Biden angry second amendment
"Why won't people like you shut the hell up and let me bankrupt the gun industry?"
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The real Joe Biden has finally stood up, revealing during a CNN Townhall that he is “continuing to push to eliminate the sale” of guns that can fire multiple rounds, “whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle” and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says enough is enough.

“It’s taken Joe Biden six short months to foul up the economy, reverse this country’s energy independence causing fuel prices to soar, declare war on free speech and now he has acknowledged in a Freudian slip he really does want to ban handguns,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “The real Joe Biden is finally out of the bag, despite the media’s continued efforts to soft-pedal his extremism.”

Biden was responding to a question from the audience in which he stated . . .

The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a, whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things, but I’m not likely to get that done in the near term.

Joe Biden
Courtesy CNN

“The nation has been in trouble since Biden took the oath of office,” Gottlieb stated. “The Constitution is in jeopardy. Joe Biden should be impeached for advocating the shredding of our Bill of Rights.”

Handguns are specifically protected by the Second Amendment, thanks to the Supreme Court’s 2008 Heller ruling, Gottlieb noted. He said Biden’s remark about banning 9mm pistols was “certainly unintentional, but does reveal his ultimate goal.”

“People often reveal their true feelings when they blurt things out in the heat of a moment,” he observed.

“Joe Biden’s spinmeisters in the White House and the establishment media will not be able to walk this back,” Gottlieb said. “That horse has left the barn and no amount of clarification or obfuscation is going to clean up his mess. Biden’s only mistake was that he accidentally told the truth about his intentions, and CNN broadcast it live. By his own words, he has confirmed everything we have warned about for months.


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.


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  1. The real joe xiden? You mean they showed him getting his adult diapers changed while hunter delivered him a suitcase full of money and further instructions from Beiging?

  2. Gonna give Sippy Cup Joe some slack.

    Given the President of The United States cannot hold coherent thoughts for long, and given the intent of the Left to obscure their desire to ban all firearms, Joe merely got tangled up in previewing his intent to endorse/encourage/initiate a federal ban on firearm magazines of greater than 3 or 4 rounds; “toe in the water” sort of thing.

  3. oops…he let the REAL gun agenda slip…they want to ban ALL guns
    like we did not know this already
    the scary black rifles are just the toe in the door…
    the real goal is to eliminate EVERY single gun in America in civilian hands

  4. “Ethan, your mission is to infiltrate White House, establish yourself as a trusted member of the President’s medicinal administration staff, and occasionally swap out the President’s daily memory-restorative pharmaceuticals with ineffective placebos to allow whatever few genuine thoughts remain in his gray matter to slip out.

    This message will self destruct in five seconds…”

  5. “The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether it’s a, whether it’s a 9mm pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous.”

    I gots to get me one of those 120 shot 9mm pistols!

    • Hate to break it to ya’, but voting is way past it’s effectiveness as a means of governing national policy.

      • Gunnygene is not wrong.
        Elections are basically for show now. Citizens have almost no influence on the direction we go.

  6. His agenda has NEVER been hidden! From time to time his handlers tell him to tone it down, but his goal is a bunch of unarmed peasants!!

  7. Will it matter? His fans want the same thing and only 12 people bother to even watch him so as far as the vast majority of people are concerned they’re just happy he isn’t in the ether 24/7 like Trump was.

    • To be fair there were nearly 100 people at Braindeads Town Hall… Meanwhile Trump just took the stage in Arizona in front of a capacity (5000 people) crowd with thousands more outside in 100 degree plus heat…

  8. I’ve wondered ever since I heard that little screw up roll off Braindeads tongue, why 9mm? Is he NOT aware that there is a plethora of semi-auto handguns in the world that are WAY more deadly than any 9mm (my 10mm puts a 9 to shame)… I have two 9mm but I have two 45s, a 357 mag and a 10mm that I EDC, I do carry a 9mm compact in an ankle rig as a backup… Anyway don’t tell him other calibers are available in semi-auto…

    • @MADD,

      Ya forgots to give props to 10mm cousin, .40 S&W. The #2 choice of EDC’ers after 9mm.

      • I don’t own a .40… Never fired a .40… can’t comment on .40…. Kind of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” of firearms…

      • 40 S&W is my first choice. Been carrying my favorite gun, a Glock 22, EDC for 20 years. I’ve got several others, but the Glock 22 is my favorite.

        • that should have been

          “Been carrying my favorite gun, a Glock 22 and others, EDC for 20 years. I’ve got several others, but the Glock 22 is my favorite.

  9. Golly remember when slow Joe wasn’t that slow…remember an assault weapon ban? Of course gun ownership has exploded since then-including ME. Lots more full semiautomatic shooting thingys🙂

  10. Just a matter of time, sooner than later, The Constitution of what was once The United States of America will be declared a racist, white supremacist document and will be abolished by The “Democrat Party” (aka: neo Marxist Party). Once done there will be no legislation, no Supreme Court, no Military oath to stand in the way of a totalitarian government. All The Party has to do is take the mid-term elections. They may have already won those.

    • You forgot about the X-factor in all of this… Us. (By which I mean everyday, red-blooded Americans; probably not you, “ant7/adverse6.”)

      There is likely to come a time in the not very distant future when a critical mass of Americans — starting with people like most of us here on TTAG — decide they’ve had more than enough of this destructive “progressive” leftist bullshit.

      The sense I get is that most Americans already have, but they don’t see what can be done about it and they’re not talking about it. Yet. Somebody gets that ball rolling and shows that something CAN be done about it, and public opinion can turn on a dime. The “progressives” will be lucky if they’re only voted out.

      40% of American voters still believe — know — that Biden’s election was fraudulent, despite relentless gaslighting. If the progs pull that level of fraud again, do you really think the disenfranchised 50%-plus — let alone the hard core among the stubborn 40% — will just give up forever?

      No. Americans aren’t made to be peasants. We’re the descendants of people who gave a middle finger to all the tyrants everywhere else and came to a new continent to live the way WE wanted. My direct ancestors MADE this country. The least I…we…can do is try to keep it.

      An America without legislation, a judicial system, or a military accountable to elected representatives? Not going to happen. You talk about that like somebody’s going to flip a switch. Well, I can’t say what I myself may or may not do if that circumstance ever comes to pass; I’m a peaceful guy without any hardcore skills. But I can guarantee you that whoever does try flipping that totalitarian switch is going to die at the hands a whole bunch of pissed-off Americans…along with a passel of his friends and fellow travelers. Count on it.

      • A Larry Elder win in Sept in CA. would be a good start…. Hope the people can find the time in their busy day to go vote Brother Gavin back to the private sector…

  11. Those of the self proclaimed “elite” crowd in Washington and other places including their useful idiot followers (a/k/a democrat voters) HATE our very existence. They would have you all dead rather than armed and self reliant.
    Anything that jeopardizes their thinking, will, or control is evil. POTG being near the top of their list. One sees their reaction to the famous selfie party of Jan. 6th. I’ve seen worse bar fights in Atlanta, but all those who dare to step foot into the capital are getting felonies. The media, that’s supposed to be a government watchdog of sorts, is quite happy that so called insurrectionist are held in solitary and abused. After all the elites must teach the peasants what their place is and to never forget. The media consider themselves “elite” you know, not like us rabble.

    Bottom line, They hate you. …and then do as alot of us do. Embrace it.

    For the fed inc watchers who may pass by this board…”You’re part of the problem.” And for the trolls who frequent here who will not be able to withstand the urge…”You are an amusement, nothing more.”

    • The Jan 6 insurrection was just what ” they” wanted to see. The Trump cult has less power then Brother Farrakhan.
      “We’re taking it back”, We’re not leaving, Trumps, I will be there with you.
      “Yulp, Johnny Law said it’s time to go home, by yah all, had a nice time, drive safe.”
      The dog had a loud bark and “they” saw it has no bite.

  12. “He’s confused, he’s lost, he’s disoriented, he stares off into space, he shuffles when he walks, he doesn’t know where he’s at or what he’s doing,” said Rep. Ronny Jackson, R- Amarillo, who served as physician to three presidents. “The White House used to be a symbol of power and influence. And now, literally every day it’s more and more looking like an assisted living facility. It’s true.”

    jwm wasn’t that far off with his first comment but this should scare EVERY American.
    We literally have a POTUS that’s about as cognitive as my 17 year old cat.
    Mice and bugs just walk by her but the vet says it isn’t time just yet.

  13. I’ve gotta say the media will cover for him but why oh why would he agree to this? I mean ffs he just generated soundbytes on soundbytes for 2022 for Republicans.

  14. He’s the President of the USA, and he winds up on the lowest rated show of the lowest rated network. It’s almost like somebody didn’t want people to watch it.

  15. From the context, although it is easily misread, he was indeed talking about banning “large capacity magazines,” not 9 mm handguns. Not saying that he wouldn’t want to, just saying what he meant THIS time.

    • He ACTUALLY said “ban 9mm handguns”, I listened to parts of his mostly incoherent blabbering and he did reference 9mm handguns not just large capacity 9mm magazines and even at that my 10mm mags hold 16 rounds so why just 9mm… Maybe not what meant to say but it is damn sure the ultimate goal of the far left and the Braindead “puppet” will do as his masters command…

  16. I was really surprised that the FCC permitted the on air fellating of #DEMENTIAJOE on CNN by Don Lemon. Dementia in chief is a racist gun grabber.

    • Routers. Gotta get them routers!
      Routers. Gotta see them routers!

      Come on, Kelly, y’all erased that data on them…

      Routers. Won’t give up those routers!
      Routers. Gotta turn over some routers!

      Seriously, these are the words or a deranged person.

      Heeeey Wendy, we’re beyond all that now…


      • Routers or no routers had POTUS DJT “won” an election under the same sleazy vote count circumstances as Jim Crow Gun Control joe the democRat Party scum who concocted Russian Collusion and their smelly media cohorts would be having full blown non stop investigations to date. Ain’t dat right? Yes or No.

        Until each and every one of the so called biden votes are verified with a knock on the door name, address and SSN in the wishy washy states in question no one is going to roll over and buy your pasty mouth beyond all of that whitewash.

        What happened to POTUS DJT and his legitimate voters is nothing new. The democRat Party did the exact same thing to Black Americans running for public office or those running to hold onto public office. The democRat Party cannot stop using election fraud because it is in their nature and it’s a Jim Crow democRat Party Family Tradition. You bozo are just another one of their politically inept history illiterate pathetic worthless knee pad useful idiots.

        • Electoral fraud and voter disenfranchisement are long standing traditions of the Democrats. They’ve had over 150 years to perfect it.

  17. Lies comparison:

    1. Some guy : “I’ll pull out, I promise.”

    2. A person: “I’m going to win the lottery!”

    3. Someone: “The check is in the mail.”

    4. Joe Biden : “I’m not going to take your guns, I believe in the second amendment. Here, just let me reach around a little and you will feel better about this.”

    • Don’t forget the biggest lie.

      5. Anyone: “‘Jack’, you’re a really smart guy with a great sense of humor”.

      What a limp dick fool your are…

        • Can’t the same thing be said of every human who’s ever existed, choad? Make sure you put your crash helmet on extra snug this morning…

  18. I wonder where I can get an IWB holster for my 50 cal percussion cap muzzle loading pistol? I might need it if Joe has his way.

  19. Surprised that the republicans aren’t going after him for his sneaky dealings that the democrats went after Trump for. People was telling the country about what he was BEFORE the election but everyone refused to listen because they were blinding on the band to get trump out. NOW they see and are sorry for it. Too late. idiots

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