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UK Terror Attack British Subject Cower in Fear

In the aftermath of the horrific Muslim terror attack in Manchester yesterday, the British authorities have raised their terror threat level to “Critical.” According to the government, they expect additional terror attacks to occur imminently.

The civilized world mourns the 22 lives cut short and over a hundred more injured. At the same time, subjects in the gun control utopia of Great Britain cower. The Queen’s subjects wait nervously fearing additional radical Islamic terror attacks. If only British subjects had the right to use force in self-defense.

Of course, the right to use force without effective tools is meaningless. The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. Tragically, Great Britain has a conspicuous dearth of good guys with guns.

In fact, almost all British cops patrol unarmed. And civilians with guns? Perish the thought. Bad guys and terrorists have no worries there. As the UK police will tell you, the only legal way a woman can defend herself from a rapist is with a rape alarm.

So obviously, Britain’s paucity of good guys with guns make it an ideal location for cowardly terrorists to attack teenage girls with impunity.

While some of America’s coastal regions and big cities make firearm ownership difficult, we should all thank our nation’s Founding Fathers for safeguarding our right to self-defense and our right to keep and bear arms.

At the same time, we should fight like hell to repeal noxious gun control restrictions. Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.

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  1. I have to say I find this a little apples-to-oranges.

    Yes, the situation in the UK sucks (to my eyes) re gun and self-defense rights. However, is an attack such as this – a bombing – one that could be effectively deterred or cut short if more Britons were armed? Likely not, in my not-very-expert opinion.

    Rather, I see this as an acute event, while the subjects of gun ownership and self-protection speak to a chronic situation. Both are bad, but the former gets the headline as it is “unusual,” while the latter is the real threat to the British people and culture but as a chronic condition is much harder to “see” from the inside.

    • Yup. What’s funny is the grand theater of security that is flooding the streets with armed military and police to prevent people from blowing themselves or others up. Or even driving though crowds or setting fires. There is nothing at all that can stop a suicidal lunatic hellbent on causing chaos in any form other than preemptively ventilating his hot head.

      I guess it makes the plebes FEEL better or some such nonsense. Oh, and it justifies the ever expanding powers of the police state.

    • Sorry, but The Real Threat to the British people and culture are the millions of refugee muslims who are out-breeding the natives by over 4 to 1. Britain, as we know it, is doomed.

      • The UK as well as the rest of western Europe will never become majority Muslim. The Muslims have proven over and over that they just can’t play well with others and at some point between 10% Muslim and 49% Muslim the non-Muslims will take up ethnic cleansing. This multi-cultural nonsense will end in a lot of bloodshed.

        • The sooner the better. Islam has been the enemy of western culture since its foundation. The fact that people ignore this in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism is alarming and dangerous.

        • Maybe. However historically, in any given area, the outcome could go either way. Today is the 1st time in history the Mohammadans have made major advances into Northern Erup/UK. In the past they damn near took control of most of Eurp and did rule Spain/Baltic/etc/etc/etc. Driving the bastards out was a huge, expensive, and dicey thing that took many years.

          It’s just like cancer or an infestation of termites. Has to be ruthlessly crushed/irradiated/burned out. BUT you’ll never get them all and have to stay alert for a reoccurance. The West does NOT have the will to take the step needed at present. In Eurp there is no longer any religious system of values so Islam is as acceptable as anything else. They are going to very painfully learn the error of their ways.

      • While you are no doubt correct, one could expand that point to say population growth in general is a problem. Crime pretty much always increases with population density, and last I checked, the population is growing at an alarming rate everywhere. The elephant in the room is that unless we are willing to talk population growth de-incentives, this is a ticking time bomb that will be unavoidable, catastrophic, and not all that far away. And no, I am not talking about culling or playing “God”, but would it kill us to have tax ramifications for those who want to over-burden the local communities with more than their share of kids? why is it always the single no kids crowd that pays more than their share of taxes for a school system that will not benefit them (and this is coming from someone with 2 young kids)? The whole “be fertile and multiply” thing worked when there were almost no humans and all kinds of space. Now-not so much. Reminds me of how appallingly true that Agent Smith monologue is from The Matrix about the similarities between humans and viruses. But seriously, climate change is not the biggest threat at all…it is pop growth that is gonna drag society into the shitter. With Nasa a shell of it’s former self, propulsion breakthroughs nonexistent, and space programs taking steps backwards (capsules again? really?) we will not have a plan B. And with that, I will now accept the award for the most tangential and off-topic rant of the day.

    • Will more armed citizens prevent a bombing? No. Would it make it worse? No.
      Will more armed citizens prevent/decrease casualities in mass stabbings (past terrorist attacks used this method)? Probably; it certainly wouldnt be more negative than positive.
      Will more armed citizens prevent/decrease casualities in mass shootings (past terrorist attacks used this method)?
      Probably; it certainly wouldnt be more negative than positive.

      As Teresa May has said, more attacks are likely to be imminent, and those could be using any known method, or an as yet unknown one as well; in some cases having an armed citizenry would be an asset, in others, neutral. I would still chalk that up as a net positive for having armed citizens.

  2. A moose-lim POS waits after a concert predominantly attended by little girls. And he killed himself…not a whole lot any armed dude could do. How about Akbar and sons not be here in the 1st place?? At least in most of America we can die with a gun our hands.

    • I’m seeing numerous comments below that point out that this particular attack could not have been stopped by CCW. The specific details of how this was conducted is still under wraps. Maybe CCw could have prevented or mitigated the bomber. My point is that you can’t utilize tools that have been left at home and/or are prohibited by the nanny state. CCW could have made a huge difference in Paris, as one example. You carry because you don’t know when the genuine need will arise. You wear seatbelts in your vehicle don’t you? You know…cause you NEVER know when you’ll need them.

  3. Can we have a bit of honesty here? A gun will not stop a suicide bomber.

    Lets not muddy the waters.


    • Neither will gun control. But finding and killing killers, worldwide, will stop both shooters and bombers.

      • We’ve been finding and killing killers for like 15 years now. Maybe we should just chill the fuck out and maybe there won’t be a bunch of refugees (that appeared out of nowhere!) and terrorists popping up where we live with greater frequency.

        • Too late now. They want payback and us just saying “my bad” ain’t going to do it.

        • (Cough, cough) 1400 years (cough, cough)

          If you think we “have this coming” because of recent imperialist actions, policy re: Israel, Israel itself … uh, no. 1400 yrs of history folks. 1400 years …

        • No, we haven’t been. We’ve been playing patty cake instead of going to war. You want to stop all this nonsense? Two simple steps:

          Step 1: Stop pissing others off by sticking our dick where it shouldn’t be.

          Step 2: Put a bullet in the head of people who hate you for made up reasons. They will never relent, and you can never make amends.

          Pretty damn simple, and we used to do it with gusto.

      • Find them? They should have started with people flying the green Libyan Islamist Union flag from their friggin house like this guy had been doing for the last 6 months.
        That was a clue they missed.

    • Perhaps you’d like to explain to the Marines and Soldiers in Iraq how they can’t do what they did. Plenty of car bombers and vest bombers have been identified and shot before they reached their targets.

    • A “man with a gun“, whether official police or law-abiding civilian (I know, all civilians), discovering a man at the entrance to this concert with a suspicious bulge under his jacket, might have stopped the attack or at least detonated the bomb before the area was crowded with teenage girls.

      Armed confrontation with potential terrorists (racial profiling works in these cases, deal with it) may not be entirely safe for the person doing the confronting, but it certainly could mitigate the upcoming disaster. Not to mention that the knowledge that any number of armed persons MIGHT be present at the designated target site would without doubt change the target or at least force them to change the strategy.

      Knowing that the target is entirely helpless to stop you, even if you are discovered, does absolutely zero as deterrence to suicide bombers. They may not care if they die in the act, they would rather not die before the attempt was successful.

  4. I feel bad for the dead and injured. Moreover, I feel bad that Formerly Great Britain has dug such a deep hole for itself that it can never climb out. Never.

    • Britain and Europe will be under Sharia Law within two decades or less. The muslim refugees are out-breeding the locals by over 4 to 1 and will vote in Islam Republics eventually. That or a Iraqi style civil war that goes on for 1400 years. Better visit soon if you haven’t been and want to see our cultural history before it is destroyed.

      • London already has a no hyperbole terrorist-connected muslim mayor. Its only a matter of time before there’s a muslim majority in parliament and prime minister. I bet it happens within 10 years, and little Charlotte gets married off to the UK’s new Sultan. Bleh.

  5. Is “critical” above or below “blackwatch plaid” and “Moving Pictures?” Fat lot of good a handgun could do, fat lot of good a terror alert level can do, fat lot if good some bobbies with g36s could do then or now. What is needed is the will to solve a problem, and it is lacking.

  6. As others have commented a homicide bomber is something that a gun is unlikely to deal with effectively unless Mr. Mass Murder McFuckface tips his hand… And doesn’t have/hasn’t yet engaged a dead man’s switch.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with the thrust of the article.

  7. While I agree that a gun would not have stopped a singular bomber, the concern is over NEW terrorist attacks. That can include repeats of truck drivers or the Paris attacks which in those situations a gun may have helped. If the future attacks are only attacks that are suicide bombers then yes the topic is moot but if that is our mentality then surly we have lost and they will slip back to items like cleavers and box cutters without worry of repercussion.

  8. What happened to the Few? Are there no more? Or are all men with balls in England now muslim?

    • Diversity is dis-civilized. Full Stop.

      England will ask them to leave. England will tell them to leave. England will force them to leave or England will die.

      The same holds true for all of western civilization..

      • Learn to behave, or be removed (or possibly be confused with those who don’t learn to behave). What’s old is new is inevitable again, again (again).

        • The reason history repeats is because human nature does not change.

          Deport them now, or fight them later. Those are the only choices. Any other outcome is historically impossible.

        • So, what do you two propose as a Final Solution to the problem?Rid America of all non white, non christian folk?

          Will you let the Jews stay? Or wasn’t stoney man just arguing on another thread that Jews are not white?

        • Leave it to you to fail to realize that by sending people back to their own nations is how you avoid the final solution you keep clamoring about.

          My way ends in peace, your way ends in genocide.

        • So, Pwerserge gets sent back to his own country cause he wasn’t born here? And when you’ve deported all that weren’t born here, then what?

          Still a lot of diversity left with native born citizens.

  9. What this attack does not prove: That civilian gun ownership deters or prevents terrorism.

    What this attack does prove: That a terrorist attack in a heavily gun restricted country is just as deadly or more so than an active terrorist shooter in the US.

    In other words, gun ownership does not deter terrorism, but the lack of gun control does not increase the lethality of terrorism.

    • Yeah, I somehow doubt the Brits have looser controls on explosives than we do, so it’s not the matter of “not banning hard enough” at all. It’s more that now that the difficulty of procuring guns is on par with explosives…why the hell would you not use explosives for your evil attack? That it’s still the evil men willing to do what is necessary to achieve their goal, that is the fundamental(ist) problem.

      • For the truly evil intent on killing, explosives are a far more effective option than firearms. Most active shooter scenarios end with the shooter dead. If one chooses to use a timed or remote detonated explosive, the terrorist can easily live to kill again. Religious fanatics with explosives worry me a lot more than a random lunatic with a gun.

  10. My heart goes out to the People of Great Britain.

    What happens there does not compare to what happens here everyday.

    You racist pseudo-intellectual philistines are disgusting for dancing on the graves of the people who lost there lives to a maniac.

    DGUs are and will always be a MYTH. There still have been no cases of armed citizens ever stopping an attack ever.

    You think your gun will make you safe, Think again.

    The EU and the UK is FAR SAFER than this country and has MORE FREEDOMS than what this country has.

    Keep drinking and living in your kool-aid fantasy that more guns will make you safe.

    The irony is that people like you enable these sickos. Just like how the NRA and various other “gun rights” groups have armed these sickos in europe in some shoddy attempt to prove that “laws don’t work.”

    • “The irony is that people like you enable these sickos.”

      Well, you’ve convinced me.

      No longer will I unwittingly support terror and mayhem! I’m cutting up my card and ending my membership in the NMHNBA (National Mohammadean Homicide Nail Bomb Association) today!

      [Normally I say “Don’t feed the trolls” but I just couldn’t resist on this one.]

    • So why don’t you head over there, eh mate?

      Speak your mind around the soon to be reigning Goat Bangers, some poor sap will be scraping your remains off the wall.

    • So smart…so self assured…so resisty. But, if you’re suggesting that I enabled this in any way, shape or form, then all I have to say to you is hop and go fuck yourself. It’s leftist, progressive, globalist, groupthink, societal moral equivalence shitheads like you who enabled this.

      • Bingo. It’s astonishing that this isn’t a generally understood thing. Liberal, progressive, “kumbaya-ness” enables terrorism everywhere it takes hold.

    • So why the homocide bombers in peaceful Europe? With limited firearms ownership it should be kumbya all the time…

    • May Allah bless you with 72 virgins in paradise! Ass a llama lake um!

    • I appreciate a quality troll, but your one trick pony is starting to look like a thoroughly beaten dead horse. You really need some new material, because you have run out of superlatives and have clearly jumped the shark with your hyperbole. I used to enjoy your episodes, but now its just sad, because your heart doesn’t seem to be in it anymore.

      Troll score: 2/10 – Your rhetoric consistently remains as hollow as the drum you beat, but recently you’ve lost your spark. Take a break, enjoy some kool aid, and come back when your passion returns. We’ll be waiting.

    • “Keep drinking and living in your kool-aid fantasy that more guns will make you safe.”

      Will do.

    • “DGUs are and will always be a MYTH. There still have been no cases of armed citizens ever stopping an attack ever.”

      Do you even realize how stupid this is? A simple Google search reveals thousands of examples of DGU’s. You went past full retard and went full potatoe.

  11. >>So obviously, Britain’s paucity of good guys with guns make it an ideal location for cowardly terrorists to attack teenage girls with impunity.

    Bullshit. Demonstrate a single scenario where liberal amounts of armed civilians is key deterrent to a properly trained cell using remote-detonated or timed explosive device.

    • Switzerland seems to be getting along with relatively few terror attacks; a whole bunch of people with guns who stay out of everyone else’s shit. Seems like a winning combo.

      • And a robust policy of deterring and deporting any refugee that even has a dream about entering the country.

        • Bingo. Crazy how strict immigration policies and a healthy economy result in low crime and few terror attacks. Who would have thought?

  12. huh. alert level “critical”. wow. impressive. that’s sounds like some serious shit.

    a wee bit too late, though.

    • It’s about as good as the “My Kidneys are Failing, what color is my pee today?” chart that came out after 9/11.

  13. “So obviously, Britain’s paucity of good guys with guns make it an ideal location for cowardly terrorists to attack teenage girls with impunity.”

    John, there was *nothing* cowardly about the bomber that slaughtered those kids.

    Being willing, eager even, to die while killing ain’t cowardly.

    Evil, despicable, and a whole lot of other adjectives yes, but that terrorist P.O.S. was NOT A COWARD!

    • “Coward” is more aptly directed at those who would refuse to take proper preventive, or dare I say, retaliatory measures, aimed at delivering the clear message that such behavior is “unacceptable” (to use typical British understatement). It’s really sad at this point; were the despicable ghetto this bomber scum congealed in (or any of the others scattered across Europe) located in some third world nation, it would likely be receiving hellfire missiles or marines (e.g. Taliban in Afghanistan). But because it took root in a friendly first world nation, both we and the Brits are helpless to excise the tumor as it metastasizes.

  14. Maybe now the Brits will stop letting these guys go. The most recent bomber was a “known wolf” who the cops had already run in once.

    • Yep.

      Again, and again, and again, we see the malfeasance and incompetence of the elected officials, police, intel agencies, bureaucrats, etc. They know who these clowns are, and they let them go… so as to appear politically correct.

      This attack will do nothing to reverse the sentiment supporting BRexit – and only serve to reinforce the idea that the EU Schengen agreement is lethally incompetent intellectual onanism. Borders serve a purpose – Hungary is showing the rest of the EU what purpose that is.

  15. The Brits essentially removed self-defense as an affirmative defense to refusing to be beaten, robbed, raped or killed. So the effective reality of this terror alert level change is that it raises the terror alert from “run” to “hide”.

    • Can’t run with everyone crammed into overcrowded cities, can’t hide with police cameras on every corner. Keep Calm & Unawares is the order of the day, anymore.

  16. Guns may not have deterred the bomber – at least in this case – but there have been incidents where an armed person took down a bomber BEFORE he was able to detonate and kill those around him. The Turkey (not sure but it was in the last 2 years) incident at their airport showed a police officer wounding the bomber and then running away before said bomber pulled the detonator. The real question though is, will the Brits have the balls to do something about the runaway immigration problem that is plaguing their country.

  17. “Brits Raise Terror Alert to Critical”?

    DIE! DIE! DIE! They’re ALL gonna die! Why? Because they are “dhimmis” and they don’t have the “right” to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    If you’re in the UK and you’re not a Muslim you better stock up on sponges and mops you’re going to need them to soak up all the blood.

    “Diversity” = Death!

  18. Israel had many of these terrorist bombings circa 1995.
    They stopped these types of attack dead cold. Look to them to see how it is done. They prove it can be stopped.
    But first its going to take the political will to stop them. As long as your only response is lighting candles and chanting love conquers hate with flowers in your hair… you are screwed.

  19. The Brits know who is instigating this mess. We frequently hear about this or that “hate preacher” spewing some vile garbage or other. The will to do what is necessary is the missing component here.

    Why not round up the known instigators and either deport them (if they are immigrants) or put them under house arrest/jail them for their inciting rhetoric? If they are engaged in terrorist type activities then cut them and all immediate family members off from all public assistance. They need to pay a price for this kind of behavior. If the entire family suffers consequences for the actions of one member, it is more likely than not the family will be more alert to signs of terrorism in the making.

    Why would a country take in migrants, give them free stuff and still put up,with this madness?

    Just like in our personal lives, we teach others how to treat us by the behavior we accept.

  20. The ‘terror’ situation in Europe had been critical for a couple of years now, but they have been too unwilling to admit that their immigration policies were wrong to acknowledge it. Consequently, we see concerts in France and England, trains in Belgium, and Christmas carnivals in Germany attacked. My wife grew up in Europe and immigrated to the USA when we got married, and she is glad she did. The citizens of Europe elected slime bags as their leaders and they were betrayed and are now paying the price.

    Hopefully they’ll get their heads out before its’s too late.

  21. While I agree in principle that armed citizens would likely not have made the situation any worse (though conceivably they might have added confusion for responding LEOs)… I do agree with others on here who observe that any individual suicide bomb attack is highly challenging to identify and stop in time.

    Yes, a systematic approach (e.g. Israel) can help to mitigate the threat, but also requires sacrificing a hell of a lot of freedom. And many on TTAG have – quite rightly – pointed out that those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither… But practically speaking, in any relatively open society / uncontrolled space, a suicide bomb is more or less unstoppable. Hence why there are so many US, British, and other allied service families living with the consequences of loss or catastrophic injury in the theatres we have been fighting over the past fifteen years.

    I’m mostly a fan of TTAG articles, and enjoy the ensuing debate, but I think this is a poor (and fairly tasteless) pretext to bang the gun rights drum…

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