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America, Guns, and Freedom Miguel Faria
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By Spencer Reed Irvine

As gun rights and gun control advocates, political surrogates, spokespeople and other groups contemplate the future of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, Dr. Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D. has published a book that provides extensive background, history, context, and insight into the politicization of Second Amendment-related research over the last decade.

In America, Guns, and Freedom, Faria has painstakingly detailed the politicization of academic research on the issue of guns and public safety, which he saw firsthand in the academic community and the federal government. Specifically, he criticized the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for permitting politicized pro-gun control (and by extension, anti-gun rights) research for years, until Congress nixed the politically-charged research by passing bipartisan legislation in 1996.

As editor of the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, he read other medical journals’ published research and noted the multiple survey and research flaws that went unnoticed by other editors and the authors themselves, such as selection bias (i.e., selectively choosing data points that would validate a hypothesis).

For example, Dr. Faria criticized the scientific procedures (such as selection bias) behind at least one particular gun violence survey, which claimed that guns led to significant increase in violence in Vancouver, Canada and in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Faria debunked the survey’s conclusions because the survey’s data was flawed.

He also discovered that the survey ignored racial and ethnic data that would lead the survey to the opposite conclusion. The original conclusion was that more guns in cities led to more homicides, but when accounting for the missing data, that conclusion was fictitious at best.

The book informs readers that, for the most part, scientists received federal grants to conduct biased and incomplete gun violence research, which he helped debunk and spurred Congress to defund. Faria named several prominent gun research scientists who were unapologetic about their gun control advocacy, and claimed those scientists injected their own hypotheses about gun violence into their federally-funded research.

President George W. Bush appointed Faria to a grant review committee position within the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) at the CDC, in part based on his longtime criticism of the CDC’s alleged pro-gun control advocacy research. During his appointment, he helped reform the CDC standards to eliminate any potential partisan bias in their grant-making processes.

Faria also outlined the decline of the once-prestigious American Medical Association (AMA), noting that many doctors have left the dues-based organization because of its politicization on issues such as gun violence.

Due to the growing influence of gun control advocates in the medical community, the AMA dove headfirst into the politics of gun violence and has not turned back since then. One of the groups that Faria became very familiar with was Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO), which opposed politicizing gun violence as medical professionals.

America, Guns and Freedom is an insightful and informative read because of the detailed information it lays out for the reader. Despite the media’s feigned ignorance about the ingrained biases at the CDC and the research profession, Faria exposed their misinformation and propaganda campaigns at their very core by revealing the CDC as part of the partisan, ideological battle to disarm law-abiding Americans.


Spencer Reed Irvine graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations and currently works as a staff writer for Accuracy in Media.

This article originally appeared in Accuracy in Media’s AIM Report and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. Now that the CDC has saved the universe from the WuFlu with only minimal casualties (like 65,000 dead and the economy collapsed), it can turn its attention to more important things. Like banning muzzleloaders.

    • The CDC hasn’t done s*it but screw up the pandemic response. If anything, they screwed up big time and cost the US trillions.

        • Have you guys seen the reports that Dr. Fauci is very possibly complicit in the development of the COVID-19 virus?

          Mainstream news (Newsweek) outlet to boot.



          The most accurate reporting on the coronavirus issue seems to be coming from Dr. Chris Martenson

          There is some interesting stuff going on, and people are trying to cover up a lot of stuff.

        • Chris Martenson is a very interesting guy, looks like he has plenty of experience with big Pharma and big government.

          “Chris is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of (with Adam Taggart).

          According to his own LinkedIn profile he was a corporate finance analyst at Pfizer, Inc. then became a Vice President at SAIC.

          Science Applications International Corporation is an American company headquartered in Reston, Virginia that provides government services and information technology support.

          Chris Martenson would be a lot less worried about this country’s economic future if America invested in the kinds of alternative energy he’s installed around his home in rural New England.”

          Well, it seems he wants America to invest in alternate energy and leave these fossil fuels behind, I agree with that, it’s time to end big government subsidies to the oil, gas and coal industries.

        • Art, that’s a very interesting Newsweek article. One section I found particularly important:

          “Nevertheless, in 2014, under pressure from the Obama administration, the National of Institutes of Health instituted a moratorium on the work, suspending 21 studies.

          Three years later, though—in December 2017—the NIH ended the moratorium and the second phase of the NIAID project, which included the gain-of-function research, began. The NIH established a framework for determining how the research would go forward: scientists have to get approval from a panel of experts, who would decide whether the risks were justified.”

          It is significant that the Obama administration pressured the spillover experiments to stop in 2014, but then the Trump administration resumed the human transmission experiments in 2017.

          Once again, Barack Hussein Obama was looking out for us, thanks Obama!

    • But Ralph…I thought the CDC never lied? How many times have people here referenced the CDC in the appeal to authority fallacy when they defended mandatory vaccines?

  2. Anyone who believes anything a government agency has to say at face value have no real principles/politics to live by and can’t think for themselves.

    All studies have a political bias. Period.

  3. If you suspect that someone’s research is politicized, it probably is. If you know what to look for you can always ferret out where their methodological fakery is hiding behind their impressive sounding numbers.

    The 2nd Amendment is the defensive wall that the gun-controllers always run into when they try to justify banning or otherwise controlling guns. When they say, for instance, that citizens should not have “weapons of war” their belief puts them in direct opposition to the 2nd Amendment’s intent that an armed citizenry have the kinds of weapons necessary to defend against governmental tyranny. An AR or AK pattern rifle with its 30 round magazine is exactly what our founders were thinking about when they wrote the 2nd Amendment. Unless the courts nullify the 2nd Amendment all the CDC social epidemiologists in the world will not change the fundamental idea that it is an armed citizenry that defends Ameican liberty and freedom.

  4. Doesn’t matter what the facts are. Look at Canada. That is your future. The next time some diseased weasel decides to take out everyone he knows and hates, the clamour for disarmament will grow. AR15s will be on the hit list. Compliance may disappoint the grabbers.

    • Except that we know our chief executive cannot just order such a thing, and many of us would not obey it if he did.

      We have plenty of people and organizations who would bury them in law suits, and there would be armed public protests at every state capital.

  5. Center for Deception and Corruption.

    Everytime I have communicated with them, I come away with this same impression.

    Why? Because many of the scientists there do good work, only to have it twisted and politicised by CDC leadership.

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    • Spamming on the intartubez is lucrative, you say? Who’da thunk it? You should drink some of that chlorine stuff to make sure you don’t get the Wuhan flu!

  7. How is this within the pervue of the Centers for Disease Control? Did they discover a “gun violence” virus?

    Drain the swamp.

  8. LMFAO, looks like pg2 wasn’t so crazy after all. Now the dupes will give up their guns, roll up their sleeves and get their shots. Cause serge and the other trolls never lied……


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