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For fans of legal restrictions on self-defense rights, 2020 is a disaster. It provides continuing evidence that to push gun control proposals is to advocate that the likes of Derek Chauvin—the Minneapolis cop who killed George Floyd—should be armed, while the communities they terrorize should be helpless. It is also to insist that when police fail at their supposedly core task of protecting the public, people should be deprived of the means for defending themselves.

As many Americans lose faith in law enforcement and do what’s necessary to shield lives and property, it’s unlikely that they’ll be an enthusiastic audience for future disarmament schemes that would make those of us who don’t work for government even more vulnerable to those who do. …

For those who have been advising Americans for years that we should lay down our own weapons and trust armed government employees to protect us and treat us with respect, 2020 has been a massive reality check. The year so far has demonstrated (once again) that the police can’t be relied upon to defend our lives and property, and often themselves….

– J.D. Tuccille in The Year Gun Control Died


[ED: The original video’s authenticity was questioned and couldn’t be confirmed so it has been replaced.]

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  1. They are calling for disbanding police forces now…along with open borders…no bail…
    What the heck?
    A nation of laws with no enforcement of them?
    Sounds like anarchy…or The Purge perhaps…

    • To Libertarians anarchy is a good thing. Seriously. I don’t use the “anarchy” in a good way. But Libertarians do.

      I hold people accountable for the words they use.

      • Most of those people have never actually lived in anarchy. I (and many other) have. It’s not some beautiful utopia of free love & monster bong hits.

        It universally ends in:
        1) no fresh drinking water
        2) mountains of trash
        3) uncontrolled urban fires
        4) the weak trapped in their houses, waiting for the next attack
        5) lots & lots of good ol’ fashioned “rape-rape”

        • One of my relatives has been upset with the American system/society for years, and told me this past week in a conversation that he’s “happy” to see the rioting. He said he wants to see a massive shake-up, break-up, and rebuilding of the “corrupt and evil politicians and their police minions”. He wants a collapse, so that everyone will be angry enough to act and remove those in power.

          While I think all of us would like to see improvement in TPTB and a restoration of our liberties, I reminded him that a collapse would bring chaos and despair in ways he’s not contemplating:

          1) Does he like his current job in the computer industry, where he’s paid well and is able to work from home much of the time? Be prepared to kiss employment goodbye if the system collapses

          2) Does he like the ability to drive to the nearby grocery store and purchase anything he wants, in any quantity he needs to fill his cupboards and fridge? Be prepared to kiss much of that food goodbye if the system collapses

          3) Does he like the ability to safely go (disregarding the recent COVID-19 shutdowns) to the movie theater, beach, mall, theme park, or anywhere he wishes within his hometown or across the nation? Be prepared to kiss much of that traveling goodbye if the system collapses

          A lot of these rioters and looters just aren’t thinking beyond tomorrow as they destroy their communities and discourage businesses from coming in to provide goods, services, and employment. They’re creating a microcosm example of a collapse, and will reap the consequences for it.

        • “Rape-rape”?!?!…. Why,… that’s almost twice as bad as “rape”!

        • That’s right out of Selco Begovic’s book “Dark secrets of SHTF survival”. (Also, Daisy Luther’s writting is good.) Bunkering in your home is no great plan. Remember the Alamo.?
          The anarchists come to your home, break in, take your stuff. You’re done.

        • “Most of those people have never actually lived in anarchy. I (and many other) have…”

          The vast, vast majority of Americans have not, though.

      • You are thinking of Ancaps. Libertarian covers a wide range of people for some reason now days. Get it straight man.

        I get called a libertarian sometimes but want the smallest possible government closer to the founding in style.

        It’s like saying conservatives want to put gay people into mental hospitals. I’ve met a few of those but I don’t assume every conservative wants that.

        Anarchism is utopian nonsense. There is always a government whether it’s a mob a state or a theocracy or a small family. Does not matter how informal it is.

        • There is no such thing as a Libertarian in the sense that term did not exist until Milton Friedman popularized it. The people he applied the term to never referred to themselves by that name. The term Libertarian was quickly captured by Murray Rothbard and his followers and is indeed now synonymous with Anarcho-Capitalism.

          Rothbard is a Marxist heretic. Anarcho-capitalists share three important assumptions with Marxist.

          (1) The end state is the peaceful state of nature without the corruption of government and society.

          (2) They are both economic determinists

          (3) They believe that crime and other social dysfunctions are the product of unmet needs.

          Where Rothbard differs from Marx is that he doesn’t believe that scarcity disappears

          Both Marxists and Rothbardian are correct in one key assumption. As noted above Rothbard is correct. There is no such thing as a free lunch. There will always be scarce resources. But Marxists are also correct in one key point. In the Stateless world there is no private property because private property requires enforceable contracts. Without enforceable contracts there is no private property and without private property there is no market.

          The flaw in Marxism means that State will not wither away. The flaw in faux Libertarianism means that a strongman will emerge and you will get something akin to feudalism. You know, like the cops disappear so you go to El Heffe in Little Village, Humbolt Park and Cicero to make sure the hoards don’t loot your store.

        • To biatec
          I don’t know anything about gay people in Mental Hospitals. But I do know historically that gay people have been anti-civil rights. It’s been gay people in California that eliminated 2A education and rifle teams in the public high school systems in California.

          Its also been white gay people who are big supporters of a welfare industrial complex. And it has been white gay people who publicly said that a black father was not necessary to raise children. And that the one man one woman family structure to raise children was not necessary.

        • tdiinva
          Libertarianism is not synonymous with Anarcho-Capitalism. Libertarianism is currently split into left and right factions with the left extreme shading into anarcho socialism/anarcho communism and the right extreme shading into anarcho capitlaism, but as has been stated by others the vast majority of libertarians are minarchists who favor what is colloquially known as a “night watchman state”. That’s basically the same small government with maximum freedoms that most “conservatives” and other pro freedom people favor today. None of these factions have much to do with the Libertarian Party.

          Rothbard was not a Marxist heretic, he was a historian and student of the Austrian School of economics. He was the premier student of Ludwig Von Mises who brought the Austrian School to the US.

          Nowhere does Rothbard state that there is an end state or that it is peaceful or a state of nature. When Rothbard uses the phrase “state of nature” he is typically talking about unclaimed land or resources in a now theoretical world (because all land and resources have been claimed at this point, though sometimes things can return to a state of nature due to economic collapse or other factors).

          The basis of his political philosophy is private property, voluntary association, and voluntary contract which is what we all would generally know as the concept of the free market. The basic idea is that interference in the free market causes problems and all such interference should be eliminated and people be free to do what they want so long as they don’t harm other people or other people’s property.

          Rothbard is not an economic determinist. Economic determinism as espoused by the Marxists, Gramscians, neo Marxists, and their array of fellow travelers is the epitome of their power based class struggle dialectic. Rothbard did not believe in political classes based on power. He points out correctly that classes are economic, variable, alterable, and are based on individual ability, desire, and effort.

          Rothbard did not believe that crime was a product of unmet needs. He generally does not address the origins of all petty crime. He does address the origin of state crime, which is the general corruptibility of man. In regards to non state crime he only addresses the individual right to defend oneself and ones property from it and he does not see a difference in the right to defend oneself from ordinary crime and state crime. To Rothbard the state itself is a robber who comes to take your property and life.

          It is a basic axiom of economics that scarcity cannot be eliminated, though everyone would like that to be possible (we really wouldn’t, because it goes against our nature to not economize on scarce resources, but that is a bigger and deeper conversation than this venue can handle). Further, scarcity and desire are what drive marginal utility and set prices which are the feedback mechanism by which entrepreneurs in the market figure what needs to be produced and in what quantity to satisfy people’s needs and desires. Marginal utility differs for every individual and every desire.

          Where Marx believed in the collective Rothbard believed in the individual.

          There is no reason that contracts cannot be privately enforceable and much of Rothbard’s work was positing how that could be accomplished and explaining it to people who had been raised for generations in state propaganda education systems. It is primarily based on study of historical examples of more or less stateless societies and the traditions that evolved naturally in human societies.

          Libertarians and Ancaps will argue endlessly over the specifics of “stateless” and whether particular historical examples qualify. But the ability to voluntarily choose ones associations for providing judicial and enforcement services rather than having them forced on you by a monopoly provider based on mere geography is a key element present in several examples, though many libertarians still consider that a “state”.

          The flaw in Marxism is that the entire system runs counter to the laws of nature and to human nature in general.

          Anarcho capitalism is the embracing of the best aspects of human nature and the laws of nature and the use of the existing God given (or natural) methods for controlling and limiting the worst aspects of human nature. The free market brings out the best and limits the worst if allowed to function without interference from an artificially imposed state.

          If you believe there is a tendency for a strongman to arise and dominate all then why would you want to provide them with a ready made state mechanism to gain control of? A left libertarian friend of mine used to tell people “Whatever stick you give Obama to beat conservatives with will be used by the next conservative regime to beat you.” Having a state only simplifies the acquisition of non voluntary power by oligarchs and that is what we see happen over and over again in human history; that some power hungry faction seizes control of the state apparatus. Among the communists that was the key point of disagreement between Marx and Bakunin, with Marx believing in seizing the existing state apparatus to enforce communism and Bakunin believing that communists should abandon the state and have nothing to do with it. Unfortunately Bakunin lost that fight and the massive genocides of the 20th century are the result of Marx’s victory among the communists and clearly illustrate the problems with having a state for someone to gain control of.

          It is clear that you have read ABOUT Rothbard, but I seriously doubt that you have ever actually read Rothbard.

          Most of Rothbard’s work’s are available for free download in many formats including audio from along with those of Ludwig Von Mises and many other students of economics and advocates of human freedom. Sadly there is only a limited selection of F.A. Hayek’s works available for free, but AFAIK all his material can be bought from various other sources.

          On another subject, watch next for those advocating the elimination of the local police to follow up by advocating the development of a federally controlled national police force to replace them. That would, of course, require the elimination of local and state law and a single code of universal national law being imposed. That would effectively reduce the states to nothing more than districts and allow the imposition of California or NJ style gun laws across the entire country.

        • While Jordan Peterson is not an economist and AFAIK has not studied Rothbard or Mises, I find that much of his material and research in psychology and neuro-biology supports to tenets of the Austrian School of Economics and the general basic principals of minarchist libertarianism and/or anarcho capitalism. He is worth a listen for an explanation of what appears to be the same conclusions arrived at from a different discipline.

        • CP

          I read Rothbard before you were born. Anarcho-Capitalism shares its basic assumptions about the origins of society with Marx. Just because he was of the Austrian schools doesn’t mean he can’t share some basic premises with classical Marxism. Arthur Burns was both born in Austria and was part of the Austrian school. He was neither a Libertarian, Keyensian or even a moneterist.

          When Friedman applied the term Libertarian to Hayek and his disciples he was describing Hayek’s views on the role of government and markets. If you actually read Hayek you would only see a passing resemblance to what you call Libertarianism.

          I agree that the term Libertarian get applied to different concepts by different people but there is only one definition if you wish to use term as intended. It has nothing to do with lifestyle issues. It is the concept that markets allocate resources best and that primary, but not sole, purpose of government is the provision of public goods. Libertarians of almost any stripe deny the existence of public goods.

      • Most libertarians, by far, are minarchists and I am pretty sure that you know that. Even those that describe themselves as anarchists are not advocating for less order but just the way the order is established and maintained. They realize that there are too many deliberately ignorant people that will vote in people like New York City hedonists/reality TV stars with huge and fragile egos that tantrum for hours everyday on Twitter and reinterpret gun laws as it suits him. Guys that make shit ton of promises and then can’t keep them. Guys that call everyone they fire (which is everyone working for them eventually) in a tantrum “morons”. Seriously, libertarians hold people accountable for voting in narcissistic democrats in everything but name.

      • Apparently you don’t understand libertarianism, or you’re been reading about some convoluted extreme of it. True libertarians believe in natural law. No victim-no crime. Hence the push for the drug war to end and full on legalization.

        • Wasting your breath with Chris, he gets something in his head and its “fact” to him. I simply post where the Libertarian Party actually stands on these issues directly from their website but you can bet he will never read it.

        • Natural Law has nothing to do with “No Victim/No Crime.”

          Natural Law can be summed up by the Ten Commandments or Paul’s Letter to the Romans. If you do not believe in a power higher than Man you don’t believe in Natural Law. Law in a godless world is whatever I say it is. Most Libertarians I know are Athiests and therefore don’t have recourse to natural law.

        • In this short Exchange explains that Libertarians can’t decide what libertarian or libertarianism mean. That wasn’t the case 40 years ago. When I used to read Reason magazine in the college library in Sacramento California. Which is why I say the Libertarians have been infected by the same viruses that affected the Democrats and the Republicans.

          It’s amazing that anyone would post a reference to the libertarian party as if that is the correct and accurate message. Republicans gave up posting the Republican party line from their official website years ago.

          Donald Trump is the Republican Party. After his time in office has done so are the Republicans. Then the drug addicts and sex addicts can have their way with the United States.

          Because both are socialist Progressive in their political orientation. And both support High business taxes. And high taxes in general. In fact the “business pot heads” raised taxes California. They wrecked their own pot business with this stupid sh#t. Then they moved to low tax Denver Colorado. And then “F” them up with their same high tax thinking.

          Smoking pot makes you stupid. It is an effective cancer treatment medicine. And the side effect is it makes you stupid.

      • Keep in mind that many libertarians (myself included) do not advocate for anarchy; those would be the subset of libertarians called anarcho-capitalists/(or just anarchists), as opposed to minarchists, who want limited government but still some form of it.

        • There are several people here on TTAG who espouse vociferous, venomous contempt of the mere mention of the word “Libertarian” (and usually any of the words that proceed or follow it in a sentence). I find it singularly curious, and just accept it as another example of TTAG’s many idiosyncrazies.

          I am a registered Libertarian for very simple reasons- their ideology is the most rational and their platform is the least offensive. There is some incredibly elaborate narration above attempting to explain/define my choice of political party. I find it… fascinating. I have a degree in Philosophy, and it is enjoyable reading such erudite, determined, and passionate refutation of my political party. The problem is- what they describe is neither me, nor my political party.

          I do respect the intellectual effort, though. Directing that acumen towards something more constructive should prove worthwhile.

      • False, to libertarians anarchy is not a good thing. Libertarians believe in the constitution and support the constitution, and limited government. That doesn’t mean a country without the rule of law.

    • Or creating the problem so you they can come in and save the day with big Government, V for Vendetta style.

    • Those who are calling for the de-funding or even disbanding of Law Enforcement are REALLY not going to like that which replaces it.

      Vigilantes DO NOT CARE about probable cause.

    • Anarcho tyranny. There are no laws for them but if you are white and defend yourself youll see just how happy they are to enforce the laws.

    • Or it is a disinformation campaign by right wing extremists:

      “Tonight’s the night, Comrades. Tonight we say ‘F— The City’ and we move into the residential areas… the white hoods…. and we take what’s ours …” reads a tweet punctuated with a brown raised-fist emoji that was posted Sunday afternoon by the account ANTIFA_US. The tweet was taken offline for inciting violence.
      But something else was wrong with this account. Twitter discovered the account was not run by a purported supporter of anti-fascism, but rather a white nationalist group called Identity Evropa (which has since rebranded as the American Identity Movement). The group and its founder, Nathan Damigo, are perhaps best known for helping to plan the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina, which lead to the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer. Twitter says it has now taken down hundreds of accounts related to Identity Evropa.”

      Don’t just look for a narrative that fits your fears, check many different sources to find the truth.

      • “…perhaps best known for helping to plan the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina, which lead to the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer. Twitter says it has now taken down hundreds of accounts related to Identity Evropa.”

        Author doesn’t even know where Charlottesville is (Hint: it’s not in NC).

    • A department is not an office. Police are not deputies. Chiefs are not elected officials.

      We have the 2nd Amendment. We have a right to own and carry weapons. We have a right to use the militia to secure a free state.

      Guess who doesn’t want us to own guns and use them? Guess who doesn’t want us to have a militia?

      Look at who is telling you not to use guns to defend life, liberty and property. Look at who is physically stopping people from using their guns. Look at who shoots people when they carry their guns.

    • No, the purge happens when the citizens tire of the bull and fight back with #2A!

    • Anarchy may take the meaning of chaos, but the root of the word anarchy means “no ruler”. Anarchists do not advocate for chaos, but for the idea that the government does not rule the people, but that the people rule government. Indeed:

      We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…

    • Disbanding the police is how they plan to create a vacuum. Then they will fill that vacuum with politically loyal enforcers. I can even picture them putting anti-fa in unis.

      • This. Anarchists are the useful idiots who allow totalitarians to gain power. The totalitarians use them during their revolution, and then purge them once they’re no longer useful.

  2. I wonder what happened? The blood sweat and tears a person puts into a small business can’t be quantified. Rioters think there just giving it to the “man.” But they are just hurting there neighbor. Government education is one of the primary suspects.
    It used to be looters were shot on sight after major hurricanes. If vanilla Isis keeps the rioting up maybe there is a need to return to it.

    • I’ve been saying for years that if a conservative/libertarian wants real generational change in this country their number one issue should be school choice.

      • Governor, it’s actually an urban black activist issue.

        The first organized group pushing for school choice and vouchers, charter schools, and home schooling in my urban area was a group of educated blacks a long time ago (circa 1985).

        They’ve actually been very successful in my area with many charter schools but they are under constant attack by Leftist politicians, teacher’s unions, and the Board of Education.

        This appears to be one area where Leftist propaganda is not fooling urban blacks as charter schools are very popular and most do a good job. Not sure how many are home schooling (the Pols don’t want us to know) but there are some.

        • Obviously the people with the shittiest schools benefit from school choice the most. The free market/small government advocates should be natural allies on this with inner city blacks and Hispanics. The big, all controlling government types, not so much.

      • I agree. I can’t stand that I’m forced to pay for government indoctrination camps and have to work two jobs if I want to send my kids outside that system. I don’t understand how it can be considered lawful to force me to pay for my kids to brainwashed. Stop taking my money to pay for my kids and the kids of illegals and those who can’t afford theirs. Let me go outside the government run system and find my own schooling that operates in the free market or in what most people would call the real world.

        • I believe the mostly phony shutdown over WuFlu will cause a lot of Americans to rethink their children’s education. If they could do 1/4 of a year online, why not all the time?

          Rather than be help back by the ever-present dedicated disrupters in the classroom, let them move ahead at their own speed online and without the crazy indoctrination and distractions of the modern educational system. As a retired public ed instructor of 40 years, I can guarantee that the vast majority of students can easily learn and perform at a much higher/faster rate than most classrooms (or teachers) will allow.

          Don’t send your kids back to the classroom next fall- seek an online school or enter the private ed system. For those who worry about the “socializing” of their kids, ask yourself: “Am I preparing them to live in a world of children or adults?” It’s a slam-dunk that children around adults more often will be much better prepared later on than those who are almost entirely immersed with others of their own, immature age group. Which would you rather have them model? It’s obvious who were the models for the looters/rioters. Their teachers as well.

        • Craig, this whole lock down BS could end up breaking the university system. In addition to saving money, an on-line education would have the benefit of being able to pick courses ala carte from multiple schools.

        • “I believe the mostly phony shutdown over WuFlu”

          Even with the lockdown and social distancing, Covid has killed over 110,000 Americans in four months. Of those who test positive for Covid, mortality is about 5%, that’s one in 20 Americans dying. The infection rate has been running about 2% of those tested, with 320 million people in the USA, that means a total death rate above 300,000 Americans.

          It’s difficult for me to agree that that is ‘phony’.

        • there are zero here concerned with your agreement unless it involved silence on your part.

        • @Miner49er
          1 in 20 infected Americans not 1 in 20 Americans.
          110,000 = the total number of Americans who die every 13 days of all causes. Roughly 1.17 million in those same four months and easily 110,000 could have been prevented.
          Per the CDC there have been a little over 1.9 million confirmed infected. In the same time frame nearly 6.5 million Americans have been infected by your everyday garden variety flu bug.
          So quick recap, COVID-19 is only one third as infectious as a seasonal flu has a 95% survival rate accounting for only 5% of everyday deaths in the US. Am I missing something?

        • Go somewhere else where you have nothing to complain about, unless that’s all you really want. But remember you’re driving on a road paid for by other people’s taxes.

        • Not just other people’s taxes. My taxes, too. I paid for that road.

          And this is a non sequitur. Please tell me how a long strip of pavement relates to government controlled education.

        • CWT, good luck, my friend.
          Regretfully, in the coming months you may learn much more about Covid than you ever wanted.

        • Last I heard the CDC lowered their fatality rate to 0.4% and that didn’t count the asymptomatic cases, so probably actually about a quarter percent fatality rate.

    • I think the duty of moral education falls to parents before educators.
      We are seeing the consequences of the disintegration of the family.

      • And the disintegration all of the other institutions of civil society through infiltration by Marxist ideology.

    • “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.” – Thomas Paine.

      • This is why we shouldn’t ‘give’ 16 year-olds a car.
        Didn’t ‘earn’ it, it has no real value. Just like public education, food stamps, public housing, etc., etc., etc.

      • Every time I think of how we have allowed the anti American element to ruin this country using handouts and teaching complete disrespect for this once beautiful republic… “Posterity! you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it.”
        John Adams

      • If you click on the tweet the guy that posted it has another tweet stating it was a joke. It shows him and the other guy together.

  3. Turn the news off and never look back, the grass is green and the sky is blue. Then you die, I guess it was when my father died, I finally realize life and I’m next in line. Come and take it if you can….. for Texas

        • I remember the version by Helen Reddy:

          “Asian Dawn, what’s that flower you have on?
          Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?
          And did I hear you say he was a-meeting you here today
          To take you to his mansion in the sky?…”

  4. I would certainly like to think that We the People of the United States are in no mood to advance civilian disarmament. I will believe it when I see it.

    On the positive side, recent events give us powerful emotional talking points to counter the emotional talking points of civilian disarmament advocates.

    I guess we will find out in the general election this November.

    • Unfortunately, there are so many issues “on the ballot” in November that severely obscure the basic issue of unalienable rights and the Bill of Rights.

      We are where we are because of the abandonment of the Bill of Rights by a substantial proportion of the population of the United States.

      The choice in November really comes down to the Founder’s Constitutional Republic or Marxism (Socialism, Communism, etc.).

      A choice for Marxism will surely lead to Struggle Sessions and other parallels to Mao’s cultural revolution.

  5. I don’t think disbanding law enforcement is a viable option. How about this instead. All those that advocate defunding law enforcement sign a waiver stating they do not want a police response for any emergency they may have and holding all agencies without liability. Their names could be kept in a database and flagged anytime they called for service. They could get a polite apology and a hardy “Good luck!”

      • Someone, I am very familiar with that Supreme Court ruling. The everyday reality is something else. If L.E. agencies and individual officers couldn’t be sued, and loose, why did the academy spend so much time on vicarious liability?

        • Gadsden,

          Unless I misunderstood along the way, I recall reading that protesters are demanding that municipal police be defunded. The Minneapolis City Council kicked off this latest round of madness by meeting to discuss the topic, which led to other cities talking about it as well. L.A. Mayor Garcetti announced that $150 million will be diverted from the LAPD to “combat racism”. Not sure what that means, or if he’s using politician-speak to pull the wool over protesters’ eyes, but the entire topic is gaining momentum.

          I personally think that no Mayor should have their own massive police force that doesn’t answer to The People, and instead county Sheriffs should be restored to the position of top LE in their areas. Sheriffs are generally elected directly by the people, so Mayors cannot boss them around like they do their police chiefs. Sheriffs across the country are telling Governors they won’t enforce unlawful decrees, and they could tell Mayors the same thing to keep them in check. Police Chiefs can’t do that.

        • “Garcetti announced that $150 million will be diverted from the LAPD to “combat racism”.”

          I’d really like to know where that money will be going.

          In *detail*…

      • This law enforcement has no duty to protect citizens. It is there to ensure the Government has compliance from the citizens. I can see no use for law enforcement in it’s current state. Why would I pay your salary to rob from me? Seriously the disconnect from reality is something else with LEOs.

        Case in point I was involved in a single vehicle accident, my fault was driving the speed limit but the road was too icy. Only damage was to my truck, did not even scratch the tree. Could not drive the truck and some useless Karen calls the Police while I am waiting for the tow truck. Police show up and I kindly tell them to FO a tow truck is on the way and they insist on ticketing me. Get this it’s an even higher ticket because it involved an accident that I was the only car in! So now I am stuck with the bill to fix my truck and additional ticket. What a fucked up system and Governement sponsored robbery at its finest.

        • Well, if they responded to the call regarding a vehicular accident (which they are generally required to do as part of their job), and you “kindly told them to FO”, then no surprise that they chose to find something to cite you for. Perhaps if you had shown them a modicum of appreciation for their attempt to help, and then steered the conversation into a polite “hey guys, tow truck’s already coming, so I’ve got it covered”, they likely would have given you space and left you alone. They would still need to stay on scene until your vehicle was cleared, but you probably would have been spared the ticket.

          I’ve been to WI multiple times, as I have family there. Wisconsins have a reputation for being very polite, as was evidenced by everyone I interacted with there. So mebbe – just mebbe – your mouthing off to the po-po irked them. Mebbe?

          Just a thought.

    • “I don’t think disbanding law enforcement is a viable option.”

      I agree, but let’s let the cities that want to reduce or remove LE do so.

      Let them spend that money on “Fighting racism”, (whatever the fuck that is) and just see what happens.

      It will be fun watching the thugs be emboldened to wreak even more havoc, and then have no bail so they can head back out for more…

      • Yep. The cities that do so will become solidly red within 2 months. At least the survivors will be.
        When the electricity goes out and the grocery stores, if not burnt out, are out of food, the cannibals will show up within a week.

        I mean real people eating cannibals.

      • I vote the Komiefornica & New York go first. I have popcorn and a couple of big screens to to enjoy the fun!

    • Bring back the militias and regulate (train) them. Let neighbor protect neighbor via the militia they all participate in.

      If each neighborhood protected itself, there would have been no rioting or looting.

      Leftist politicians call protecting yourself, your neighbors, and local businesses and public property “vigilantism” even when no violence occurs (because even rioters and looters aren’t that stupid – mostly) and present the rioters and looters as part of the group of peaceful “protesters”.

      American Patriots need to take back our Constitutional Republic, by hook or by crook.

    • Good idea then their agants can’t bother/attack you for any reason(“speeding” , you fit the description, “I got a call” , what’s in your pockets?) because you wouldn’t be contracted with those psychotic criminals.Then they’re just costumed gang bangers eligible for the Darwin award and taking the room temperature challenge on provocation as was always the law backed by a court decision(John bad elk) qualified immunity is a lie and unconstitutional It violates the equal protection clause.

  6. No, all you need is armed rioters, it will happen, and the conversation in the media will shift and bite us.

    • I dunno, doc.

      Even Leftists don’t seem to mind mon-and-pops protecting their livelihoods.

      Corporations like Target on the other hand…

      • They just need to be smart about it. Not like the guy protecting the pawn shop standing outside of it on a sidewalk…

    • They have been armed since the first day of protesting. I guess you missed the gunsshots?

  7. “You Muddah-Fugha” guy for “Business owner of the Year”…

  8. All of these “death of gun control” articles of late seem based on the faulty premise that the prohibitionists can reason or think critically.

    It’s pretty damn clear they cannot.

    Look no further than lefty white-guilt ridden democrats traveling in to burn down black neighborhoods then leaving to go sleep in their warm bed in their parents house in the suburbs and somehow interpreting that action as one of social justice. These antifa types may as well be burning crosses on sidewalks in front of black owned businesses.

    • Prohibitionists need buy-in.

      I live in the close-in suburbs of a large northeastern city. The neo-Liberal white women (who used to be Reagan Republicans) are scared to death by the riots, looting, and explosives being used. They’re all queued up at the gun stores as I write this.

      These same white women voted for Obama and Democrats since at least 2008 but now the Leftists control the school board and want the cops pulled out and, between the pandemic and civil unrest, they are really scared and almost certainly will vote for the candidate that promotes law & order the most.

      The Republicans are also picking up numbers in voter registrations and voters changing parties. Its still around 2/3 Democrat registration but there is a distinct shift starting to happen.

  9. Held that AR with a gangster twist.

    I thought all looters were white socialists? Lol.

    It is kind of funny seeing these protesters March trying to disband law enforcement now. You think they didn’t like us before, they’ll really hate us if they do that.

    Meanwhile, here I see it with my AR and a “50-round clip”

  10. “Asian Dawn” has had to apologize for another video on this theme that turned out to be somebody’s idea of a comedy sketch.

    Will need a lot more info to believe this video is real.

  11. They can’t bring the riots under control and they think they can take guns???

    This violence will be with us until the November election. then when Trump wins it really gets nasty.

    The Marxist seek to pull down the Republic.I

    Trump 2020

    • “…This violence will be with us until the November election. then when Trump wins it really gets nasty….”

      Exactly this and I am very concerned if the aftermath of 2016 is any indication.

      “De-fund the police” Are these people mad? Is it something in the water? I watched a video this morning of people breaking out windows of a childrens hospital.

      • ““De-fund the police” Are these people mad? Is it something in the water?”

        Now that you mention it… :


        • In order to submit to wokeness, the Left gets all of their drinking water from Flint, MI.

  12. The mob is a weapon. It’s is well armed. Any time a mob attacks, you should shoot to kill. But your not supposed to kill to defend private property. According to the Libertarians Liberals and the Left.

  13. Disband the police and the riots will be over in a day. The police are there to protect the rioters from the public, not the other way around.

    • How did you write that without busting out into laughter? Disband the police and the looters will have a field day. A swarm of locusts does not stop until the landscape has been fully depleted.

      • a locust swarm is a force of nature to plantlife greater than longwall technology is to shale.
        these looters all fall the moment they are resisted. done. hours.
        “they’re wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago.”

      • Did you see all the video were cops stand by and allow looting so they can protect themselves and the places the politicians ordered them to? Did you see how they started riots by attacking protesters? Did you see how they are arresting people for using guns or ordering them to take the guns home? Did you see how some areas are banning weapons from protests?

    • When the Democrats talk about de-funding the police., they don’t mean ending Law Enforcement. What they want to do is turn over Law Enforcement to the Federal Government, like in totalitarian countries. That is a long term goal. And they’ve been working on it a long time. How many agencies now have not only police forces, but SWAT teams? It’s time to put an end to it.

    • Gun stores will sell every shitty gun they have for more than retail because guns will be worth life, liberty and property. The 2nd Amendment will thrive and the police state will die. All those Karens will be ordering their men to arm up and protect their families. The NRA will collapse while training companies have full classes all the time.

  14. While I agree with this point of view, in general, it fails to take into account two key facts we’ve learned over the years. One, the general public has an absolutely amazing capacity to immediately forget all the lessons that were provided by these insane outbursts of violence. Two, the left never gives up…and understanding the first fact better than most. Since they have no operating principle except to gain power, by any means necessary, they will gaslight non-stop and actually push to sell the contradiction that there should be no police force and citizens must be disarmed. After a while, I guarantee, a good portion of the population will begin to accept these ideas. So no, the disarmament types have not been dealt a death blow…they will be back soon enough, stronger than ever.

  15. The “gimmie dat” crowd can’t stand it. The libs trying this coup can’t stand it. The anarchist can’t stand it.

  16. “Are in No Mood to Listen”

    That’s a thing? You were ever in a mood to listen to mindless drivel?

  17. Defunding Police = Bad Idea

    On the other hand, DEMILITARIZING the police is a very good idea. Get rid of the warrior cop attitude. Ban no knock warrants or raids when people are normally asleep. Get rid of qualified immunity. Impose a Duty of Care in the law. Change laws to state that police have a duty to try and protect citizens from harm.

    • Let’s get rid of sneaky gun talking azzhats who slander and libel the POTUS like a demonic democrat dirtbag and never states who he supports for POTUS in Nov.

      • Your baby tyrant that refuses to wear a mask because it makes him look weak but then erects a big fence around the white house isn’t germane to the topic at hand.

    • The first step in defunding the police is to get rid of asset forfeiture. The second step is to send all revenues from traffic stops in to the general funds. The only funding the police should have is from general revenues under the complete control of elected officials. Giving them their own cash cow was never a good idea.

      Oh, yeah — make the Chief of Police an elected office.

  18. AND River Oaks Mall Calumet City,ILL is closed due to looting today. Torrence ave N of 170th po-leece barricaded. And the scum want to disband the cop’s…😡 FYI

  19. Gun Control Zealots and their ilk are along the lines of looters and arsonists. Instead of private property being ransacked and burned to the ground Gun Control Zealots want to ransack and burn The United States Constitution. What else would be expected coming from dirtbags whose Gun Control Agenda is rooted in racism and genocide? Until Gun Control Zealots are held accountable and forced to justify their racist and nazi based agenda this tit for tat insane game with Your Rights being the prize will continue.

    • I pity the poor guy who has to lay down next to this miserable, foul mouthed crone.

      • Pity YOURSELF. Maybe look in the mirror for the answer to why you can’t get no shaky pudding….

  20. Give it about 6 months. I predict we’ll see a lot more talk about gun control after Trump loses in November.

    • So when Trump wins there’ll be a lot LESS gun control rabble and babble….????….

  21. I’ve had a lot of formerly anti gun friends come to me and say, “Ok, I need a gun.” I tell them not to vote their rights away.

  22. That cigar store is no joke about 200 yards from my apartment i just moved from april 30th in Bellevue, WA. The mall in that city got completely looted and destroyed. The craziest thing about it is how “rich” of a city it is, lambos and roll royce, gucci and louis vuitton stores, neiman marcus, tons of heavily funded police, not a spec of trash on the streets… you’d never expect it possible for the city to be taken over by riots and looters.

    It was clearly obvious, you could tell easily if you have eyeballs… that the rioters/looters were not from this area. It was an organized and planned operation. Not just coincidence that a few thousand ghetto thugs and anarchists/commie weenies spontaneously come from out of town to raid the city….

    • Same thing happened at a mall in Walnut Creek, which is realtively wealthy community east of Oakland. The looters, filmed b y a black man, were all black. They came in force. They came with bags for the loot. The o=police stood around and watched while the entire mall was looted, doing absolutely nothing to stopit. I wonder whose idea that was?

      • Wow. I know well that area of the 680/24 interchange.
        Anyone remember when the Gemco sign was tall? LoL

  23. Americans have attention spans of a gnat. It’s not that this civil unrest has taught everyone that they need to defend themselves- although I’d like to think a few have learned- it’s that there is simply no oxygen in the room for gun control conversations right now.

    • That, and the gramscian march through the institutions means that people younger than, oh, about 30 to 35 years of age are dumb as stumps on the issue of American history, rights, what rights are and are not, the actual history of black rioting in American cities and what happened (eg, Detroit).

      I find it instructive to tell young people to look at the history of Detroit. In 1960, Detroit was the wealthiest, most successful city in the US. It had the highest standard of living anywhere in the US. NYC could not compare to the cultural life of Detroit.

      Then the riots of the late 60’s happened. Then Detroit elected Coleman Young as mayor, and Coleman Young was rather explicit in telling white people to get out of Detroit. So white people looked at the riots of the late 60’s, and listened to Coleman Young… and they left.

      Today, you can see what’s left of the city that once was the best example of what the American economy could produce for middle-class people – good jobs at good wages, with a good education system, the largest streetcar system in the US, etc. All gone.

      And it isn’t going to come back under black leadership. Because the black leadership in the US is utterly convinced that they’re being “systematically oppressed” by the white man.

      If those claims of “systematic oppression” by whites were true, then why did Detroit’s population decline so quickly under black political leadership, hmmm?

      Want another exercise? Do Baltimore, MD. Ask the same question: If “systematic oppression” by whites is the cause, why is the city so screwed up under black leadership?We can go on and on here. Washington DC, for example.

      Chicago is next. The current mayor sounds like a female version of Coleman Young.

  24. All these same liberals buying guns will be or in some cases STILL ARE advocating gun control. Sure, a few might have changed there mindBut I expect a good 98% of them to still vote for Biden.

  25. “The righteous rise
    With burning eyes
    Of hatred and ill-will

    Madmen fed on fear and lies
    To beat, and burn, and kill
    They say there are strangers, who threaten us
    In our immigrants and infidels
    They say there is strangeness, too dangerous
    In our theatres and bookstore shelves
    That those who know what’s best for us –
    Must rise and save us from ourselves

    Quick to judge,
    Quick to anger
    Slow to understand

    Ignorance and prejudice
    And fear

    Walk hand in hand… “

    • You conveniently left out what the “madmen fed on fear and lies” are saying — “That those who know what’s best for us Must rise and save us from ourselves.”

      People who believe that they can’t allow the rest of us to make decisions for ourselves… Who on Earth could *they* be?

  26. I just got back from the local gathering. gun control simply won’t happen where I live. Plain and simple. Militia minded and the city was ours. Overall peaceful because it’s everyones right to protest, and we let them do so 😉

    • Haz, I don’t know about elsewhere, but here the Sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in the county. I worked for one for decades. I learned that much anyway. Don’t think he doesn’t answer to anyone? Tell that to him when he goes to the County Commissioners, hat in hand, for an operating budget. Which, BTW, is paid out incrementally over the year. Not in a lump sum. That faucet can be turned off anytime.

      • Our local Sheriff is a former local City cop, and political sailboat, who runs as a Dem because there’s more Dem voters. He made our County a sanctuary countu, and he never met a social justice issue he won’t exploit and pander to… Best thing about him is his relative powerlessness. He’s a rubber stamp for the local Good Old Boy network…..sad,….

        • If he runs as a dem, he is a dem. A sheriff does not designate the county a sanctuary county… the city council does.

          The only thing sheriffs have done is sign letters saying they won’t “violate the constitution”. That does not actually designate a county as sanctuary, but IMHO, it should.

          Not knocking you or trying to argue, but it would be hard to run as an opposing party without losing that party the first time you oppose their will, especially at the sheriff level. Easily replaceable (corruption, of course).

  27. The Democratic Party platform appears to have two planks: Orange Man bad and everything he did must be reversed, and Gun control.

  28. No one I know, is defending the restraint used that contributed to Mr. Floyd’s death,or its use by the Officer. Regardless of Mr. Floyd’s Rap Sheet, no one deserves to die that way during an arrest. Mr. Floyd’s ethnicity is irrelevant to the discussion, because, in spite of the Leftists continuing to beat that tired old dog lie, that Cops target Blacks, the statistical evidence doesn’t come anywhere close to verify the lie. Sorry Liberals, but you’re buying into a false narrative period.
    If you’re upset at the way your city’s Police Department is being ran, then hold the people running it responsible. From the Police Chief on down, everyone’s a City Employee. Hold the Mayor, City Manager and City Council responsible because they hired them. Refusing to act when problems become apparent, is tacit approval of the actions/policies by the City’s Leadership. They’re the ones that failed to provide oversight to their employees, to stop unapproved actions and policies. Unlike Sheriffs, Police Chief’s aren’t elected to serve, they’re hired to serve.
    Start holding the glad handing Sacks o’ Shite Politicians responsible for screwing the pooch!

  29. Disbanding police is not the answer , But something needs to be done. Last year an Indiana state cop MURDERED a local mason because a nervous cop saw a gun and shot him in the face. The officer then left him laying on the side of the highway to bleed out. The cop was let off. This crap happens regularly in America but only the cases involving black victims get any air time. No body seemed concerned when Glen (a white man) was MURDERED by the state police. Stop the racial bullshit we are all human !

    • You know, the protesters are speaking out against ALL police brutality.

      The reason you see so many minority protesters is because they have the courage to stand up against the use of excessive force by the police during their interactions with the community.

      There are plenty of white, brown, yellow, black people in these protests and they care about all citizens.

      And we’ve seen the video evidence of many occasions of citizens protesting against police brutality being the victim some selves of police brutality. From a 75-year-old man trying to engage the police officers in a dialogue to a 16-year-old student, watching from the sidelines and intentionally shot in the forehead with a ‘less than lethal’ round.

      • No they are not. Or it would be ALL lives matter. Instead, the focus is on a single race. I have not met one person at both the protests I went to who thought the police acted accordingly, or should not be under the fire they are currently under. But when you single out a race for your cause, it’s racism. Tell me it’s not. It’s not dismissal of the cause because I acknowledge that advocating for a single race is racism, and it’s not denial, and lastly, it’s certainly does not need to be black lives matter before all lives can matter. The BLM narrative and it’s manipulation of everyone shouting is RACIST. George floyds race was irrelevent and that’s where the focus on all this should be. Tell me it shouldn’t.

      • Also, are you talking about the man who approached RIOT geared police who were moving forward to cordone a city block and was shoved hitting his head on the ground? Because that was fucking stupid. I mean, not to distract from the point that he should not have been shoved or that police are tyrants… but seriously? What the fuck did you expect? They are literally trying to push back an entire city and you approach them hoping they will hear you in the midst of all that chaos? Whispers on def ears. I do hope he fully recovers, and that officer will never be the same again too. For the officer, I hope he finally realizes that he needs to find another profession, like all cops should.

  30. I live in Southern California. I have a rental house in Santa Ana (a sartuary city). After the renters moved out I did a major makeover. They had been there for over 20 years. About $2,000.00 of tools were stolen one night. The next day I called the Santa Ana Police Department. The Lieutenant said I was on my own that they did not respond to Home robberies unless they were in the house. He told me I was on my own. Last week my son in law was at the house and a window in this new car was broken and his computer stolen. The Santa Ana Police Department Lieutenant said that is your problem not ours, you are on your own.

  31. The Globalist Liberal NAZI Demoncrat Commie party and the useful idiots don’t give a crap about gun violence! They just want to take away your guns to leave you defenseless against Government tyranny! Wake up patriots before it’s too late! Defend the 2nd amendment!

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