Anti-Anti-Gun Agitprop Contest Entry


By Tony R.

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to [email protected] with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR. See all of the entries at our Facebook page here.


  1. The studies that we recently bought show beyond any doubt that gun control works. We have even started a new $50 million grassroots campaign to purchase more studies and shoot new YouTube ads that show the dangers of guns in shoe boxes.

    1. avatar GWHNick says:

      This comment is gold

  2. avatar Jay says:

    I would have liked this one more if the book were held side-ways.

    1. avatar Excedrine says:

      Don’t forget, which concentrated specifically on crimes in CHIRAQ. It’s almost real-time.

  3. avatar 80 D says:

    Is it me or are these consistently improving? Well done

  4. avatar former water walker says:

    Sure why not.

  5. avatar ToddR says:


  6. avatar Claude Henry Smoot says:

    How do you say, “I love this!” in russian?

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