Kyle Rittenhouse Fires a Mini Gun Causing Anti-Gunners’ Heads to Explode [VIDEO]

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…[Kyle] Rittenhouse posted a video on Twitter, with the caption “Come and take ’em, Joe,” showing him firing a machine gun as dozens of shells fall to the floor. After Rittenhouse finishes shooting the gun, he smiles, gives a thumbs up and says, “Joe Biden, you’re not coming for our guns.” 

Rittenhouse’s display was denounced by several prominent figures, including a current lawmaker and a former member of Congress.

Arizona Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego wrote in response to the video that “Kyle is not so bright. The weapon he is firing is heavily restricted by the government. Can’t take what you don’t have.”

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh, a self-described “huge gun rights advocate” who is now pushing for gun control measures, wrote on Twitter, “Initially, I felt sorry for this kid, and I sincerely hoped he’d get wise counsel from adults and get his life together. I no longer feel sorry for him. And he’s not a kid. And he’s gone.”

— Adam Staten in Kyle Rittenhouse Ripped for Posting Video Firing Gun: Come ‘Take ’em, Joe’

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  1. “Noted racist, Kyle Rittenhouse, taunts black people with illegal machine gun after crossing a state line.” -MSM, probably

    • All of those who want to take the guns away at the same time want people with guns to protect themselves. ( Is their lives worth more ? )

      • Yep, George Orwell said it best when he wrote ‘Animal Farm’:
        “Some animals are *more equal* than others.” So yeah, they think their lives and that of their family are worth more than anyone else. AND THAT IS WHY THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN TO LIMIT THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENT. Time to start removing these tyrants.

  2. As if democRats haven’t never made threats to ban firearms and knock down doors to confiscate them…exactly like the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk did to Black Americans.

    Shameless democRats who disdain firearms so much they reach into their bag of Jim Crow Gun Control and pull out threat after threat. Well democRats threats are illegal and Americans have a Right to Defend Themselves should someone doing the threatening take it one hair beyond their piehole.

  3. Fortunately in America you have the right to kill someone who tries to kill you. But what upsets the tyrants the most is that this was a boy. And the tyrants have worked very hard, to make sure the children are not educated, about their second amendment civil rights.

    The Liberals and the Left would be happy if Kyle Rittenhouse was killed. Just as they are happy when school children are shot dead in their classroom. And not protected by their trained teachers carrying guns.

    They want the civilian population disarmed. The only school children to be protected with guns will be the children of Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

    An armed Society frightens them. But shot dead school children do not frighten them.

    • You nailed it Chris. They promote this violence to get people desperate enough to willingly give up their rights for a false promise of safety and get just the opposite.

      • “They promote this violence… “

        Yep, blasting a few thousand rounds off while voicing defiance to the United States government doesn’t really seem all that violent…

        • Don’t you have a crisis pregnancy center or regional Federal courthouse to mostly peacefully bomb?

        • Surprise you posted.
          I thought you’d be too busy driving around trying to find some tampons for you mangina.

        • Well, if “your” leftist Commie state physically does indeed “come to take them” then they are no longer “my” government…and need to be “taken care of”. Watering the Tree Of Liberty with the blood of tyrants is nasty but necessary business.

  4. Awesome KR.👍

    I got to fire that exact gun (fun fact, the de-linker has ‘MAGA’ in the Ser#), at that exact Texas location, and in that exact lane last year.

    If I owned a minigun, the ammo cost would make me broke in no time.

    • It’s government regulations. The NFA, that keeps the cost of machineguns and gatling so high. There is no reason why they couldn’t make one in any caliber, if the NFA was repealed. 17 hmr, 22lr, 32, 9mm etc.
      Some are already made using a hand crank.

        • I’ve seen a .22lr Gatling gun that used several 10/22 actions with barrels.

          Looked weird with magazines sticking out all over the place…

      • A smaller caliber would not doubt be fun.
        It just wouldn’t have the viseral rush of over 125,000 ft/lbs of muzzle energy (per second) that the 7.62 chambered M134 provides.

      • “The NFA, that keeps the cost of machineguns and gatling so high.”

        Believe you are thinking about the FCA. NFA only imposes a fee, an expanded background check, and a large backlog to get permission slips processed.

  5. It’s a little bit foolish for Kyle to make appearances, such as this. We all know he has a huge target painted on him. Liberals who own guns probably have ordered targets with his picture on them.

    But, it’s a free country. As an adult citizen, Kyle can do whatever he wants to do.

      • Evil to them no matter what he does so may as well have fun with exposing how crazy they are.

      • You know what didn’t happen in Kenosha after Kyle defended himself .40 call Booger? Rioting! The rioting ended that night. And do you know how wealthy Kyle is going to be after he sues the pants off of everyone who slandered and libeled him? Wealthy enough to buy all the transferable miniguns and feed them an unlimited supply of ammo! He’s a great American and should have as much fun as he can before your “leaders” completely ruin our country.

    • Kyle, for better or worse, has become an icon in America for personal defense and personal integrity.

      He would be foolish to hide from this or the notoriety that he will carry the rest of his life.

      The Leftist Statists and anti-gunners would like nothing better than to see Kyle hiding as though he were ashamed of what he has done and as if he was afraid of them.

      • Spot on CH.
        An honest man partaking in a Constitutionally protected active should NEVER hide.

        The anti gunners strive to force stuff like this ‘KR w/M134’ vid out of sight. The fact that it’s viewable goes against the progtarded narrative that whenever a gun is fired, someone is killed/seriously injured.
        Just like how they dislike open carry. They condition their sheeple to think that whenever a gun is carried, people are injured at a minimum.

    • Fully supported him throughout his Kenosha ordeal, however, I beginning to find his transformation into a “personality” classless and tacky. Best of luck to him, of course, but the cringe is hard to swallow.

    • well well, a school resource officer that was actually on campus at the time. The majority of them spend more time off campus than on.

      Multiple breaks in the day, multiple meals, bureaucratic red tape in meetings and coordination and briefings and visits with local police and other officials etc… … all these take most resource officers off campus for most of their day.

      • Children should be guarded like the military guards B-52 bombers. Surrounded by armed security. With orders to shoot anyone who gets too close.

      • .40m cal. I’ve had reason to visit my grandchildren’s school down here in AL. And while waiting to pick up a kid, or on other business, I’ve talked with a couple of the officers. They are volunteers who wanted the job and take it seriously. While on duty, they do regular walk arounds and check doors, check the parking areas, and when inside the building, both interact with the kids and watch the entrances, etc. The guys I’ve talked to enjoy working with the kids and do try to get the message across that the police are not their enemy or out to get them.
        Been a couple times I’ve been across the street at the Vets office and watched the SRO’s do their door checks and walk arounds. About every 30 to 45 minutes while the kids are in classes, and then back into the main hallways while the kids are between classes. No leaving the property for any reason except an emergency call from another school building. If needs be, other cops come confer with them.
        Now, how they do things in other districts, or in larger schools, or cities, I can’t say. But in our semi rural and small town area, we have people who try to do their jobs correctly. Their kids are in those same schools.

  6. Arizona Dem Rep Ruben Gallego says: The weapon he is firing is heavily restricted by the government. Can’t take what you don’t have.”
    However, the govt is talking about restricting all semi automatic firearms with a removable magazine in addition to restricting the sale of .223 and 5.56 NATO to non-government people. That camel with its nose under the tent wants inside completely.
    Why, because evil will not stop because someone says so. Next it will be handguns.
    JB has said all everyone needs is a double barreled shotgun. Fact. Look at Canada. Govt said “you can’t use a gun for self protection. It is not a right you have.” Best to pray.

    • The esteemed Democrat makes a valid point. I can’t have a mini gun, so he can’t confiscate it. If I am hearing him right we need to repeal the restrictions on mini guns and machine guns so that we can more easily acquire them! Then the Dems can talk about taking them, and then we can say “nope, you can’t take it.” Yes, I will agree to this “compromise.”

  7. Good going Kyle! Joe Walsh(not the smoker you drink the player you get)is nothing more than a huckster. Worse the Beato!

  8. Kyle Rittenhouse did more in one riot to roll back the stupidity engulfing his country than most of us will do in a lifetime.

    Not to worry, though. It looks as if another summer of love will be upon us. We will all have the chance to help our nation.

    • Yes. This time, the topics for arsonists will be rent control and Roe v. Wade. They’ve already begun, really.

  9. All guns are heavily regulated and yet Americans own hundreds of millions of them.

    • What really should be regulated is mass social media. The founding fathers could never have envisioned such a technological advanced system to broadcast media directly into peoples faces per minute, and also it’s addictive side effects and brain chemistry side effects. Mass assault social media must be heavily restricted for the children.

      • “What really should be regulated is mass social media.”


        No better way to fight “censorship”, than to introduce more of it….funded and operated by the central government.

  10. “Arizona Dem Rep Ruben Gallego says: The weapon he is firing is heavily restricted by the government. Can’t take what you don’t have.”

    for firearms in general for law abiding citizens, not machine guns;

    The car you drive is heavily restricted by the government too, through regulations and laws and age limits for use, and traffic laws. Yet over 2,000,000 people, collectively, are injured or killed or disabled annually due to car accidents even as pedestrians, and over 90,000 of those are kids under the age of 12. Its not an enumerated constitutional right to own and operate a car, in fact, the founding fathers never envisioned such a thing because their world was horses and buggy’s and wagons. But the founding fathers did envision firearms in the hands of the people because firearms they realized were overall key to survival against a threat (e.g. tyranny, a threat to life, etc….) because they lived in a world with firearms where those threats were real and present just as they are today (or could be in terms of tyranny, and its bordering on that now), and they did not place any restriction on types or capability of firearms, when the Second Amendment came about. You probably do have a car or use a car, I think this dangerous and deadly thing should be taken from you all in the name of ‘common sense’, you don’t actually have a constitutional right to a car and by owning and/or using one it could be said you are contributing to the deaths, injury, and disability, collectively, of literally millions of people each year.

    If its good enough for you as a government entity to take what we the people have a constitutional right to have and use – its good enough that the people can take from you, an employee and servant of the people, what you do not have a constitutional right to have.

    • And this is my car,- – you like? It ran out of gas so it just sits here now, I have no money.

  11. Well I was wrong, I figured after Kenosha Kyle would never pick up another gunm.
    Good for you Kyle.

  12. Ruben Gallego isn’t too bright to take Kyles Rittenhouses comment out of context, turning into something it CLEARLY wasn’t.

    Firing a mini-gun is a rare treat and would be very exciting. “Not taking our guns” means OUR GUNS, not guns we don’t OWN.

    Gallego’s statement is shallow, transparent and poorly conceived.

  13. Rittenhouse always had my support, but I haven’t valued his stock very high. For this, though, I’d say it’s going up…

    • If he became a 2A activist (possibly Wisconsin state director for GOA), that would be freaking awesome! But I think Kyle, last I heard, wanted to become a paramedic. I’m OK with that, too.

    • If Kyle really did run for President, I would absolutely vote for him!!
      If he were POTUS, I know he would abolish the BATF and then proceed to nullify all federal gun infringements!
      And possibly – just possibly – would get the chance to nominate 4 or 5 SCOTUS Justices, all having a long record of supporting pro-gun cases and nullifying gun infringements. One of those Justices, God willing, would be Judge Benitez, patron saint of shootists. He could be Chief Justice!

  14. Former congressman Joe Walsh summed it up … ” the smoker you drink, the player you get.”
    I couldn’t agree more.

  15. Happiness is triggering a commie. Ecstasy is triggering EVERY Left-tard with a single belt of ammo!!!!!!

    The Left has no right to criticize Kyle. He is CLEARLY an ammosexual and you’re a hater & bigot if you don’t respect that! His pronouns are BRRRRRT and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT!

    • “His pronouns are BRRRRRT and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT!”

      If we gotta do “pronouns”, mine are “dumb and dumber”.

  16. Aaa MORE BS …

    • Gonna cry?

      BTW the ONLY people hurting our country and Constitution are IN our country. All of them.

  17. He evidently never heard of George Zimmerman. Disappointing that he is turning out so stupid.

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