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Available in both rifle and pistol flavors as well as an actual full-auto submachine gun for the .gov types, the Vigilance Rifles M20 series is here. This line of 9mm NATO, side-charging guns offers quick change barrels and a tilt-up machine gun-style top lid for accessing the bolt and recoil system.

On that machine gun lid are integrated front and rear sights along with a Picatinny rail for optics mounting.

The slab-sided M20 is stated to accept PROMAG magazines, though it appears to be a GLOCK-spec magazine footprint. Looks like AR-15 grips and triggers are used, too.

The exposed barrel nut allows for quick barrel swaps.

Nice to know it’s “Considered Military Spec.” MSRP starts at $1,699 plus shipping.


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    • Yup… …that’s one Fugly gun. I was wondering what the prop weapon designers from 70s B sci-fi flicks were doing now.

        • New From Vigilance Rifles: M20 9mm Submachine Gun (Semi-Auto Version Available)

          Dear Vigilance Rifles. I commend you for your new creation and another gun design brought into the world. Having never designed or constructed a new gun design myself, you have my respect.

          That said, I don’t like it. It’s very big and bulky, looks heavy, for what it accomplishes. One right now, can buy a Glock 17 and a Glock chassis, such as the CAA MCK Glock micro conversion kit chassis with brace, which is lightweight and visually appealing. That said, I commend you on your efforts. Keep trying. Don’t give up. You have an amazing design in you – you just have to find it.

    • The central casting “special ops guy” and the Halloween grade tacticool kit are doing nothing to sell this ZiP.22 upgrade. I’ll stick with my hot glue gun, thanks.

    • and what’s up with the OAF tacticooler
      I’ll admit I did need a good laugh this morning though

    • It accepts Glock mags man. They stated that it “will” accept pro-mag magazines. And there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t know that I would use pro-mag mags with it, just just because it accepts them doesn’t make it a firearm with “junk mags.”

    • Yup. Diamond hardness level hard pass.

      The marketing team for this really derped on the LARP photo.

  1. I must say this is impressive. They managed to make something worse than every thing else in the category in every way. it couldn’t have been easy.

    • You win the interwebz today.
      4X the price of the Extar I picked up last week.
      I can now comfortably say my Extar isn’t the ugliest carbine in existence.

    • Remember that time you needed to do a quick barrel swap on your pistol caliber carbine after laying down a few thousand rounds of suppressive fire with it?

      Yeah, me either.

      The only thing that would make this “better” is if it were water cooled. Then you could at least make tea with it.

  2. They forgot to mention the impressive 4.5” sight radius!

    A single, 10rd pro mag is included, eh? Who is this intended for? What is the market for this thing? It reminds me of the zip gun.

    Good luck with this, Vigilance, I think you will need it.

  3. I’m going to go out and say that this is so offensive, so ugly, so awkward that it spins back around as cool. If this was chambered for something more potent than a pistol caliber, I would even think about buying it. Sadly, 15 (lets not kid ourselves, this is not going for msrp) is too much to swing for any PCC

  4. Everything about this is a fail. No one is going to pay $1600 for what looks to be a $300 gun.

    Their quick change barrel is also straight from the AR15 parts bin, which isn’t a bad thing. But I would think they would actually go to the trouble of finding a tapered barrel for the photo shoot. The ones they used are all A2 profile with the front sight journal.

  5. Wow. Expensive and fugly. There better be some incredible features built into it to justify the tradeoffs.

    • Standard 9mm AR barrels don’t have gas ports. The BCG doesn’t have locking lugs and works on simple blowback. CMMG has fairly recently developed a nice rotary delayed blowback system with locking lugs, but still not gas driven.

  6. Looks like a good candidate for folks to retro engineer and start printing out on 3D printers. It would look much better in swirled pink and purple plastic.

    • That’s the first comment to give any redeemable value to this abomination. The clunkiness may give it the strength needed for 3D printing.

  7. well when biden comes for the guns im sure these will all sale out too all the same

    not exactly a bad time to release whatever this thing is

  8. This is made-up.

    Nobody designs a gun to take Promax magazines. LMAO!

    Nice to see its cross-compatible with Glock mags if you can’t find Promax.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  9. Honestly that top cover thing is pretty cool. The only thing I liked about the Tec22, for some reason I love that. Maybe it evokes the service of a belt fed?

  10. So you take what looks like a metal version of the FGC9 (maybe ~500$ for 3d printer, filament, and required metal bits) and charge the same as a Daniel Defense or BCM (or whatever else) AR. But you don’t have the common courtesy to give me a reach… hand guard to not burn my hand? Even the shoulder thing only goes back and forth not up or down and then you top it off with neutered Please Remember Our Mags Are Garbage not a glock mag. I’m amazed the thing even has a simple mag release button and not a 2 step authentication password and 3 hour waiting period to remove and reload the mag. But at least its CONSIDERED Military Spec so I can tactically overmatch my opponents in the local unofficial PCC competition that’s dominated by Ruger PCCs and PSA build kits.

    • That’s the first thing that came to my mind too. But no, it just looks like they put the charging handle on the side.

      I think the makers of that gun really missed an opportunity there. With some slight design changes to the receiver they could have had that gun ambidextrous. There’s always’s been a shortage of good ambie guns.

  11. Yeah, that thing is pretty fuggly…. but it fuggly enough that it’s kind of charming. Like a pug dog. Hideous, but with some charm that kind of makes up for it.

  12. This has to be a joke. I mean it. Surely this is a solid trolling effort.
    I mean, reflex optic on top of an ACOG, for a SMG in 9X19? Their website continues this impossible level of stupid. I just don’t believe someone actually making guns is that wrong with so many things involving guns.
    We should make some kind of award and these folks should win it.

    • They went pretty far with it if it’s a troll.

      They’re registered with Bloomberg, D&B, have an account on the ‘Gram and TFB has also done a writeup including video of the FA version.

      I said last year that 2021 was going to be worse than 2020. Here’s evidence that I was right.

    • JayDub, there is a prize for stupidity…. it’s called the Biden Awards. Unfortunately, we all got stuck with “participation” trophies.

    • The tactibro with an antenna sprouting from his shoulder is winking at us all.

      This has to be a money laundering op.

  13. Never heard of Vigilance Rifles Inc. before this. Guessing the M20 will be a miss.

    That said, after browsing their website, variants of their M18 gun look to be catering to the “it’s-not-a-.50-cal” California crowd. So props to Vigilance for trying to supply joy to the big-bore shooters stuck in communist states.

  14. 12 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot will do just as well to repel hoards of POTUS Kameltoe Harris and her Senile Sock Puppet Biden voters.

    • Doesn’t matter what it’s loaded with if you only use it to fire 2 shots into the air. Guaranteed to work, I’m told. 😉

  15. Speaking as someone who has had a lot of trigger time with a VM-68 Magnum, that grip/receiver junction is going to get old in a hurry.

  16. *scratches head*

    I don’t get it. What does this offer than I can’t get with any number of 9mm carbines that cost a lot less? for $1700 I could buy two Beretta CX4’s (in normal times) and have enough left over for plenty of ammo (again, in normal times).

    I’m all for new products, and more power to these guys, but I just don’t see the point of this one.

  17. Looks like there’s plenty of room for your chin. And the receiver looks like there’s room for a sandwich. C’mon man.

    If the ugly duckling were introduced only as a full auto perhaps the criticism would have been more serious and not so hilarious:)

  18. Um, already have my Ruger PC Carbine and a pile of 33 round Glock mags for it, and another pile of Ruger SR9 17 round mags for it.

    Sorry, I’m way over-invested already to be buying a $1700 carbine to fill a need I already filled.

    But hey, if I were rich and had piles of money to spend on curiosities, yeah sure, why not?

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