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Surely there will be consequences in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and other cities where leaders have refused to push back against these forces of disorder parading as moral righteousness. The mayors’ inaction devastates the very communities they are sworn to protect and defend.

And what about the Democratic party, to which these mayors and governors belong? The party has moved significantly to the left, and, whatever their personal views, its leaders understand that shift. They know how strong the activist left is. They’ve seen long-term incumbents defeated by unknown socialist candidates backed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s not surprising that Democratic party leaders have kept quiet.

Americans will listen to reasonable calls to reform policing and they certainly want color-blind law enforcement. But they won’t tolerate frontal assaults on law enforcement or the collapse of public safety. They won’t accept the specious claim that hoodlums tossing firebombs are ‘freedom fighters.’

Citizens will respond at the ballot box, the gun store (where sales have sky rocketed), and the U-Haul counter, where they are renting vans to move to safer places. Polls show that across all racial and ethnic groups, people want more, not less, police presence in their neighborhoods. And they will want political leaders who understand this.

– Charles Lipson in Playing with fire

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  1. Some people want to move away from the insanity; I get that.

    What all of us – not just gun owners, not just conservatives but rather, all Americans who can legally vote – need to do, though, is vote against the people and party who enabled and supported the insanity in the first place.

    • I recall living in Milwaukee about 30 years ago. It was the most racially segregated (de facto) city I’ve ever seen. Literally white people & businesses on one side of the street, black businesses & people on the other.
      Back then, there was an older-ish generation of African-Americans very stridently calling for race war. Kind of laughed at it back then (in my 20s), but they were dead serious.
      One generation later, it’s here.

    • Could someone explain it to me, like I am five years old, how the Democrats think that rioting and looting is helping their cause?
      Every “normal “person in America is against rioting in the streets and burning down local businesses.
      Even a large proportion of Democrats.
      Every Democrat store owner, every Democrat who has a job at a store, doesn’t want their store burned down.
      So how does NOT calling out the police and National Guard to stop arson help them?

      • From what I have seen, not just the democrats, but every politician would sit by and the USA burn down if it meant the other party loses and they get back into power. These politicians don’t care about the country, they care about power and money, that is all.

        • Bare scorched earth policy, gee wasn’t that the outcome thru out history and one of the last times used on a country’s population was mid 1040’s by a dictator in Germany.

        • Well, when every business is in flames, and everyone is out of work, that means the politicians won’t have any tax dollars to screw around with. Let’s see how they feel about that.

        • Plus Another… They’re all one big cabal for the most part, keeping us fighting ourselves… While the people really in charge move their pieces into position.

        • ” Bare scorched earth policy, gee wasn’t that the outcome thru out history and one of the last times used on a country’s population was mid 1040’s by a dictator in Germany. ”

          General Sherman put it to pretty good use when he went through Georgia and South Carolina.

      • Personally I think they are going all in on white guilt and fear.

        They think they can bully/Shame America into submission. Try and force Americans into voting democrat because they feel bad for being white, or force them through fear, essentially saying, “these riots and chaos will continue until you vote in democrats.” They’re trying to paint the picture this is all Trumps fault, and if Trump was gone the country would “get back to normal”, because only the democrats can beat the virus and only democrats can give blacks what they “deserve.”

        Its truly some sick and twisted logic, but hey, that’s the left for ya.

        • Ron,

          I think you are right on all counts. I would add a fourth reason that Democrats have chosen to enable the rioting, looting, and arson: before they can act to suppress it, they have to acknowledge it — and acknowledging it means admitting that Democrats have failed to govern effectively and prosperously.

      • Also, they do truthfully feel America and the constitution need to be destroyed to rebuild America in a new leftist image. A big part of that is destroying small business, which democrats have been championing that for quite some time.

        • Along the line of destroying the Constitution is those people who say it’s outdated and needs to be updated. I had a liberal acquaintance use that line with me once so I asked him what part was he referring too and after a couple minutes of back and forth he admitted that the only part he thought should be changed was the 2nd amendment. He also was willing to admit that the way it was written there isn’t much anyone can do to ban gun/weapons. He also was willing to admit that there is a process designed to change the Constitution but that there isn’t enough support to trigger it and remove the 2nd amendment.

        • The Reason gun control, control,federally, has existed since 1934,needed to force the Left’s will on the people.

      • The indoctrinated youth (i.e., the graduates of college re-education camps), criminals (recently released from jails and prisons) and the poor minorities neglected for decades by the same people they instinctively vote for are the foot soldiers of the Democrat Party. Useful idiots. Cannon fodder.

        They cannot win on the basis of ideas, so they are actively promoting the social and economic collapse of society. When that happens, what takes its place? Historically, what has ALWAYS taken its place?

        Socialism, communism, or whatever form of authoritarian collectivism you want to call it. It doesn’t matter that those things have always historically failed, without exception.

        Because this time will be different.

      • There’s how and then there’s why. Lots of people here have good ideas on how, so I’ll tackle why.

        Democratic politicians encourage riots, looting, and communist insurrection because they think America deserves it. As a group, they are evil, twisted, and wrong in the head.

      • “Could someone explain it to me, like I am five years old, how the Democrats think that rioting and looting is helping their cause?”

        I’ll take a partial ‘swing’ at it.

        From their (twisted) perspective :

        “Look at what Trump made us do”…

        • “From their (twisted) perspective :
          “Look at what Trump made us do”…

          That, right there. Selfishness always justifies itself as legitimate because someone else is responsible, for everything. Always works with/for children.

      • They think they can use their control of the establishment media to blame Trump for it. Literally, that’s it.

      • These “peaceful demonstrations”…..OK, domestic terrorism……are the Left’s playbook. Happens all around the world to transform a country….destabilize it, tear down law and order, individual ability to resist, smash resistance, et el, et el, et el. These baby riots happening are merely the probing, de-sensitization, local government coordination, training, practice, tactic development, opposition measuring actions before the real action begins. Major domestic terrorism will come to a street in front of your house post-election. If Trump wins, to de-stabilize and oust. If Biden, to implement the Marzist/Socialist agendas promised. Hope I’m wrong. This is more serious than the proverbial heart attack. History….learn from it, or be doomed to re-live it. A vote for Trump is critical. Although a Trump victory only delays the transformation maybe four more years. Then, the evil will be back with more developed tactics and determination, and radicalized players. America is over run. The enemy sits within in the Command Post. This is a NAZI sized threat……but, this lap in our own frontyard.
        The threat was described long ago in Rome: (See any current Dems in this following narrative??? OBummer, Hiden Biden, Kameltoe, Pelosi, Schummer, Clintons, A Damn Shitt, Bernie, AOC, et el, et el????) “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
        An excerpt from “A Pillar of Iron” by Taylor Caldwell depicting the spirit of ancient Rome in its last days of glory. The hero of the story, the man called “a pillar of iron” is Marcus Tullius Cicero, the lawyer-statesman who tried vainly to save the republic he loved from the forces of tyranny.

        Reminder of what Khrushchev said 60 years ago….”Your children’s children will live under Communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not” It was September 29, 1959, when Nikita Khrushchev delivered his prediction for America at the United Nations. Remember the television coverage of him banging his shoe on the podium? At that time, just the word “communism” was feared throughout our nation. Remember this. Socialism leads to Communism How do you create a Socialist State? There are eight levels of control:
        1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people OBUMMER CARE….Biden open mike “This is a big F’n’ Deal.”
        2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.
        3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty. DEMS want more CV-19 debt rool up; always spending like drunken sailors….
        4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government . That way you are able to create a police state. Obummer promised a force bigger and better equipped/trained than our military.
        5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government. Ala The Government Plantation….brought to you by Johnson’s Administration with Welfare for mothers with children…absence of male role model in family unit pre-requisite……Good-bye family unit…..Good-bye Father; Hello Babby Daddy. Hello inner city destruction. Hello Mikey Brown, George Floyd, et el. et el.
        6) Education – Take control of what people read, listen to and take control of what children learn in school. Carter’s Dept of Indoctrination…er, Education.
        7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people. COVID-19 churches closed…non-essential; bars, abortion clinics open.
        8)Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the rich with the support of the poor. Skin color, race, religion, sexual definitions/perversion/confusion,…..
        Here is our scary future: ALL of those levels are already being pushed….implemented,,,campaigned on in their written platform….by Democrats.

        • “Remove the belief in God from the government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government”

          You might want to check out the first amendment to the constitution, also the ‘no religious test for any office of public trust’ requirement.

        • Yes, with all that keep religion out of government stuff, everybody knows the first amendment has a liberal bias.

        • Except the left picks and chooses what parts of that first amendment they support. Some Catholic nuns taking care of old people? Government will fight them tooth and nail to the highest court in the land trying to make them go against their faith.
          Mobs of Antifa destroying private property? The left call them protesters and progressive lawyers offer their services free of charge while at the same time the government gives them get out of jail free passes.

        • ” History….learn from it, or be doomed to re-live it. ”

          The only thing we ever learned from history is that we never learn anything from it.

          • “The only thing we ever learned from history is that we never learn anything from it.”

            It just needs re-engineering reimagining.

      • Easy. Low information voters (read “progressive thinkers”) hear democrats and “open minded analysts” say it’s all Trump’s fault. And for low information types, want to be a smart guy? Believe whatever I tell you and think how I tell you to think…

      • Most Dem voters will not switch their vote even if they do buy a gun or move because they hate Trump or vote based on a benefit like union retirement. The riots push Dem voters out of the cities and into calmer Republican areas where the Dem voters will tip their new hometown to the Left. Sounds like a solid Dem strategy!

    • The problem with that is NIMBY fudd Democrats get fed up with the violence and high costs in the city, so they move into more conservative areas and vote in Democrats and statists who encourage crime and division, jack up the taxes while letting everything go to hell, restrict honest people’s rights, etc. When they’re done ruining that community, they move to another one and ruin it. It’s Californication on a wide scale, and doesn’t require Californians, just statist wannabes.

  2. We need to self-segregate. There is no longer any denying the difference in social standards for a certain demographic. Leave them alone to descend into primitive chaos.

    • The people who can leave the urban shitholes will and they’ll call it “white flight” then the virtue signalers will insist on paying to support the urban shitholes even more than we do now and/or pay to bring people from the urban shitholes to live in the suburbs/rural areas which will in turn create more shitholes.

      Self-segregation will only be an option for the people wealthy enough to buy up 100 acres, fence it off and hire private security and rest assured they’ll sit behind their fences and scold us all day for not eagerly giving up what little we have to coddle the rampaging hoards as they burn, loot and murder beyond the cities.

      Just like with this Covid shit we’re past the point of pullback and I’m afraid it’s ride or die to the great reset.

      • I’ve got the gulch, I’m still looking for Mr. Galt. I’m afraid I identify more closely with Eddie Willard.

    • “We need to self-segregate. There is no longer any denying the difference in social standards for a certain demographic. Leave them alone to descend into primitive chaos.”

      Why not just say “black” instead of “a certain demographic?” I mean, we all know what you mean, and we all know what you are, so why bother hiding behind your hood?

      • Because it is not “Black”, it is the lower class. Those that have never really supported themselves(even the employers use government subsidies for their employees, because they want a handout instead of paying their employees and giving them benefits).
        We need to stress personal responsibility, unwed mothers are usually impregnated by unwed fathers and a man needs to support his children by working and being there. Until the media and government get on board with this, we will continue to circle the drain.

      • Until I see whites, Asians or Hispanics going apeshit and tribal over one of their color getting downed by police, sir, I think you should shut your racist face hole!!!

  3. And the ones responsible for the chaos are STILL delusional enough to believe us peasants dont know who’s behind it all and we wont actually vote em all into oblivion!

    • I wonder if Wisconsinites are feeling voters remorse over electing Tony Evers as governor? Not only did he immediately promote violence by saying cops are mercilessly murdering black men, he resisted sending in the national guard to help control the situation. Now he’s agreeing to send in extra guard troops, effectively admitting that his initial decision was wrong.

      As far as I can tell, he’s saying that the guard will only help protect government property and not private property.

      “Any Guard members called to active duty may only be used to provide support to local law enforcement and to protect critical infrastructure and cultural institutions necessary for the well-being of the community”

      • Even though I did not vote for Tony The Tyrant, I regret him being in office every second of every day. Between his political puppetmastering of the Kung Flu response to his disgusting response to the rioting in Kenosha, that piece of worm $hit needs to go. One and done Tony.

      • Speaking as a Wisconsinite I’d say I doubt those that voted for him are remorseful or regretful at this point. They beat the Republican candidate 49.5% to 48.4% with Milwaukee reported around 46,000 previously uncounted ballots. From those late ballots, Evers received 38,674 votes, or 84% of the total, and Walker 7,181, giving Evers a decisive lead. You can judge that ending for yourself……

        Evers was the superintendent of the Milwaukee public school system before becoming governor. The MPS system as been rife with corruption, mismanagement and poor performance for ….. ever. So naturally, the Democrats in Milwaukee and Madison wanted more of that and they got it.

        Now all of Wisconsin is suffering under this Schoolmarm’s idea of governance. I honestly hope this asshat is a 1 term governor. He’s already shown clearly, that he has no business being in charge of a Taco stand let alone a state. He absolutely had a direct effect on the shitshow that is Kenosha and I believe that due to his inaction when pleaded with for assistance he helped create the violence that killed people. Evers isn’t part of the solution, he’s part of the problem. Oh, and as near as I’ve been able to tell the mayor of Kenosha can’t be found. Guess what party he represents?

        • You’ve messed up Evers’ history a bit.

          He went directly from undergrad degree into postgraduate work, never setting foot in a classroom. After getting his masters, he became the principal of a school in northern Wisconsin for two years before joining the state bureaucracy, which he then never left. He was governor Walker’s head of the Department of Public Instruction and was a kept pet of the Teacher’s Union, who spent hand over fist to get him the win. He never set foot in Milwaukee to guide MPS.

          He’s a back room bureaucrat who can’t lead frat boys to beer. The Kenosha News has an op-ed torching him this morning, but Evers only cares about Milwaukee and Madison.

        • Well, I guess I f#$%^$ that up.

          I thank you for the clarification/correction That Jason. I’ll apologize to the readers for the incorrect info. that I put out there due to my own lack of “research” on Evers. I thought he was in charge of MPS at some point and clearly could have checked him out more before my post.

          Sorry folks, not trying to add to a false narrative.

        • ” From those late ballots, Evers received 38,674 votes, or 84% of the total, and Walker 7,181, giving Evers a decisive lead. You can judge that ending for yourself……”

          That’s the same playbook that made Al Franken a Senator.

          Franken was narrowly losing, when lo and behold, boxes of ballots were suddenly ‘found’…

        • Living far too close to the mess here in WI one can only hope that Evers is one and done. Walker was no genius, but Evers makes Walker look like a rocket scientist. And yes Evers owns a responsibility for the violence as his clueless statement made with no understanding of any facts was shall we say almost an invitation to riot and loot.

  4. Yep…I get tired when antifa & Black Looters Murder loot & destroy every time a cop wrestles with a an ex-con. NOT counting Breona Taylor. Guess what happened in Kenosha last night? Not much! It took a 17year old to put the fear of GOD into the lowlife’s. I’m tired & cranky of this BS. Lock n load…

      • Hell NO! No one should be murdered in a no-knock raid. Your “report” is spurious to say the least!

        • It wasn’t a no knock raid. According to the police and Walker (Taylor’s boyfriend) the police were pounding on the door. That’s what made the neighbors check what was going on and why Walker got out of bed and get his gun. He thought it was her drug dealing ex boyfriend there to cause trouble.

          “Walker told investigators he heard banging at the door after midnight and his first thought was that it was Glover. He said he knew Taylor had dated the accused drug dealer during their on-and-off seven-year relationship. He was concerned there might be trouble.
          Taylor, who had awoken, shouted, “Who is it”?
          Walker said there was no response.
          He said he and Taylor scrambled to get dressed and that he grabbed his gun, which his attorney said he legally owns.
          The pounding at the door continued, he said.”

        • Whatever…STILL murdered in her sleep! I guess ’cause it wasn’t filmed it’s OK with y’all😏

  5. The response will be what happened in Kenosha, dead leftists. We can talk civil all we want with the far left, it’s a useless gesture. The only thing they know is violence and intimidation and they will get that returned to them 10 fold.

    • I Agree all the Commies understand is brute force.
      I hope you are right about getting what they have coming…..I’m cautiously pessimistic about that.

      Sad a 17yr old is forced to do the work full grown men should have done months ago.

  6. I don’t want them to vote with a U-Haul. The parents that move will just bring their basement dwelling 30 year old scumbag ANTIFA member children with them. Then, they will all vote Democrat in their new home state.

  7. The Commiecrats are just now starting to figure that fact out, now they are concerned over polls and focus groups.

    • Yep,, when the MSM realized the riots were helping the President the call went out to “stop the violence.”

      • I guess that happens when the Marxist media just has another glass of the kool aid and shoves their heads deeper in the sand

  8. The Babylon Bee has it right — every BLM fire creates another 1000 Trump voters.

    What I don’t understand is why the Democratic leadership hasn’t understood this. Biden won several months ago, the left would never vote for Trump, so who are they trying to impress? Usually parties go centrist after their primary is settled. To go even further left is insane, politically. It’s almost like they are trying to lose.

    I used to have a theory that the Democratic “leadership”, the old guard, had given up on 2020 and was only thinking of 2024, when Trump will be gone, and the ragtag rudderless Republicans will have to regroup. For 2020, let the Green New Deal kids, AOC, the Squad, all the idiots, run amok, let off steam, and generally lose so badly that they are no longer a factor in 2024. Then Biden threw a wrench into the monkey works. Maybe that is still the leadership game, and Biden is just acceptable collateral damage, even camouflage.

    • That’s the most comprehensive and believable theory I have heard for the hot mess that is the Democrats to date. If only I believed for a second that the Democratic Party would ever settle for anything less than complete authority over every individual, that is.

    • “What I don’t understand is why the Democratic leadership hasn’t understood this.”

      Leftism truly is a mental disease and it’s current leaders are Joe Braindead and Cammi the Commie Hairy@zz which doesn’t instill confidence to any change in the status quo.

      The mental disease continues to rage unchecked.

    • IMHO this is all fairly simple but just a tad too long for the MSM to fit into a segment.

      Essentially what you’re seeing IMO is a fracture along the Progressive or Hard-Left/Democrat line.

      The Left has punched above it’s weight class for a long time because they’ve been appeased by the DNC for a long time in order to get Lefty votes. But this is the “monster they created and cannot control” because the Left has no interest in being part of the DNC, it wants to run the DNC.

      However, the Left’s position is deceptively weak. You’ll note that they don’t have a large cohort in the Senate, there’s no “Senate Squad”. The “Congressional Progressive Caucus” has 73 members in the House and… one (Sanders) in the Senate. Arguably Kamala should be there too but that’s 2 for the Senate, 2% of the body vs 16.78% of the House.

      This is why Joe won. In reality while there are a number of far Lefties in the US they’re not that many a percentage of the population and they’re geographically pretty isolated. Their support is deep but not wide. As such, Joe didn’t really win. The other people, who all lived in echo chambers, imploded when they had to try to appeal to a broader audience within the Democratic Party.

      It was self-delusion that caused them to run in the first place. No one really thought Sanders could win in a general election in 2016 or 2020. But even further Left people would? Only in the mind of someone who lived their entire political life in a bubble was this possible.

      Safe districts in the House, even a reasonable number of them, doesn’t translate in to wide support over whole states or the entire Nation.

      And so at this point the Progressives, the bigwig ones at least, I think DO in fact want to lose and use it as fuel. I suspect, having interacted with some of the smart ones, that they think the way to get what they want is to have a violent Revolution and the way to get to that bloody little coup is, in their mind, to create a false narrative that Biden cannot lose so that when he does their supporters are completely enraged and go wild. It’s a dangerous game but it does make sense when you consider how they’ve operated in other countries historically.

      To certain people, I don’t know how many but I’m certain that they’re out there, Biden is meant to lose to kick off the Color Revolution in the US because the smart and deft Lefties know it’s their only real chance to attain the kind of power they desire.

      • That’s a very accurate statement. I think that’s best summary of the left put into words right now.

      • To misparaphrase Shakespeare, they are unsheathing their swords for lack of argument.

      • “And so at this point the Progressives, the bigwig ones at least, I think DO in fact want to lose and use it as fuel.”

        It will cost them SCOTUS, in the short haul. RBG is on the way out. We replacing her means we likely can get national concealed carry, unless they can turn someone else besides Roberts.

        Their real nightmare will begin if in the next 4 years, they lose another.

        Your summation has the ‘stink of truth’ about it. Trump winning will bring out the worst in Antifa, and ‘peaceful demonstrations’ turning into pitched battle is a real possibility.

        As my Chinese ex-girlfriend years back was fond of saying “Too bad, so sad.”… 🙂

      • Amazing, the progressive bigwigs have selected Joe Biden as the designated loser?

        What a complex delusion, detailed and organized.


        • No delusion involved unless it is on your part, miner. The only reason we have biden/harris on the ticket is that the powers that be in the dnc realize they cannot beat Trump this go round. They are sacrificial goats. If the dnc had thought for one minute they could have taken Trump joe the molester would have been quietly sidelined long ago.

          Thanks entirely to people like you there was never any doubt that Trump would win.

        • “They are sacrificial goats.”

          [jwm: I’m not saying that you meant this to suggest anything here, I’m just noting something here]

          This comment could be taken suggest that this was somehow planned out in advance. I don’t think that’s true. In fact, I’d place a large wager that this is organic. That is; just how it shook out. I think the DNC just ended up with a group of entirely garbage candidates and out of that crew someone had to win. That person wasn’t first-past-the-post but rather the last person standing. That happened to be Joe because he fucked up the least.

          You see this historically when a party is in the midst of either dying or soul searching. A ton of people try to take the mantel, nearly all fail but usually one or two have a future later on based on what they learned from that failure. The most obvious examples are not Presidents (or presidential candidates) but rather legislative leaders like Pelosi or Newt Gingrich. Often it’s most obvious when the person in question is the one trying to herd the cats.

          As to this year’s VP pick… I don’t guess at that. To me she makes little sense but I sort of assume she was essentially picked by committee (since I doubt Joe had much serious leadership on that or, well much of anything else) and committees sometimes pick the worst option imaginable. Almost like they had an argument where someone actually said “No, we can’t accept that! It’s not nearly stupid enough!”.

          One of the reasons for my “scramble” theory is specifically because it addresses the organic nature of such a situation. No one actively tries to end up in a situation where they need to scramble. They end up there by accident and it’s the only way out. It’s always a shitty option but when you’re considering that option it’s usually because 1) it’s the only option remaining other than losing and 2) because your original plans got wrecked.

    • “The Babylon Bee has it right — every BLM fire creates another 1000 Trump voters.”

      The Babylon Bee? It’s a *parody* site :

      “NASCAR Ratings Skyrocket After Addition Of Mario Kart Power-Ups”

      “Cars will be equipped with banana peels, red and green shells, mushrooms, and the dreaded blue shell, spicing up races considerably. The move seems to be working, with early ratings predictions showing at least 10 times the viewership of ordinary NASCAR events.”

      And –

      “Police Keep Antifa Away From Statues By Taping Job Applications Onto Them”

      • just going to prove that truth is stranger than fiction. simply because it’s a wild exaggeration doesn’t mean it is not poignant.
        “cubs mathematically eliminated from playoffs in april.”

  9. It’s exactly as Trump says, if he doesn’t win the election, then it’s a rigged election. We’re going to have to take matters in our own hands at that point.

    • You need an oxygen mask and water breAk to get from your sofa to fridge, but once Trump loses you’re going to turn all Rambo ‘n shit? Baaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

    • Perhaps if the GOP actually, you know, fielded candidates? Even in the Democrats strongholds? They probably will lose but it will give the voters more choice and let the dems know there is opposition.

      • “Perhaps if the GOP actually, you know, fielded candidates? Even in the Democrats strongholds? They probably will lose but it will give the voters more choice and let the dems know there is opposition.”

        Doing so requires a precision of thought and funding that is not realistic. Money is not unlimited, for either major party. Campaigns rated “close” have a potential to change things. Camapigns that are not in the same zip code as “close” can consume funds that can never return anything. Rather than fund campaign, Republicrats might gain some ground doing generalized advertising in Dimwitocrat strongholds, but individual campaigns are more expensive, with terrible stats for actually moving the hands on the dial.

  10. We support Kyle.

    He stood up to the mob. He killed two, blew off another guys arm. This is what will stop these protest/riots. You think casual people will go to these anymore? Naw- crazy whypipo with guns.

  11. Did you see the black man in Minneapolis who shot himself in the head in front of police?

    You guessed it: moar rioting.

  12. American ammunition retailers like CTD are responding with Russian 9mm rounds at over $1 each. Price gouging hosers will never get my business.

    • Yeah seeing that as well, advertising some cool .40s&w boxes for almost $60 for 50 Rds…. They had 10mm cheaper…they are free to gouge, and I am free to despise them for it.

    • Cheaper Than Dirtbags has done this before, last time they pulled it I removed them from any further purchases. I don’t understand how POTG can or would do business with a company that operates in the way they do over and over again.

    • Call it a “Lack of Preparedness Fee” since that’s essentially what it is.

      You waited until the last minute? It’s gonna cost you. Just like last minute plane tickets do.

      • Yep, I got in *just* under the wire, and have no one to blame but myself.

        Next time, I’m going all-in on reloading supplies (if they ever get cheap again in my lifetime)…

        • This is why I haven’t purchased from CTD since last time they pulled this kind of stuff.
          Unlike others, I’m not as understanding of retailers who try to take advantage of these types of situations even though I do not need ammo as I am a reloader and have been preparing for this crap for 20 years.

          • “I’m not as understanding of retailers who try to take advantage of these types of situations”

            Taking advantage as in how? Raising prices when demand is exceedingly above historical?

            Why is it the obligation of a seller of goods to maintain pricing in times of mass uncertainty regarding supply? Why should a seller of goods go out of business at “normal” pricing, when raising prices can sustain the business longer?

            Or how ’bout this: “The Boogaloo” is in progress. You band together with two or three other “patriots” to establish a safe location, away from “civilization”. Now, one of your compadres doesn’t have sufficient amounts of some important item/ingredient, but you were wise enough to buy all you could find. How long will you sell your surplus, even your core inventory, to your friend at the same price you paid for the item/ingredient?

            Second scenario: You own a firearms business. In order to sustain your business (and your income) you need a 10% net profit on all sales. Now comes the storm. Supplies are limited to your on hand stock, resupply is sketchy, uncertain, and will definitely not sustain the rate of sales you once had much less fulfill a rapid increase in demand. Do you sell out at “normal” prices? Or do you raise prices enough to ensure you have the profits to endure supply disruptions, terminations for a period, hoping conditions return to “normal” quickly? Do you simply sell everything you have, and just quietly go into poverty, out of business?

            There is a difference between intelligent business decisions, and gouging. The difficulty is that the intent is not readily discernable.

        • “Why is it the obligation of a seller of goods to maintain pricing in times of mass uncertainty regarding supply?”

          Interestingly this time the paradigm you describe is backwards. Supply is constant, demand has had a massive fluctuation.

          Guns are easy to spool up or spool down, particularly the popular ones. This is because they’ve streamlined the manufacturing process especially for the popular guns. An AR or FAL is designed for war-time production, so the number cranked up can be dialed up or down with relative ease.

          However, producing ammo to proper QC and in massive amounts requires serious investments in very large machines and space. The ammo industry is not willing to do that because they’ve done it before and got burned badly for it when demand for ammo crated upon Trump’s election.

          [Details, nuance and other boring shit below.]

          • I read the link. Think there was a companion article lately that gun manufacturers are resisting ramping up for the same reasons as ammo makers.

        • “Think there was a companion article lately that gun manufacturers are resisting ramping up for the same reasons as ammo makers.”

          Just because someone or some group learned a lesson doesn’t mean it was the right lesson.

    • You must not have any bullets. I’ve got big boxes full. So quit whining and pay a 1.00 a round.

  13. To understand what is going on, eryone needs to read:

    The self announced elites of America are in collusion work the criminals to subjugate the middle class. At the same time that they are incapacitating the criminal justice system, they are disarming the middle class victims.

    Everyone needs to keep buying guns and ammo, vote for Trump, but be prepared to go to war if Biden becomes President.

  14. The only thing certain is that socialist-democrat mayors will rule the S-holes into the ground.

  15. Andy Ngo has identified the three people shot in Kenosha.

    One was a registered sex offender. (KIA)

    One was a serial domestic abuser. (KIA)


    One was a “revolutionary leader.” (WIA)

    We can understand why the first two were protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake.

  16. I don’t want more police. I want the current police to either protect decent people and punish those who harm the persons or property of decent people, or go away and let the rest of us handle it.

    If police are going to arrest and prosecute those who defend themselves and their property while standing by as looters loot and burn, then I think we can live without them.

    • Police have a chain of command. If the commanders prevent the officers from doing their job then what are they suppose to do?

      If the DA won”t prosecute what is the point of arresting them?

      And aren’t you one of the people who wants to eliminate QI so the police won’t step in to a risky situation?

      • If the DA won’t prosecute then there’s no point in the cops being there. Get a case of the “blue flu” and the pols might start to understand.

        If the issue is with the Officer Corps then they need to ignore the orders coming from the brass. “I was following orders” didn’t work at Nuremberg and it shouldn’t work in any US City either.

        If cops are willing to harass people over social distancing, forced business closures and masking they can deal with rioters. If they choose to do the former but refuse to do the latter then they are part of the problem because they’re not law enforcement, they’re just mercs chasing money.

        • If if they bash heads in a riot you would be the first to call them thugs.

          Frankly, I would rather ride with the worst cop than a keyboard Commando. Just saying.

        • It’s hilarious that you tell me things I’d say when I’ve never said anything indicating that at all and you’d know that if your panties didn’t reflexively wad up every time you saw my handle.

          I don’t hate cops. But I don’t blindly support them either because I don’t automatically assume that everyone is “Group X” is a good person worthy of my adoration nor do I assume they’re all evil and worthy of my denunciation. I look at individual actions because I believe in personal responsibility.

          You know, they way you claim to while still prattling on about collective guilt?

          OoOOOooOOOOoooOO nuance. So fucking hard. Email Dan, maybe he’ll explain it to you after you show him your documents and decoder ring.

        • Hit a nerve, did I Sonny?

          FWIW we are all keyboard until we are faced the situation. I hope to remain a keyboard. How about you?

        • @Sam:

          The reply is to tdi’s comment telling me what I would theoretically do as if he knows me.


          If you hit a nerve I’d simply say “Fuck you” and cease pointing out facts or using logic in an attempt to reason with you. As of yet I still have hope that you’ll stop acting like a emo jackass because it’s unbecoming of anyone over the age of 14.

          For a person as smart as you are you sure are intransigent, damn near to the point of being a zealot.

  17. I left Southern California ten years ago, after seventeen years, because I saw what was coming. It was still the depths of the recession and I took a loss on my house, but I knew I had to get out of there.

    The best decision I ever made (beside marrying my wife).

  18. There is alot of wishful thinking going on in “conservative” (anti-leftist) circles about the impact of the riots, While it is true that similar (though reportedly worse) circumstances resulted in a total landslide for Nixon due to the riots and bombings in the late 60s, the leftists were neither empowered like today, not completely unhinged. We are not living in the 60s anymore. The leftists today are of two strata: the puppet masters, and the useful idiots (children) of leisure, comfort, and privilege. These people are not to be underestimated.

    Regardless of what is shown, or not shown, on MSM outlets, there is a “thing” called “the will not to believe” (a phrase I first learned of reading two WW2 books by Herman Wouk). Perhaps today, the concept is described as “confirmation bias”. In either case, people are so convinced that their perceptions are reality, they literally will themselves not to believe anything, even what they can see and hear, that runs counter to their perceptions. If one observes all the fouled characters on the left who are still revered, the obvious becomes obvious. All the lies are acceptable if they advance the agenda. (Yes, that cuts both ways, but the “conservative” view is rent with multiple currents that oppose the agenda because of who is leading it).

    Be not deceived. Evil can appear as an angel of light. But even if there is a truly mass migration out of the slave states, those peoples have proven over and over that they do not change their minds, they simply move their delusions to new fields to savage. Be skeptical of any corps of observers who proclaim “this time it is different”.

    • Yep. Muslim immigrants do the same thing. Flee from oppression, then support its return.

      For some reason though, the vast majority of people I met from honest to god communist countries (Cuba and Soviet Union) all absolutely despise communism as much as we do. Even more so, really.

      • “For some reason though, the vast majority of people I met from honest to god communist countries (Cuba and Soviet Union) all absolutely despise communism as much as we do. Even more so, really.”

        TTAG has at least two here who are from the old USSR. Not currently posting, but they are here…

        • Sleepless, and not in Seattle. Effing insomnia.

          So I know one (on TFB atm), and the other, I have no clue, care to enlighten me?

          Mirrors my experience with those formerly of Communist countries. Passionate isn’t remotely the word, fervent and palpable hate is more apt descriptive of what level they’re on.

    • Sam I Am, I generally agree with you, but I think there are a few who eventually get it and change their thinking. Very few, granted, and perhaps not enough to make a real difference, but nevertheless a real number. My wife is from “Parador” which is one of those so-called banana republics. One of her uncles is a retired gov’t functionary, who was a vocal supporter of Castro, Chavez, and those of their ilk. He had an opportunity to visit Cuba, and returned home suddenly and strangely silent about the glories of the revolution. Some time later, he began to be a vocal critic of his former heroes. I didn’t know him “pre-revelation” but my wife says he was a true believer.

      • “…but I think there are a few who eventually get it and change their thinking.”

        Oh, definitely. But they are the equivalent of Unicorns; too few to depend upon for transportation.

  19. I left Portland 21 years ago. Seems like I made the right choice that things were going too liberal. I support conservatives and guns but it was becoming plain that the seas were shifting. If you do move out now remember what voting for democrats did to Portland and vote appropriately where you move.

  20. Racism vs Intelligence
    I don’t care about the color of your skin. The gray matter between the ears is what matters. An intelligent person knows how to properly conduct their self; independent of the BS. The issue at hand is people that do not have the wherewithal to understand their own behavior. A key factor in our societal decline is the majority do not Stop and Think. The mob mentality is easy and requires little effort to join. Whether behind a keyboard, or in the streets, the majority of society are essentially lazy and go with the flow….however right…or wrong. Unfortunately, the government (at all levels; fed to local) patronize everyone that whines loud enough. Decades of yielding to snowflakes creates an avalanche. Welcome to the critical mass tipping point of the avalanche.
    Interesting times indeed. Stay prepared, Remain vigilant.

  21. “If all the conservative white people move away, we’re guaranteed reelection forever!”

  22. First, I don’t give a damn what “polls” show. Second, how many cops are enough? How about one for every man, woman, and child in the country? Would that be enough?

    We have enough “law and order” enforcers. What we need is less interference from governments (local, state, & federal) interfering with our ability to defend ourselves.

      • As Jefferson noted:

        “Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.” In case you don’t know latin:

        “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”

        You, on the other hand, apparently prefer the servitude of a police State.

        • Yes, Jefferson was quite the fan of the French Revolution and a supporter of mob rule at least until after the War of 1812 when he admitted to John Adams that Adams had been right and he had been wrong.

          Not much difference between you and Antifa and the rule of law.

  23. “The mayors’ inaction devastates the very communities they are sworn to protect and defend demonstrates that Big Government always fails to provide the ‘benefits’ that Progressives keep telling us Big Government will provide.” — There, fixed that for you.

  24. The title of this article suggests that Americans will start responding to the riots in the future — meaning that they have not already started responding. By all accounts, it sure looks to me like Americans started responding several months ago: millions of people have stampeded to gun stores to purchase firearms and ammunition and millions of people have fled Progressive urban utopias for greener pastures.

    Speaking to that last point, I heard that one million of New York City’s eight million residents appear to have permanently left New York City. And I heard that massive throngs of people have already left San Francisco.

    • Those cities were already in bad financial shape while the economy was kicking. With the forced shut downs, they killed their taxes this year. I doubt the people leaving are the poor and homeless. That’s why they’re desperately trying to get the federal government to bail them out. In other words, they’re asking for middle America taxpayers to foot their extravagant bills.

  25. Yes, the hordes of Democrats who voted for the madness they are running from will move to “safer places”
    whereupon they will immediately start voting Democrat and demanding more services and higher taxes and inflicting their flaccid mentality on the poor slobs who thought THEY were living in a “safe place.”

    There are no “safe places” anymore.

    Wake up. WW3 was never going to look like WW2 or even Gulf Wars with all the troops and tanks and jets.

    Youre in it. Youre either running away from it or dealing with people running away from it and bringing their madness to you, but its spreading and will eventually affect everybody everywhere.

    This is the new normal. And its gonna get a helluva lot worse before it gets any better.

  26. U-haul Counter?

    Beginning of July, a one way box truck from Portland to Boise was nearly $700.
    A one way box truck from Boise to Portland was more like $85.

    please bring our empty trucks back to Portland…more people want to leave

    • Can order Hesco plates and have less lead time than getting a uhaul in NYC according to one of the new neighbors.

    • Since the Left controls the media, they just paint a picture that these riots are somehow Trump’s fault. Go read some replies on Colbert’s Late Show youtube page. It’s amazing how ignorant people are. The president doesn’t control the local police force. All of these communities that are clashing with the police are run by democrats, therefore, the dumb protestors that think they’re against Trump or even America, are really protesting the governance of democrats. What do they want Trump to do, take over control of the local police? That’s what Joe Biden wants to do. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian again?

      Then they complain about all of the black men in jail. Who do they think is the architect of the system? It’s Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Kamala Harris, etc. Those ignorant, mostly peaceful rioters don’t even know that. Heck, it’s Trump that worked on getting low level offenders out earlier. Why didn’t Obama do that? The fools just gobble up whatever drivel the MSM feeds them. The media, dem pols, and the new breed of race hustlers, black athletes like LeBron, tell them to jump, and the “protestors” ask how high.

    • “I guess that Democrats intend to destroy the country in order to save it.”

      Worked in Vietnam.

  27. No…..Most won’t do a thing, but maybe bitch & complain. The left will still vote dumacrat it’s in their blood, without a master they can’t think!

  28. Anytime something bad happens in a Democrat controlled jurisdiction it’s Trump’s fault, he should have called in the National Guard, he fcked up by calling in the National Guard, he should have defunded the police, we need more police protection, he should let the rioteers riot and get it out of their system, he should have stopped the riioting before it escalated. It’s Trump’s fault the sun is shining but it’s to hot. Now if we’d have had Hillorally none of this wouldn’t have happened. Only the Democratic party can fix this, vote Bidden and Kamel Hairyass, we can save you.

  29. This country is all first responders, arm thy self!

  30. We’re going to start hearing about “white flight” again and how racism has somehow destroyed the economies of cities.

    • Yes, and then when white people come back and build up the area, we’ll hear about gentrification, and how whites have destroyed the dream of home ownership by increasing the value. No matter what, it’s whitey’s fault. Anything to create division, hate, and mistrust so people are too distracted to notice the politicians.

  31. Great more libtards moving around The US, fleeing the messes they allowed and created to spread their diseased values upon the rest of the US. Its not about racism, its about values, if you don’t share the values that built the best, most just and egalitarian country in history, I dont care what your origins, ethnicity or race are, stay where you are and fix your own mess.

  32. This is a marxist insurgency intended to continue to Election Day. It is being directed by the DemoRAT Party bosses and the Brownshirts on the streets are the felons that the commiecrats let out of prison three months ago just as this started!!!

    REAL Americans will respond by confronting these violent criminal insurrectionists and killing them DRT since the damned cops refuse to go against the commiecrat politicians and actually DO THEIR JOBS. Kyle Rittenhouse is more of a man than millions! When the marxist mob tried to MURDER him, he didn’t cry for mommy or call 911 or ask for a time out or a safe space… HE FRACKING KILLED SOME DIRTBAGS!!
    #1: PEDOPHILE, DRT. Threw an explosive or molotov, then tried to take his rifle.
    #2: TEN TIME FELON WOMAN BEATER, DRT. Tried to murder Kyle by crushing his skull, was shot in the chest.
    #3: FELON WITH A GUN, tried to shoot Kyle but had his arm blown clean off.
    Dude deserves a medal and a big fat reward, not a political prosecution. But that’s OK, Lin Wood is gonna defend him in court and make all the politicians & terrorists pay big time like he did for Nick Sandmann and the lysing commie scum MSM!

    These commie scum insurrectionists come into my AO, and from a place no one can see will come a sound they will not hear.

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