SAINT Victor pistol .308
Images courtesy of Springfield Armory
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Springfield Armory is now chambering its SAINT Victor Pistol in .308 Winchester, to go along with their existing offerings in 5.56 NATO and 300 Blackout.

The SAINT Victor Pistol in .308 features a high-pressure-tested and magnetic-particle-inspected bolt and a 10.3-inch chrome-moly-vanadium Melonite-finished barrel with a pinned low-profile gas block. The flat trigger is a nickel-boron-coated single-stage model.

SAINT Victor pistol .308

“The SAINT Victor Pistol in .308 gives shooters a premium featured AR pistol that delivers serious power in a small, lightweight and easily maneuverable platform,” says Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s vice president of marketing. “If you want a SAINT Pistol that offers more power than 5.56, then this is the one for you.”

This .30-caliber SAINT pistol measures just over 28 inches in overall length with the SB Tactical SBA3 five-position brace collapsed. Other features include a BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 3 pistol grip, one 20-round Magpul PMAG Gen M3 magazine, a free-float M-Lok handguard, and an SA 2-Piece Blast Diverter. 

The gas system is a carbine-length direct impingement unit. The forged lower receiver features Springfield Armory’s Accu-Tite Tension System for a tight fit with the forged upper, and the Picatinny rail allows you to mount the optic of your choice. For iron-sight use, the free-float handguard has a short Picatinny rail at the muzzle to mount a front sight. Weight is listed as 8 pounds 6 ounces. 

The SAINT Victor Pistol in .308 is model number STV9103308B; the low-capacity version, which comes with (1) 10-round Magpul PMAG Gen M3, is model number STV9103308BLC. 


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  1. Interesting.

    Review request: Galil Ace 308 pistol with OSS can. Come on Jeremy S. Make it happen.

    • Do not forget.
      Do not forgive.
      Until management is gone and the company is under new ownership, eff ‘em.

        • They got caught getting in to bed with me and a few of my friends in exchange for “favors” and/or money. I was planning on riding Springfield hard and putting ’em away wet but you people walked in and ruined a good time…. Too bad too. I hear Springfield is in to that weird German stuff ….. H&K or S&M or S&W er something. I can’t remember the letters.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • In Illinois, they agreed to throw their considerable weight behind a piece of legislation that massively increased the “security” requirement of FFLs in exchange for a carve out. They did it via the IFMA (Illinois Firearms Manufacturing Association) and then when it became part of the public knowledge they claimed ignorance. The IFMA, while theoretically being an entirely separate lobbying group, was comprised entirely of Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms and SA tried to claim ignorance, then backpedaled and vowed to fight that Bill late in the game. Their public response was an uncoordinated nightmare that made it very clear they knew EXACTLY what they were doing and were pissed that we plebes found out. But their about face was too little too late and the bill passed, resulting in hundreds, if not thousands, of Illinois FFLs folding as a direct result of SA’s actions. So fvck em, it’s like they’re offering products that nobody else is. ARs and polymer pistols are a dime a dozen and we POTG have remarkably long memories. There’s no reason to support chrony capitalism assholes

  2. Ballistics By The Inch has not gone above .223 in rifle cartridges. With these .308 “pistols”, hope they do so. Some good info there:

    I would like to have an AR-10, but in a full length rifle barrel, not this half-length (or less) and very expensive contraption.

    • It is marketed as a pistol for which even 10″ is a bit of a stretch. Are you looking for a 20″ barrel pistol? To me, the 10.3″ is quite practical for a compact .308, that it is from Springfield is a “no go”.

      • No, not wanting an AR-10 pistol. That short barrel makes no sense to me. I know lots of AR-15 pistol owners use it as a short barreled rifle, also of no interest to me.

        But an AR-10, .308 in a quality rifle? Sure, who wouldn’t want one?

        Not a Springfield Armory one, but from some other maker?

        PS: One of my AR-15’s is a Bushmaster but from before all the troubles with with the owners of the brand.

        • Enuf, check out the Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) Revolution DI in .308. A 6.8 pound AR15 – chambered in .308.

          Pretty much my dream gun.

        • Rad: Yes to POF. My next AR. Alabama Arsenal does a really good review to of the Revolution. It is expensive but IMO worth every penny

        • I wouldn’t buy a 10.3″ .308 even from another manufacture either, but I have heard of people being happy with 12 and 13″ .308s so I imagine that there were those out there a 10.3″ would appeal to. My “quite practical” may have been an over statement. QuickLoad guesses that a 10.3″ barrel could push M80A1 or similar weight bullets to about 2,400fps which I imagine about 400fps faster than a 10″ .300BLK would push the same bullets. So I guess it could have it’s uses.

        • G, I saw that vid and it confirmed everything I hoped was true about that rifle. The AA boys do a great job!

      • This is a really interesting pistol config, but I’m not seeing the need for it. If someone wants a .30-cal bullet that hits harder than 5.56 and comes in a compact platform such as this one, .300 BLK is already established (and actually designed by AAC for a shorter 10″ barrel). .308 is a great cartridge, but I think it’s safe to assume that most who would opt for it would want to take advantage of its capabilities and use a proper, longer barrel length.

        Prefer shorter pistol config? 9mm, .300 BLK, 5.56
        Prefer longer rifle config? .308, 6.5 CM, Grendel, Beowulf, you get the picture…

        • It’s my understanding that the 6.5 Grendel has more energy than 300Blk or 7.62×39 out of a 16″ barrel, just like it has more energy than the 300 out of a 12″ barrel. So think of a 12″ 6.5 Grendel pistol as having the terminal ballistics of a 16″ 300Blk or 7.62×39, but with better accuracy potential (and cheap steel case practice ammo). Now add a can, and you have something similar in size to a 16″ carbine with a flash hider. Sounds like a winner to me. The 308 version of this would be for even better terminal ballistics along with easy handling that isn’t insanely long. The Galil Ace 308 pistol looks promising, but may be difficult to suppress.

        • Both the Grendel and the Beowulf (including similar thumper calibers) have excellent performance in pistol forms. While I’d hate to be even in the same room, a .50 Beowulf pistol would make short work of a bad guy lol. Pistols in 6.5 Grendel have been steadily growing in popularity with impressive performance. While I prefer my Grendels in the 18-20″ range I can see the appeal.

          Personally I’d just like an affordable “pistol” platform PCC (yes I know a pistol caliber pistol) in .45 acp. I get the want for so many 9mm variants but surely we’ve reached the time to start offering the less popular calibers.

        • I was toying around with the idea of a .458 pistol build a while back. Then out of the blue, someone posted a vid of an AK in .458 that Tromix was kicking around for possible production in conjunction with Sharps. Happen to know of a rather nice, if with crazy rails arrangement (removable), Ukrainian bullpup AK conversion kit. Which started lubing the mind, hmmm…

          .458 doesn’t lose any real velocity of note from 12″ to a 20″ barrel length, soooo…. 12 – 13.5″ barrel + bullpup = sub 26″ OAL likely. + permanently affixed brake to make up the difference = shorty beast w/o the need for (dot)gov paperwork. *big grin* Yeah, almost forgot, RPK 45 rnd mags for added cap. *Grin wraps around into flip-top head configuration*

          I know, a lot don’t care for bullpup configs. I like ’em myself, except the trigger issue, which I have a pretty good idea on how to rectify that situation.

          On topic:

          Springfield, never. Sucks what they did, was giving the eyeball to an M1A socom when the news of their betrayal came out. Still want it, but principals forbade it. As LKB said above, maybe, after a changing of ownership & management. I might reconsider, after a year or two post event to make sure their on the level. Otherwise, nope, nada, nein, nyet, no no, zero.

    • I’ve got a DPMS Oracle AR-10 that hits ya like a tank. Shoots good groups out to 300m. Longest the local range has. Unfortunately Cerberus Capital Management delisted DPMS, TAPCO and Bushmaster recently. No longer manufacturing any products in the brands. With the exception of the BA50. Screw Remington same as Springfield.

    • TTAG actually has a really good article from like 2013/14 or so, about .308 from a 24” barrel down to 13”. That’s actually what drew me do TTAG.

  3. Buy your Springfields used. Also I’m not sure who this is targeted towards? 308 in a small barrel? I would have to see the ballistics numbers.

    • 300 blackout only for that length, I’m pretty sure even their ballisticians can figure out the numbers on that…maybe…

      • Are you saying you think 300BO would have better ballistics than a .308 out of a 10.3” barrel? If so, let me assure you…it would not 😉

  4. Eeeeeeewwww, you got Springfield on your blog. Wash it off before it sets in, otherwise you’ll never get the smell out

  5. This thing will sound like an artillery piece when fired. Let me know so I can be a block away.

    • The first time I shot .300 BLK supersonic loads (loud!) from my 10.5″ barrel while out in the desert with my buddies, they all jumped and said “what the heck are you shooting?”

    • Yep, it’s loud. I have a 12.75” barrel and first time I shot it my neighbor asked if it was a .50 cal 😂

      But it’s awesome!

  6. 147 gr bullet at approx. 2200 fps out of a 10 inch barrel. Not sure it’s worth it unless you put a can on it. Even then it’s a couple of lbs heavier than an AR-15 pistol. And no thank you from SA!

    • Might as well just get a 16″ underfolder AK in 7.62×39. Performance is almost the same and the ammo is cheaper, lighter, lower recoil, less muzzle blast, less noise, less flash and higher magazine capacity..

      • Didn’t Ian from forgotten weapons And someone else compare 7.62×39 to 7.62×51 chrono out of a couple similar weapons? I don’t remember, but I do remember the take away being 7.62×51 didn’t make much sense in short barrel.

        I can’t imagine how loud that SA is even with their forward diverter. Definitely not something for home defense unless you wear ear pro to bed.

  7. Hope my LGS gets one. Love SA products could give two shits about people in Illinois.

    SA FTW!

  8. Why make it with that long of a rail? Anybody wanting to use a suppressor will have to either buy a new barrel or a new rail right out of the gate.

  9. I will never understand the why for .308 pistols. But hey if you just want have fun throwing fireballs have at it.

  10. One of the dumbest designs I’ve ever seen. It wouldn’t matter if KAC (and they wouldn’t because they know better!) designed this I’d still call it stupid. Anything less than 16 inches in .308 is borderline retarded for so many reasons. 16, 18, and 20 inch are all great choices for .308, but 10.3 is for clueless fucks who don’t understand the internal piston design very well.
    Eugene Stoner is rolling over in his grave….

    • I’ve got a 22 inch .308 that I’ve seen do 1/4 MOA with the right ammo. Personally I see no reason to go less than 18 on that caliber. There are plenty of better choices with other calibers. But that’s the beauty of this thing, you can have whatever makes ya happy.

    • Would you be willing to list some of the so many reasons a .308 barrel less than 16” is borderline retarded? It would probably help some clueless fucks. Thanks!

  11. I love multi-tasking. A rifle and a stun grenade in a single package. Of course the shooter is the one stunned. In my limited experience with .308 an 18″ barrel is about the best compromise between ballistics and muzzle blast. S.A. notwithstanding. No thanks.

    • 18 inch is a great length for .308 as all the powder gets burned up. You don’t gain much with the 20 inch barrel. 16 is a little less ideal but it works just fine.

      • Mark, agreed. You can get away with 16″. My main deer rifle is built on a Stainless model 70 with a 21″ Shilen. Scout Rifle is built on the same action, but 18″ barrel. I my HK- 91 has a 17 3/4″. I think. 10″ barrel? Pardon me, while I 😆 LOL.

    • GSG50G, yes it can. Been shooting 4″ .44 mags for decades. Took a M1-A CQB to the range once. Once. Always try a few rounds without ears because I want to want to know what to expect. I know that muzzle brake had a lot to do with it, but it felt like a ten penny nail was driven through my right ear. I handed it back to my friend and said, “Fuck that!” He replaced the brake with a conventional M-14 flash suppressor.

      • Muzzle brakes are a different ballgame. Even pistols are unbearable with them
        I shot a ported shotgun for trap and it was noticeably louder after I got pro port to open the barrel.

        • Definitely. Love my Vepr 12 with it’s giganto-saurus comp/brake, but w/o ears it’s rearward sound signature is nearing painful. Still doable, but I’d seriously hesitate over a day at the range without them. Followups are ridiculously fast with it, negating 80% avg. of recoil, and muzzle flip is nearly non-existent.

          When I get finished with it (smithing stuff mostly), since Gadsden is in the same neighborhood as I, I’d like to meet up & have him take a run on it. See if it can change his position on shotguns. She’s a lead fire hose, though sometimes I run tungsten. :p

  12. Nice. I’ve been considering building .308 AR pistol, if for no other reason than I don’t yet have one in that caliber. Will be interesting to see the street price.

  13. can we be real here for a moment…
    all things considered this firearm doesnt make *any* less sense in the real world from a ballistics standpoint than a ruger pc carbine
    “which as everybody knows is by far the best gun ever”
    big cartridge-little gun
    little cartridge-big gun
    >same difference
    neither are optimal and both have their fair share of shortcomings
    but at the end of the day id rather have too much firepower than not enough and the 10.5 saint in .308 provides that
    springfield armorys recent history notwithstanding:
    if i was ever in the position of defending my home and the lives of my loved ones i would *much* rather do so with a 10.5 saint in .308 than a ruger pc carbine in 9mm

    • sound, I agree. You want a rifle? Shoot a rifle. You want a pistol caliber? Shoot a pistol. You want a shotgun? Shoot a bird.

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  15. Why do I want this so bad……

    Springfield armory fucked up, but they are the only reason ARs and normal mags are still legal in ILL.

  16. Red is Co has it right. Spring Field sold out the people of IL and so did rock river arms. Both manufacturers who will never receive a penny of my money again. Don’t give them your money!

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