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Surveying the evidence released by various sources, it seems probable that the grand jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson, the man who shot and killed African-American teen Michael Brown. Quoting anonymous sources, the “hacktivist” group Anonymous has released a statement [full text via after the jump] confirming that likelihood. “Darren Wilson will NOT be indicted on ANY charges related to the murder of Mike Brown,” the statement reads. “All local police Chiefs and jail commanders have been notified to begin preparing for major civil unrest. Governor Nixon . . . has ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin preparations for a possible re-enstatement [sic] of the martial law.” Makes sense to me. You?

Last night we announced that we have received over the past several days a series of leaks from two separate and unrelated sources regarding the long awaited Grand Jury decision regarding the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In our opinion after careful analysis the sources are reliable, and the information we are about to reveal is true. Both sources are government employees with access to both internal government as well as confidential police communications. For reasons of safety we will not be revealing anything further on either our sources or the material leaked to us. The following is a synopses of the leaked information:

On or about November 10, 2014 the Grand Jury decision will be announced. Darren Wilson will NOT be indicted on ANY charges related to the murder of Mike Brown. All local police Chiefs and jail commanders have been notified to begin preparing for major civil unrest. Governor Nixon has been notified of the impending announcement and has ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin preparations for a possible re-enstatement of the martial law that was declared at the beginning of the Ferguson protests.
As additional evidence that neither the State nor Federal authorities intend any legal action against Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown, one of our sources has provided a very intriguing close up glimpse of Darren Wilson – his current where abouts and lifestyle.

It has been reported that Wilson hasn’t been seen in public since the shooting in August.

Brown’s autopsy reportedly supported claims that there was a “significant altercation at the car” prior to the deadly shooting. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she didn’t think the autopsy supported claims that Brown was shot while surrendering with his hands up.

Further, a toxicology report also showed that Brown had tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, in his blood and urine.

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  1. This is exactly why immunity laws should be repealed!

    If this does not upset every Patriot in America, nothing will or can!

    Disgraceful and a sign of the times.

    • What? Are you saying that if the evidence does NOT show a crime occurred he should be indicted anyway to make a bunch of bedwetters feel better?

      I’m all for dropping the hammer on a bad cop or a cop that commits a bad shoot. This was a poor case to go to bat for on that, however, because at worst the evidence is unclear and quite likely the evidence supports Wilson.

      • If your gonna get upset, then say we need to drop the hammer on the Saginaw cops for their shooting. Or the New Mexico cops for shooting the homeless man in the park. I too am all for taking down cops when they make bad shoots, but its hard to say this was one.

        • If anyone should be prosecuted it should be the race baiting politicians and EVERY news agency that helped inflame this situation.

        • Agreed……I think you could make the argument about Saginaw all day long but, no one is saying anything about it except TTAG. Where is the civil unrest? Where are the riots? The looting? Where are Al and Jessie and why are they so gun ho to go to bat for a punk like Mike Brown that got what he paid for? My guess is that Mike Brown fits the ideal “Trayvon Martin type profile” and Milton Hall, a 49 yr old mentally challenged man, does not.

      • I’m going with JR in NC one this one too. Repealing immunity doesn’t mean prosecute the innocent.

    • I’m curious what you think this immunity is… seeing as how there is a grand jury currently debating whether or not to bring murder charges against him.

      • The way sovereign immunity is usually applied to police officers, the end result is a prosecutor has to prove more malice or bad intent to get a conviction than would have to be proven to convict a normal person of a crime. It’s very nuanced and varies a lot from state to state. Just because Wilson is in front of a grand jury does not automatically mean that sovereign immunity or qualified immunity is not an issue. I have no idea what role immunity is playing in Wilson’s case, but the whole immunity issue is a complex mess.

        • To OxygenThief: Add Holder and Obama to your list of those who should be prosecuted. Holder resigned the same day a Federal Judge notified him that he will NOT grant an extension on documents requested regarding ‘Fast & Furious’. He gave him 30 days. Holder also had a Federal JUdge overturn convictions against several police officers on the grouns of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’. I.E. He withheld evidence supporting the police and added evidence that was not acceptable. He rigged the case so they would get indicted. He is a racist and it will be a bright day for America when he leaves. Obama had no business sending 3 WH staff to the funeral unless he was also going to send staff to all of the funerals of officers killed in the line of duty and servicemen killed in the line of duty. And their color shouldn’t matter.

    • What do immunity laws have anything to do with what, based on a growing mountain of evidence, was a pretty clear-cut instance of justifiable use of deadly force in self-defense?

  2. Putting aside everything but the toxicology I like how the presence of THC supposedly means something in cases like this. Anyone who thinks being stoned makes you violent, aggressive, unresponsive to orders, defiant, whatever has obviously never been stoned or known anyone who has.

    Being on meth, lots of coke, PCP or even drunk now you’ve got something that affects the scenario. Being stoned? What’s that supposed to indicate? Nevermind that your blood will test positive for weeks after use.

    • Yes, couldn’t agree more. The presence or absence of cannabinoids has no bearing on anything, other than the kid was probably not as violent as the LEOs made him out to be.

      On a very unrelated note did you hear there’s a hearing in CA about rescheduling marijuana? Will likely yield very interesting/disappointing results.

      • thats right. ripping off a store and threatenting the manager 15 minutes prior should not be seen as relevant to attacking a cop.

        • Or the fact that they found Brown’s blood on Wilson’s gun or the fact that gunpowder residue was found on Brown indicating he was shot at least once in the police car in a struggle over Wilson’s gun.

    • Remember that guy who smoked weed and then at some other guy’s face? Being high doesn’t always make everyone a vegetable, just like not all drunks are jolly and easy-going.

      • I assume the Miami cannibal is what you are referring to?

        While police sources speculated that the use of a street drug like “bath salts” might have been a factor,[3] experts have expressed doubt toward this speculation as toxicology reports were only able to identify marijuana in his system, leaving the ultimate cause of Eugene’s behavior to remain unknown

        Very often people who lack the means will self medicate. This includes mentally ill people, people in chronic pain, people in uncomfortable living situations.

        It’s not a stretch to find a homeless/mentally unstable/violent person who will test positive for one drug or another.

        As it isnt right to restrict access to firearms for 100% of the population because 5% might do something horrible it isnt right to restrict access for 100% of the population to a personal, recreational, possibly medicinal plant because some nut who bit a guy in the face had it in his system.

        Or, to take it back to the roots of it all: because black people use it.

        • the miami cannibal might have eaten more of his victim had he not been stoned.
          except that he should have had the munchies, so maybe not.
          probably trying to save face.

    • I guess you are not old enough to know that many grunts went into combat in Vietnam under the influence of marijuana. A person’s reactiion to the drug is highly situationally dependent. Your generalizing from the behavior of a bunch of stoned middle class college students at party to other environments where it doesn’t apply.

      • Those “grunts” went into combat stoned because it calmed them and made them able to handle facing and doing things no human should have to deal with. Two friends of mine, a former Marine major and a former Marine chaplain, have both related that having troops moderately stoned made them more combat effective — though dealing with seriously stoned troops was like herding monkeys (who run up and hide when there’s danger, or alternatively run to what they think is safety and scream at the foe).

        Off the record, a federal judge recommended that marijuana be made available in all prisons, because the evidence showed that prisons where it was easily available had less violence.

        Except in rare cases (most of them due to mixing drugs), marijuana makes people calmer.

        • That doesn’t contradict what I said. There are plenty of mean drunks who stop being mean when they fall over.

      • @tdiinva
        This is true. I’ve never actually smoked it, but I have been around friends when they did. And every time, the “contact high” made me hyper. I couldn’t sit still or shut up to save my life. I heard Corey Taylor (singer for Slipknot and Stone Sour for those who don’t know) say that he doesn’t smoke it because he “turns into the Tasmanian Devil”. He could have just been joking around, but given my own experience, he likely wasn’t.

    • Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. One interesting question his THC level does bring to mind is; If this “youth” was this highly aggressive with a good buzz rolling, what kind of roid rage psycho must he have been cold straight???

    • No kidding, marijuana does not make you aggressive and a urine test will be positive for weeks. However the cigars he stole were not because at age 18 he smokes cigars. They are used as blunts after they clean the tobacco out. Then they put THC and whatever else they want in. Drugs were not the issue. No, Michael was an aggressive, hostile, 6’4″ 300lb ARMED and GROWN MAN. Being armed has nothing to do with a weapon. The video of the store robbery speaks volumes about the ‘Gentle Giant’.

    • Really, marijuana can’t make one violent?

      The naked Florida man who chewed off the face of another man last month in a zombie-like cannibal attack used marijuana but not “bath salts” as police had suspected, authorities said Wednesday.

      Rudy Eugene, 31, was killed by a police officer after Eugene’s 18-minute attack on a homeless man. His body didn’t show “any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs,” according to the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner Department.

      Also, Brown was reported to have had a very… unusual conversation earlier in the day, and described having visions of Jesus. One might reasonably believe that description to be indicative of hallucinations.

      Certainly, both of those things factor into understanding Brown’s behavior. Thus, the extremely high level of THC in his blood is germane.

  3. Some will say, “here we go again” with good reason. Perhaps the race baiters, Revs. Jesse and Al will make an appearance. Rioting, pillaging, burning of autos. Oh, that was the Rodney King aftermath on Crenshaw Avenue…never mind!

    • Bull… THC, depending on quantity, can impair judgment as much or more than alcohol.

      That doesn’t mean it will make a calm person suddenly be violent just like there are happy loveable drunks out there, but if your judgment is impaired and you tend to be violent event when sober then I dont care what cheech and chong say, impaired is impaired, and that makes the THC content of his blood absolutely relevant.

      • If I had that much THC in me, I wouldn’t be out robbing people, I’d be at home, laughing at whatever stupid thing I can see, and staring at my hands. Weed can affect your judgment, but it makes you lazy and paranoid, not aggressive and violent. Also, it’s really good at taking care of migraine headaches, or so I hear…

      • Either way, though, it is completely irrelevant. WHY someone did something does not matter…only WHAT they did.

        The “Why did he do that” bit is leftist hand wringing. Someone attacks and poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury, WHY they are doing it makes no difference.

        So, THC, no THC…don’t let that kind of stuff be a distraction. The only point of discussion that needs to happen is if (a) Wilson had a legal right to be where he was when he encountered Brown and (b) ability, opportunity and jeopardy existed to justify deadly force.

        That’s ALL that matters. Not race. Not drugs. Not what anyone’s favorite color is. It is up to us to DEMAND the conversation stay on what matters and not be distracted by the side issues created by the media and those that have no clue how the real world operates.

        • But, absent other evidence, there are valid “why” questions related to the incident between Wilson and Brown. The biggest one being: why would Brown turn around and approach/threaten a police officer holding a gun?

          There are many plausible explanations, and the THC in his system is but one.

      • Combine this with the mental state he was in because he just committed a robbery.

        Good on the prosecution and Grand Jury for doing its job instead of the political grandstand that we saw with Zimmerman.

      • Bull. How many cops were attacked by stoners in WA and CO last week? Last month? Okay, how many cops were attacked by drunks in WA and CO last week? Last month?

        Come on now, let’s blame the person for their own choices, not make excuses for their bullshit. I remember that idea as being somewhat promoted on this site.

        • Go back a re-read my comment. I didnt say THC makes people violent. I said THC impairs judgment as much or worse than alcohol (this is proven so I’m not going to get into an argument just because “legalize it” lobbyist glossed over the dangerous health implications of pot), and if you are a generally violent person even when sober you are just as likely if not more likely to respond violently to provocation when impaired (strong arm robbery of a convenience store and shoving an officer violently back into his car(albeit allegedly) are classic examples of someone who has impaired judgment augmenting their normal propensity to violent response.

          Yeah pot doesnt make you a raging lunatic like PCP, Coke, etc, I never said that it did. I would even argue that withing moderation it is at least no worse than alcohol or smoking, but the blood test is ABSOLUTELY relevant because shows Michael Brown had little respect for the law by consuming a federally controlled substance (you may disagree but weed is still illegal in in the broader US so he broke federal and state laws with heavy penalties in acquiring/consuming it) and it shows that he had potentially impaired judgment when he strong arm robbed a convenience store moments before allegedly assaulting a cop.

      • Wrong. It impairs your depth perception and slows down your responses, but it does not make you violent.

  4. Excuse me, but I read “murder” in this report where I think “death” is more appropriate. Murder is punishable by law. Death does not imply punishable offense. The Grand Jury is deciding if Office Wilson should be CHARGED in the DEATH of Mr. Brown. The wording shown in this article implies guilt – even without trial.

    • They decided on a favored narrative as soon as it happened. Just like in the Zimmerman case. They aren’t interested in facts. They aren’t interested in justice. At least, not in the way the civilized world understands the term. The race baiters smell either political advantage or a payday (or both). The rioters are just full of (misdirected) hate and rage.

      That’s not to say I have made up my mind completely. I look forward to seeing the facts of the case laid out in full.

      • They decided on a favored narrative as soon as it happened.

        Too true. In fact, it was Anthony Shahid coordinating with Piaget Crenshaw and the rest of the… not necessarily completely forthright witnesses at the scene who organized the Hands Up Don’t Shoot narrative, and coordinated the witnesses’ testimony. Their collusion is well-documented with photographic evidence.

        Once you understand that many witnesses were coerced into shoe-horning their testimony into the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative, the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in their testimony start to make much more sense.

        Anthony Shahid should face charges for the role he has played in ginning up animus and inciting to riot, by creating a false narrative. But that will never happen.

    • You are logically correct. However, this statement from Anonymous is not about logic it is about a social position. The individuals releasing the statement believe that Mr. Brown was murdered by Officer Wilson regardless of what the physical evidence indicates. They believe it is impossible for a white police officer to act in an unbiased manner with regard to any minority individual.

      So yes death is the proper word if the writer was looking for accuracy. Murder is the proper term if the writer is looking for being inflammatory and driving a message.

      • Anonymous has made themselves irrelevant by taking a political “side” in other arguments that are not in the best interest of the people for which they claim to advocate. When a group advocates for “utopia” or “social justice” they are no longer non-partisan nor even merely partisan but because they refuse to give their identity they have become hyper-partisan and are injecting themselves into the heart of the story.
        Anonymous is a “Urban Socialist” organization which are no longer socially relevant to the bulk of the people they claim to be supporting. They are merely electronic terrorists with the aim of bringing down any type of authority. Simple terms, petulant 12 year olds with expensive electronics.

    • The statement was released by the hacker group Anonymous, so it reflects their opinion of the situation.

    • “Homicide” would have been the correct word. Whether it was a justifiable homicide or not is what has been ‘debated.’ If not, it was murder. If it was justifiable, then it was justifiable homicide in self defense.

    • Well… death is a bit too neutral. What I mean is that there is no question that Brown was killed by Wilson. The question they are deciding is if there is probable cause to find that the death in question was, in fact, a murder (or manslaughter, etc).

  5. Heck, you knew Wilson was innocent when Al & Jesse showed up. They only come out of the woodwork when the “poor child” is a murderous thug. The fact that they haven’t protested the Saginaw shoot weighs heavily against the officers involved.

    • “Isn’t anybody gonna HELP that poor man?”
      “Hush up, Harriet. That’s a sure way to get him killed!”

  6. From the forum:

    Well Depending on how much I smoke.

    If I just take a hit or so to get a buzz im in a good mood and relaxed.

    If I get high Im in really good mood, I can talk to everybody easily (im normally very socially awkward) and Im hungry and everything is just perfect.

    If im stoooonnneeddd though I can barely walk let alone hold a meaningfull convo. I say stupid things that make me feel stupid later.

    So no it doesnt affect my judgement until i get reallyyy baked.

    • So you think something someone wrote on a marijuana forum is applicable to everyone who does it? Or did you have no point at all?

  7. “the man who shot and killed African-American teen Michael Brown. ”

    When did Michael Brown immigrate here?

    Or did you mean “black teen”?

        • At 6′ 4″ & 294 lbs, Michael Brown brought his sheer bulk & fists & attitude into the encounter with Officer Williams, having just used them all on a diminutive store clerk. The extent of the officer’s injuries remain unknown to us.

          He was not unarmed.

        • Karl,

          For the sixty-eleventh time, “unarmed” is irrelevant. Read the laws on use of deadly force by cops or other civilians in this country. The required standard is if ability, opportunity and jeopardy of imminent death or severe bodily injury existed in the mind of the defender at the time of the application of force.

          So please, stop with the “unarmed” nonsense. It’s stupid and simply does not matter. There are many reasons why it does not matter…too many to go into here. And yes, I’ve testified in court on self defense deadly force cases, so…well, this comment comes from that experience.

          STHU about “unarmed.”

    • I just checked my color swatches… Micheal *Brown* is no more ‘black’ than he is “African.”

  8. Hopefully the good residents of Ferguson will quickly come to the realization of what “Militia” means and take the appropriate actions to defend themselves and their property from the hordes.

    LE’s only purpose will be to contain the violence to a politically and economically expendable area. The residents will be unprotected.

  9. People these days have a VERY short attention span. There may be a few pockets of turmoil but I predict the majority of what happens will be tough talk and rabble rousing without much effect. The real threat here is what happens when the police meet up with the few who actually do hit the streets…. anything seen as unnecessarily aggressive action toward one single peaceful(actually peaceful!) protester by one single officer(bad apple? my finger slipped?) could set off a chain of events that could burn Furgeson to the ground. I do not envy the police tasked with handling this.

    OR nothing at all could happen.

    It only takes one match to light an entire forest ablaze but not every match thrown in the forest will.

    • Maybe I’m wrong, but my impression was that what little of Ferguson not already burned to the ground is abandoned with no expectation of reopening for business. Not worth it, and I would agree.

  10. The black people of Ferguson have been led astray by the Press, their activist leaders who need unrest to stay relevant, and their own racial prejudices.
    All three groups are committed to making this a violent racial issue, come hell or high water.

  11. This will determine IF we continue as a nation of laws or have devolved into what we fought against nearly 240 years ago. There has been little discussion, from what I have seen and read, about the facts of the case but there has been plenty of rumor and speculation, all have been about the police officer and little about the facts behind the attempted arrest and shooting.
    We know that this young man was involved in a robbery/shoplifting/assault, of a small business prior to the instance that left him dead. The police officer is white and little else is known, factually.
    We know that the Department of Justice insinuated itself, through the Attorney General of the United States, into a local and state investigation before requested by the State Governor. We know the President of the United States has made proclamations and inflammatory statements about the case and resulting riots. We know that the name of the officer was divulged before all of the facts had been investigated. We also know that by the length of time that it has taken the Grand Jury, they are being pressured from one side, we can only speculate as to the side applying the pressure.
    Already we have a case that has not been a “regular” criminal case because of the racial component injected by the Federal Government. How this case proceeds will be the “standard” that will be followed for the years that are to come. How we, as a people, regard this is what will be the deciding factor in the way the Federal Government is regulated, or becomes the regulator of all society.
    Government was not meant by our founders to regulate society but it was to be regulated by society. The Liberal re-writing of our history does not change the facts and they are that we began as an oppressed people, taxed beyond reason by a government which had no regard for the people, and no representation in the decisions made by government.
    If we are not approaching that same crossroads I am merely seeing what my critics express, each and every person reading this must decide for themselves.

  12. Will the RIOTS go nation wide ? they could , Why because Amerika is in so much money troubles the petro dollar is ready to fail and the bill of Rights will be buried for EVER…Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER !(1984) they want this BIG TIME>>>and for a world markets CRASH soon….READ THE Mystery Of the SHEMITAH…by Jonathan Cahn .NY best seller ,,,HE has done his home work…The Bible teaches that the land must rest every 7 years or God takes over samples 1929 crash 9/11 etc etc lots of proof… Amerika has to REPENT or be NO MORE…It’s a FACT….

    • I don’t think they will. Winter is fast approaching and colder temperatures don’t lend well to prolonged protests and rioting.

      • That weather fact is hilarious. It is just like engaging terrorists over in the sandbox when winter comes that’s when the animals loose their bravado and colder slower targets are much easier to engage when trying to steal your livelyhood. Good luck to the civilized white folks in Missouri since there does not seem to be many civil blacks residing there.

  13. Note to folks. When an officer is performing a legal duty and you bum rush…comply or die, it’s really that simple.

  14. When I got high a long time ago(70’s & early 80’s) most of the pot was pretty weak. The maui wowie & other “improved” versions were(to ME) decidedly different. THAT is the drug of choice for gangbangers(usually in a blunt). THAT’S what the “gentle giant”TM was doing when he robbed the store. Because you white boys don’t get violent when you have your recreational pot doesn’t mean others don’t. SO MANY clueless comments. From an OFWG married to a beautiful black woman who sold insurance in the ghetto and has gone to the WORST places in America without getting harmed.

    • a little indo’ ‘dro kush (hybrid of chemdog and sour diesel for you pink note takers) wrapped in a backwoods wrapper might have made mikey react to stimuli in an exaggerated way.
      if it was a peach white owl though, all bets are off.

      • And back in the day(1970’s) we smoked PCP mixed with pot. Or pcp alone. I’m lucky I didn’t get in trouble for the crap I did. You are one of the(very) few on here who gets it cmeat…

  15. I am Darren Wilson. Kinda.

    I wonder how much more race-baiting we will have to endure or if the talking heads will clamp their traps until the next incident.

  16. The video evidence of Michael Brown lashing out with aggression during the strong arm robbery at the convenience store minutes before he attacked the police officer exposes “marijuana only makes you mellow” for the stoner myth that it is.

    For the sake of argument let’s assume that a THC buzz did have some sort of mellowing effect, does that mean that while the 6’5″ 300lb bully was punching Officer Wilson in the face and grabbing for his gun he was somehow less of a felonious raging idiot than he would have been if not under the influence of marijuana?


    • probably, yes. it means that.
      to paraphrase the parrot sketch: the residents of ferguson are tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk.

  17. Hmm… Lots to read between the lines here if these are legit sources. Is it possible that the Grand Jury has already decided and the news is being held until after the election? Probably not likely. Politics aside, it would be hard to hold midterm elections if Martial Law is declared. At the very least it would require extra security in and around voting precincts. Probably more likely is that the DA is doing a bit of dog wagging so that the decision steers clear of Election Day.

  18. Anonymous (not the hacktivist group) leaks state that the Chief in Ferguson is being forced out of office (just like the chief in Sanford, FL during the Travon Martin case) and so is officer Wilson.

    If Wilson is no-billed, it means that there’s no probable cause to believe that he committed any crime. Contrast this with a “not guilty” verdict. A “not guilty” verdict at a trial would mean only that the state could not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. A “no probable cause” finding means that there’s not even a basis for an arrest. Such a finding would be even more vindication for Wilson than a “not guilty” verdict would be.

    If the leaks are correct and there’s no probable cause, then why would the Chief be forced out, and why would Wilson be forced to resign in disgrace? Don’t bother answering — the questions were rhetorical. Some people need to be sacrificed on the altar of race politics.

    • I’m bothering anyway.

      As to the chief, he didn’t exactly do a stellar job by almost anyone’s account. He ended up trying to play both sides and failed. I don’t think he was as shameful as the hug-a-thug Highway Patrol Captain, but he didn’t engender much confidence, I’m afraid.

      As to Wilson… we all know there is no way he can do his job there (or probably anywhere) effectively anymore. In fact I’d imagine he will, if he’s smart, stay the hell outta Dodge.

      • What everyone saw was the tail end of the video – the officer won the fight. Excessive? It sure doesn’t look good. What everyone missed is the fact that that female was a homeless she-dirtbag trespassing on the freeway, ran from the officer, punched and kicked him, and subsequently lost the fight when he caught back up to her.

        She was 5’9″ and over 200 pounds, and weighed about 20 pounds more than the officer she fought.

        She got about $1.5 million in a settlement. That’s a lot of money for virtually zero injuries. Of that $875,000 to the female dirtbag and most of the rest to the sketchy lawyers.

        I’ve been hit a whole lot harder than that but didn’t get a dime. But I’m white.

  19. There are already 3 blackhawk helicopters that have been circling downtown all day. The announcement may come sooner than originally thought.

  20. I’m old enough to remember signs being put up after catastrophes that said looters will be shot. Now I have not idea of any police organization standing by while people loot and destroy….the man incharge should go to jail. Businesses ruined and livelyhoods destroyed for what? A criminal was killed. A police officer defended himself…..the cops make mistakes but when you consider how many cops are out there they really have a pretty good record. I have no patience for asses like jackson and sharpton and holder they are baiters and cause trouble when there is none. I like the old way…..Looters Will Be Shot…….works for me.

    • Since the looters target their own hoods to pillage and plunder, few business owners are willing to risk their life and face being overwhelmed by hordes of black attackers on the home turf of the thugs simply for the sake of protecting liquor, groceries, and beauty supplies.

      While the small suburb of Ferguson is nearly 65% black, and the city of St. Louis is over 47% black, St. Louis County Missouri is over 70% white as are many of the other cities in the St. Louis area with some over 90% white. Blacks account for less than 12% of the population in the State of Missouri and the predator thugs account for an even smaller percentage.

      Since liberals have never gained enough of a foothold in Missouri to implement anti-gun laws like those in neighboring Illinois, many citizens of Missouri are well armed, you will never see the hordes of black predator thugs leaving their safe havens like Ferguson and St. Louis to launch attacks in any predominately white city or neighborhood. Never has happened and never will because it would be suicide and the predator thugs know this, that’s why the cowards only lash out in locations where they enjoy superior numbers, which is their own damn neighborhoods.

      If the St. Louis County Grand Jury does not hand down an indictment, the black predator thugs will riot; if the Grand Jury does indict and Officer Wilson is later acquitted at trial, the black predator thugs will riot. In either case, white victims of mob violence will be limited to a few folks not aware of their surroundings who are caught off guard, unarmed, isolated, and greatly outnumbered by their black attackers.

    • Works for me too. I grew up in Chicago and remember Mayor Daley saying: “Shoot to kill or maim.” at the ’68 Democratic Convention. But back then no one used phrases like ‘politically correct’.

  21. I sort of figured Officer Wilson would not be convicted and maybe not indicted. I sort of figure that the resulting race riots and demonstrations should be interesting as well.

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