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Today we continue the ammunition consistency testing by adding another .223 Remington round to the leaderboard. It’s kind of like adding a car to the board of lap times on Top Gear, except instead of The Stig you’ve got this slob right here, and instead of witty commentary with stunning video you get some statistics and science drivel with a couple crappy still photos. But hey, it’s not like you really wanted to do those TPS reports anyway so let’s get testing.

As all good studies and reports do I’m clearly stating the testing procedure and output metrics right up front. Well, more like linking to them in this here post but they’re still being stated. The only difference is that we’re now using 20 round samples of ammunition.

Speaking of samples of ammunition today’s offering is Remington’s Premier Match .223 Remington 77gr product, something that seems perfectly suited for that portion of the National Match crowd who are too new to know how to load their own ammunition, too lazy to make enough rounds, or too rich to care about the price. I’m pretty sure I fall into two of those categories (with aspirations of falling into the third), so in other words it’s a round that seems purpose built for me. But how well does it stack up against the competition?

BOX PLOTS! I love box plots. So much information in such a small package. The new ammo under examination is on the right, accompanied by a selection of other brands for comparison and the current reigning champ (Wilson Combat). Remington is certainly more normally distributed about the median than the other brands, but does that translate into smaller IQR? BAR GRAPH TIME!

Huh, looks like Remington’s Premier Match ammunition is just slightly better than the average .223 Remington offering. Considering the thing costs a buck and a half a round I expected a little better performance, but the IQR is still nothing to sneeze at. For the money it seems like Wilson Combat’s 77gr offering (at $0.02 more per round) is the better deal, but Wolf will do if you’re cheap and in a pinch.

Join us next time when we test yet more brands of ammunition and give you flashbacks to high school statistics classes.

And now the summary tables, the complete list of rounds we’ve tested and their IQR (along with average price per round).

Brand and Weight Caliber IQR $/round
Wilson Combat
77gr Sierra HPBT Match
.223 Rem 19 $1.52
Wilson Combat
65gr Sierra SP BT
.223 Rem 21 $1.52
75gr BTHP Match
.223 Rem 29 $0.79
69gr HPBT
.223 Rem 30 $1.18
Remington Premier Match
77gr BTHP
.223 Rem 36 $1.50
64gr “Power Point” SP
.223 Rem 38 $0.82
55gr FMJ
.223 Rem 40 $0.21
Federal XM193F
55gr FMJ
.223 Rem 40 $0.32
55gr HP-BT
.223 Rem 42 $?.??
Nosler Varmint
40gr Ballistic Tip
.223 Rem 44 $0.86
Handloads – 20.8gr N-135
75gr Hornady HPBT Match
.223 Rem 49 $?.??
Handloads – 21gr IMR 3031
75gr Hornady HPBT Match
.223 Rem 52 $?.??
Winchester PDX-1
60gr SC-HP
.223 Rem 58 $1.45
American Eagle
55gr FMJ-BT
.223 Rem 68 $0.30
Brand and Weight Caliber IQR $/round
CMMG 147gr .300 BLK 26 $0.78
PNW M 155gr .300 BLK 28 $0.90
PNW D 220gr .300 BLK 54 $1.08
Brand and Weight Caliber IQR $/round
Hornady Superformance Match
150gr SST
.308 Win 26 $1.21
Wilson Combat
168gr Sierra HPBT Match
.308 Win 28 $1.99
PMC Bronze
147gr FMJ BT
.308 Win 39 $0.50
SetPoint – 44gr Varget
150gr Hornady FMJ BT
.308 Win 52 $1.74
Prvi Partizan
150gr FMJ
.308 Win 54 $0.82
Remington “Managed Recoil”
.308 Win 125 $1.40

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