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January 12, 2013
Courtesy Turning the Tide

When prowling the web for gun stories or clicking on links from TTAG tipsters, I don’t always know the physical location of a relevant website. The East Valley Tribune could hail from a hundred places. When I clocked the headline above one of the paper’s editorials – NRA  – America’s greatest domestic terrorist – I figured the valley in question nestled somewhere in anti-gun New England or the equally firearms freedom averse Mid-Atlantic region. Nope . . .

The EVT provides residents of Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe and Queen Creek Arizona with the news.

Which just goes to show that liberal papers still provide poison to readers deep in American flyover country. For now. But not forever, if they publish writers who spew anti-ballistic bile, like former high school English teacher Mike McClellan.

When the latest mass shooting took place in Oregon (on of the 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook tragedy), it becomes clear who the most dangerous domestic terrorist is in America.

The NRA.

And I don’t say that lightly.

Over the last twenty years or so, the NRA has made sure that America has become weaponized America . . .

The leadership of the NRA clearly traffics in terrorism.

They terrorize Americans with ridiculous claims that any gun legislation is an attempt to “take away your guns.” And it works, as we know, because every time a horror like Oregon happens, guns sales go up, in part, because the NRA’s reflexive response iOS to warn gun owners of an impending gun confiscation by the government. Which, of course, never happens.

So the terrorists succeed in two ways: They inspire Americans to fear our government, and the increase arms sales.

It’s not this screed’s substance that galls. McClellan’s making the same points that gun control advocates have been making since they decided to follow Saul Alinsky’s advice to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” But the antis’ increasing use of the “t” word when referring to the NRA is worrying. As is the tone of their accusatory diatribes.

The National Rifle Association has ensured that getting a gun, a powerful gun at that, and the most dangerous bullets, is easy.

The national organization has ensured that mass murders, along with the everyday voluminous murders, that happen in our cities, continue.

The NRA has ensured that the insane and cold-blooded can find their weapons of choice to terrorize the innocent.

Shame on them. Shame on the politicians who cower to them,. And shame on us for letting those domestic terrorists have power over us.

The thing of this is, I could easily imagine these words coming out of President Hillary Clinton’s mouth, and the bloody aftermath that results. There’s your terror.

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  1. That’s right, the NRA traffics in terrorism, and they will only convert to trading in tyranny, so . . . STFU evil (D) gun-grabbers, because you’re making tyranny look fun enough for us to try.

    • I wonder if any of these people is even aware of the NAGR? The NAGR actually spends more on lobbying than the NRA. That’s what I read anyway.

      • They’re not aware that any other gun-related group even exists. The NRA is the white whale of the left and they’re blinded to anything else. I think they’ve even claimed climate change is a result of the lead in bullets that apparently the NRA plants all over the US just to destroy all of mankind. The funny thing is if you change “the NRA” to any other group any one of their arguments would be dismissed by the very same people as crazy conspiracy theories. They paint the NRA as this shadowy monolithic organization that pulls all the strings and controls the fate of everyone in the US. Truth is it’s a pretty transparent representative democracy with 5 million members. Compare that with the actual shadowy anti-gun organizations funded by one person or a handful of people.

        The NRA works because it has 5 million members that contact their political officials to tell them their opinion and the political officials listen or is ousted using the proper political means. The left is continually upset that our representative democracy can work, but they’re really just upset it doesn’t work for them. That’s why there’s so much talk on the left about “mobilizing minorities” and getting people that simply don’t care about voting to vote (democrat).

        Even though, “The National Rifle Association has ensured that getting a gun, a powerful gun at that, and the most dangerous bullets, is easy” hundreds of millions of guns are not used in any crimes and the percentage of guns used in crimes requires zeroes in front of a decimal point. The crime-deterrence factor is not considered either (because the media only counts bad news), even though the DOJ estimated at least 55,000 murders, rapes, or near-death beatings were avoided, most without firing a single shot and that number is, as we all know, far lower than the real number.

      • Frank, of course they don’t. They are just a bunch of parrots in a cage, repeating rhetoric that they either heard or read somewhere. They are miles out of touch, and don’t really have a clue what the NRA really is. They also are clueless to all the other gun rights organizations that exist and what they do. There are two kinds of these liberals, the totally ignorant ones that do just repeat what they hear with no knowledge of reality, or the evil liars that purposely mislead or distort the truth.

  2. You have to demonise your enemy. It makes it easier to kill them. Anti gunners are by far the blood thirstiest bunch in the world judging by their typical comments.

    People like them and a troll or two on this site are why we want to own guns. Self defense is a natural human reaction to unbridled rage and insanity.

    • Exactly right that they have to demonize their enemy, but like almost everything else the anti-2A crowd does they cannot afford to be honest about it.

      “The National Rifle Association has ensured that getting a gun, a powerful gun at that, and the most dangerous bullets, is easy.”

      “The Second Amendment has ensured that getting a gun, a powerful gun at that, and the most dangerous bullets, is easy.”

      You see, if you correct their wording and name their actual target it makes more sense, but they cannot admit the repeal of the Second Amendment is their goal so they replace it with the straw man of the NRA.

    • Everything the left has done is to portray lawful gun owners as monsters supporting spree shootings and indiscriminate murder. You don’t have to reach back too far to see the same pattern of propaganda Nazis used against the Jews just prior to WW2.

      The biggest problem is when we let the left frame definitions and arguments; we lose. We need to take a proactive approach and frame the terms of an issue before the left creates a misleading term define it. The set back to this approach is we don’t have the media as our puppet mouthpiece.

    • Right on. We’re the fat stupid bastards in the Rams who are tailgating you while you’re driving exactly 65.5 in the left lane on a crowded freeway in your Subaru. (Ram and Dodge drivers tailgate me when I’m going a GPS authenticated 78 in an 70 mph zone. When I move over, they slow down. Guess they what to show Ram logo.)
      What are the folks I shoot with…the LGBT Pink Pistols? I feel for these folks. They want to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones. Republicans want to separate them from their families and Democrats want to take their guns.

      • What are the folks I shoot with…the LGBT Pink Pistols? I feel for these folks. They want to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones. Republicans want to separate them from their families

        [Citation Needed]

  3. Gee, I didn’t know that I was a member of a terrorist organization. Damnit, now I’ll have to send the NRA another check.

    If this be terrorism, let there be more of it.

  4. Well the cartoonist has WLP indexing the trigger properly. Strange, he decries guns but knows enough to show someone indexing the trigger.

    • Looking at the sketch reveals that apparently Colt has begun to offer the M4 Commando in 7.62x39mm Russian. 😉

      • ^ ya, but they got the trigger-discipline thingy correct. : /

        Mr. Wayne is in a suit, not sweating, despite the cartoonist breaking his optic, Mr. Wayne is keeping both eyes open. . . ? Just another sign of the apocalypse.

      • Colt made AR-platform rifles for 7.62x39mm – didn’t catch on so if you find one, it’s probably hideously priced because it shoots Combloc ammo and has a pony on it.

        There’s also the Colt CK901 which is an export-only select-fire product. Basically Colt’s attempt to drum up foreign sales by making a rifle that will chamber the ammo that most Middle Eastern countries would have on hand.

  5. My anti acquaintances love to use grossly exaggerated statements to demonize gun owners. If they were to be believed, I sleep in a pile of ammunition and there’s unlocked guns strewn about the house in front of children.

    But then they turn around and label gun owners and NRA members as domestic terrorists…

  6. Regrettably, we do have liberals here in AZ. Our liberals tend to cluster around areas with universities and newspapers, institutions that tend to hire people that would be otherwise unemployable.

    • The Arizona Republic’s cartoonist Benson is no better. He never misses an opportunity to go full moron when it comes to the NRA. One of his most offensive was the letters “NRA” made with the bodies of dead children.

    • And please don’t confuse the political bent of a region’s lamestream media with the political bent of that region itself. While it’s true that certain regions of Arizona have a more liberal bent than others, the media in almost all cases outstrips even the pinkest of those residents.

  7. It is clear that JournoList is still alive and well, in some form or another. The consistency of talking points is as impressive as the speciousness of talking points is insipid.

    • The continuation of the J-list mentality and culture would go a long way to explain the current group think of the media.

      • ‘Mentality’, nothing. I’ll bet everything in my gun safe that Journolist has been re-founded with a new name and more selective membership criteria.

  8. According to the cartoon, the source of our “gun problem” is Wayne’s receding hairline. That goes to prove my belief that balding people just can’t be trusted.

  9. The ones who make the news due to gun crime are the only exposure some people get to guns. Based on what they see, gun owners ARE bad… because they only hear about the bad ones. This is called the AVAILABILITY HEURISTIC and it is an unfortunate cognitive short cut that leads to inappropriate conclusions.

  10. Damn. From the hue and cry last week I responded by purchasing another AR-15. Looks like it’s time to buy another AK-47. OMG! Does that mean “I’m the problem”???

    Nah. But I’m going to run out of money if this keeps up.

    • Ha! I got lucky yesterday with one of my “gotta have” pieces.
      A near mint Colt Python. Sometimes I wish these deals would stop coming…

        • +1. When it comes to Colts I prefer the Woodsman and the Dicks special. But a Python will always be a treasure.

      • So many of the little rascals need a good home and there’s barely enough time to find them all good ones…

        congrats on your snake. Damn, but that is a truly classic and lovely firearm. I’m sort of holding out for a 3rd model hand ejector in .44 special. Have had two in my hands recently, at what were decent prices (not cheap), but barrels in both were simply absolute crap. Like each revolver had been stored barrel down in a glass of water.

        Am getting to that point in my life where I can indulge a bit more (one kiddo out of college and the other within a year and a half of completion). Looking forward to being able to own truly nice rifles. Hey, they need homes too, right?

    • Get the clipazines, you know the ones that run out of ammo, then you throw em out……..
      otherwise you would be supporting the Evil NRA who owns all the gun companies.

      Whaaaat………nobody told you that the NRA the GOA and the NSSF own all the stock in ALL the gun

      Pssssst…………It is our dirty little secret……..Shhhhhhhhhh.

  11. “If you tell a big enough lie, and often enough, it eventually becomes the truth.”

    The socialist lefties will kill us all.

  12. “But the antis’ increasing use of the ‘t’ word when referring to the NRA is worrying.”

    I’m not so sure about that. The overuse and abuse of the word “terrorist” in the past decade means that the word has lost much of its punch. Seems like damn near everybody has been called a terrorist by somebody at this point. Resorting to that tactic at this late date feels to me more like desperate name-calling than an actual strategy that could yield results.

      • It would be more worrisome framed as a “national security” issue if the left had even the tiniest scrap of credibility on that topic. Fortunately, they don’t.

    • Grade-school children have been accused of “terroristic threats” (don’t remember whether it was the “finger gun” or the “Pop Tart gun). It’s all downhill from there.

    • It is a debating strategy for juveniles and tyrants. When they are losing the debate, they call their opponents names. The more vicious the names, the more desperate they are.

  13. Jibber Jabber and I cannot recall a cartoon ever dictating policy. I reserve my powder for when they’re inbound.

  14. Isn’t it weird that the self proclaimed peace loving gun control crowd often wishes harm and picks fights with the people that are simply trying to inform, train, and even protect them?

    If you ask me, that is the ultimate hypocrisy

  15. I also love how they really believe the NRA is the only thing stopping them from getting what they want, like all 300 million Americans are screaming from the rooftops for Nana Government to step in and take all these guns off our hands, but that big, mean ol’ NRA just won’t let ’em do it.

    • S.A.F.E. bullets-

      Super Ammo Firearm Exploding.

      to an anti, only a gun destroying bullet would be considered safe.

    • There’s plenty of mutant ARs out there that do. Some from the factory, some cobbled together by enthusiasts. I’d want one just because but getting a genuine AK is first on my list.

  16. The problem with the anti-gun people is that they think this country has a gun problem. It doesn’t. It simply has a violence problem.

    If they would admit that violence is the problem they might figure out something meaningful to do about it. Wouldn’t hold my breath though.

    • That they will never do, because leftist policies are a major root cause of the violence problems we have.

  17. “former high school English teacher”–goes a long way toward explaining it. I have found the public schools to be outposts of leftist goo-gooism in even the most otherwise conservative areas.

    • Yep.

      Nobody’s perfect, and even I’ve swung invective the other way on occasion, but compared to the trash-talking the left swings our way, I’m a saint.

  18. Every one of these mass murders had a killer who saying that he wanted people to know who he was. There is little doubt that they do this so they will end up being talked about on the news. These aare all copy cat murders that would stop happening if the other amendment to the Constitution was infringed. Freedom of the press has a lot of blood on its hands. Tell the press to stop giving these murderess what they say they want. Publicity

  19. It may be time to start taking a page from their book and painting them as conspiracy theorists. If you look at what the NRA does, they attempt to work within the system; Terrorist organizations typically do not.

    The attempt to tie the NRA to the KKK and other racist organizations is disturbing though. After what happened with the confederate flag they’ll try to spin that to their advantage in a big kind of way. If you look at the demographics in a lot of urban areas that needs to change at some point.

    I will also say “monkey see monkey do.” This won’t be the last time this comes up by any stretch of the imagination.

  20. Would’nt Fast and Furious – and all who ran it , top to bottom , qualify for the terrorist AND RICO status ??? Why is NOBODY in Jail ?? Why is Clinton / Schumer / Dems. Silent ?

  21. “When the latest mass shooting took place in Oregon (on of the 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook tragedy), it becomes clear who the most dangerous domestic terrorist is in America.

    The NRA.”

    What’s the National Rodeo Association got to do with gun’s?

  22. Well, soon there will be a sheriff in town and we can actually start to deal with problems in the US and stop blaming the non-criminal americans for whats wrong with the america.

    Right now your best if your a criminal and/or enemy of the United States.

    In 2016, that will end.

  23. “I don’t say this lightly”-yeah you do. How about a “light-hearted ” lawsuit? How about boycotting/picketing your rag and putting you out of bidness? I bet you call an armed dude if someone breaks in your office too,huh?

  24. So, uh, was the navy yard shooter a memebr of the NRA? the two Ft Hood shooters? The oregon campus shooter? The massive numbers of Chicago ghetto thug shoooters?


    OK, then why don’t you have a big cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  25. Does Mike McClellan understand in calling the NRA terrorists he is labeling all members terrorists? I find this repulsive and should Mike cross my path there would be a disagreement.

  26. On a completely unrelated note…

    This is one of the most badass drawn images of Wayne.

    He should frame it.

  27. Huh. Accurately-rendered safe indexing of the trigger finger in an anti-gun cartoon. I may be mistaken, but I think that means we’re winning.

  28. Those who support tyranny always see the opposition as terrorists….it hacks them off at how effective NRA has been in defeating their attempts to destroy freedom in America.

  29. This is not new. But now there is YouTube. The NRA has its own Internet TV network. Any pro 2A group can go around the old media and get their message out. The anti freedom people are stuck in the past. They are only talking to eachother.

  30. And how does America treat terrorists? It hunts them down and kills them, to which these propagandists have no objection. This demonizing rhetoric logically leads to advocating political mass murder. Calling us terrorists is is the same as calling for our criminalization and is one inch away from calling for our deaths.

  31. I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit. I was USAF military police honorably discharged.
    No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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