AP Report, Michigan Prosecutor Imply Flint Guard’s Murder Was Due to Armed Protestors at the Capitol

flint family dollar security guard shooting

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton details the shooting resulting in the death of Calvin Munerlyn during a press conference on Monday, May 4, 2020 at the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office in Flint. (Jake May /The Flint Journal via AP)

We ran a post yesterday about the murder of a security guard at a Flint, Michigan Family Dollar store that investigators suspected followed a dispute about a customer who wasn’t wearing a mask, as mandated by order of the Governor.

Yesterday, a woman, her husband and son were charged with the murder. The woman had reportedly argued with the security guard because he wouldn’t let her daughter enter the store without a mask. The two men who were charged allegedly later returned to the store and shot the guard in the back of the head, execution-style.

The woman has been arrested and police are looking for the two men.

flint family dollar security guard shooting

(Sarahbeth Maney/The Flint Journal via AP)

But what’s notable in the following Associated Press story is the implication that the shooting was a result of protestors who gathered at the capitol in Lansing last week, protesting the Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s continued COVID-19 restrictions.

The report points out that some of he protestors were (legally) armed. It then quotes Genessee County David Leyton, who drew an implied line from the Lansing protests (“the hostile tone…on television and social media that can permeate our society”) to the dead guard in Flint. This as Whitmer herself called the Michiganders who came out to oppose her policies racists.

There is, of course, zero evidence presented that the three people charged with the security guard’s murder were even aware of the protests at the capitol, let alone whether they influenced their decision to murder the guard in any way, which is highly doubtful.

This is a disgusting attempt by both the AP and the prosecutor to tar gun owners in general and particularly those who legally protested in Lansing as dangerous fringe insurrectionists whose actions are allegedly leading to acts of violence elsewhere in the state.

The AP and Leyton owe the lawful gun owners of Michigan — and anyone who has ever exercised their First Amendment right to protest their own government — an apology, though we don’t suggest any of them hold their breath waiting for one.

Here’s the AP’s full report:

By Corey Williams and Mike Householder, Associated Press

A woman, her adult son and husband have been charged in the fatal shooting of a security guard who refused to let her daughter enter a Family Dollar in Michigan because she wasn’t wearing a face mask to protect against transmission of the coronavirus.

Calvin Munerlyn was shot Friday at the store just north of downtown Flint a short time after telling Sharmel Teague’s daughter she had to leave because she lacked a mask, according to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

Teague, 45, argued with Munerlyn, 43, before leaving. Two men later came to the store.

Teague; her husband, Larry Teague, 44; and Ramonyea Bishop, 23; are charged with first-degree premeditated murder and gun charges.

Larry Teague also is charged with violating Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order mandating that all customers and employees must wear face coverings inside grocery stores, Leyton said.

Witnesses identified Bishop as the man who shot Munerlyn in the back of the head, Leyton said.

Sharmel Teague has been arrested. Police were looking for her husband and son.

No information has been released about the daughter, who has not been charged in the shooting.

“It is important that the governor’s order be respected and adhered to, and for someone to lose their life over it is beyond comprehension,” Leyton said earlier Monday in a statement.

On Thursday, gun-carrying protesters and other demonstrators rallied inside the state Capitol, calling for coronavirus-related restrictions to be lifted. Some protesters with guns — which are allowed in the statehouse — went to the Senate gallery. Some senators wore bulletproof vests.

As of Monday, Michigan has reported 43,754 confirmed COVID-19 virus cases and 4,049 deaths due to complications from the disease.

“The hostile tone that we have seen in recent days on television and in social media can permeate our society in ways we sometimes don’t fully realize or anticipate,” Leyton told reporters Monday. “Decisions like staying home when we can, wearing a mask when going to the store and staying a safe distance from those around us — these should not be political arguments. They don’t necessitate acts of defiance, and we simply cannot devolve into an us versus them mentality.”

About 150 people attended a candlelight vigil Sunday night. On Monday, a makeshift memorial was started outside the Family Dollar.

Munerlyn’s mother, Bernadett, said she wants justice for her son.

“They didn’t have to take my baby and it wasn’t that serious,” she said. “All you people just have to do is listen to the law, listen to the governor. Just stay home. If you don’t have to come out, then you wouldn’t need a mask unless you’re out getting groceries or necessities. All my baby was doing was his job working and doing his job.”

Whitmer offered her condolences.

“It is incredibly sad that in this crisis that this life was lost,” Whitmer told reporters Monday. “We are mindful of how important it is that people keep a level head, that we do the right things protecting ourselves and protecting others.”


  1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    organized protestors strapped and causing no violence at the capitol.
    disrespected murderers at the dollar store.
    direct connection.

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      The straightest line between 2 points is a convoluted path…

    2. avatar Nero "...diction, not grammar..." Wolfe says:

      They may imply a connection, but no one infers one.

      1. avatar Ryan says:

        Grab a dictionary, bud. You don’t know what those words mean.

        1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

          I think that he’s got it right.

          The sender implies and the recipient infers.

  2. avatar pwrserge says:

    Time for some “common sense” restrictions on the press. I think a 21 day waiting period prior to publications and a background check for all “journalists” every time they want to publish something seems appropriate.

    1. avatar Huntmaster says:

      They should also have to demonstrate journalistic proficiency and familiarity with the truth.

    2. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      You just don’t get it. All of those people walking around with openly displayed guns created a climate of hostility and free floating anxiety. Some of that creates social contagion that floats around and then lands on innocent people, causing them commit acts of violence. This is why we have to ban guns. //SARC//

      1. avatar PMinFl says:

        Hell, just the mere presence of a gun does that. I can’t believe that anyone could use the protesters to excuse a stupid personal dispute.

    3. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      Those journalistic restrictions are already in place in China. You’re so willing to give up your rights.

      1. avatar Rad Man says:

        IB, you may want to increase the sensitivity of your computer’s sarcasm detector.

        1. avatar Ryan says:

          Let’s be fair. It’s not like they posted “///SARC///” at the end. How are we supposed to know?

          Oh, wait…

    4. avatar sparkyinWI says:

      Seems only fair……

  3. avatar anarchyst says:

    The prosecutor should be fired and brought up on charges of dereliction of duty for blaming a murder on lawful protesters.
    At least a recall should be initiated to get him out of office.
    While we are at it, the governor needs to be recalled as well…

  4. avatar The Truth About Michigan Protesters says:

    So the protesters are racist but yet they somehow inspired Sharmel and Ramonyea to get in an argument with a security guard and kill him? You can’t have it both ways. Pick one or the other.

  5. avatar former water walker says:

    Not surpring but Flint is a good distance from Lansing. But not from a corrupt Michigan .gov and a retarded media. BTW it was far worse 100years ago during the Spanish flu(real!)pandemic. You were seen as subversive and unpatriotic if you went maskless. Like a protestor of Wilson’s bs entry in WW1. And many were imprisoned…

    1. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      Flint is 56 miles from Lansing.

      1. avatar 10x25mm says:

        The proximity of Flint to Saginaw and Bay City is more important.

        There is tremendous resistance to our BDSM curious Governor from Saginaw Bay to the north along the Lake Huron shoreline. This stretch was solidly Democratic as little as 10 years ago, but has since turned into red hot Trump country. People up that way know they have been abandoned and attacked by both parties.

  6. avatar I Haz A Question says:

    Sean Hannity was a fave of mine a dozen years ago, before he became a TV star and turned into a typical mouthpiece. He’s fallen quite a bit from his original conservative pedestal. This is what he reportedly has said about the Michigan protests. He thinks he understands the reason for the 2A, but he clearly does not:

    “Now, no one is a bigger defendant of the Second Amendment than yours truly. Everyone has the right to protest, protect themselves and try to get the country open. This, with the militia look here, and these long guns, uh… no. Show of force is dangerous. That puts our police at risk. […] No one should be attempting to intimidate officials with a show of force…”


    1. avatar GuyInWI says:

      No like liberals the conservatives need to start bringing guns when demonstrating. To make sure the other side plays by the rules, including his beloved Police.

      Ben Shapiro said something along the lines of: We believe you will follow the law, but will bring guns just to make sure. Ironically he was talking about liberals using police force to make conservatives follow laws they don’t agree with. It’s about time to reverse the tables.

      1. avatar Red says:

        Hannity went on to claim, like a FUDD, that because he personally has a pistol permit that he is the biggest 2A supporter ever. This despite the fact Hannity does almost zero pro-2nd Amendment segments on that show. Laura Ingrahm and especially Tucker Carlson actually do feature pro-2A segments.

        Hannity threw the gun community under the bus.

        Watch the end of his show when Laura Ingrahm likes to carve up Hannity like the Thanksgiving day turkey he looks so much alike. He is pathetic.

        1. avatar SouthAl says:

          He went even further and made a reference to “those Guns”, or something like that, referring to ARs I suppose. Also argued that concealed carry would have been OK.

    2. avatar Shire-man says:

      When you get down to brass tacks what is government but a show of force? Effectively calculating every policy and action by weighing the majorities tolerance potential regarding deaths of the minority.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        This demonstrates the need to balance any laws (or dictates) with the cost involved. Gov dictated all must wear masks, whether he had that authority I don’t know, seems unlikely without legislative action. But the foremost result right now is one good man dead and 3 other people whose lives are ruined forever. How could you even imagine that was a worthwhile exchange? There are a lot of such laws, if you refuse to comply, it may cost your life (as with any law) and if it cost one life every 100 years it would be too much, because the law is completely unimportant other than establishing/demonstrating total control. Like commanding masks, for example.

        1. avatar Yolbolsun says:

          You need to learn the details of this execution.

    3. avatar MADDMAXX says:

      Apparently you fail to understand the difference between “peaceful protest” and what I saw as an overt attempt at armed intimidation… The optics sucked and most likely set the pro gun movement back by years.. What was the purpose of entering guns into a disagreement with the Govs overreach of her authority.. What were they worried about? All they accomplished was giving the assholes on the other side more “proof” that pro gun people are inherently dangerous and pose a credible threat to the general public… There is a time and place for everything and this was NOT the time or place for a bunch of militia wanna-bes to show up in uniform to do nothing… What IF state cops had decided to arrest the protest leaders? Would the “American Patriots” have started a gun battle? I sincerely doubt it, it was a totally unnecessary show of force that made ALL gun owners look stupid… As for those dumb fucks that killed the security guard, I hope they get the opportunity to defend themselves against a group of armed cops and decide to fight to the death….

      1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

        I wonder if you realize that your comment demonstrates to the entire class that you don’t understand…

        1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          What my comment says is that just because you can does not mean you should and showing up in full militia regalia at a protest to get businesses open and the economy moving again does nothing to promote the message of the protesters and instead turns the story to them.. The fucking media “understands” and they took full advantage of the “intimidating, gun wielding thugs” yeaaaaa, thanks for the assist, meanwhile the real message (the purpose of the protest) Get us back to work and open up the state got lost in their noise…. Truth hurts…

        2. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Mad, Complaints such as yours are transparent attempts to remove a guaranteed right from someone because of the “visuals”. If it is a right, exercise it whenever you damn well please, without so much as a “by your leave” to onlookers. You should be ashamed. And if it were done 100,000 times a day, the media would no longer even comment.

        3. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Yeah Larry you got me, it’s been my lifes work to get all of your rights taken away, I really though I was fooling all of you more enlightened folks… Okay go ahead, run around in your tac gear, keep drawing attention to yourself and make sure the Government can identify you so they’ll know who to take out first (you know stray shot through a bedroom window in the middle of the night, ooooppss, “my bad, thought I saw a gun”) should they decide you geniuses are getting out of control… Rock on badasses….

        4. avatar Huntmaster says:

          To Max, no I don’t think you understand.

        5. avatar MrMax says:

          I think MADDMAXX makes a valid point; one that I have made in other forums previously. A sensible American citizen knows that just because you CAN exercise your right when you want also means good reasoning as to when and how to exercise that right. MADDMAXX is absolutely right; the optics on this protest suck big time because some folks wanted more attention to themselves by playing GI Joe dress-up than actually helping get the actual important message across of the protest against the stay-at-home orders. And by God, they did get lots of pictures and videos taken of them by the media and I’m sure these folks are thrilled with themselves “they got on the news”. So the media has a field day with folks tromping around as a rag-tag group of militia armed with long guns “ready for armed conflict” (yeah, right) and a select few that were outright belligerent they also undermined the cause. Recall we still have elected officials? And those elected officials are voted in by who? The voting MAJORITY? Optics do matter, good sense matters, and adult conduct matters. You can be passionate without being belligerent – and from other footage I saw, a fair number of people were. But unfortunately, their media presence was overshadowed by the prime time prima donnas.

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          MADD is correct, the childish display of their militia costumes did nothing to carry the desired message to the legislature, it actually distracted from the goal of communication.

          And he also hit upon their motivation, unconnected to claims of ‘exercising our rights’:

          “does nothing to promote the message of the protesters and instead turns the story to them”

          There you have it, their goal was to turn the story to them so they could be the center of attention, parading around in their Rambo costume with their really expensive big iron slung across their chest.

          Much more useful would’ve been a five minute phone call with your legislator, a respectful protest wearing a polo shirt and slacks or even coat and tie.

          And don’t pretend parading around like call of duty is not intimidating, many on this very forum have revealed the fact that intimidation is the very goal of the display of arms.

        7. avatar MrMax says:


        8. avatar Someone says:

          The point of open carry in these anti government-over-reach protests is two fold:
          1) to remind those in high seats who is the real boss and
          2) to keep the assembly peaceful. Seems to me it worked fine. Nobody started any, there wasn’t any – a proof that citizens can be armed and responsible.

          There’s nothing wrong with open carriers looking “full militia”, as that’s exactly what they are. You know, the thing that’s necessary for security of the free state?

          The mainstream media would call the protesters selfish racist rednecks even if they all wore tuxedos and held long stemmed roses, no “optics” lost there.

          If you can, but don’t do, how is it different from a situation where you can’t? We didn’t “do” for so long, that now some feel like we shouldn’t ever “do”. Every time we do and no one gets hurt we move towards normalization. Ask gays about their pride parades.

        9. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Someone: Seems to me it worked fine. Nobody started any, there wasn’t any

          Your argument that armed militia kept things peaceful has to be applied equally the cops in full riot gear.. I’m fairly confident that the cops were there to protect the demonstrators as well as govt property and were not under orders to assault the citizenry…. Using your premise I assume you believe that the lockdown of businesses and confinement of the people to their homes is responsible for the reduced infection rate and lower instance of fatalities… I believe nothing happened in Michigan because nothing was supposed to happen in Michigan with or without the Militias presence and I believe that the Covid 19 numbers are because it was all hyped up bullshit, Fl has tested 467,000 people only 37,500 have tested positive and of those only 1500 have died most with co-morbidity.. There is no evidence that those numbers were affected one way or the other by any action the govt did or did not take just as no evidence exists that the presence of a handful of citizens with long guns had any affect on what did or did not happen in Michigan which was more likely due to the fact that the demonstrators were for the most part peaceful..

        10. avatar LarryinTX says:

          And yet, MADD goes right on to describe murder by way of public official deception, lying about shooting someone FOR EXERCISING A RIGHT!! IOW, claiming that right already does not exist. If it happens in every state, 100,000 times a day, no one would bat an eye. We are surrendering our rights, as advocated by MADDMAXX and his ilk.

        11. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Larry, I am just a poor confused old man so perhaps you can enlighten me as to where the fuck you have been able to ascertain that I condone or as you put it promote govt sanctioned murder? Not to mention your assumption that I want you to give up your rights… I guess by your handle that you live in Tx and probably stroll around town with your high dollar AR hanging around your neck and that’s fine, that’s your right, but if I was going to start shooting up a place and someone like that was present the back of his head would feel the sting (however briefly) of my first 10 mm round… Do what you want and I’ll do what I want but if you want to accuse me of the bullshit you have just laid out then thank God for the anonymity of the internet because anyone stupid enough to say that shit to my face would be walking around with no fucking teeth, if they were able to walk at all

        12. avatar LarryinTX says:

          MADD, read your answer to ME earlier in this very thread! Allowing as how government gents were taking down our identities so they could accidentally shoot us through a window, like that was acceptable because they legally carried a gun you do not approve of. and now you’re attempting to tell me you did NOT do that? And in the process do it again? And threaten to take up the murder YOURSELF since your sensibilities are somehow offended? You need help, dude, before you do something you do not have time to regret. Like attempting to punch me in the nose. And just by the way, I do not participate in such protests, but I do recognize people’s RIGHT to do so without interference from chickenshits like yourself.

        13. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          MADD, read your answer to ME earlier in this very thread! Allowing as how government gents were taking down our identities so they could accidentally shoot us through a window, like that was acceptable because they legally carried a gun you do not approve of. and now you’re attempting to tell me you did NOT do that?

          (I said) Okay go ahead, run around in your tac gear, keep drawing attention to yourself and make sure the Government can identify you so they’ll know who to take out first (you know stray shot through a bedroom window in the middle of the night, ooooppss, “my bad, thought I saw a gun”)

          Now, LARRYINTX… Where the fuck does that (1) say that was “acceptable” if you got that from my statement you have a lot more problems… and (2) how the hell do you equate my disagreement with what a few wanna be Rambos in Mich did with my disapproval of the AR platform? Fuck that, I own Ars in 22lr, 5.56, 300 blk, 7.62 x39 and 7.62 NATO I have several spare uppers and a box full of finished 80% lowers w/enough shit to build another 20 complete lowers I also own 2 (real) AKs and more guns of various other types than most of you have ever seen much less handled.. So I guess all that remains to be said to you and any of the other comprehension challenged morons that don’t know the meaning of the word context is Go Fuck Yourselves..

      2. avatar Huntmaster says:

        I guess the police who show up, every single one with clubs, gas masks and firearms aren’t an effort to intimidate people. The Politicians never seem concerned about the message that sends. In fact that is exactly the message they are sending.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:


      3. avatar Yolbolsun says:

        You’re a fudd. Armed protesters say “ enough “. What happened in flint had no connection to Lansing. Flint was black on black crime in a high crime area, hence the security guard at the family Dollar. But fudds democrats and communist use this to push an agenda.

        1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Where the fuck did you read anything I’ve put in this post that linked Lansing and Flint… You are a reading comprehension challenged moron if you got that out of ANYTHING I’ve printed here… FYI you are not intelligent enough to even know what the hell a FUDD is… Your mommy says go clean up her basement if you expect to continue living there… fucking idiot…

        2. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Poor, misunderstood MADD, such trouble getting your message across, repeatedly, did you ever think perhaps you are not expressing yourself well? Because, unless you are a “rights for me, but none for thee” type, you most definitely are not.

    4. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      The 2nd Amendment is specifically crafted to recognized the right of an armed citizenry to defend itself against governmental tyranny. That’s it’s core purpose. When the state decides to use uniformed, tactically outfitted, police to enforce edicts that are unconstitutional—which is clearly what the governor of Michigan is doing—it is entirely right and proper for a citizenry to defend their rights through the use of comparable armed resistance.

      What is happening in Michigan isn’t about optics at all, it’s about defending liberty and freedom against tyranny. Having armed citizenry show up tactically outfitted and armed with weaponry comparable to what the police were carrying was an entirely appropriate expression of 2nd Amendment rights. The 2nd Amendment means—and should be understood by every American to mean—exactly what it says.

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        What is happening in Michigan isn’t about optics at all, it’s about defending liberty and freedom against tyranny.

        It doesn’t matter whether it’s about “optics” or not… What matters is how MSM portrays it, there was actual footage of the militias in full tac and that was accompanied by photo shop bullshit of Swastikas and Confederate flags intended to be associated with the former… What the average citizen who gets their news solely from MSDNC and Clinton News Network will only see a bunch of “jackbooted thugs” walking around with tactical gear, long guns and Nazi and Confederate flags… Optics matter intentional or not… Why give those assholes more fodder for their bullshit unnecessarily… Save it for when it means something…

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Ri-i-ght! Do that for a few years, and when you show up armed you’ll be shot on sight, since “everybody knows” you must be a criminal. There is no reason you should not be armed, everywhere, every day.

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          That’s exactly what people are being told on a daily basis and when you put yourself on display you are only adding to that narrative.. When it’s time for me to “show up” they won’t know I’m there until it’s too late… I AM armed every day and everywhere, it’s called concealed carry and only attracts attention if it becomes necessary to be unconcealed…

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          I think many of the POTG have forgotten teddy Roosevelt’s wisdom:

          “Walk softly and carry a big stick“

          I blame the fake big-time world wrestling BS, the current opiate of the American masses.

        4. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Having just been exposed as an under cover anti-constitution MSM gun grabber shill by some rocket scientist in Tx anything I have to say from this point forward would be meaningless, but yeah TR is an appropriate example I would add keep the BIG stick hidden, but there I go again…

        5. avatar Miner49er says:

          Yeah, that’s the ‘walk softly‘ part.

          But some people just gotta swagger…

        6. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          ” . . . will only see a bunch of “jackbooted thugs” walking around with tactical gear, long guns . . .”

          Well, what’s important is just who those jackbooted thugs are, isn’t it? My point and, of course, the fundamental intent behind the 2nd Amendment is that when tyrannical governments like Michigan use uniformed, armed, tactically equipped police to enforce clearly unconstitutional edicts, those “jack-booted thugs” — exactly as they were in those original 1930’s images from Germany—are the police. I fully realize just how uncomfortable it is to contemplate this, but when the police take an oath to support and protect the US constitution—and then allow themselves to act in direct contravention of people’s constitutional rights, they become government thugs.

        7. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          “jackbooted thugs” was their term, not mine, hence the quotation marks… And I guarantee you that placed in the same position as those cops and being ordered to put on your “jackboots” and participate in riot control you would do exactly what you are told to protect your own career and livelihood….

        8. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          @MADDMAXX Well, we’ve all heard the “I-was-just-obeying-orders” excuse before now haven’t we. I rest my case.

        9. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Rest all you want but you would be there right beside your cop buddies to protect YOUR ass and your job and you know it, defer, decline, deny.. You are only fooling yourself if you say anything different…

        10. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          @MADDMAXX Umm, I think you missed the historical metaphor, didn’t you?

        11. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Yeah, zoom right over my head… Oh wait, didn’t most of them wind up dead and then they got smart and started hiding their shit?

        12. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Yeah, zoom right over my head, never heard of the Nuremburg trials, or Nazi war criminals or concentration camps or that minor conflict known as WWII, Guess that knowledge belongs to you historians… But then it’s a nice try at avoiding MY point, or did you just miss it all together…

        13. avatar Someone says:

          Here we go again. What good is a big stick if no one knows you have it? Or if everyone believes you are too afraid to use it if necessary. The whole point of the stick is a deterrent (miner49er would call it intimidation) it provides.
          How long would USSR leave the western Europe alone if it didn’t see the nuclear stick NATO carries?

        14. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Well Someone…. The thing is I don’t want them to know what kind of shit I have and I’d rather they believe I’m afraid to use whatever shit I might have, that will most likely cause them to flaunt their shit revealing to me just what I’m up against and then I’ll know how much of my shit will be required to go against their shit… The thig is when I finally have to bring out my shit it’s on and there will be no turning back, so walk around with your shit hanging out all over, you might as well paint a target on your back…..

        15. avatar Garrison Hall says:

          @MADDMAXX Actually, your comments caused me to realize just how apart we are on an issue like this. There was a time when I would have made similar arguments to your own. Alas, however, that time is now long past. But, that’s OK. It just means we’re having a good discussion—something that’s a rare thing in the times in which we now live..

        16. avatar anonymous4goodreason says:

          “Rest all you want but you would be there right beside your cop buddies to protect YOUR ass and your job and you know it, defer, decline, deny.. You are only fooling yourself if you say anything different…”

          I once once pulled over by a state cop to give me a ticket for driving on the shoulder when I tried to get out of someone’s way so they could make a light when I was turning left. It so happened that they had actually set up a watch with a very high number of cars to ticket everyone doing as I did. Anyway, when the cop came back with the ticket my girl friend at the time said “you should become a cop”. My response was “I have too much self respect to be made to do something like this.” Cop was right there and couldn’t even look me in the eye after that. Bottom line, if you know you will be made to do things you that will damage your self-esteem, don’t take the job. I think it’s pretty clear in all the blue states that you will lose all of your self-respect if you take the job so just don’t join the force. Do something else.

          I know there are some current and ex-cops on here and they’ll get angry and belligerent but I really don’t care.

    5. avatar Huntmaster says:

      It absolutely wasn’t a show of force. It was a show of restraint. Not a shot was fired. In spite of provacation.

    6. avatar Basic Education says:

      We are still having the same conversation aren’t we? https://www.c-span.org/video/?65722-1/us-militia-movement

    7. avatar Red says:

      Hannity went on to claim, like a FUDD, that because he personally has a pistol permit that he is the biggest 2A supporter ever. This despite the fact Hannity does almost zero pro-2nd Amendment segments on that show. Laura Ingrahm and especially Tucker Carlson actually do feature pro-2A segments.

      Hannity threw the gun community under the bus.

      Watch the end of his show when Laura Ingrahm likes to carve up Hannity like the Thanksgiving day turkey he looks so much alike. He is pathetic.

    8. avatar Hans says:

      i haz a question, Shattity, has lost a lot of his conservative values.

      He is becoming another Michael “I mean” Medved.

  7. avatar Dude says:

    The importance of masks…

    I’m old enough to remember the “experts” telling us that surgical masks wouldn’t help us at all. They would actually make the problem worse. Then it was, yeah wear a mask, but it has to be the special surgical mask, not some homemade crap that won’t help at all. Now, the CDC is telling everyone that they should use homemade masks. If you aren’t listening to the “experts”, then you’re probably a Nazi.

    1. avatar Texican says:

      No, no, no, you misunderstand. You can only listen to the leftist “experts!” No matter how many times they contradict themselves and flat out lie. Any other thoughts or ideas are quashed vehemently.

      1. avatar Miner49er says:

        “But public health experts were quick to debunk the doctors’ findings as misguided and riddled with statistical errors — and an example of the kind of misleading information they are forced to waste precious time disputing.

        The doctors should never have assumed that the patients they tested — who came for walk-in COVID-19 tests or who sought urgent care for symptoms they experienced in the middle of a pandemic — are representative of the general population, said Dr. Carl Bergstrom, a University of Washington biologist who specializes in infectious disease modeling. He likened their extrapolations to “estimating the average height of Americans from the players on an NBA court.” And most credible studies of COVID-19 death rates are far higher than the ones the doctors presented.

        “They’ve used methods that are ludicrous to get results that are completely implausible,” Bergstrom said.”

        1. avatar Ray says:

          Methinks Mr Bergstrom is an idiot. I think people who have symptoms and go get tested would logically have higher rates of infection than the general population because they have symptoms. If anything, the point Mr Bergstrom makes reinforces the opinions of those two doctors. And the CDC has just revised the numbers of dead to 39,910.

        2. avatar Dude says:

          Here’s an idea. Let’s hear from all of the experts. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes expert opinions vary. I’m a big boy. I’d like to hear both sides of any argument, then decide for myself. I don’t need Google and Facebook to come rescue me from myself by censoring opinions.

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          Not only is your reading comprehension rather poor, you are easily taken in by conservative comedian blog posts:

          “For many conservatives, the story was too good to resist, since it combined their belief that the government had overreacted to the threat posed by the coronavirus with their distaste for and distrust of the media.

          The only problem? The story wasn’t true.

          Because the link Young sent around takes you to this page — headlined “Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease.”

          And, yes, on that page, you will see that the total number of deaths from Covid-19 is listed as 38,576. Which is a whole lot less than the 68,285 deaths being reported from coronavirus via the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

          But you only need to read the text on the page to see what explains the discrepancy. And here’s the key bit:

          “Provisional death counts are based on death certificate data received and coded by the National Center for Health Statistics as of May 4, 2020. Death counts are delayed and may differ from other published sources (see Technical Notes). Counts will be updated periodically.”

          So, the numbers that Young and others were peddling as evidence of some sort of revelation about the “real” death count were, in fact, numbers that the CDC acknowledges are weeks behind the actual mortality number.”

          And you had better brace yourself, trumps own White House virus team says the count will probably reach 134,000.

        4. avatar Ray says:

          I’m just using CDC numbers and yes they are behind and more than likely wrong. You can’t prove the numbers and estimated death rates mean nothing. Are none covid deaths being counted as covid deaths? Yes.

        5. avatar Someone says:

          So what? Every year about 2.8 millions of people in USA dies from various causes. Mostly heart disease and cancer. If this year 2.9 millions dies (some of the “covid” deaths would occur for different causes anyways) or even 3 millions, is that a rightful cause to encroach on citizen’s liberties and to ruin the country?
          Everybody dies eventually. Cowering in homes in fear of (not even very deadly) virus, while the world around decays, is not living.

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          “If this year 2.9 millions dies“

          Wow you are so right, what’s a couple hundred thousand extra dead Americans?

          Your logic is unassailable, let’s use your philosophy on other tragedies!

          So we lost only 3000 at 9/11, why did we spend trillions bombing Iraq?

          When we went into Vietnam, they had killed no Americans, why did we waste 58,000 American lives and trillions of dollars there?

        7. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          It was the easiest place to escalate quickly enough to get the suffering military-industrial complex back up and running strong… War (declared or not) is good for certain aspects of the economy and especially good for those who are heavily invested in it… Body count/bank account it’s not really that tough of a call for that small group of uber-wealthy, all they care about is the next party season in the Hamptons….

        8. avatar Ray says:

          Miner49er, Yeah going into Iraq totally was worth it, even though it cost more American lives than 9-11 and what, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives and the destabilization of the Middle East? You don’t even know how many people have actually died from the evil choronachan, considering they are counting all sorts of deaths for it. Medical “professionals” kill 250k people a year, how much to you cry about that? “Hundreds of thousands of Americans” according to models! Too bad models are always wrong eh kid?

    2. avatar strych9 says:

      That’s one of those things where the lie just catches up and they should have known it would.

      Yeah, they wanted to prevent hording of masks in case front line workers ran out. They panicked when they realized the national stockpile was depleted and never restocked. I get that.

      But, the way they said it was so transparently a lie that it killed credibility on the “mask front”. It opened the door for bullshit across a wide array of topics related to breathing PPE and caused a massive run on various forms of said PPE.

      It was a fucking stupid thing for them to do.

      1. avatar Dude says:

        Lying like that makes them no better than China. While China was lying to the world about the deadliness of the virus, they were secretly hoarding medical supplies and equipment for themselves. Then, when it inevitably hit everywhere else, the Chinese made a big deal about coming to the rescue by providing much needed supplies. Of course the American media gladly parroted the propaganda that the Chinese were so smart and efficient, while America was just a bumbling loser. It must suck to hate yourself so bad.

        1. avatar strych9 says:

          I don’t disagree.

          Even if there is an argument for the “white lie” it’s overshadowed entirely by the credibility argument. People will forgive mistakes but they won’t often forgive or forget lies like this.

  8. avatar Huntmaster says:

    There was a report on American Thinker just the other day about alleged photo shopping of pictures taken of demonstrators at that Michigan event to portray them as being racists.

    1. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      Lord help you if you rely on the American Thinker for your information.

      1. avatar Huntmaster says:

        Just one source. And for the most part, credible. Maybe you prefer the New Yorker or the Times or CNN.

        1. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

          Glad to know it’s just one source as your posts tend to be reasoned. I concur that it is a good idea to read all sides of an issue. Most people just read what they agree with.

  9. avatar Ronnie B says:

    It is AP, they are FAKE NEWS, no surprise here. The MSM operate as the propaganda extension of the DNC, which is the New Communist Party!

    1. avatar Darkman says:

      MSM is to Socialist/Fascist Democrats as Der Sturmer was to the Third Reich.

    2. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      The number 1 rated show on FOX would have you do this as of yesterday:


  10. avatar Umm . . . says:

    AP is spot-on as always: Clearly “Ramonyea” and “Sharmel” are alt-right militia rednecks to the core. Were they waving Confederate flags, too?

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Yeah, the Amish are at it again. Troublemakers.

    2. avatar tired of it says:

      A witness from Chicago reported that they shouted “this is MAGA country!!” as they shot the guard in the head.

  11. avatar Dennis says:

    And they think people actually believe that sh*t! Well, I guess we do have enough idiots that will, ,,,,sad!!!!

  12. avatar Merlin says:

    So, is the victim going to be listed as “Covid-related death” too?

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      Yeah, they’ll label it “complications” due to…

  13. avatar Darkman says:

    Seem the biggest mistake here was the guard wasn’t carrying for his own protection. And/Or took a job where he wasn’t allowed to protect himself. To many crazy’s out there. Even before the Chinese Virus to put oneself in a position. Where dealing with them can get you shot. Being a security guard is high on the list. Along with convenience store clerk and delivery driver. I’d rather be fired from a job for carrying protection. Than carried from a job in a body bag. Be safe out there Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

  14. avatar GS650G says:

    CNN will soon have an expert guest on detailing how and why the entire country should be disarmed until the virus is cured and a needle prevents it.

    For the safety of security guards.

  15. avatar guy says:

    Wow! Wow! Omg just when you think the left cant get any ^@^#^#&#>÷&3:’e7ehxu3jrbxnx7^@*$*%&÷<$;'DJ they go and do it.

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      There’s no limit to the ignorance and stupidity that the left displays…

    2. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      This proves the right has plenty of stupidity of its own:


      1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

        no one clicked on your last link.

      2. avatar I Haz A Question says:


        Isn’t your link the same one I posted near the top over two hours earlier, where all the conversation is?

  16. avatar Jaque says:

    To excercise ones rights is necessary in the US Republic. It reminds others such rights exist and puts the political operatives on notice such rights are not to be treated with contempt. Bearing weapons in a non threatening manner is protected under the US constitution. If others feel threatened by such acts it is they who are the ignorant ones who should be called out, not the lawfully armed

  17. avatar WI Patriot says:

    And another idiot enters the fray…

  18. avatar N Texas says:

    Prayers for family victim , he was trying to protect other people … Not right never will be , lock them up and throw way the key …
    I have License to Carry , and that’s not what it’s for . wonder if they even had license to carry fire arm.
    Mask helps protects all from virus , better safe than sorry , people still getting sick and dying from virus.
    Have to try in do right thing , stay safe from virus . Self centered people . Uuuuh

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Report says they are charged with “gun crimes” in addition to murder.

    2. avatar Innocent Bystander says:

      Thanks for some common sense N TEXAS.

    3. avatar Someone says:

      So you have your note from mommy that says you are allowed to exercise your constitutionally protected human right. Congratulations, you are worthy and have a piece of paper from the government to prove it!

      Their ownership of a gun or their carry of a gun did not hurt anyone. It was aiming it at the poor guard’s head and squeezing the trigger that did. This case shows how laws that forbid keeping and bearing arms to some people help no one.

  19. avatar Will Drider says:

    So all the drugs, death and destruction in video games, on TV and movies aren’t “public behavior influencers” but a lawful protest IS because the far left labels it as such! B.S. Flag.

    I keep reading articles stating that some “Senators were bullet proof vests”.
    A. Who are they referring to? Theres been no admission to this claim. Is this actually only the Sgt at Arms wearing a NIJ rated Vest?
    B. There is no such thing as a “bullet proof vest”. Media hype or a uneducated reporter/researcher. We know there are bullet resistant vests/plates which provide various levels of protection but none will stop all types/calibers of “bullets”.

  20. avatar Paladin says:

    It’s halfwit the governor’s fault for keeping the state part of the Soviet block shutdown!

  21. avatar strych9 says:

    *A troll enters the chat*

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      …then (s)trolls up to the bar along with the priest, rabbi, and minister…

  22. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    It’s a widely held misconception that AP stands for ‘associated press’. It actually stands for agitprop.

  23. avatar Ralph says:

    Was that before or after the protesters kidnapped the Lindbergh baby and started WW2 by bombing the Twin Towers?

  24. avatar Jean-Claude says:

    “The Boondocks” had an entire episode about this.

  25. avatar RGP says:

    Something is wrong with the picture on this article. Uh… virus or no virus, PROSECUTORS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR MASKS IN COURT OR WHEN SPEAKING ABOUT A CASE! Neither should judges. Next step is masked goons and anonymous witnesses if this is allowed to continue.

  26. avatar Hannibal says:

    I think the open-carrying protestors regarding the covid orders are probably nuts and hurting whatever their ’cause’ is… BUT… it has absolutely nothing to do with this.

    3 months ago these ghetto rats would have conspired to kill someone if he stepped on one of their sneakers. If the guy had reused to let them in because it was past closing time a month ago they would have killed him for that.

    These are some of the wonderful inhabitants of an urban center that have been taught that they don’t have to do what anyone tells them to- especially someone in a position of perceived authority. I have no doubt that the shooter has a rap sheet as long as my arm. .But don’t worry, we made sure to pass bail reform!

    1. avatar Hannibal says:


      1. avatar Debbie W. says:

        I thank the protesters for exposing people on this forum who kept their issues with open carry hidden. The question is…What do the non gun owners in your circle really think about you and your guns? Chances are good their thoughts could mirror your description of the protesters. So yes your commit about protesters who did not start the fight was a cheap shot.
        Let’s proceed to another group who reside in a ghetto because they have no other choice whether they are criminal or not. Unless you are a bigot skin color and sneakers certainly have nothing to do with, “this.”
        Do you really think a judge is going to grant affordable bail for the perps? The shooter is guaranteed life without parole, the other two 15 to 40 plus years. One good man down, 3 perps off the streets.

  27. just another one of those proppegander lies that communist are known for and like to spread around.

  28. avatar Ralph says:

    Tell me that the protesters are bad when they start shooting you [email protected] Until then, shut the fvck up.

    Here’s a thought: nobody who is getting paid for working (if you can say that “journalists” and government welfare queens are working) gets to say sh!t about people who want to work and aren’t allowed to make a living.

  29. avatar BoG 2.0 says:

    Larry, I am just a poor confused old man so perhaps you can enlighten me as to where the fuck you have been able to ascertain that I condone or as you put it promote govt sanctioned murder?

    Yes Larry, you’re VERY fucking confused. You and you’re ilk are not better than those who told free men to “get to the back of the bus”. You want OUR rights to be on YOUR terms to the point where you stated you would put a 10mm round into the back of the head of a person doing nothing more than exercising their enumerated rights. You’re VERY fucking confused. Enumerated God-given rights don’t work that way. Please take your seat with the rest of the liberal pieces-of-shit. You’ll fit right in.

    1. avatar BoG 2.0 says:

      err..MADDMAX, NOT Larry.

      1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

        …and, err…I think you wrote your reply in the wrong area. MADDMAX’s comments are way up above. So who’s confused? 😉

        1. avatar BoG 2.0 says:

          “…and, err…I think you wrote your reply in the wrong area. MADDMAX’s comments are way up above. So who’s confused? ”

          WRT this poor comment editing software, me! As to a right suppressed (even self-voluntarily) is a right denied, MaddMaxx.

    2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

      And another reading comprehension challenged moron joins the fray…. First BOG, go back and read the entire running conversation, second get a dictionary and look up the word “context” and while you are there look up the word “if”…. The particular scenario you have chosen to attack started with “IF” and proceeded to explain my thought processes were I to DECIDE to become a mass killer and what I would do “IF” there was someone present who was openly carrying a long gun…. I have NO intention of becoming a mass killer NOR do I intend to start walking around shooting people in the back of the head just because they choose to exercise their God given and Constitutionally protected right to self defend in whatever way they see fit, I may disagree with the “open carry” side but I would not deny their right to do it… As for you, your ignorance is overwhelming and normally I would not waste my time on such blatant stupidity but lately I’ve just seen so much of it from the highest levels of government trying to destroy our economy and using this supposed “pandemic” to try to fundamentally change our way of life, going to unconstitutional extremes to make us subservient to their will, letting rapists, drug dealers and killers walk free from prison while arresting a father for taking his daughter to the park right down to the lowest level of dumbasses who cannot comprehend what they are reading (that would be you) and accuse others of whom they know nothing about of all sorts of absurd bullshit while hiding in mommys basement safe behind the anonymity of the internet… I realize I most likely lost you after the first sentence but ask your mommy for your Ritalin and maybe you can concentrate long enough to get through it…. Good luck… OBTW “everybody gets a trophy” is a lie…..

      1. avatar BoG 2.0 says:

        Well “IF” you ever decide to pull your head out of your ass and stop condoning the denial/suppression of enumerated rights, you might be able to see how no matter how you spin in it you’re on the wrong side of the argument. And stop the ad hominem attacks, my mom is getting tired of them.

        1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Okay, I get it, You are one of those ignorant “FAKE NEWS” assholes from CNN/MSDNC as you have not provided anything of substance relative to the actual subject matter (I do understand that reading comprehension went out the window with history and science).. BUT, surely you can recall ALL the way back to your first post where you started out with an attack on ME and you’ve failed to get anything right since…

          “{YOUR FIRST POST: Yes Larry, you’re VERY fucking confused. You and you’re ilk are not better than those who told free men to “get to the back of the bus”. You want OUR rights to be on YOUR terms to the point where you stated you would put a 10mm round into the back of the head of a person doing nothing more than exercising their enumerated rights. You’re VERY fucking confused. Enumerated God-given rights don’t work that way. Please take your seat with the rest of the liberal pieces-of-shit. You’ll fit right in.}”

          Dude you couldn’t even get the right person, YOU called ME (well technically you called Larryin TX) a “VERY FUCKING CONFUSED, LIBERAL PIECE-OF-SHIT” (did your momma read that? She must be SO proud.) then YOU cry about ad hominem attacks? You are a joke without a punchline and you have absolutely NO credibility.. I have wasted way more time than I ever should have on you, that means I am finished here and will ignore any further uninformed, ill structured, bullshit from you… My apologies and condolences to Momma BoG 2.0… I know it must be extremely difficult to raise a mentally challenged child in todays environment…. I probably should not have exposed the “everybody gets a trophy” scam, but it has to be done sooner or later… Okay, all done get your last little meaningless boring dig in and be gone, you no longer amuse me….

  30. avatar Debbie W. says:

    The roots of Gun Control are in racism and genocide. With that said…No one has to justify taking a stand against Gun Control. On the other hand…Gun Control Zealots need to justify their racist and nazi based Gun Control agenda.

    1. avatar Turn about says:

      @ Debbie W. I agree with you about 90%, but you are wearing it out.

  31. avatar Hans says:

    RIP, security man and father of nine little ones. The section eighters kilt a working man.

  32. avatar Greg says:

    Trying to get a job at cnn?

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