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Reader Scott I writes:

Rhetorical question for any Fudd friends: Why would anyone NEED more than 10 rounds in a gun to hunt? Answer: Because I’m not hunting. I’m defending my family in my home from multiple armed home invaders. As Assistant Chief Mark Herman put it in the video above, “Folks here in Texas in their homes, they’re are armed. And, uh, you know, it is what it is.”

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  1. Who are these mythical Fudds? They seem to be an endangered species. I think the last one I knew stopped that line of thinking about ten years ago. (I showed him articles just like this)
    As used on TTAG anymore they are simply the strawman to knock down…

    • Mythical Fudds? I assure you they exist and in large numbers. I know many gun owners in multiple states that hunt but don’t go for all that “concealed carry stuff.”

    • You can find some in Congress, and others teaching state mandated carry permit classes, mocking anything tactical. Some stick to teaching hunter safety, because they know you can’t use an AR to hunt deer. There are some running my local range, nice guys, but very much set in their ways.

    • Friend of mine, Lieutenant with the County Sheriff’s Department, was discussing Illinois new concealed carry law with me a year ago when it went into effect. He said, “I believe in a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, but no one needs a Glock with a 15 round magazine.”

    • They exist in purple and blue states. Those who own guns but have absolutely no respect for other current and future firearms owners. The people who think “I have what I want, so I don’t care if they pass a law banning X”

      • Honestly, in my experience fudds are less that way and more genuinely afraid of change. They’re not apathetic towards other gun owners, they are openly hostile to anything beyond a simple bolt action rifle with a basic 4X scope or a pump shotgun. For whatever reason, they are genuinely afraid of the changing landscape of the gun industry, so they fight it by supporting legislation banning the type firearms that are too “new” for them.

    • I assure you, the fudds are out there, and they are numerous. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say a solid 75% of the people we see coming through my place of employment (popular big-box brick’n’moarter outdoor store) to buy guns are fudds.

      ‘Do you have a valid CCL?’ ‘huh, what? no. heck no, I don’t believe in that stuff’.

      The odd person buying a glock or other poly pistol or anything other than a bolt action hunting rifle get weird looks from the other guys in line.

    • Ever hear anyone say “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…”? Often that’s a perfect example of a Fudd.

      Of course, maybe there aren’t any Fudds in your little circle of the world, but that does not mean they don’t exist.

    • I’ll say it again–I expect just about every high-profile gun-grabber out there, if he/she don’t own a skeet gun or a hunting rifle himself/herself, has a brother or dad or uncle or boyfriend who does, and who is not just a hunter or skeet shooter, but is an “avid” one, and is perfectly OK with mag restrictions, handgun restrictions, “assault weapons” bans, etc, etc, etc. Does the name “Joe Biden” ring a bell?

    • My dad is a Fudd. He’s voted for Obama and a host of gun grabbers. He’s considered concealed carry, but “realized” he doesn’t need it. My buddy pushed the envelope by being the first on our land to hunt deer with an AR-15 and 30 round mag. He got the 1st modern sporting rifle harvested deer on our property with a POF AR-10 and a 20 round mag. It was a big 8 or 10 pointer.

      I think ARs, particulary in bigger calibers than 5.56, are great deer and pig hunting guns. Fudds don’t. At least my dad will tolerate them on our land. Some Fudds are highly intolerant of anything without wood and blued steel.

  2. “Assistant Chief Mark Herman said, ‘The homeowner ended up in fear for his life. He discharged his weapon multiple times. The suspects returned fire. We haven’t confirmed anyone was hit.‘”

    Thirty rounds fired, nobody hit. I guess that Tomball is full of ex-NYC cops.

    • You’re right, it wasn’t written that way. It was written to make sure citizens could keep themselves safe from tyranny. No telling how many rounds that would take, eh?

    • Yeah, the people who wrote, promoted and ratified the Bill of Rights knew what it was like to have their homes invaded by multiple attackers, wearing red coats and carrying a brown bess with a bayonet.

      But that probably had nothing to do with it.

    • Pg2, I see you have a post on the other thread saying “US gun murder is up”
      It in fact has plummeted 50%

      You are flat earth on the very core metric of the issue at hand

  3. Who are these smart people who know how many bullets we need? Aren’t they the same ones who don’t own firearms?

  4. Joe Manchin D-WV FUDD
    Harry Reid D-NV FUDD
    Joe “Double Barrel” Biden Uber FUDD
    Bill Nelson D-FL FUDD
    I could go on and on ad infinitum. You don’t need 10 rds. You don’t need a “military style assault weapon”. Who needs those folder thingy’s and high capacity “clips” that shoot through schools and can bring down aircraft. ( per Rev. Jesse Jackson).
    These weapons are designed to kill small children and dogs and cats living together,….. Mass hysteria!!!!
    Countless more in Red and Blue State Legislatures.
    Not ban them and turn them in like Dianne Feinstein D-CA, or El Presidente Barack Hussien Obama,
    However, yes there are plenty of FUDD’s.
    I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but,………

  5. Be vewy, vewy quiet; I’m hunting wascawy wobbers…

    Parenthetically, once down in OK I was hunting deer but flushed a boar; at that moment I fervently wish I’d a semi – auto with a bazillion rounds rather than a bolt action with five.

  6. Why does anyone “need” more than a 2,000 sq ft house to live? This is America, and we are not, nor ever have been, a country of “needs” – the Soviet Union was based entirely on needs and look where that got them.

    A Glock 17 holds 17+1 rounds because IT CAN… The space is there so why not use it. Artificial limitations are ridiculous on multiple levels. You don’t make something less capable than you are able. A good design will take maximum advantage of what is available.

    And yes, even though most confrontations are resolved with few rounds fired, that does not mean I will be on the right side of that statistic when or if the time comes. There is such a thing as CONFIDENCE and carrying plenty of rounds certainly inspires more confidence than artificial restriction.

    • “… carrying plenty of rounds certainly inspires more confidence than artificial restriction.”

      That’s not necessarily true; artificial restrictions on legal users inspires all manner of confidence in illegal users.

  7. Ever hear a fire-marshal say “you don’t need a fire extinguisher over 6 oz.”? Or you have to many smoke alarms?

    I don’t get this “10 rounds” as if they are trying to level the playing field with criminals to give them a sporting chance.

    • It’s a mass shooting thing. The idea is that if you make a mass shooter reload more often, people have more chances to tackle him (which has happened on exceedingly rare occasions). Their logic is this: A random, unarmed person tacking a deranged killer: makes perfect sense. Happens all the time. Law abiding citizens being attacked my multiple attackers or needing more than a handful of rounds: Never happens. Totally impossible.

      Frankly, I’m certain the people who think “nobody needs more than 10 rounds” also get their idea of a handgun’s lethality from TV, where a single center mass shot from a handgun kills the other guy instantly.

      • You mean the magical handguns that blow the victim back 30 feet? Or that always miss when a “civilian” is shooting at the bad guy?

      • Hey, it does happen! If you read the stories about the attack on Gabby Giffords, a guy shopping nearby heard the shots and ran TOWARD them, arriving, unarmed, in time to join others present in tackling the killer while he was reloading. I’m not counting on it much either, but it does happen.

  8. Holy Crap, this is about 30 minutes from me. I haven’t seen this in any of the local papers…Oh wait, yeah, this wouldn’t fit with the Houston Chronicles anti-gun narrative.

  9. Who needs a car with more than 25 horsepower

    Who needs a car that goes faster than 75 mph

    Who needs a meal with more than 500 calories

    Who needs more than 1 car

    Who needs 4 wheel drive

    Who needs government permission to exercise a God given right

  10. Gov Cuomo (NY) insisted you only need 7 rounds.
    As far as the cop in IL who couldn’t understand why anyone needed a Glock w/15 rounds?
    In LA, they shot at a car with over 140 rounds and didn’t kill her.
    Why, because it’s in the Constitution idiot!

  11. Tell that to the home attackers , they attacked a local home and shot it up 45 times.. the owner had 3 attackers at one time. front and back….

  12. We have got to be smarter than this, don’t chase that stick! Answering the question with a reason gets you in the posture of defending your reasons. Nothing you can say will be valid to someone that really doesn’t want you to have any weapons of defense.

    Go on the offensive and insist that there is no good reason not to have as much capacity as you can have. The potential that someone somewhere might be evil is no reason to limit your rights.


    • “Answering the question with a reason gets you in the posture of defending your reasons. Nothing you can say will be valid to someone that really doesn’t want you to have any weapons of defense.”

      Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner!!!

      As you stated, we don’t need a reason.

    • I loved the commentary from a website that I cannot relocate. The author had a compelling response to the gun grabber question, “Why do you need a (insert “scary” firearm/feature)?” The author’s response, “Because fvck you, that’s why.”

      This applies to anything and everything like Frank listed above on this thread. Why do you need:
      — more than one kitchen knife
      — more than 125 horsepower car engine
      — more than a 3 gallon fuel tank
      — fully automatic transmission
      — muffler on your car
      — more than one car
      — swimming pool
      — swimming pool more than 3 feet deep
      — more than 1200 square foot home
      — $1000 in savings
      etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

      A person’s reasons for making, purchasing, owning, trading, or selling their personal property is their business and their business alone. The “why” question is utterly and totally irrelevant. They do NOT have to justify their personal property to anyone or anything. Period.

      • The socialist running Amerika and the commies who support them feel you have no rights… and another the collage kids are so dumb they said we need no 2A in interviews, they asked where was Maine (the state) and gave answers like its in South America etc… the DUMB SHEEPLE have not a CLUE and know NOTHING but PARTY TIME….

    • I’ve had several people ask me (during a conversation about CC or something similar) “Are you armed RIGHT NOW?”, and my answer always is “Of course! Aren’t you?” Usually defeats their ability to talk for a while. “Bu, uh, ah, wa, duh, etc.” I haven’t yet had the pleasure of someone asking what I’m afraid of, so I can use “I’m armed, so I’m not afraid of anything!”

  13. I can picture needing a lot more than 10 rounds if I faced multiple armed attackers.

    The very first time an attacker exposes their body I am probably going to launch at least 6 rounds at them — even if they peak out from behind cover/concealment for an instant and duck back. (I am not going to count on one round stopping the attacker and I am going to try and shoot through their concealment/cover.)

    If the second attacker exposes their body, there goes another 6 rounds and it is time for a new magazine … and both attackers may still be able and willing to continue the fight which will require more rounds and magazine/s.

  14. Or because I am hunting, just missed my shot, and now have a boar twice my weight that’s decided to kill me back and I need to stop it.

        • In other words, you have no evidence and resort to ad hominem attacks.

          I’m serious here Chippy: name ONE business owner in MO that used 10 rounds in one magazine, all of which were insufficient to stop a threat. Believe me: I am not in favor of mag limits of any kind; but I also believe you should cite to evidence when you make statements like this civil discourse.

          Your evidence please, sir?

  15. “Folks here in Texas, in their homes, they’re armed. It is what it is.”

    Sounds like perfect bumper sticker. Maybe even a yard sign.

  16. Why does a Gov’t have nuclear weapons? In a case where you are in the moment of attack, whether it be human(s) or mad animal(s), reloading would mean a bad outcome, probably not in your favor. All the shots are not going to be hits, and of those they will not be a shot which stops. 10 rounds can be popped out in a few seconds in a life/death struggle. You do not want to hear a “click.”

    This magazine, number of shot capability scenario is focused on a bad guy going crazy, spraying an area with bullets. If this is their intent and plan they will, and no paper law will change this.

    To limit the good guy is to tie one arm behind our back, this is the functional outcome. Magazine or shot limits do not apply to the person intent on murdering a room full of people. A single shot rifle in the hands of a person set to cause mayhem, will. Number of shots also assumes ever shot is a kill, this is far from a fact, whereas the fact is most shots are a miss, hence, the military machine gun.

    Damn anti-gunners! Sick of their lies, fear and assertions which only serve to enhance the power of the criminal element.

    • Why don’t they just pass a law that mass murderers can’t have magazines larger than 10 rounds, then? That would work fine, be good for everybody, right? RIGHT?

  17. “No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun.” – Bill Ruger Sr.
    Wasn’t this where it started?

  18. I know of too many Fudds. Most are in politics and all I know in my state are Democrats.

    I need more than 10 rounds because I often hunt feral hogs and sometimes there are more than 10, even 20 or 30 and I do not have the accuracy I once did.

    I need more than 10 rounds because in the emergency time with adrenalin flowing, even with repetitious practice and preparation, my shot may spray, so I need as many round as I can get to defend my family and any others who regularly stay with us from armed home invasions by gangs of thugs, and that’s a fact Jack!

  19. Something is fishy in this story. They targeted that house on purpose. You don’t go into that neighbor hood and randomly pick a house.
    Good on the homeowner to defend his house and run the thugs off. Still trying to get what they were after.?.?.

    • Yeah, that is an interesting question. Like, is the guy a banker, or a jeweler, how cute is his daughter, how did a group of punks come up with his address? I was robbed once, around 40 years ago, while I was at home, a Christmas present (expensive tool set from Sears) had been delivered and placed behind my car in the garage, as in, not visible from the street. Middle of the afternoon I went outside for some reason and the package (unopened) was gone, nothing else touched. The cops did not even have any interest in my statement that it absolutely HAD to be either the man who delivered it a couple days earlier or someone associated with him, investigation closed before it was opened, nothing to see here, move along. Complained to Sears, no interest. Disgusting, but at least I knew what happened! I was around 15 feet away when it was stolen, and it weighed around 60 lbs.

  20. Its already been said. As above; exactly. We are not hunting. We are protecting. I remember looking down at my grandpas old stevens 325 sitting in a blind, admiring its butter-knife bolt handle, thinking how special I was as a teen at that time to get it, when a giant 8-pointer crept up on me. Four rounds were not enough. Buck fever and all. That is hunting. I am not sitting in a blind in the middle of nowhere. No thugs, though that 8-pointer gave me a run. Self protection is just that – protection. You can use both to hunt.

  21. As a practical matter (money), I have a .380 that holds 7 rounds max, the shotgun, six. I practice loading too. Spare mags, a shotgun belt with 20 shells, 00 buck, 5 rifled segmented slugs. It takes practice, but you can keep up a decent stream of fire. Situations, like mileage, vary.

  22. It does not matter any house any where at any time is and can be a target. what they look for is it well kept. is anyone home or is the person (homeowner) old or female …you will be a target.. even a dog is good to stop a home attack , because barking wakes up or alerts…ALWAYS have a plan B. extra loaded guns and magazines and a safe room with cell phones and lots ammo as you may need to shoot thur the safe room door….etc… nothing is fool proof safe ANYMORE… and be ready for many attackers at once.. and get in RANGE TIME….

    • Agreed. Looking at that house, it would be easy to assume there wouldn’t be any bad guys around, just like I assume around my own house. Stories like this are why I home carry anyway. Hell, it doesn’t cost any extra, why not? And yes, I occasionally get drunk, and sometimes argue with the bride, and have absolutely zero fear that I’m going to shoot up the house or the neighbors. But a stranger better think twice before coming into my house with a drawn gun.

  23. Maybe I need to shoot a bad guy 11 times or there maybe more than 1 bad guy. Heck, I might even miss in a shoot and move situation if I am moving and the perp(s) are moving.

  24. Wow, ten rounds wtf is going on, I carry 15 + mag. with 15. Usually BG’s run in groups 2 or more, one guy no way. Most of these BG’s are to CS to be one on one, ” they are bullies”. When you have only one, then he or she maybe crazy. All out there watch your flanks.

  25. Some decades ago, Tomball was a small town in southeastern Texas, very rural in character. Now it is either a bedroom community or a suburb of Houston, depending on how you look at it. Unsavory characters can come to your sleepy little town and do you and yours harm. Having a loaded firearm available is much like having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Maybe you will never need it, but if you need it and don’t have it, you could be in for a very bad time.

  26. They can regulate everybody else’s type of guns, just as long as they do not regulate my type of guns.

  27. Kicking the door in? Seriously?! Did they want to let the home owner know they were there? That’s basically an invitation to getting shot. They were either amateur burglars, or they kicked the door in because they had other plans with the owner, and wanted him to know they were there — just how I see it.

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