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“We must close off all avenues for dangerous people to acquire firearms.” – Orlando Police Chief John Mina, during a press conference for the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence at the Orange County Convention Center [via] [h/t SS]

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  1. “We must close off all avenues for dangerous people to plead out after they misuse firearms.”


  2. Cuba has a law against “dangerousness”; funny how a lot of the communists rhetoric is used by gun grabbers and other neo-socialists in America as well as other countries…

      • “Sporting Purpose” actually came from US gun manufacturers. They helped write most of the GCA of 68. They wanted to stop the importation of cheap, mil surplus firearms from other countries in order to sell more US made firearms. So, your problem should be with Remington, Savage, Ruger, Colt. etc. We all know Bill Ruger was no friend to gun owners.

  3. Yeah, take them away from the OPD. Earlier this year they shot and killed an innocent bystander inside a bar.

    They also shot up a fleeing car inside a parking garage with an AR-15 from several yards away.

    • Hey…..that was going to be MY point! I snoozed, I…….loozed? Well played, Michael B, well played.

    • Orlando PD has a sizable number of rogue police officers who are protected by the city and their union. As a example one of their officers were ordered to pay damages to a 80+ year old man who was body slammed and suffered a broken neck and other life threatening injuries. Another officer was ordered to pay thousands of dollars after pushing a woman down the steps, resulting in a broken arm. Both of these officers are still on the force. Chief Mina needs to get rid of the violent elements in his own department before he starts complaining about violence.

  4. These cops know damn well no measures would accomplish the stated goal.

    What the cops see is an opportunity for more funding, more power, more hiring, more union members.

    The goal isnt to keep guns from psychos because that’s simply not possible. The goal is to expand the police force and state.

    Just dogs pissing in the corner to mark and expand territory for their own sake. Bureaucracies like these only work toward the justification of their own existence.

    • This guy is a police chief, therefore more politician than cop. He’ll push whatever policy the mayor if his city pushes. That doesn’t take away from what you said about the desire for more funding.

      • The mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer is a member of MAIG so go figure. Large city police chiefs have to be political sock puppets if they want to stay employed or be hired.

  5. “Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson said that gun deaths increased nationally from 82 a day in 2002 to 91 per day in 2012.”

    Yeah, because the suicide rate is up. Where is the Suicide Czar? Where is the CDC? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is the Media?
    Just proves this isn’t about saving lives. It is disarming the populous.

  6. Ok Chief, how about you define “dangerous” first, and then, if someone is truly dangerous we close off all avenues for them to acquire cars, knives, gasoline, baseball bats etc? Or better yet, how about remove the dangerous person from society?

  7. We must close off all avenues that allow lying, thieving, criminal politicians getting into office.

  8. I guess if they keep spouting the same tired excuses, people will begin to believe this horse sh!t. Time to starve the beast.

  9. Since it is already to sell or give a gun to somebody who can’t legally own one, we just need a law that makes it illegal for people who illegally have guns to give them to other people who can’t illegally have guns. Then the problem is solved by closing the final loophole.

    While we are at it we should pass laws so people will turn out to be bad parents aren’t allowed to have children, marriage licenses aren’t issued to marriages that will end in divorce. While we are at it can we PLEASE get a law that makes anything that causes unhappiness or discomfort illegal? Wouldn’t we all be happier if unhappiness was prevented? For the children!

    • Yes indeed! And the government should definitely make fires, floods, tornadoes and huricains illegal. Oh, and sun spots, climate change and barking dogs, of course. Lots and lots of dangerous things going on, and people should demand to be safe from all of them. We want our bubble wrap… Just pass another “law” and make it so. [/sarcasm]

    • That’s it! We’ll just take everything that’s illegal and make it Double-Super-Duper Illegal (TM). That’s sure to make a murderous sociopath think twice!

      Oh, and there should be a sign telling everyone how Double-Super-Duper Illegal (TM) those illegal things are.

    • They’ll take away my license to ill when they pry it from my cold dead fingers! You gotta fight for your right, don’t you know?

  10. Here is a revolutionary new idea-how about applying the laws currently on the books concerning criminal acts and criminal possession and use of guns as opposed to slaps on the wrist. Blaming inanimate objects is tried and true-when TRUE change is not really the desired outcome. Same-o same-o.

  11. This biz about playing like “gun violence” is the only kind of real violence out there is starting to really get under my skin.

    • I’m in a Constitutional debate over on Youtube with a “Liberal gun owner”, yeah, one of “those guys”.
      He claimed to be sympathetic to gun owners but advised that we have more regulation. You know, ’cause “well regulated”.
      I said we should eliminate all gun laws. There’s your freedom!

  12. “We must close off all avenues for dangerous people to acquire firearms.”

    So, no guns for Orlando cops?

  13. Getting guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies is the HIGH-hanging fruit. No amount of BCing and regulation of the legal gun market is going to make a dent in the number of guns in the wrong peoples’ hands.
    What MIGHT work – to some extent – is extremely harsh and certain punishment for felon-in-posession. Singapore seems to be pretty effective with it’s strong gun control policies, as an example. The cornerstone of their program is that you can be hung for 2 unlawful guns. Now, I can’t be sure whether the effectiveness of Singapore’s program is deterrence vs. a reduction in the recidivism rate.
    Our problem in the US is that we are culturally opposed to extremely harsh and certain punishment for gun crime. Our criminal justice system is addicted to plea-barganing. As such, a criminal might just as well commit an armed robbery as a strong-armed-robbery. The prosecutor will bargain away the arms crime to quickly settle for a simple robbery confession. The criminal-class’s family members don’t want extremely harsh and certain punishment. So, this can’t change.
    Peaceful gun owners may submit (or not) to all the BC infringements on their liberty and there will still be a black-market for guns. With an inventory of 300 million guns, any leakage rate from the legitimate market to the black-market will meet the demand of the latter. No need to consider smuggling and CNC machinery.
    NICS is feel-good and make-work. The NICS database is not going away; the database has to be compiled to support law-enforcement functions. Whether NICS is used for BCing transfers is an independent matter. It’s feel-good but not especially onerous in the FFL sales floor. It will be feel-good if extended to private transfers – no more than feel-good. What we have to worry about is that U-BC is apt to be EXTREMELY ONEROUS for private transfers. This we need to either: STOP; or, figure out ways to live with the requirements of U-BC.

  14. With so much corruption of law enforcement lately, maybe we should screen police chiefs better.

  15. If only he was talking about shutting down illegal avenues for criminals to obtain weapons. He’s got the right idea but he’s going about it ass backwards.

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