Anti-Gunners Like Rep. Steve Woodrow Would Rather See You Die Than Defend Yourself With a Firearm

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Colorado Rep. Steven Woodrow
Courtesy Facebook

We can remember the days when the story of a woman successfully defending herself against a masked, armed attacker was considered good news. Times have apparently changed. At least they have for a certain breed of rabidly anti-gun politician and their civilian disarmament advocate allies.

A recent incident that illustrates how virulent hoplophobia can twist your sense of justice comes from Prince William County, Virginia where a woman stepped out her front door early Thursday morning and was confronted by a masked man with a gun. The un-named victim, however, was armed and she defended herself.

As the PWC Police Department described what happened in a public statement . . .

The victim, who was also armed at the time, shot the individual as they approached the front door of her residence. Officers arrived at the home and located a man near the doorway of the residence suffering from gunshot wounds. Officers also located a loaded handgun in the man’s possession.

Officers performed CPR on the man until rescue personnel arrived. The man was transported to an area hospital where he later died as a result of his injuries. The victim was not injured.

This is what we like to call a Defensive Gun Use of the Day. Yet another example of an armed citizen using a firearm to defend herself or her family. The CDC cites a report that reckons defensive gun uses happen anywhere for 60,000 to 2.5 million times a year, depending on who’s doing the counting.

In this case, a 20-year-old, ironically named Azhar Laurent Smart, discovered the hard way that an increasing number of Americans now take their personal defense in their own hands. They know that even in the best of times, cops can’t be everywhere and a lot of bad things can happen while you wait after dialing 911.

Those of us on the pro-gun rights side highlight defensive gun uses because the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex — the gun control industry, politicians, and the media — conveniently avoid talking about the positive sides of gun ownership, including the number of robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders that are prevented thanks to citizens who are free to own firearms.

The more these things happen and are publicized, the more opportunistic criminals with think twice about victimizing others. That could even result in less overall criminal activity We’re sure someone has analyzed this phenomenon, but we can’t seem to remember it at the moment.

Which brings us to our friends at the NRA. The incident in question happened right in their northern Virginia backyard and they spotlighted it with a(n arguably clumsy) tweet. A tweet that outraged a Colorado state representative.

OK, maybe the NRA’s social media intern expressed a little too much glee at the news of the dead attacker. But we’re sorry to inform you, Rep. Woodrow, that the story of what happened in Prince William County is very much “a win.”

This is a textbook case of a justifiable homicide. An armed masked man targeted a woman who was alone late at night outside her own front door. That woman had the foresight to arm herself and the willingness to use her weapon against her attacker.

That’s a happy ending to us and to most who are reading this, but the fact is, far too many people are actually disturbed by stories like this.

We are governed by an uncomfortably large number of politicians and bureaucrats who think what that unidentified woman in Virginia did was wrong. They believe she should have given the armed thug what he wanted and let him wriggle off into the night (no doubt to target some other victim).

People like Rep. Steve Woodrow would much rather that she remain a helpless, unarmed crime victim than hear that she successfully defended herself with a gun. That’s because the very idea of armed civilians violates one of their primary political principles. Stories like the one from PWC counter their anti-gun narrative and make the job of disarming Americans more difficult.

That’s why Rep. Woodrow was triggered by the NRA’s tweet. In his view, that woman shouldn’t have been armed in the first place. If that means she would have been beaten, raped, or murdered, so be it.

The noxious Rep. Woodrow — who has the nerve to criticize those who cheer on crime victims who defend themselves as “morally bankrupt” — is hardly alone. He was just stupid or impulsive enough to bang out a tweet and expose how nauseatingly twisted his own values are.

Colorado Rep. Steve Woodrow
What if the woman in that story was Rep. Woodrow’s wife? Would Steve have wanted her to be a victim, too? (courtesy

He’d rather take a shot at the NRA (and there are plenty of valid reasons to do so these days) than support a woman who stopped a criminal and may have saved her own life in the process.

These are the kinds of people who populate the civilian disarmament movement. Certainly not all of them are as broken and, well, morally bankrupt as Colorado’s Steve Woodrow. But a significant percentage of them are. And those of us who support the Second Amendment and civilian gun rights would do well to remind ourselves of that every single day.



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  1. Well according to the Libertarians this is no reason to vote.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward, video 1 hr long

    • Well, let’s see. I had not voted for a presidential candidate from either the democrap opr republican’t party prior to 2016. I voted for Trump twice, 2016, and 2020. He didn’t undo the Bush 1 era executive order gun importation restrictions. He didn’t remove anything from the NFA or get any pro gun legislation passed. No national reciprocity, no hearing protection act. He didn’t do anything to improve the ATF, or, God forbid, eliminate it. He banned bumps tocks in such a way as to pave to road for more and broader executive fiat gun control. Then the democrats stole the 2nd election, which they will probably do from here on out.

      1 term of Trump may have staved off utter disaster for 4 years, but here we are in deeper shit than ever. And I would say Trump was more pro gun than any previous republican president or candidate for president.

      I lived through the 94 AWB. We put the Republicans in control of congress so they could repeal that shit. And they didn’t.

      Voting is just the suggestion box for slaves.

      I am not a member of the Libertarian party and since they are often used by disaffected Democraps and Republican’ts as a vehicle to office I often have no use for their candidates. But maybe you should think about trying a candidate with real small l libertarian values regardless of what letter is next to their name.

    • Today, in the park, I was open-carrying. An acquaintance stopped to talk. He is Egyptian, a real-estate investor, in his early thirties. He came to the USA legally at the age of 19. He is a devout Coptic Christian. We speak a couple of times a week, but he had never seen me open carry.

      His first words today were, “I see you have a gun. I would let someone shoot me, but I would never shoot him”. To which I replied: “Marco’s, I have a family to protect and being armed is how I am always ready to do so”. From his expression I could see he realized he was thinking only from the perspective of an unmarried, unattached man.

      Marco’s is an interesting guy. He loves the USA, supports Trump, and is co-authoring a book of stories about how the USA is still the land of opportunity. He also thinks the USA may be the least racist country on the planet.

      • “Marco” should not get “friend” status until he grows up and gets a brain. As a child is too much of a liability.

        • Neiowa,

          You are being too hard on Marcos. He hates communism, thinks many Americans do not understand the the greatness of our Constitution, sees through all the lies the left is teaching about this country, and supports personal freedom. He simply has not learned about guns, yet. He thinks Christian peacableness means pacifism. It will take some time, but today, we took the first step in his education about guns.

      • Good for you!
        The most rebellious thing an individual can do is to correctly open carry their sidearm. The most rebellious thing a group of people can do is to have an organized open carry of long guns. Being polite and courteous while open carrying educates the public, about the 2A. As well as puts the government on notice, that the law-abiding can open carry guns as well.

        It is everyone’s Birthright to open carry.

      • One cannot be a pacifist unless they have the capacity for violence. Pacifism is a choice; being helpless is a condition.

      • C’Mon Man…He is someone who when informed seems to get it and dat ain’t no democRat.

        When it comes to Gun Control there is one choice and one choice only. That choice is between giving an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide a pass or fully rejecting such filth.

        The Second Amendment is one thing.
        The Criminal misuse of firearms, etc. is another thing.
        History confirms Gun Control in any shape or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

      • Very much Democrat. From his site

        “As State Representative, I advocate for social, racial, environmental and economic justice…”

        He has attended Greta Thunberg’s rallies. ‘Nuff said about that.

        Four weeks ago, on June 30, Woodrow tweeted this about 2A champion Rep. Lauren Boebert:

        “Lauren Boebert proves once again that stupidity has a champion in Colorado.”

    • Colorado 6th is (D)enver, dude has a big old SEIU emblem on his campaign sign, brags about FIGHTING for social, economic, racial AND environmental justice, brags that he spent his ENTIRE legal career fighting for “workers rights” a Socialists top five… Sound like a Conservative to you?

    • The SEIU banner would’ve clued you in, but it didn’t calling you out as a DumbTard just like him!

  2. It is very revealing that Larry Elder, Libertarian talk radio show host, is not getting much attention in the Libertarian press. I wonder why??? They talk alot about Marjorie Taylor Green. Why???
    He is running to be the next Governor in California.

  3. “People like Rep. Steve Woodrow would much rather that she remain a helpless, unarmed crime victim…”

    Being judge, jury and executioner is simply vigilantism. Besides, that woman was armed when she went out her door. That means she was walking around in her house holding a firearm. She might have shot herself, or her cat, or her wall clock, or someone else in the house.

    People have the social obligation and responsibility to ensure neighbors and visitors are not subjected to the possibility of a stray bullet. If you like, yes, everyone owes it to society to risk being killed/injured, rather than wander about carrying a deadly weapon. Without being armed, one is more less likely to be shot/injured/crippled by alleged attackers.

    When you present a threat to someone, they have a right to defend themselves. Life is tough, and no one is free from all danger. Society truly is enriched when citizens foreswear personal weapons. A few “innocents” being dead or injured is simply the price of living in a free society. There is no greater love than persons willingly sacrifice themselves in order that others, including the worst, not put themselves in harm’s way by being armed.

    93 million people are being shot everyday. We need to end the madness, and let natural selection bloom.

      • “Ambrose Bierce would admire your satire.”

        Glad you are entertained, but Ambrose Bierce? Whoa. I am privileged to read him, but to be favorably compared? Over the top, man. Over the top.

        (But, thanx)

        • Sam,

          Buck up, and take a compliment like a man. Just say ‘thank you’ and move on. 🤣

    • “93 million people are being shot everyday.”

      Every hour.

      Or was it 93 million shot every minute?

      I forget… 😉

      • “Or was it 93 million shot every minute?
        I forget…”

        It is challenging to keep up with the projectile vomit of words from Dims, Leftists, Statists, (sorry for the repitition).

  4. Guy dresses the age he still “thinks.”
    So many man-children in this country it’s pathetic.

    • Colonel Travis,

      Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute. We the People elected him–and he wears a suit-and-tie at the capitol building. That elevates him to God-man status and we must take is every utterance as immutable gospel. Above all, we must always genuflect to him and never ever question his positions nor motives.

      I think that about sums it up. Did I miss anything?

      • “I think that about sums it up. Did I miss anything?”

        Yeah….you forgot, “Zippity doodah, zippity day, my oh my, what a wonderful day.”

  5. Put the shoe on the other foot and ask that ass how he would feel if it were his wife or mother. Since the would obviously be unarmed Would he prefer they just be willing victims or is he saying the police would save them? We all know that when seconds count the police are minutes away….well not everyone knows that apparently. Just love those who live in ivory towers and throw stones at those of us who live in the real world!!

  6. Apparently, a good guy with a gun would be more likely to step in to defend Woodrow’s wife and kids if they were under hostile attack than Woodrow would be to step in and defend them because after all they should sacrifice their selves for the benefit of the bad guy according to the Woodrow theory.

    Woodrow’s world:

    Bad guy: “Good evening ma’am. I’m a bad guy and under the right granted me by Steven Woodrow, rep Colorado, you must submit to any harm that I wish to inflict upon you and you may not defend yourself. Are you ready?”

    Female victim: “Why, bless your heart. Of course I am ready for you to have a win you poor disadvantaged person. Do your worse.”

    Bad Guy: “Thank you for your patience and kind words. Before I rape and murder you do you have any last words, would you like to call someone to say goodby?”

    Female victim: “Nope, I’m am just so excited that you have selected me.”

    • “Female victim: “Nope, I’m am just so excited that you have selected me.” ”

      There ya’ go.

  7. Whenever I hear, “If you shoot someone breaking into your home you value your possessions over human life!”
    No, if you break into my house you value my possessions over your life. I don’t know your intentions, and it’s not the appropriate time for a chat regarding your reasoning for the visit, in fact I fear for my life and my family.
    Therefore, pew.

    • “…if you break into my house you value my possessions over your life.”

      That’s the way I’ve always thought.

      It goes the same for personal robbery, too. If you threaten my life over whatever I’ve got on me, you’ve just established that right now, in this little transaction, human life is worth less than the contents of my wallet — so it should be no surprise if I value both my life and my wallet more than the dirt-cheap price you’ve set on yours.

  8. 1911 first. 911 later, when I find my round toit. And since I’m not a medical professional, I’m not qualified to render aid to the dirtbag bleeding out on my front porch.

  9. Anti-Gunners Like Rep. Steve Woodrow Would Rather See You Die Than Defend Yourself With a Firearm….

    Funny, because I would rather see anti-gunners like him looking for another job (or ceasing to exist) than me NEEDING to defend myself with a firearm… Strange how that works…

  10. Anti-gunners would rather see every single solitary United States citizen that owns a gun die at the hands of the government than for the United States population to even be allowed to own a gun and defend ourselves.

    • Cori Bush spent nearly $70,000 on private security over the past three months

      At leat she’s not using campaign funds to wine and dine a Chinese “SPY” boy toy… Or is she?

    • More than my annual income. A lot more. But I can still afford ammo, and the occasional firearm purchase. Priorities matter.

  11. Rep Woodrow looks like the kind of guy that thinks he’s friends with his wife’s boyfriend.

  12. Shannon Watts posted a similar reaction to the armed parishioner who stopped the gunman in the Texas church shooting.

    These folks can’t stand anything that conflicts with their narrative, it would seem.

  13. Transported to the hospital.
    They hauled him off in their meat wagon to their personal butcher shop.
    We do the hunting and they get the grub. I’m not shooting anymore people(well the ones the cops can get to) until this changes.
    That guy could have fed that woman for a week.

      • Perp can be a might greasy lessin’ you parboil it first

        And always cook it over an open fire OR charcoal grill, gotta get that smokey flavor in there….

        • “And always cook it over an open fire OR charcoal grill.”

          Another pound of air pollution that will kill the planet. Be earth-friendly; use a windmill to generate power for an electric oven. Or a large magnifying glass on a sunny day.

        • Bezos just dumped 300 tons of carbon into the atmosphere for an 18 second joy ride in “space” just before he went off on another global warming/climate change rant on international media… I’d have to run my little charcoal grill 24/7 for over 6 years to match that… My concience is clean and I sleep like a baby…

        • I would be more impressed if Bezos (aka Bozo) spent that money on improving the working conditions at Amazon. China must sent their Gulag Commandants there for training.

  14. @LifeSavor
    “Just say ‘thank you’ and move on.”

    I did; see parens below my demurring in the response.

    Though, I am quite proud of my display of false humility.

  15. Actually people taste like pork, depending on how you grill them. I prefer bear meat, made into sausage with some pork sausage added and spices., really good. So this moron is OK with someone murdering his family while he stands by, because of his stance on firearms. I hope it never happens to him. I prefer to be a responsible adult and carry a firearm, because just like having a fire extingusher, it’s nice to be prepared for the unexpected. it’s not a gun issue, it’s a responsible adult issue. In this day and age, having common sense is like a super power.

    • Wally1,

      “In this day and age, having common sense is like a super power.”

      I resemble that remark!

  16. I can care less about this clown. He’s another fully expendable useless idiot that will only get in to office via a fraudulent voting and election system.

  17. Judging by the photo, Woodrow is an impotent manlet who tries tearing down others to make himself feel bigger.

  18. There can no longer be any doubt Colorado has been thoroughly Californicated. Watch your six, Texas.

  19. I suspect that if soiboi Woodrow set out to pedal his bicycle across Prince William County, Virginia, he’d be unlikely to exit the other side.

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