Donald Trump Jr concealed carry permit.
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As the Brothers Gibb wondered, what’s the best way to mend a broken heart? According to the anti-gun chicks at, Donald Trump, Jr., whose wife recently filed for divorce, is dealing with the heartbreak by applying for a concealed carry permit. In Pennsylvania.

Their theory is that he chose to apply for a Pennsy permit rather than one in his home state of New York in order to avoid providing a tax return. Like so much of what the anti-gun media writes about guns, that appears to be a load of Hoggwash. The state of New York’s web site mentions nothing about the need to provide a tax return.

Naturally, Jezebel couldn’t pass up a chance to take a few shots at the famously firearm-friendly Donny Jr., just because guns.

Did you know Don Jr. loves guns? He loves guns so much that he told his father, the president of the United States, to stay emphatically pro-gun, even as they watched footage of Parkland students practically beg for change. He loves guns so much that, in 2016, he strapped on a blazer and these comedian jeans and filmed an 8-minute long ad for SilencerCo. He loves guns so much that he and his brother, Eric, own a 171-acre shooting range in upstate New York, so that they might shoot their big guns and disturb their neighbors. He loves guns so much that, early Tuesday, he retweeted this drivel below for all the world to see.

But this bit of conspicuous gun bashing gets even better. Jezebel based their snarky piece on a report from the New York Post which, true to its Big Apple roots, never misses a chance to gig a gun owner. Only one problem. Donny Jr. didn’t, in fact, avoid getting a New York carry permit. In fact, he’s had one for years.

Page Six, the New York Post’s gossip column, botched a concealed carry hit piece on Donald Trump, Jr., on Monday, alleging that he has avoided applying for a New York concealed carry permit because it might require the disclosure of his tax returns. There’s just one problem: he’s had a valid gun permit in New York for over a decade. And we know that because the news pages of the New York Post first reported it in 2007.

Apparently New York Post writers don’t enjoy sharing their own news articles with each other, because the existence of Trump’s New York gun permit has been repeatedly reported by … the New York Post. Not once. Not twice. Not thrice. No, the New York Post has reported on Trump’s New York gun permits at least four separate times.

We really hate to see dead tree publications embarrassed in this fashion, especially where guns are concerned. Don’t you?

As for why Don Jr. might want a Pennsylvania permit . . .

A quick glimpse at a map showing the concealed carry reciprocity status in each state makes clear why a permit holder in New York might also want a permit in Pennsylvania: New York’s southern neighbor does not recognize the Empire State’s concealed carry permits. The result is that a New Yorker who spends any time in Pennsylvania, whether it’s for hunting, work, or leisure, would be required to obtain a Pennsylvania carry permit in order to legally carry in the state.

Anyway, here’s hoping Donald Jr. is able to quickly get past the heartache that inevitably results from the end of a marriage. Releasing endorphins is a great way to fight off depression and there’s almost no malady that a little ballistic therapy won’t help alleviate. So maybe a little trigger time on that upstate range should be high on his list. There are plenty of fish in the sea, as they say, and we hope he finds one who shares his love for all things gun-related.

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  1. Gee – it’s a shame that Daddy didn’t work a bit harder to get national reciprocity included in that omniblovious budget bill he just signed. Then Junior wouldn’t have needed to worry about needing multiple .gov passes to carry his piece anywhere he wanted.

    • Sadly, it’s probably the only reason it was even portrayed as being on the table in the first place.

      “Anti-gun billionaire New Yorkers? Shocked, shocked I tell you!”

      Hopefully Republican primary voters learned something, or got this nonsense out of their system, and will make a decision based on some kind of evidence as opposed to a shuck & jive next time. Yeah, who am I kidding. “Stupid party,” indeed, though it doesn’t just refer to the leadership as we all assumed.

  2. I for one share his love for all things gun related. After all it is my right under the second amendment. I’m also certain that I’m not the only one that feels the same. Practice makes perfect.

  3. Yea, Jezebel. What a rag of sh!t.

    Name of an immoral woman. Great name for a libsh!t “news” source.

  4. This dipshit is not the guy we need in our corner right now. Him and his daddy have done exactly nothing for us yet

    • Negative value is not “nothing.” The Trump administration has damn sure done something of value so far, all right. Just not in our favor.

      • Sure he’s not our champion I will agreed on that but compared to Hitlary??? Please we all know what would have happened in that setting

        • Im guessing what would have happened is the POTG would have stayed vigilant, and a lot of the crap we have let slide under this president wouldn’t have happened had Clinton been pushing it.

        • Hillary, with a dem house and senate, would have been a disaster. But had Hillary won and all else remained the same- i.e. a GOP Senate and House- we’d be better off.

          Particularly come mid-term elections.

        • Hillary’s dead, get over it, and vote for a better candidate in the primaries next time.

          A dead cat could have beat Hillary, in fact, the one covering Trump’s scalp did.

  5. Don Jr is a gun guy. He’s my type of guy. Tough luck on the marital front. Happens to the best of them. Do what men do and use the opportunity to get in touch with your inner man.

    • LOL. Seriously, what makes you think he’s “your kind of guy?” I hear this said a lot by people who are speaking of folks they will never meet because they live completely different lives, and by people who get suckered by con men (or by both).

      So he hunts, so he has black-plastic guns. That’s true for practically every gun owner who has bought a gun made in the last 20 years. It means exactly nothing about him being a true friend of the RKBA or a hypcrite or even a Fudd (even Fudds have finally accepted black plastic as an alternative to wood; doesn’t change anything about what they are). In the end, it doesn’t even matter since he clearly doesn’t have Dad’s ear on gun issues; he is still making the same sorts of reactionary rash decisions post-crisis the way he’s been on record doing since at least Sandy Hook (almost always involving gun control as the solution)

  6. Endorphins released?

    I was thinking more along the “little swimmers” release.

    To the point, Jr seems like he cares, but he’s gonna need to be more vocal about it around daddy so daddy has a bit of light on him regarding the issue.

  7. Penn ccw varies across the state. Some sheriffs are gun friendly. Some not so much. For downstate NYers like Donny a 1 hr ride over to eastern Penn will get you to the county Sheriff of a county where in 15 minutes its a done deal. I am actually surprised he didn’t have one already.

  8. I’m not concerned with what a socialist progressive says about guns. Especially when they live in a private armed guard community.

  9. He could be an ex-gun owner if all these erpo or gvpo bills pass, I can’t keep up with the flurry of lost rights to remember if PA passed one or not. His ex wife can just say he is a danger to her and poof, got to take his guns. Which might not be a bad thing, maybe he would tell Daddy it’s not such a good idea after all.

  10. These worthless rags know less that nothing about obtaining a PA carry permit. PA will only issue a nonresident a permit if they have their home state permit. I drove to PA and had to show them my state permit and drivers license and I was done in 14 minutes ( I timed it). I was the first one there and i had to wait for the laminating machine to warm up or i would have been done in ten minutes.

  11. One of the things I find laughable about the longstanding fear expressed by Schumer, Gillibrand, Cuomo and “Zephyr Teachout” re: National Reciprocity are all of these “out of staters with low-standards permits.”
    Um… excuse me… but hasn’t anyone told them that some of those states require live-fire training, whilst NYS actually forbids it, until the license is granted? In addition, the background checking done by many of these states is at least as thorough as NYS – but NYS pretends theirs is ‘better’ but really it just takes longer because they have far fewer people processing the applications.
    I’m not arguing for mandatory training, BTW. Just pointing out their hypocrisy.

  12. The fucktards in the media COULD have figured out that DT Jr. had a NY permit, because Pennsylvania will not give out-of-state permits to anyone that does NOT have a permit in their home state.

    But that would require knowledge of PA gun laws, or gun laws in general. Clowns.

  13. Reporting here behind enemy lines, New York resident. For a New York City pistol permit, which is of course different from a New York pistol permit, you do have to provide your tax return
    See page 5 under additional documentation to be presented at personal interview
    “When requested by your investigator, your personal income tax return for the previous tax year”
    If you want to be sick read the whole application process.

  14. Looking for a county close to route 78 in eastern PA where I can get a PA permit. I have a SC drivers license and resident CCW.

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