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Thermal optics ain’t cheap. Even on the lower end they can run well into the thousands of dollars and often the resolution isn’t the greatest. InteliScope came out with a way to use your iPhone as a rifle sight not too long ago, and now it looks like they’re trying to get in on the low end thermal optics market with their latest creation. It blends the budget thermal tech of Seek Thermal with their iPhone sighting software to create something that just might be “good enough” for the average person to use hunting hogs down here in Texas. Presser after the jump . . .

Inteliscope Integrates Seek Thermal Resulting in a $500 Thermal-Night-Scope

Inteliscope introduces the Inteliscope PRO+ with Seek Mounting Kit for the Seek CompactXR Thermal Imaging Camera and is integrating the Seek software with the free Inteliscope app for an economical smartphone night-scope functionality.

SANDPOINT, Idaho, October 7, 2015 – Inteliscope LLC today announced it will launch the Inteliscope PRO+ rifle mount with Seek Mounting Kit for the Seek CompactXR Thermal Imaging Camera and is integrating the Seek software into the Inteliscope app for Android and Apple phones.

Using the Seek Thermal Software Development Kit (SDK), Inteliscope is integrating their software to allow the shooter to quickly switch from daytime to nighttime use, still have the rifle sighted in, and have full use of the Inteliscope reticles and heads-up information. The application is relevant to varmint hunting, personal protection, law enforcement, and military use; providing quality, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) night-scope capability to any rifle for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone units.

“The Inteliscope PRO+ in combination with the Seek XR Thermal Imaging Camera begins a new chapter in the way we use technology on firearms and we think our customers are going to love it,” said Jason Giddings, Inteliscope’s CEO. “We can’t wait for people to start using the Seek thermal imaging technology to provide an affordable night-scope capability to enhance their shooting experience.”

This bundle of products will allow any shooter in possession of a smartphone to have a night vision-capable firearm for less than $500—making thermal night-scopes affordable for more shooters. This product is available now for pre-sale purchase at

About Seek Thermal

The Seek XR Thermal Imaging Camera and app brings the power of thermal imaging technology to the smartphone. It has incredible clarity with a 20 degree field of view and 206 x 156 resolution. Target detection in total darkness is possible at up to 1,800 feet.

About Inteliscope

Inteliscope LLC is a business entity established to bring to market the Inteliscope tactical firearm mount and smartphone device Apps. Inteliscope products are designed and assembled in North Idaho. The Inteliscope adapter may be purchased online at or from over 600 dealers worldwide.

Inteliscope, the Inteliscope logo and Inteliscope PRO are trademarks of Inteliscope. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

We’ve been playing around with the Seek Thermal camera, and it isn’t the greatest thing in the world. For the price it’s an absolute steal, but I’m not 100% sure about the real time applications of the device. Needless to say we’ll reserve judgement until we see it in action.

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  1. No offense to Mr. Leghorn but I kind of resent the term “Cheap Bastards”. Not all of us can afford to spend thousands of dollars on optics. Especially fairly specialized thermal optics. This so called cheap optic is anything but when you consider it is $438 plus the cost of a smart phone. Besides that I’m not cheap, I’m fiscally conservative.

  2. Oh my god! Grow a thicker skin. You’re being ridiculous.

    When you feel impelled to begin with “no offense to…”, you’ve already jumped the track.

    • William, Outrage is the only growth industry left in America. But hey, it’s American made and it can’t be outsourced.

      • First off William, I only kinda resent being called a “cheap bastard”. Secondly, I think you may be the one who’s outraged, because it wasn’t me.. Thirdly, I thought the last line might be the giveaway that I was joking. Lighten up, Francis.

  3. I’m proudly of Scottish decent. As I frequently remind my wife, I’m not cheap, the correct Scottish Gaelic pronunciation is “frugal”. As such this device interests me 🙂

    • I also have a kilt hanging in my closet. Frugal is the proper word. Debt free rocks.

      Unfortunately I live in CA. Legality of these weapons mounted devices is sketchy and we don’t have night hunting for pigs. When I do hunt at night I wear my predator light on my head.

      Frackin’ state.

  4. The phone screen is facing you while it is on right? Reducing your night vision and lighting your face up for anyone in other the direction? Not exactly stealthy. A cool toy I guess?

  5. 206 x 156 resolution is…

    Rather crappy.

    But at that price-point…


    I’ll reserve further comment until TTAG gives it a look-see.

    (Translation: A night test at Tyler’s family ranch ventilating swine.)

    • For thermal that’s not bad. At work we have $30k FLIR D645 surveillance cameras with 720×480 resolution. They are considered “high definition” in the IR world.

      • I’m well aware of what ‘true FLIR’ can cost.

        Got to play with one mounted in an airplane. Engine out at night FLIR would be wonderful.

  6. Now if it only did split screen so I would watch some “tactical p0rn” while staking out my intended target they would be on to something.

  7. I’ve got an old Iphone 5 laying around but digital nightvision like the ATN that was reviewed a few weeks ago is only a few hundred more and I like the idea of a unit built to do a specific task, not a cobbled together cheap bastard solution

  8. I like the idea. Not sold on actually using One tho.
    You can barely see the screen of a cellphone outside in the day.

    What does it do to battery life?
    What if you get a call in the middle of shooting?
    Will Iphones stand repeated recoil from a rifle that kicks? Or are they basically just for .22,.223?
    Id hate to mess up the innards of a phone that cost more than the scope set up.

    It would be more impressive if they added ammo numbers and make reticle adjustments like tracking point as well as thermal…
    Before tracking point gets their optics shrank to cellphone size and adds thermal to its scope.
    Glass will turn into a backup scope if innovations keep coming like they have been.

    • I’d put the phone in airplane mode to disable the cellular signal (you can enable Wifi / Bluetooth after enabling airplane mode if needed) …especially given the locations you might be using FLIR, bad signal = battery drainer. It looks like it comes with a case you have to use so I’m assuming the case is somewhat shock proof. My iPhone sits in a Life Proof case, you’d be surprised how durable it is. As for screen brightness, I have a DSLR I use for video and I need to use the LCD screen, during a sunny day its impossible to see without a loup / hood cover then it is easy to see even with the brightness down. A round counter would be very cool, almost like a video game really, recoil from each shot could easily register with the phone.

    • “Will Iphones stand repeated recoil from a rifle that kicks? Or are they basically just for .22,.223?”

      I share the same concern.

  9. I don’t think it looks cheap, I think the author was probably injecting a little satire into the title…relax folks….That said anything to get in the thermal / FLIR / NOD game is awesome. Once you “play” with the good stuff life feels boring without it, kind of like an addiction. I had the chance to wander around the woods with some very high end Night Vision + take a look at some FLIR rifle optics and I’m pretty hooked…I have an associate that was going to knock down the cost of a FLIR device by 10% but even then it was still like $1700.

  10. My concern would be whether or not it could distinguish the difference between a dog/hog/fox/etc.

    Hate to shoot the neighbors dog “by accident”.

  11. I figured by now, anyone who got one of these for Christmas would have some reviews to share, or post some YouTube video…. But I have found none. So I ask, did anyone buy? How is it? Would or wouldn’t recommend to others, etc?

    • Bought one a year+ ago: never did much with it beyond seeing if it worked. Finally got around to trying it out, but have a new phone now, so went to DL app and.. can’t activate it, because the company website is 403. Company is gone, and because they set up their app to only function *after* activation [for in-app sales of different reticles] anyone who paid $BUX$ for the stupid mount is left holding a turd. I guess you can use it to mount a phone to use for an action cam? Yeah, pretty pointless…


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