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If you’re a Texan, you already know why Texas is the best place on Earth. If you’re not, well, listen up. Texas is great, because we have wide open spaces, the Hill Country, world-class barbecue, the Dallas Cowboys, plains, prairies, beaches, forests, lakes, rivers, the second-largest canyon in the nation, and an independent spirit that exists nowhere else on Earth. Wanna see some can-do attitude? Come to Texas. Wanna see a place where personal property rights are king? Come to Texas. Wanna see a place where the Governor carries concealed and opens a can o’ whup-ass on a coyote threatening his dog? (Wait a sec…what?!)

Yup. It’s true. Governor Rick Perry (R – Texas) was out having an early-morning jog in an undeveloped part of the country near the state capitol of Austin with his daughter’s puppy, when a coyote appeared, bent on destruction. Texas law allows people to dispatch coyotes to that great carnivore roundup in the sky, when they threaten livestock or domestic animals, as well as humans. The Guv pulled out his trusty .380 Ruger semi-auto (with laser sights) and helped the coyote take a dirt nap with a single shot. Check out this link for the AP Wire service full story.

Apparently, a hollow-point bullet was more than a match for Mr. not-so-Wiley E. Coyote. “It was not in a lot of pain,” Perry said. “It pretty much went down at that particular juncture.” Aside from being a poster boy for Conservative Values, Perry is now in the running for NRA Governor of the Year honors.

Seriously, how cool is it when the Governor of a state can jog without a security detail, secure in the knowledge that he can defend himself against all threats – human or animal, with his trusty sidearm? Forget Schwarzenegger – THIS guy is the Terminator, at least when it comes to dangerous predators.

With some states waging war on guns and gun manufacturers (Illinois), some trying to legislate guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens (New York, D.C.) and some passing laws that make it impractical for gun manufacturers to sell their products in-state (California), I think it’s downright refreshing to see a state so unabashedly ready to declare victories for common sense, self-defense and self-reliance.

And that, campers, is what I love about Texas.

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