available. If that were so, the military would be reporting hundreds of murders per hundred thousand.

    Idiots can’t see the obvious, so they try to find simple explanations that fit their agenda.

  16. Fear is a perfectly natural reaction to the on going total collapse of society in the big cities. They are places where criminals are now allowed to hunt freely among the innocent with no penalty other then if victims fight back.

    Vigilante justice is also back on the rise and it should be. If the government is going to just let criminals go after crimes then people have every right to take matters into their own hands.

  17. Your conduct, how you dress, how you act in public, sends a message. Much like in the animal world, there is prey and then others you just don’t fuck with. I always carry concealed. I have only one encounter with a slightly intoxicated asshole who wanted to start something. Start with Eye contact, Stern voice: I remembered a phrase from an old movie, “Hey Spot, You seem pretty tough with your friends here, but in my world you are about as concerning as a cloudy day, but you fuck with me, the next 20 seconds of drunken courage will change the rest of your life”. I then walked away. He stood there not knowing what to do.

    Do a small experiment, next time you are in a public place, a Mall, Farmers market etc, take a seat and start watching people. It will become very apparent who the victims are, who are the Wolves and a few who you never want to mess with.

    • Carry yourself with confidence, don’t “shuffle” around staring at the ground and look people in the eye. If you look and act like a victim, eventually you WILL be one.


    THE TRUTH IS…The people of Alabama got tired of Sheriffs making them pay for a God given right…The Sherrifs claimed the admin cost and “overtime” of background checks was what they were trying to recuperate…The truth is the sheriffs could do what ever they wanted to with the windfall profits…One Sherriff even bought a rental house in Orange beach, with his proceeds and left over inmate food funds, from the Feds…There was no ethics charges applicable for doing so…All officers that performed the background checks were going to get paid regardless (they were on duty!)…The equipment used for the checks was supplied by grants and taxpayers…The only thing a permit applicant should have been charged for was a laminate card ($1)….WHY SHOULD ANYONE HAVE TO PAY A SHERRIFF ANYTHING FOR MERE PERMISSION TO CARRY A GUN…WHY SHOULD ANYONE HAVE TO AGREE TO “HIS RULES” (listed on the permit) TO CARRY A GUN STATEWIDE…And by the way, you can still pay to have one, if you choose to give your money away…

    • 24and7.
      The 1 and only reason I will continue to purchase a permit is because I cross state lines and would like to be legal for CC in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, etc.
      Just wish a CC permit was legal nation wide as a DL.
      I carry a side arm for the same basic reasons I keep a fire extinguisher and a trauma kit/first aid kit in my vehicle. Should the worst happen, I have the tools needed to handle the situation until the professionals can be summoned and arrive.
      As for being more dangerous because I carry a side arm… Well. in 1 sense, I suppose that is true. In theory, I am more dangerous if armed with a firearm than without.
      But, in my case, it’s ” Don’t start nuthin, and there won’t be nuthin'”

  19. Of course, a hoplophobe would believe that law abiding gun owners are dangerous but feral animals who prowl the streets seeking out prey are of no concern whatsoever.

    This type of ignorance is the price we all pay for fifty years of communist education and indoctrination.

    • fifty years of communist education and indoctrination.

      Actually, started in the 40s (maybe even mid to late 30s) when future educators were turned and once they were in place the snowball effect took over (think the hippy movement of the 60s)… 75 years plus of Communist (Democrat) indoctrination.

  20. I do not go about everyday being afraid and I carry almost everywhere I go. I have never had to remove my firearm for use in a safety situation while carrying. I am 76 years old and feel very confident of being able to defend myself and others if need be. I don’t view myself as being more dangerous because I carry a firearm. I am a law-abiding citizen. I know the rules of engagement in my state of Colorado, and I have never had a firearm incident in over 50 years of being around firearms. How people feel and act is not determined by homicide statistics.

  21. Carrying a gun does BOTH make a person safer AND more dangerous. Atleast when it’s someone doing so for defense of life. If the criminal sees me as dangerous enough to not bother me then the gun I carry has done it’s job. So I NEED to be considered dangerous. Otherwise there is no point. This whole ‘armed and dangerous’ concept is in itself a conflated idea we get from Hollywood and law enforcement. I always thought that was kinda funny since the cops are ALSO armed and dangerous.

    The spike in murder rates had NOTHING to do with the pandemic OR gun sales. gun sales went up BECAUSE murder rates went up. The pandemic created a perfect medium for all this chaos and it has yet to be proven that it wasn’t done on purpose just TO do that very thing.

    Murder rates went up because there was no longer any negative consequence for it. It wasn’t even confined to 2020 either, it’s still going on. This is the result of letting criminals out of their cages and low to no bonds. Killers are allowed to kill without fear of incarceration. This is there because of liberal leftist judges. It isn’t about high gun sales or the pandemic. It’s society paying a price for voting Democrat and it’s a very big price.

    The spike in gun sales is due to the Democrat left doing everything they possibly can to spread fear. They spent the last three years making everyone they can scared to death. It will get even worse if we don’t vote them put. What we have is the inmates running the asylum. We have Washington Democrats like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and others drunk with power and they don’t care who or what stands in their way. The longer they have the levers of power, the more people are going to die. We are way to close to the brink of war as it is.

  22. Hmm…a person in a gunfight without a gun is…a target? Guess that works for the Left since 98% of their future plans will only work with a lot fewer people on the planet…

  23. A widely cited 1984 study by the University of Chicago found that while only seven percent of armed robbery victims resisted against their attackers, those seven percent accounted for 51 percent of all deaths resulting from armed robberies according to The New York Times.

    The last two weeks have seen Hyattsville city police respond to two attempted armed robberies in which the victims fought back against their attackers.

    The first, from July 8, saw a man wrestle a gun away from his attacker, gain control of the gun and shoot at his attackers. Police, with the gun and the wallet of the suspected robbers left behind at the scene, were able to quickly arrest two suspects in that incident.

    Then, over the weekend, a man was shot twice in the stomach as he resisted an attempted armed robbery in his car. The investigation into that incident is ongoing.

    But is it wise to resist an armed robber? These two recent armed robberies highlight the danger involved in fighting back against a criminal armed with a gun.

    “We never recommend that people challenge or fight back when faced with the threat of being a victim of a robbery,” said Hyattsville City Chief of Police Doug Holland in an interview after the July 8 armed robbery. “Property can be recovered, lives cannot be recovered, but it’s an individual choice.”

    • Why is it the only places you can “find” information is from leftist pro-gun control sources, oh yeah, that’s the only place you can get like-minded morons to back up your ignorance..

      Estimates over the number of defensive gun uses vary wildly, depending on the study’s definition of a defensive gun use, survey design, country, population, criteria, time-period studied, and other factors. Low-end estimates are in the range of 55,000 to 80,000 incidents per year, while high end estimates reach 4.7 million per year.

      Anyone can “find” the numbers THEY need to “prove” their TRUTH… So yeah, go ahead and try again I enjoy you putting your biased ignorance (or is it stupidity?) on full display.

      • MAD MAN MAX

        Even a retarded penguin would realize that when you are robbed most of the time you have no idea it’s coming. The Robber may even be wearing body armor and of course you will not be. When you have a gun in your face even a retard would know your chances of pulling your gun and shooting first is slim to none. And for what?? So you can save a few pennies in your wallet. The stingy, cheap, selfish and viscous Far Right would scream “I would rather be dead than lose a penny”. I urge them to do that because their will be less of these people to vote in the next election.

        • dacian the Dunderhead. 99.9999% of robbery perps don’t have the money to go out and purchase a set of body armor. If a perp has a gun pointed in your face, there are many ways to disarm the perp and to gain an advantage. Unless you are train to do so I would not advise it but wait for an opportunity to take the initiative when the perp attempts escape. But it requires some degree of training. Psst! Wallets don’t contain pennies. You make it sound like a robbery victim is contributing to the perp when you say “stingy, cheap.” You need some help, desperately.

        • “Even a retarded penguin would realize that when you are robbed most of the time you have no idea it’s coming”

          Factually incorrect.

        • …when you are robbed most of the time you have no idea it’s coming.

          Not exactly true. A convenient store clerk’s knows when a car screeches up to the store and some ski mask guys hop out with guns in hand, that it’s time for him to grab his gun and get away if he can, or seek cover and get ready to start shooting. Most the time, once the robbers hear gun shots, the flee like cockroaches with the light turned on. Once their life is on the line, they want a softer target. Not a armed convenient store clerk behind cover ready to trade bullets. No sir-ee.

          The Robber may even be wearing body armor and of course you will not be.

          the robber pretty much never wears body armor. You’ve been watching too many movies.

          When you have a gun in your face even a retard would know your chances of pulling your gun and shooting first is slim to none. And for what?? So you can save a few pennies in your wallet.

          No. It’s to save your life. The problem with the left, is sometimes they think everyone is inherently good, and deep down, inherently good, and circumstance just happened to get in the way. It’s wrong. There are monsters out there. And they will kill you. Being prepared, for whatever the case, generally helps your odds, not hurts them, as dacian here apparently thinks. If you keep a fire exstinguisher in your home or work place, then it’s extremely helpful to keep a fire from getting out of control. Same with robbers/murderers. If you are a hard target, you are less of an interest to them.

        • you have no idea it’s coming. The Robber may even be wearing body armor… “I would rather be dead than lose a penny”…

          So just because YOU do not understand the meaning of “situational awareness” does not mean everyone walks around with their head up their ass. I carry a 10mm Glock which is capable of defeating all but the highest levels of body armor or finding a major artery in the leg or arm and body armor does NOT cover the groin, neck or head fuck with me and find out just how good your cheap ass body armor works. Bitch gets my wallet he walks away with debit card access to about 30 grand, 60 thousand in credit cards, VA ID (which is actually my SS#) DL with birth date and address and Concealed Carry License… Maybe all you have to carry around in your pockets is a few pennies, but I like to be prepared if I come across a good deal or something I really want. Gotta suck to be an alleged “super intellect” idiot. dacyboy, the walking talking victim wanna-be.

        • Dacian, if you ever left your mom’s basement, err Revolution Command Central, what would be be your response in such a confrontation other than an involuntary bowel movement?

          Happily provide the “reparations” demanded by the unfortunate underdeprived person?

        • You need some help, desperately.

          You can’t fix stupid… You can educate ignorance but stupid is as stupid does…

        • All defensive gun events don’t occur around or relative to robberies. Simplifying the psychology and actions of thugs is a recipe for disaster.

        • @dacian,

          “Even a retarded penguin would realize that when you are robbed most of the time you have no idea it’s coming.”

          Not true.

          Excluding home invasions, in over 87% of robberies victims report they ‘saw it coming’ or ‘expected’ it based upon the perpetrators pre-attack actions. In home invasions, around 90% of the victims report they knew it was happening from the noise being made to break in.

          “When you have a gun in your face even a retard would know your chances of pulling your gun and shooting first is slim to none.”

          Not true.

          According to Kleck’s “Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America” – the leading authority on the subject of compliance and referenced by the DOJ:

          1. Any form of resistance, except with firearm, carries with it an injury rate of 52%.

          2. Resistance with a firearm carried with it the risk of injury of 17%, but use of a firearm early in an encounter carries with it a risk of injury of 6%.

          Overall, in Kleck, you have a minimum of a 25% chance of being injured if you comply, but you are 4 time less likely to be injured if you have your firearm and are prepared to use it.

          Take away here summary: compliance may still result in injury (which includes death), resistance without a firearm carries a 52% chance of injury (which includes death), resistance with a firearm lowers chance of injury (which includes death) to 17%, resistance with a firearm early in the encounter further lowers risk of injury (which includes death) to 6%

          If you are armed are you willing to gamble that you are not in the 25%?
          if you are not armed are you willing to gamble that you are not in the 52%?

          Compliance or not, resistance or not – is not a decision one needs to make. The answer is already provided, non-compliance via firearms resistance offers the best chance of less injury. But if you want, you can roll the dice and take the chance of being a good-n-dead witness.

          (Note: Kleck is the only researcher to date to have actually included the number one most important and determinate factor in DGU, that being causality. Its is purposely excluded in every one of the false/debunked study’s you rely on and keep ‘copy-n-pasting’ posting over and over again and the reason its excluded is because it gives the real picture that does not match the impression those false and debunked studies want to portray. What is presented by Kleck is continually substantiated by millions of real world examples annually. Even my own personal experience, and the experience of others here and thousands more in the gun community, an that of thousands of law enforcement and military members substantiate Kleck.)

          “And for what?? So you can save a few pennies in your wallet.”

          For what? To save you from serious harm or death, that’s what. Over 76% of robbery perpetrators either plan to or do or prepare to intentionally harm their victims even if the victim complies, and assault perpetrators well it is an assault so maybe you don’t know what the word assault means. Until we get to the point where we have evolved enough to read minds, there is no way to predict when a victim will be harmed or not, you can’t say “oh, if you just give them your wallet or what they want you will not be harmed”.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, for every time a person who resisted was seriously injured or killed, I can show you 20 where the perpetrator was either apprehended at the scene, injured or killed by the citizen using his firearm in self defense.
      Your University of Chicago study is cherry picked to prove a point it cannot even make.
      Try again, with something that is useful. Not nonsense.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. The hell it is. I have personally read hundreds if not thousands of articles relating where a good guy with a gun overcame the bad guy. That’s right, Dunderhead, HUNDREDS. I get emails all the time about such incidents.
          You have cited that “University Survey” on numerous times and yet you have not produced it. Is it a secret report that only you have access to?
          Apparently you are living in a cacoon where you don’t see news, etc?

    • A widely cited 1984 study by the University of Chicago found that while only seven percent of armed robbery victims resisted against their attackers, those seven percent accounted for 51 percent of all deaths resulting from armed robberies according to The New York Times.

      There is a logical problem with your statement. If by chance the robber violently attacks their victims, then obviously most of those people will resist their attackers, and a large portion of them (especially unarmed ones) would account for the deaths. Your statement doesn’t elaborate on who started the violence, the armed robbery victim or the robber. And that part matters, tremendously. Because if the robbery victim believes they are going to die, they are more likely to resist. And so causality is shifted not from “doing what the robber says” but to “if the robber starts violently attacking you.” And that is the problem with studies like these. They leave the important part out, and replace it with their agenda.

      Also, why you are no longer believable here in this forum. Nobody here believes you. At all.

      But is it wise to resist an armed robber? These two recent armed robberies highlight the danger involved in fighting back against a criminal armed with a gun

      For the sake of society, it is always wise to resist the armed robber. Most of the time, the reason for the robbery, is because it is a soft/easy target. If every robbery resulted in a robber taking a dirt nap in a pool of blood, there would be no robberies. Every citizen would know the probability of the result. But these days, democrats are really soft on crime. Their constituency, are inner city criminals, who vote. And so majors are milksop on crime. DAs are milquetoast heroes of criminals, having criminals immediately released from jail, with zero bond needed. This is the left. These are the democrats. The party of the oppressed, downtrodden, and that also includes, unfortunately, sometimes criminals.

      • Today the criminal is highly likely to injure or even kill you “just because”. Dacian follows the thinking criminals only want your money and are rational and logical. With many addicted to stimulants and intoxicants, they not as rational and logical as lil’d thinks.

  24. Great, another idiot who believes that if there were no guns we would have peace and harmony. Like all of his ilk, he equates a lack of firearms with a lack of violence. Somehow he has come to the delusional belief that guns cause the violence, likely because he cannot accept that violence is caused by violent criminals and that they belong in jail where their bad behavior is limited to being inflicted on others of their own kind.

    Good people being armed is part of the promise of America; because bad people and would be tyrants will always be among us.

  25. “In 2020 the national murder rate rose. Whether that’s because of the pandemic or the spike in gun sales is unclear. ”

    Or maaaaaybe it could be something else. It MIGHT be something like, oh I don’t know, riots, pull back of police to avoid prosecution, no bail laws, prosecutors not prosecuting crime…

    But you’re probably right, it’s either guns or pandemic. Can’t be anything else.

  26. Funny thing, swap out gun/s and replace it with COVID it could be the same argument in the proper context.

  27. “In 2020 the national murder rate rose. Whether that’s because of the pandemic or the spike in gun sales is unclear”

    As if the pandemic or gun sales are the ONLY possible explanations. Hmm, what else happened about that time? Oh ya, defund the police, pushed by lefties, like the author and Democrat politicians alike was all the rage. Who could have guessed, after years of vilifying LEO’s as a whole by MSM and Democrats, taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of police budgets, record amounts of LEO’s retiring or just leaving the profession would increase murder rates across the country? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    • Give a grocer money, he will expand his operation. Criminals do the same thing.

      The effect of the stimulus check was not all good, and is in those stats

  28. Yes.

    I am confused, is this a contentious point he thinks he’s made? Or is the implication that it’s somehow a bad thing?

  29. Yet another bozo who seems to use no reason or logic and talks out of whatever rage or hatred he has to insinuate legal gun owners are all murderers waiting to happen. In the tre happenstance I encounter a criminal shooter and I am armed (open or concealed) am I safer? If I’m smart and look for cover before I engage. Am I tougher? Compared to being unarmed? Hell, yeah! Am I more dangerous? Only to the bad guy, John Archibald, only to the bad guy. If you cannot or will not understand that simple reason and logic, then you only screaming into the wind with no solutions to the problems, and no help whatever. If you can’t be helpful, just shut up and go mow your lawn.

  30. Who is John Archibald? Sounds like another dacian on this site. Whoever he is he obviously doesn’t know what he is talking about. We do not fear any man, the only fear anyone should have is the fear of GOD then maybe our country would not be so messed up.

  31. The best defense is a good offense.
    So Archibald, I don’t care what you think, say or do. Your observations are nothing more than meaningless and trivial cogitations.

  32. Men must be dangerous and capable of violence, or they are not men. Gentlemen are ones who are restrained and respectful and do not bring violence to bear except when truly needed.

    Likewise momma bears can be very dangerous. That’s part of being a momma.

    Some people have a religious belief against all violence, which is fine if they wish to believe that. It’s their right.

    Some people have been brow beaten with the fear induced by political correctness to not even consider all the aspects of personal/family defense.

    Many people have never been taught about basic situational awareness or not giving off signals that they are an easy target.

    The goal of all is to not be a victim of crime, or at least not a dead victim of crime. Not all methods of avoidance are equal. And not all methods when faced with imminent harm are equal.

  33. MADDMAXX October 10, 2022 At 08:10
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    A shooting erupted outside the Long Island home of Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) on Sunday afternoon.

    Stuff is WAY out of control and ANYONE who is not willing (or able) to defend themselves has been declared fair game for every deranged animal in the country. The choices are clear, victim or victor? These animals need to be put down like any other danger to society. Walk with your head up and your eyes OPEN or spend the rest of your life hiding in your mother’s basement spouting BS from useless, antiquated 40-year-old obscure surveys, articles no one else has read, or stuff you just made up that everyone sees as BS immediately. Wonder what ol Archibald (or dacyboy) would say/do if this crap happened on their doorstep.

    I guess “algorithm” wants what the algorithm wants…

  34. Well Mr. Archibald, having a brain and the ability to type on a computer and regurgitate statistics, doesn’t mean you have any ability at Logic and Reason.

    You just proved that.

  35. What this simpleton doesn’t realize is that 99% of gun owners and carriers are law-abiding citizens who only use a gun in self-defense and not waving it around on the street corner. A woman getting into her car after work or a waitress walking home at night must be able to carry for their own protection. They do not threaten anyone but if they just show it to a possible, not point it, the chances of them getting away unharmed are much better than pulling out a spray gun. In your home with an invasion imminent which is better a gun in your hand or a phone? When you look at statistics without seeing the circumstances, then you are prone to making dumb statements as he made here.

  36. The Same CDC WISQARS Data Set indicate 41,000 Motor Vehicle Traffic Related Deaths and nearly 10,500 drowning and 46,000 suicides in 2020. One could characterize Vehicles, Beaches, Pools (both public and private), and poor mental health as too dangerous to be in the hand of regular citizens. With a 2020 death toll of 97,000 we should all be walking or biking, closing all pools and beaches and forcing mental health services and mental health screening

  37. My first DGU was at age 12. I’ll pass on this fraudulent Freud and anything he says, thinks, or believes. Another trashbag Maoist trying to talk people into complete slavery.


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