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The glamour and influence of Hollywood just ain’t what it used to be. That explains why Brady United for Gun Control’s recent announcement that they’re bringing on Hollywood executives and producers to help sell gun control makes perfect sense.

Americans don’t want to be lectured to by out-of-touch actors who make millions and live in safe, gated communities and are protected by armed bodyguards. They don’t care what they think. They’re tired of paying good money to have “woke” movie directors bludgeon them with progressive politics in a movie theater.

The gun control industry, in the same light, continues to push an agenda that Americans aren’t buying. Recent history and polling has shown law-abiding Americans are fed up with the defund-the-police and soft-on-crime policies imposed on them in America’s biggest cities, including Los Angeles and Hollywood. Instead of remaining victims to politicians taking away their rights and letting criminals run the show, they’re taking personal safety into their own hands by embracing their Second Amendment rights.

With their announcement, Brady is joining other national gun control groups in trying to sell Americans on giving up more of their rights. That agenda isn’t an award-winning one.

In The Tank

The viewership numbers of the various yearly Hollywood awards shows are in the dumps. Recently, the Academy Awards, or Oscars, had just 10.1 million viewers, a plunge of more than 55 percent from the year prior. Anyone recall the 2020 Ricky Gervais monologue? (Disclosure: not safe for workplace viewing.) “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a political platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything,” Gervaise chastised the live audience of actors and entertainment industry suits.

The feeling is similar among Americans who see gun control groups lecture them about community safety, endorse and support prosecutors and elected officials who go soft on criminals and then work to deny law-abiding Americans from taking lawful steps to protect themselves and their families. No amount of Hollywood dress up will help.

Brady announced the addition of three big names to help them sell more gun control. In a release, the gun control group touted the hires, saying they will “bolster efforts and cultivate new relationships in the entertainment industry.” The goal is to “ignite a movement among culture leaders and creators to spark positive norm and behavior change and reshape America’s relationship with guns.”

America’s relationship with guns certainly has changed dramatically over the past three years, too. So much so that Americans have lawfully purchased more than 1 million firearms every month for 50 straight months. This historic stretch includes large percentages of women gun buyers, minority gun buyers and first-time gun buyers, making the gun owning community the most diverse ever.

Deep Gun Control Ties

Joining the Brady gun control outfit are Christy Callahan, a former motion picture creative executive and TV writer; Jared Milrad, an “award-winning filmmaker, actor, entrepreneur and advocate for inclusion and social impact in entertainment”; and Matt Littman, who is leaving his position at the gun control group 97 percent. Previously he served as then-Sen. Joe Biden’s chief speechwriter and is currently a senior advisor to President Biden’s reelection campaign.

President Biden, of course, continues to repeat lies about the firearm industry in his speeches and public appearances calling for more gun control.

Alec Baldwin Rust Movie Shooting

Callahan helped spearhead an “open letter” that was signed by more than 200 Hollywood writers, producers and actors. The letter demonstrated how one-sided the effort is.

“Guns are prominently featured in TV and movies in every corner of the globe, but only America has a gun violence epidemic. The responsibility lies with lax gun laws supported by those politicians more afraid of losing power than saving lives,” the letter reads. Among other goals, the letter states the signatories support “Limiting scenes that include children and guns, bearing in mind that guns are now the leading cause of death for children and adolescents.”

The false statistic is repeated often by gun control groups, as well as President Biden, who knowingly ignore that a majority of the deaths included involve criminal firearm violence committed by persons aged 18 and 19 who are legal adults. I wonder how many acting gigs these signatories have turned down because they depicted and glorified the misuse of gun violence. Let’s see them put their money where their mouth is.

Leading Real Change

The firearm industry supports safe and responsible gun ownership and has a proven track record of making a positive impact. NSSF’s Real Solutions. Safer Communities. campaign has helped reduce unintentional firearm deaths to record low numbers since data was first tracked in 1903. That includes supporting safe and secure firearm storage in the home and not in use. Through that effort, Project ChildSafe has distributed more than 40 million free firearm safety kits, including locking devices, through partnerships with over 15,000 law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and five U.S. territories. The campaign has been recognized by the National Safety Council’s Green Cross Awards and the Government Accountability Office for its efficacy in reducing the criminal and negligent misuse of firearms through voluntary safe storage.

Additionally, NSSF’s Operation Secure Store and Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaigns work with firearm retailers to provide educational resources and services to better secure their inventory and reduce robberies and burglaries and remind the public it is a serious crime to lie on the federal background check form to buy a firearm for someone else who cannot do so on their own. ATF data from this year confirms once again these programs help make communities safer.

Hollywood elites continue to ignore the real crime problems plaguing America’s cities. Gun control groups are no better and continue to advocate for policies that limit rights and leave law-abiding Americans less safe. Hollywood and gun control working together won’t change anything.

Instead, the firearm industry will continue doing the hard work on safety initiatives that actually do make communities safer, all while protecting rights – not eliminating them.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. hollywood sells guns. john wick. Any action, adventure movie. hollywood provides billions in free advertising to the gun industry.

    Throw in the video game industry and guns sell themselves. How desperate are these fascists to get our guns that they would team with hollywood?


    • Jewish film makers like Steven Spielberg have been putting gun control in his films forever. It was only during the LA riots in the 1990s. When he changed. Because actor Charlton Heston refused to lend him his guns. Because of his anti-civil rights position.

      He told Spielberg he had to wait 10 days. Before he could get any guns from him.

      But Spielberg is not 2A. But does he like HIS GUNS now. But he has never done a progun section in any of his films. Not for an ordinary civilian. Indiana Jones does not count.

      • btw
        Charlton Heston is Jewish also. At least he learned from the holocaust. But the man who made Schindlers List, has learned nothing from the holocaust.

      • What does “Jewish” have to do with the issue? Leftish/prog may be the relevant mental defect of these Hollywierds.

        • It has a great deal to do with this issue. If you have been around on TTAG for the past 11 years? You would know it has been discussed as a topic several times.

          It was a Jewish lawmaker, and member of the board of directors for the ACLU, who co wrote the Mulford Act. The most racist modern day gun control law.
          The machine gun was written by a Jewish congressman. And there are many others.

          And I’m suppose to take a group of people seriously who complain about the holocaust. And at the same time they support only the government having guns???

  2. They decry our rights but make millions off of movies that depict gun violence and criminal use of firearms. I can remember walking through video rental stores and noticing how almost every cover depicted a firearm in it. They are hypocrites and I refuse to watch their garbage. I don’t watch tv. Don’t go to movies. And I will never comply.

  3. Fine let the Brady/Bloomberg traitors spend their money on these morons. We’ll just ignore them too.

  4. The world is dividing acutely. There are realists and then there are idealists that have no investment in the country or themselves. The latter just follows even more out of touch influencers.

    The country needs war and a draft to restore order.

      • I actually agree we should have a draft. A draft would make it much harder, for the Democrats to have their wars. Right Now its much easier to send conservative volunteers, who make up the majority of military volunteers, to send them to die in the Democrats wars.

        • LOL hence the good luck, even before the issues of viable candidate’s (even after vietnam tier standards) there is the second and third order effects that would cripple the powerbase of both Democrats as well as Neoconservatives (I don’t see a difference but some insist there is).

    • Sure, that draft will go about as well as these dotards in the article getting “Drill Rappers” to be anti-gun. Drafting, old guys would probably yield more troops and get better results in the field. Something tells me we’d be meaner, lol.

      • Funny you should mention that I have been hearing quite a bit about how despite being 10-25 years older the millennial generation likely has a higher percentage of service eligible (lack of criminal record, psych issues, crippling obesity etc) candidates. Not that drafting a large portion of the established work force would have disruptive effects on anything.

  5. Get woke and go broke.

    Disney’s not-so-secret gay agenda has cost them billions with movies and TV shows tanking, theme park attendance at record lows, and a stock price at it’s lowest in over 30 years.

    • Actually, a quick check of any stock historical chart shows that today’s closing price is the same as back in April 2014, so not quite 30 years. But yes, Disney has knowingly set back their investors an entire decade, down a whopping -60% from their ATH of $203 only 2-1/2 years ago, which should be grounds for a massive lawsuit for dereliction of fiduciary duty to their stockholders.

      I say go for it. Sue the bejeebeez out of Disney for playing with their investors’ funds to push the elites’ perverted ideas out to little kids. Grooming.

  6. Hollywood . . . a group of people who parrot words written by others, and emote in a way directed by others; all while a camera happens to be pointed in their general vicinity. Not all that different from politicians. Until we, as a society, make better choices on who we decide to be our alternative royal family . . . things will not improve until the bad times come. Or, SMOD.

  7. So let me see if I understand this. Holloyweird, those who peddle extreme violence using guns, and who believe the are so important that they are protected by guns are going to tell us WE can’t have guns?

    Did I miss anything?

  8. Besides Obama no one has sold more guns than Hollywood has. Die Hard alone sold me on guns for the rest of my life.

    • I’m not sure about that. Obiden has surely sold more guns than Obama? How many consecutive months – 48 I think – have there been more than a million background checks? Maybe I need to split that sales record between Covid and Obiden.

      • Paul – the last stats I saw was FIFTY consecutive months with actual sales over 1 million per. I guess it just depends on who is publishing the data 😉
        Regardless, most agree that a large percentage are first time buyers.

  9. Eew yea, rest a 12ga on your bicep, smooth move lets see the in-action. The other photo of the biggest piece of ego in Hollywood showing all how to shoot a videographer. The irony these people are some of the biggest anti’s in the country.

    • One of the first things I say when instructing new shooters is to forget everything they know about guns from movies and TV.

  10. Yeah well I don’t take advice on anything from those inhabitants of Weinsteinwood.

  11. Nobody, no matter how cool they think they are, can sell an idea that’s lame.

    After 60 years of all the cool people and trendy marketing selling smoking cessation Obama’s kid and a growing number of gen z’s are smoking. Funny enough the endless climate doom they’ve been indoctrinated with is likely partly responsible. After all what’s the point of not smoking if we’re all gonna die next year anyway, right?

    • It really doesn’t matter who she is, she’s a product of Pervywood, likely mentally ill as are most of her “profession” and riddled with incurable STDs. Best bet is to stay away … far, far, away.

    • Someone who’s about to get a sore arm, if not a broken arm, when they fire the gun.

      The supposed instructor probably knows less than her not to pick up a flawed stance.

    • Her name’s Jennifer Lawrence, and her actual, documented-on-video belief that she was the first female action star ever tells me she has a wind tunnel between her ears.

  12. Hollywood perverts traffic children. Therefore nothing Hollywood says about anything matters. Flea droppings and sheep dip mean way more than anything or anyone in Hollywood. Learn to swim. Here’s hoping for Arizona Bay.

  13. K , I quit at defund the police because that is one thing I am 100% for. Traffic citations and parking violations.
    If Mr B shows up in Mr. C’s yard dead at 03:00 I guess Mr.B shouldn’t have b een there. If Louderenmouther Tuffguff winds up on Nancy’s floor dead as a mackerel I suppose he should have kept his mouth shut.
    Law Enforcement, maybe not the person themselves, laws help the criminals.
    Yah all need to run around with the types me n dacian do. You’ll hear it. “Without de law them mutha fckers be going crayz n sht.”
    There is a reason the law abiding are victims and the gangsters get justice.
    Along time ago the sheriff was hired because he had a gunm, argue all you want, most homesteaders were more interested in post holes then pistols. So they hired a man with a gun with honor of protecting.
    Times change.
    Give Us The Freedom To Make America (heeeyheeyeohookta’chaiyow, hoktachaioh)ironic ain’t it?
    If gangman gets to drive by then I get to drive back by with 5 times laws be damned.
    But No, I’d be a felon then.

  14. I wanna see a movie about the horrors of MRI machines. In 2022 ~130,632 reported incidents at hospitals of extremely serious injuries as a result of MRI machine ‘accidents’, around ~700 died outright during the ‘accident’, ~18,000 died later as a result of complications from the ‘accident’ and around ~70,000 permanently disabled in some manner – combination of adults and children. This part of the ~400,000 medical malpractice (collective) injuries/deaths in 2022.

    The majority of MRI ‘accidents’ (over 90%) are quietly settled by the hospital or the MRI machine manufacturer, and the victims are bound by an NDA to keep them from talking about it and they are considered and touted as ‘rare’ by the industry, but sometimes one does make the news so for example…

    • Wow I never heard about that. I’ve had two. I immediately fell asleep and slept through the entire process.

  15. Hollywood writers, producers and actors: “Lets not have guns in the movies, gotta stop gun violence. Instead, lets have the victims defenseless and the rapes and murders carried out with hands/feet, axes, knives, clubs.”

  16. Lol
    Live and die by the polls.

    I would hate to be a know nothing Actor/actress getting paid big bucks to live as a fake human.

  17. “Recent history and polling has shown law-abiding Americans are fed up with the defund-the-police and soft-on-crime policies imposed on them in America’s biggest cities, including Los Angeles and Hollywood.”

    And yet they’re still going to keep voting in and empowering the kind of people who imposed those policies in the first place, so, y’know, f**k ’em.

  18. I remember when the movie “A Quiet Place” came out, Hollywood liberals were criticizing the movie for showing the last surviving humans on Earth defending themselves from the genocidal aliens using guns.
    Like, what, were they supposed to just let the aliens destroy the entire human race? Was the little deaf girl supposed to fight the genocidal aliens bare-handed?
    They can’t “de-escalate the situation using kind words,” because the genocidal aliens in the movie killed anything that made noise (hence the title, “A Quiet Place”).

  19. In 2020 and 2021, firearms contributed to the deaths of more children ages 1-17 years in the U.S. than any other type of injury or illness. The child firearm mortality rate has doubled in the U.S. from a recent low of 1.8 deaths per 100,000 in 2013 to 3.7 in 2021.

    The United States has by far the highest rate of child and teen firearm mortality among peer nations. In no other similarly large, wealthy country are firearms in the top four causes of death for children and teens, let alone the number one cause. U.S. states with the most gun laws have lower rates of child and teen firearm deaths than states with few gun laws. But, even states with the lowest child and teen firearm deaths have rates much higher than what peer countries experience.

    Exposure and use of firearms also have implications for mental health. Research suggests that youth may experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety in response to gun violence. Specifically, survivors of firearm-related injuries, including youth survivors, may be at increased risk of mental health conditions and substance use disorders. Furthermore, gun violence disproportionately affects many children of color, particularly Black children, and children living in areas with a high concentration of poverty.

    In 2020 and 2021, firearms contributed to the deaths of more children ages 1-17 years in the U.S. than any other type of injury or illness. The child firearm mortality rate has doubled in the U.S. from a recent low of 1.8 deaths per 100,000 in 2013 to 3.7 in 2021.

    The United States has by far the highest rate of child and teen firearm mortality among peer nations. In no other similarly large, wealthy country are firearms in the top four causes of death for children and teens, let alone the number one cause. U.S. states with the most gun laws have lower rates of child and teen firearm deaths than states with few gun laws. But, even states with the lowest child and teen firearm deaths have rates much higher than what peer countries experience.

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