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“This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment.”  – Mayor Michael Bloomberg “renewing his call for tougher gun laws,” via

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  1. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Second Amendment because Bloomberg says so, you ignorant peasants. Just like his third term has nothing to do with term limits. So bend over and spread your cheeks, New York City, and then go vote for another supercillious bastard just like Bloomberg.

  2. Considering that 75 people were just wounded by a crazed grenadier in Belgium, I don’t think that tougher gun laws would have saved this officer. I’m pretty sure that Belgium has tough grenade laws.

  3. Believing that tougher gun control would have made a difference here requires believing that a guy who is willing to commit burglary isn’t willing to obtain a gun illegally. What ended up being this particular officer’s downfall was being taken by surprise by the guy and shot in the face. With that sort of scenario, any sort of weapon, even a screwdriver, could have caused a fatal wound.

    • Actually, the greater irony would be if he were to be murdered by a knife-wielding attacker while walking down the street at night.

      • the greater irony would be for him to have a derringer fall out of his pocket at a packed meeting with tons of reporters and some brave soldier taking one in the ass for the 2nd amendment team

        • Um, not sure how that would result in Mr. Bloomberg’s death…

          Yeah, yeah, irony is great and everything but let’s try to stay focused on the death of Mr. Bloomberg.

    • That’s not very nice.

      But then again, there’s nothing nice about a tyrannical fascist political leader who tries to subvert, curtail, evade and eradicate the fundamental civil and human rights of the populace. There never has been. And they have always gotten what they deserve.

  4. i sure hope that bird had a loaded lower GI waiting to give mr, mayor an early christmas present

  5. a) this guy never goes anywhere without a contingent of armed guards

    b) there is a Jewish tradition that wealth has more to do with luck than with brains. It’s good to see my traditions supported so exuberantly.

  6. Am I the only one who looks at this picture and thinks:

    “Claw his eyes out, I’ll give you a tasty mouse.”

  7. You have to remember that with the Bloomberg mentality, the Second Amendment protects the right of the National Guard and the Police to have guns. So…yes…by Bloomberg’s definition, tougher gun laws and bans have nothing to do with the Second Amendment.
    That is really what the antis think….really!

  8. His Horror can’t get past one simple truth. The criminal who shot the police officer should never have been on the street. The “cRIMINAL jUSTICE sYSTEM” does no one any justice. This guy needs to loosen his tie its cutting off the blood flow to his @$$.

  9. We shouldn’t wish violence or death upon those who disgrace our public institutions. Instead, we should fervently hope that they are disgraced, discredited and politically destroyed by the consequences of their own greed, corruption and hubris.

    And shit on, in front of news reporters, by big fucking birds.

  10. “These guns are used to kill people”…… about saying something substantive and intelligent, like “These guns are used by law-abiding citizens to defend themselves”?

  11. Politicians really need to keep up with the latest polls and trends. Being an anti-gun politician is becoming so ‘yesterday’ especially if the politician has political aspirations to run for office beyond a northern liberal city.

  12. Bloomberg Quote from linked article: “‘You don’t need armor piercing bullets for hunting. Last time I saw a deer wearing a bullet proof vest was a long time ago,’ he said.”

    This statement shows the extreme ignorance of the gun grabbers. As we all know, virtually every centerfire rifle-caliber round is “armor-piercing” in the sense that it will defeat Police Level III body armor. On the other hand, pistol caliber “armor piercing” rounds are currently illegal. Of course, it this case the officer was shot in the head at close range, so it would not have made much of a difference what type of bullet was used. Hell, the bullet could have been made out of wood or rubber and he would have still likely bought the farm.

    I actually think that Bloomberg knows all of this, and he just lies about these issues to create fear amongst the ignorant masses. Bastard. Can’t wait to piss on his grave.

  13. Bloomberg looks like he’s afraid of the eagle… Maybe he’ll ban those next. The NYPD could use all those beautiful tax-payer paid for assault rifles “with the shoulder thing that goes up” to kill any that fly into NY. At least the guns would get some use.

    And I’m sure that Mr. B would love to see the symbol of honor and freedom shot from the sky.

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