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People wait in line to enter gun seller Tanner's Sports Center in Jamison, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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[D]emand has only grown further in 2021, according to Fox 35, as stores across the country are selling out of ammunition, especially 9mm.

Biden and Democrats haven’t proposed scrapping the Second Amendment, people’s right to bear arms, even though that have proposed enacting some gun-control measures.

Still, some say they’re preparing in case new restrictions bite them: ‘I think we all believe Biden is going to take it away from us,’ Florida shopper David Godkin told the station.

He waited on line outside Academy Sports + Outdoors but was still not able to pick up everything he wanted.

‘I got two 9s, which is the handgun, then I got the 223, which is the rifle. A good day. Would have been a better day if I’d gotten all 9s,’ Godkin explained.

Ron Perkinson, owner of Volusia Top Gun in Lake Mary, Florida, said that his store had been a ‘zoo’ after the pro-Trump riot stormed on the U.S. Capitol attempting to overturn the election results on January 6.

Perkinson said sales had already been up 100 percent from this time last year as a result of the pandemic, but that sales have zoomed up another 100 percent in recent days – with 60 people often waiting outside for him to open up the store in the mornings.

‘When Trump had mentioned a peaceful transfer of power, whatever exactly it was he said, seems like it’s been even more crazy than the crazy it was,’ Perkinson said.

‘I could have done 300% more if I had the inventory. I’m turning away a lot of people just for lack of inventory.’

— Frances Mulraney in Biden is coming! Gun owners line up outside stores across the U.S. and continue panic buying amid fears the new president will enforce harsher gun control

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  1. Unfortunately many of these “gun” owners will not be politically active when bans are proposed they won’t send emails they won’t write letters that won’t make phone calls to elected representatives.

      • I wrote a very strongly worded letter to Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi about California’s universal mail-in voting, blind voter registration of homeless and resident aliens, and legalized ballot harvesting. I told them that this scheme is blatant and apparent fraud which establishes and maintains a Democrat super majority in the state of California…. I’m sure they will take action post-haste and address my concerns….. I wrote a letter after all.

        • Don’t f*ck up Idaho. Don’t try turning it into Cali. Remember that you are a refugee from California, and be humble. Californians running away from their problems have been a blight on all the other Western states. Hopefully you aren’t one of “those Californians”.

          All that said, I understand where you are coming from.

        • Oh,.. nooo… I would never do that. I’m a staunch Republican. I support strong western Republicans like Mit Romney, Meg Whitman, Meghan McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lisa Murkowski and other Biden supporting… er…. *pro American* …..ya!…. pro American Republicans.

        • Well, in today’s environment……Cancel Culture, censorship…’ve just raised your hand to be put on the priority re-programming list. They appreciate you making their job easier. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ( For you knuckle draggers, this is sarcasm.)

    • This is a great point. Unless an overwhelming number of Americans voice their views and concerns about what liberal leftists are doing to disarm Americans, they will succeed in their ultimate goal of turning America into a socialist and communist country. Disarming Americans is all that is left for them to succeed in their communist agenda.

    • The different stores can send out letters(many send out ads) to their old customers. They can also send them email, if they can get their email name. This could help, it sure helped me. I met people with another interest, I had no desire for guns in the home.
      They changed me and I saw the light. Guns is what keeps us free.

    • The Democrats do not care what you think, Republicans neither, they allowed the fraud to happen because they like being a fake opposition party, it’s what gets them a lot of campaign donations.

      IMO, the time for writing letters and making phone calls is over after being called a domestic terrorist for supporting the Constitution and half the Republicans in the house and almost all GOP in the senate sit there like cucks not saying a word.

      • There is a growing percentage of people that see “Washington” AS the problem. It isn’t about left vs. right. Our elected officials are not doing their jobs and we are all suffering for it. This metastasizes Into A complete rejection of federal authority.

        People are getting tired of the bs.

  2. If you were ever curious as to the political temperature in the Biden ‘Unity!’ era, look no further than the demand for arms and ammunition.🤷‍♂️

    • People are so desperate that even hunting rifles and associated ammo are gone. People are buying anything that goes bang.

        • To be fair, most modern bolt guns are capable of far greater accuracy than most shooters today. It’s not at all unlikely that your Ruger or Savage that you got for $600 (last year $399) with a 3-9x scope will hit 2MOA with cheap hunting ammo, if you have the skills.
          However, putting up a cloverleaf at hundred yards is NOT the same skill set required to hit 12″ steel at 600 yards.

        • Point taken. But I was also referring to the setting up of the optics and getting a zero worked in. A daunting prospect for an absolute beginner.

          Hollywood just shows a scope being attached and that’s it.

  3. A very liver wife of a friend bought a 9 last weekend. She was the last person i ever expected to tool up. Gun shop sold her 4 boxes of 9mm only because she bought the gun. I told her practice with 1 box and hang on to the rest.

  4. IOW: Short sighted morons are still short sighted morons.

    The dude wins* the election months ago but the people who are worried wait until he’s inaugurated to start preparing for potential gun control? Jesus, what a bunch of twatwaffles. Prepping to fail much?

    *This claim is disputed. (LOL, gotta put that on everything these days.)

    • “Prepping to fail much?”

      Or, much failing to prep? Different meanings, same result.

      I just want to say congratulations and how proud I am off all TTAG readers that did prepare over the last several years. Keep your powder dry and keep it a secret.

      • I’m sure more and more youtubers and gun influencers will tell everyone to buy up body armor. Good on those gunowners who already have plates and a plate carrier.

        • “I’m sure more and more youtubers and gun influencers will tell everyone to buy up body armor. ”

          Gotta hurry. There is already a bill pre-filed in the House to make owning body armor a federal crime (cops and military excepted). Pretty sure that before the bill goes to the Senate, it will include a definition of body armor to include any vest that looks like body armor.

        • H.R. 4568 seems like it’s going nowhere, but then it is 2021.

          Pretty fucking strange. 10 years plus fines for level III and above plate armor but not retroactive.

          Probably just another part of the grab-bag-wish-list but something to keep an eye on.

        • “Probably just another part of the grab-bag-wish-list but something to keep an eye on.”

          The justification for the law seems to be that civilians who wear body armor are those who need killing.

        • 10 years plus fines for level III and above plate armor but not retroactive.

          I forecast a lot of multi-curve AR500 shooting targets with splatter reducing covering to reduce lead contamination to the ground.

      • I ordered a few more AR mags yesterday. I already had a bunch, but figured this might be our last chance to ever get any more. I’m kinda surprised that they are still available, after the year we have had.

        • After searching several sites, I finally found some Glock parts (triggers, springs, pins, etc.). I have some spare parts for my handguns and ARs, but the picking are getting slim, so I’m acquiring just a few more.

          As for mags, I do have a lot, but you’re right…another gun ban (similar to the 1994 Clinton Era ban that lasted 10 years) is likely due to the rabid anti-gun, anti-America Dem majority now. They’ll be trying to choke the supply for ammo, parts, mags, etc.

        • “They’ll be trying to choke the supply for ammo, parts, mags, etc.”

          “They” are already calling for federal background checks and permission to buy and possess any gun parts (and ammo, of course). Part of the background checks will be what we have learned to be “social credit worthiness.”

          “They” will not waste the first two years, as they did with Obama. Am certain he learned from that, and will be directing action from behind the throne.

        • Art…..I went by the local gun store and visited with the owners. There were a few people there that were purchasing firearms and I wondered if they already had the ammo ’cause it wasn’t there. Picked a a few mags. Already have the makings as well as ejectors, extractors, springs, complete bolts etc. never wait till the last minute.

        • Guys, please, calm down.

          We’ve all been assured repeatedly by the smartest trolls in the web, the TTAG troll crew, that there will be no more gun control. Besides, we’ll keep the Senate anyway so… going nowhere.

        • “Besides, we’ll keep the Senate anyway so… going nowhere.”

          That’s kinda curious. The anti-foundation mob have 51 votes in the Senate. Makes it possible to pass anything they want.

          Not depending on Manchin to stop much. Like any other politician, he can be bought.

    • Maybe they believed Trump would pull off some miracle and remain President. He kept saying he had all the evidence and caught them on tape.

  5. “sales had already been up 100 percent from this time last year as a result of the pandemic”

    Let’s not forget about the Summer of Love Riots. I saw online stock beginning to get back to normal after the initial pandemic rush last year. Then the riots started…

  6. I ordered a few more 20 round 7.62×51 pmags online myself since I’m sure mag bans will be one of the first things they try to jam through.

    Maybe the unity party will try to package so much fun control crap in their bill it will anger the fudds and single handgun owners that there will be enough resistance to stop it and they’ll get nothing. It’s a sorry thing to hope for because it sets the stage for compromise.

    • DC idiots are so out of touch, that they don’t realize how many on the left have recently embraced firearm ownership, including the scary black rifle variety.

  7. As the Joe & Hoe show are hell bent on infringing on Americans rights across the entire Constitution,Americans vote differently with their feet and wallets as they rush to their guns shops, now just imagine the numbers if gun shops were fully stocked.

  8. “…Ron Perkinson, owner of Volusia Top Gun in Lake Mary, Florida, said that his store had been a ‘zoo’ after the pro-Trump riot stormed on the U.S. Capitol attempting to overturn the election results on January 6…..”

    No one ‘stormed’ anything and no, they were not trying to overturn the election.

    Some people did walk in to the capitol to take selfies and act stupid. Some wearing silly outfits.

    soooo many drama queens…especially Congress and the MSM.

      • I haven’t seen primers anywhere in 8 months. Then again I am slightly agoraphobic and shop mostly online. Primers were my weak link I have thousands of cases for everything and tens of pounds of my favorite powders but am down to my last 1000 primer box on all sizes. It didn’t occur to me that in an ammo most primers would go to ammo manufacturers. I know this was stupid now.

    • actually .40 is FAR easier to come by that 9, .223 or .45. I’ve actually seen a few boxes sit on the shelf for a few days. Shows you how dead .40 really is.

      But to quote a friend of mine formerly from Zimbabwe, in Africa, any gun, no matter how old, is better than no gun at all. Sadly, I think we are getting there as well. When 7mm-08 is the only ammo available at Wally World, and your really thinking about buying it, even though you don’t own, and don’t know anyone that owns a 7mm-08, because you can pull the bullets, and use them to reload 7mm mauser, and resize the necks and use the cases, primer and powder to load .308 ammo, and then shrug it off cause thats crazy thinking

      • Or you could just buy a barrel or firearm that chambers it. 7-08 is an amazingly underrated cartridge, and these days you can even put it in an AR-10 with the right parts. I would assume, at least, that if no one is buying the ammo where you are, you can source parts or possibly even complete rifles for it.

    • I’ve seen a small amount of 9 and 40 here and there. Even 223/556 are showing up at times. Haven’t seen hardly any 380 at all and what I have come across is priced around $80 for a box of 50. I’m glad to see 10mm is there in small amounts but it is expensive. 12ga 00 makes an appearance but rarely. No 308 in a few months. No primers since just after this whole thing started. 22lr is no where to be seen. Lots of 17, 22hmr, and maybe 32 though. I’ve come across some level of 350 legend almost regularly. No 357 in quite a while.

        • “My local gun shop is selling ammo, but you have to buy a gun with every box.”

          Now, that’s clever.

          May not be profitable, but it is clever.

    • Although it remains to be seen who will be the Tutsi and who will be the Hutu in that scenario…. I’m thinking everybody wants to be the Hutu. The Hutu bought machettes BEFORE the fight started.

    • There are no groups close enough in the U.S. to be tribal like the Tutsi or Hutu, that would fight as one group. You have gangs, but they might all go under the same name, but the factions inside are very divisive. With the possible exception of some 1%er biker clubs, the members from a local group their brotherhood only to the local group, not the whole.
      And the 1%ers are outside of main society and stay out of our politics.

      • I’d say the one-percenters are *inside* our politics — hell, they ARE politics — and the 1% among the 1% are doing their damnedest to stampede all of us into behaving just like Hutus vs. Tutsis.

  9. Anyone else getting emails advertising ammo and when you click in the link everything is Out of Stock? I used to think “maybe this time?” Only to be disappointed. Again. Now I just go to Gunbroker and marvel at the prices. I remember buying a 50 round box of 22LR for less than a dollar. Now…….wow!

      • In the 60’s every quarter I earned aka mowed lawns for,would purchase a 50 round box of 22 long or long rifles.

        • Less than 50 cents for a box of 50. Boy Scout camp .22 shorts were 2 rounds for a penny.

          I nearly swooned the first time I saw a plastic 100 round box of CCI Long Rifle for less than a dollar. You could buy a new Ruger .22 semi auto pistol for 37 bucks back then.

      • ’70s for me. I would ride my bike over to my grandparents’ house on a Saturday morning, mow their grass and have lunch. Then Grandpa would take me to the local hardware store for a box of .22 and we would shoot cans at the burn pile for a couple hours. Then he would put my bike in the truck, drive me home and give me 10 bucks. He was a cool Grandpa.

        • Yes, he was a cool guy, but it was a 13.5 mile bike ride, and I usually mowed about 2 acres. He had a walk behind Gravely, but I used the sulky if it was hot.

          That .22, and a slick pump shotgun, were later burned up in a house fire and I’ve been watching the auctions for similar replacements. He had already given me a couple of the WW2 bringbacks that he had, so I have them at least. Lotta memories.

      • Whynot,
        You could buy Federal bulk pack 550 round boxes for about $9 at Walmart back in about 2005. I’ve bought cci Blazer for close to 2¢ a round in the last decade. Just a year and a half ago, I’ve picked up .22lr for less than 3¢ a round (Remington which I don’t care for, but bought anyway).

        • Less than a year ago, you could buy crap Tula 7.62*39 and .223 for about 17¢ a round. Glad I picked up some (but not enough).

      • I guess I need to head down to a gun show. I could probably afford to sell a thousand rounds of .22lr at 50¢ a round.

        • Huh, I would probably be inclined to do the same if those are the actual going prices right now.

        • Glad I stocked up on CCI Blazer when they were 13.99 per brick in 2010,I’m no here running low.

        • Last time I checked Midway USA, out of 11 pages of .22 ammo they had exactly 1 (one) product available in stock- Eley 40gr Lead Round Nose box of 50 for $26.99 ($0.54 per round).

          It was out of stock less than an hour later.

          So, yes, Leigh- there is a Biden man.

  10. This is the ULTIMATE radical leftist goal in America now that they are in control of the government, which is to disarm Americans. Stay fully armed with your firearms and ammo, folks. We will always operate legally under the law and NEVER give up our 2nd Amendment rights. All 75 million of us who voted for President Trump, plus even many Democrats, will never give up our firearms under any circumstances. NEVER wlll we allow to get disarmed. This is all that is holding them back from controlling us.

    • Wait for the new political party that shares your views. It is the new Patriot Party. It’s coming. Join up. Look it up.

  11. We, all of us, are to resist liberal leftists, and especially when they come out with their made up gun laws to take guns away, and these laws are coming, folks. We will resist without violence as they have to prove that we pose a threat to them, which they can’t, if we are not out there attacking law enforcement and burning down buildings. The same way they have used the idea of racism in America to gain power, they will use feeling threatened to take away gun possession. Once they succeed in disarming Americans, socialism and communism will prevail forever in America. Mark my words. But we will not let them do this because we will stand strong and firm as a 100-million plus citizen armed force against their agenda. Stay safe!

  12. I did prepare…wasn’t EZ last year as business was way off. But I have what I need. Just picked up a cheap pump as I already had shotshells. More of a “if they ban AR’s” I’ll hide my rifle. Thing’s will get worse. Much worse!

    • I would like to call everyone’s attention to a possible pearl-of-wisdom that I read somewhere several years ago:

      “When it is time to hide/bury your firearms, it is time to use them.”

      (no offense intended to former water walker)

      • “I would like to call everyone’s attention to a possible pearl-of-wisdom that I read somewhere several years ago:..“When it is time to hide/bury your firearms, it is time to use them.” ”

        Verborgen ist verborgen.

  13. More panic buying makes perfect: the greatest gun salesman in the world is once again president (de facto).

    If Harris gets along well with Obama running things, Michelle might want to hire a PI.

  14. Stay informed, folks, in everything Biden and Harris propose and do. We will have to keep an eagle eye on their actions. We have to make sure we do not lose our 2nd Amendment rights under any circumstances because they and their liberal gang will move to disarm Americans. Please let me know if you need assistance to write a letter to your state representatives. It is in making our voices heard and standing together by the millions that we will save our right to keep and bear arms and remain a free nation. We must remain vigilant to save our constitutional rights

      • Liberalism is the perfect breeding ground that allows the leftists to make progressivism to grow and flourish. Eventually taking hold and completely overwhelming the mind, body, and life to the point of losing all sense of reality. Takin to an extreme; a person becomes a zombie at one end or a complete tyrant at the other. Life loses meaning. You can hear it in their words even if they try to hide it.

    • BootsOnGround,

      I admire your enthusiasm and encouraging everyone to take the proverbial “high road”.

      Please bear in mind that taking the high road is likely to fail for several reasons, just like taking the high road failed to stop Hitler before/during World War II. You would be wise to prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically for possible alternative courses of action if the “high road” fails.

      Clarification: prominent/influential Far Left supporters have made it crystal clear that they despise Trump, his staff, and voters with a fervor that is seldom seen in our world. History demonstrates that, when a large and well-funded group of people despise another group of people with that intensity, there is a very good chance the haters will soon attack the people who they despise. That is why I am pessimistic that we can “live-and-let-live” a civil coexistence with the Far Left simply because they don’t want to let us live our lives.

        • I will take the high road until someone appears at my door demanding my rifles or levies a ridiculous fine for owning something I’ve owned for decades without even so much of a hint danger to anyone.

          I”m 68. I’ve never cowed to anyone, anything or any force. As I don’t have that many years left I don’t mind exhausting my stock of future years to NEVER BE COWED.

        • ^Wisdom

          Thank you, Mr. Walters, for saying what so many fail to realize- or simply refuse to accept.

          The high road is a choice- one can stay on it forever. Being forced off of the high road is not a choice one makes- it’s the result of someone else making a very bad choice.

          You can take the high road all the way to your grave- and no one can take that from you.

          Taking the low road is always your option, but remember this- you’ll take that decision to your grave, too.

          And to those of you reading this, groaning, and rolling your eyes… that’s ok- not everyone is capable of recognizing, or grasping principle.

          Keep this in mind… there is honor in leaving the high road when being forced off of it by low road obtruders- just make damn certain your wronging is incontrovertible.

          NEVER BE COWED. Amen, brother.

  15. I was in town this morning. My town might be an exception. I stopped at the gun shop. Nobody was there except the two guys who work there. And strangely enough they’re pretty well stocked in both guns and ammunition.

  16. I can’t help but wonder, “How many of these “new” gun owners, voted Democrat? I’ve met more than a few Democrat Gun Owners who believe the Party’s BS about “common sense” legislation being their goal, when the evidence shows they really want confiscation and to repeal the 2nd Amendment.

  17. These people are idiots. I can’t remember the last time I saw a piece of proposed legislation – anywhere, at any level – that specified some type of gun rights restrictions, that didn’t have a name with the letter “D” behind it as a sponsor. And I can’t help but wonder how many of these people, and if not these specific people, then those anywhere that are part and parcel of this moronic panic-buying, that cast a vote for a Democrat. Maybe Joe Biden, maybe not. But some Democrat, somewhere, at some level.

    If that describes you, dear reader, allow me to present to you a short civics lesson. Democrats are, as a whole, thoroughly anti-gun ownership, anti-concealed carry rights, anti-state by state concealed carry reciprocity, anti-2nd Amendment, ANYTHING having to do with gun ownership, ANTI, ANTI, ANTI!!! There is NO SUCH THING as a pro-gun, or pro-2nd Amendment Democrat!

    #1 – Unlike Republicans, they tend to almost 100% vote as a block, people!
    #2 – Even if a Democrat candidate and/or politician is legitimately pro-gun and pro-2nd Amendment, or at the very least, not anti either of those things (at best an endangered species, more likely all but extinct), putting a Democrat into office – anywhere, at any level – puts them one step farther to gaining or keeping majorities. Which in our basically two-party system, means that their party gets to set the agenda, make and/or change the rules, propose and pass the legislation, appoint and approve the judges, on and on.
    #3 – Given the FACT of #1 and #2, PLEASE refer back to paragraph #2 above. Democrats, as a whole and as represented by a VAST majority of their party, are, and always will be, OVERWHELMINGLY anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment, anti-concealed carry rights, anti-ANYTHING having to do with gun ownership! And giving them majorities – anywhere and at any level – gives them the power to exert their will on all of the rest of us!

    • I don’t mean to put anyone down. And, especially I don’t want to put down those who, new to the sport, are having trouble finding arms and ammo.

      But I’ve been buying bulk ammo for more than 10 years when it appeared to be cheap. I then vacuum seal it and lock it away in a safe.

      Boy, am I glad I did now that all H is breaking loose.

  18. Was 2020 just a fever dream (nightmare) that I had? There has been a line out the door at my LGS since last January.

  19. I’m buying every self-defense firearm that I can find, as well as every box of pistol ammo available to me.

    So far, the total of both is zero.

  20. I ordered a couple blue label Glocks just after the first…the dealer called to get info because Glock back orders will be fulfilled from Glock within 30 days. Hmmmm
    Guessing they are anticipating a crackdown on regular capacity handguns?

  21. This is sad. I’ve been going to the range often. Been reloading for 40 years… My daughters have never fired a “factory” round. I bought a couple of 20 round boxes of S.D. ammo in 9mm, .38spl & .45ACP a few years ago.
    Primers have been a problem… just scored 500 WSR’s (to add to my stock) but, they were $135 instead of the $15 they should have been.
    I’m in good shape but, many of my friends aren’t. We have so many new gun owners, I hope things get better soon.
    Can’t say I like Biden …better not say what I really think of him…

  22. I’m going to shout this so yall can understand it. JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BUYING GUNS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE ON “OUR” SIDE. Got it?

  23. Not at all surprising. I feel for those who lacked the means to buy well ahead of time. They can’t have any of my stuff, but hey, I sympathize 🙂


    Biden can dream and propose all he wants. He will need to keep all Democratic Senators in line to get anything passed on simple majority votes. Which, with some of those senators having to worry about “Purple” constituencies is in no way certain.

    Then there’s the Filibuster.

    Then again, there’s the five and one half strict constructionists Justices on the Supreme Court. Hopefully for long enough for landmark cases to climb up and kick all this anti-gun ownership stuff into the gutter.

    And no, support for packing the court is weak and lacks a friend in the Oval Office.

    • Your faith in Democrat politicians having both principles *and* a spine would almost be touching if it wasn’t so foolish. I’m not going to enjoy saying I told you so when they attack the Second Amendment (and the First, and more) in lockstep, but I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to do it anyway.

  24. Definitely not a good time to buy pretty much anything firearms related unless you desperately need to. We’re back to the insane prices and shortages. When I see an MP15 or the basic Ruger AR15 for $800 (+ taxes and fees), same rifles that sold for approximately $500 a couple years ago, it is pretty sad.

    • Wow that’s cheap, if they are really available. Better buy now because cheap ARs will soon be a grand and up if available. I would like to be a buyer but will not pay the ridiculous prices for firearns or ammo. If it comes to it, folks will use ball ammo for defense, I know I will.

  25. that is why we need to join ALL of the gun rights groups, ( even if we need to remove one leader from one of them) . we need ALL of them to help fight for us. and we need to contact the right politions to voice our concerns ( like a very nice 5″‘3″ petiet female who loves to cary her glock, Miss Boebert), and also Thomas Massie. who formed a 2A Caucus.



    ” ‘ LOW~A~AMMO ” UUUUH .YEP .


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