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Rep. Eric “Nuke-Em” Swalwell (D-CA) has said he’s going to base his nascent campaign for the presidency on gun control. Good luck with that, Congressman.

He cherry-picks the leading cause of death for black children (we haven’t been able to find a source for that claim), but as the CDC details, death by firearm isn’t even in the top ten causes in the US (unless you claim all suicides are gun-related). And somehow we feel sure he will.

Courtesy cdc.org

Swalwell says that he “just want the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of those dangerous people.” Naturally, he wants to accomplish that through a mandatory “buyback” (read: confiscation) of semi-automatic rifles, i.e. ARs and other long guns he arbitrarily deems “assault weapons.”

Yet again, Swalwell gets his facts all wrong. ARs aren’t “the most dangerous weapons” at all. The FBI’s homicide data shows that rifles make up a minuscule 3% of deaths by firearms. Handguns are the cause of far more (about 70%), yet he’s targeted his demagogic campaign talking point on scary black rifles because he thinks that will resonate with Democrat primary voters. And let’s face it, it probably will.

But we won’t bother him with silly things like facts while he’s on his media roadshow introducing himself as the 139th candidate for he Democrat nomination.

WASHINGTON (AP) — California Rep. Eric Swalwell is officially in the running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Swalwell made the announcement during a taping Monday of CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

The congressman says, “I see a country in quicksand, unable to solve threats from abroad, unable to make life better for people here at home.”

He says, “None of that is going to change until we get a leader who is willing to go big on the issues we take on, be bold in the solutions we offer and do good in the way that we govern.”

He says: “I’m ready to solve these problems. I’m running for president of the United States.”

The 38-year-old Iowa native was elected in 2012 to represent California’s 15th Congressional District.

Oh, and don’t forget this:

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  1. I would break out the popcorn but would rather not have him be the one that cooked it, not enough iodine on hand

  2. Can’t wait for Eric to show up at my door and tell me to fork over my AR. This should be funny.

  3. Yeah, yeah, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, etc. It’s already been done stupid!

    • Too true. They put him on the intelligence committee to see if he might get some by the process of osmosis.

    • > Swallows well doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

      Of course not. He’s setting himself up the the future, his resume will say “presidential candidate,” AND he will bring out the anti-gun people, charge their batteries, and then turn them over to the chosen one.

      ALL the current visible D’s running are throwing issues on the walls to see what sticks. It’s a gigantic, segmented focus group. NONE of the current D’s will be the chosen one. They won’t appear until at least mid-to-late summer.

      Read the Dem’s playbook. It’s all laid out, easy yo follow. They never deviate.

  4. So he’s running on the typical “we can’t trust black people with freedom” Democrat platform.
    Not much has changed since the Klanbake.

  5. Sewerswile. Another fing commiefornian. When will the rest of us stop putting up with all these subversive traitors and give them a traitors death? Maybe we can sell the Peoples Republic of Commiefornia to mexico. Then put up a big fence. Time to purge these parasites from our body politic. Time for the stupid republicans to get off their asses and clean house. Good rope is still inexpensive (and made in china).

    • “Gee guys, maybe we shouldn’t vote for people from anti-gun enclaves under any circumstances?”

      • barnbwt says:

        “Gee guys, maybe we shouldn’t vote for people from anti-gun enclaves under any circumstances?”

        I hope the voters will practice what you are preaching!! The anti-gun community has many bad/wrong ideas and it does not make sense to vote for any of them……….

    • Dave in Wyo, while you were running your mouth about how CA should be sold off, have you tried to buy any std cap magazines laltely? The door was opened for ONE WEEK in CA and we stripped a major chunk of the nation’s inventory. We conservative folk in CA have more guns than your state buy many multiples. In fact, we own more than ANY other state. Before you try and betray about 5,000,000 people every bit as conservative as you and every bit as disgusted with the CA legislature, think about this; the national government is moving more and more left and moving further into your neighborhood and infringing on more of your own rights every day.

      Time comes you wake up and realize the trouble you’re in, it’ll be too late. The whole country wil be CA before too long. And it happeneded in spite of your voting for people you thought you could trust. Then you’ll be in the same boat we are. Count on it.

      You are rookies at “resisting”. We’re old hands at it. Don’t worry, if you’ve the Courage for it, you’ll get the hang of it.

      • Paddy, first off I feel your pain and wish you all the luck. As someone from the opposite end of the country and until a short time ago, one of the” free” states, you nailed it. It is indeed a slow metastasizing cancer that can and will destroy us all, I know of what I speak. Dont ever think it’ll never come to your house, you will be sorely disappointed.

        • We barely fought off an effort financed by outside heavies in the last Gov race in Fl, but we did prevail, even after two major counties did their damnedest to throw it to the Dem Socialist (all that was needed was a few hundred votes the wrong way) and a major Dem effort to register a couple hundred thousand “temporary” residents who are refugees from the hurricane damage in Puerto Rico. Soros and some California big money liberal dumped millions of dollars into Andrew Gillums primary campaign (which he was losing miserably) that allowed Gillum to barely pull out a win and then the money poured in for the general. We held the Gov, House, Senate in fact only lost one office to a “moderate” liberal the Dept of Agriculture which also oversees the issuance of concealed carry permits. This has not proven to be a problem my renewal last month took only 10 days and no reports of unusual backlogs or denials. So, yeah with all the outside money that is allowed to influence state and even local elections and all the phony conservatives trying to sneak past the watchers it could all go downhill in a heart beat.. Don’t know where you are but sorry to hear about the change of fortune where you live.

      • Your premise that California leads the country in firearm ownership is only slightly flawed, in fact, Texas leads the country with approximately 638,000 registered firearms, then Florida with 378,000, Ca. with 358,000 is third… Wyoming ranks 12 with 128,000 however per capita Wyoming is number one.. while Ca ranks 44th. Anyway I want to address the “resistance” in the Golden State since the article in question is more about politics than penis size and take a moment to thank you all for your great effort, just imagine if there were no push back, we would have far worse than Swallowswell and Schittz, Pelosi, Harris, Waters and Fienstien (is Nadler another gift from Ca?) and could you imagine having to deal with a state legislature or courts even more liberal than are already in power in Ca. and God forbid you had wound up with a Gov worse than (make the people support 2 residences for my special ass) Gavin? We owe you a great debt, if your people did not keep those other gun grabbing, Constitution hating, Socio/Commie, everybody has rights but Americans, thieving, lying, cry baby assholes in state offices you all would be sending them to the US Congress where they would try to screw up my life too.. So, I wish you all the luck, I got out of Ca the first time “Moonbeam” got elected Gov. moved to Fl just about as far as I could get from Huntington Bch and never looked back, no state income tax, homestead rule limits property tax, no smog, no needles on the beach, no stench of human feces on the sidewalks, no tent cites along the streets, no BS gun control laws. (24 handguns and rifles, 10,000 rounds of ammo on hand, 150 high cap mags 30/40 rounds not 10/20, concealed carry permit, body armor night vision) What I have is normal in Fl. in Ca. I would most likely be considered a threat to public safety and left to rot in jail… And while the great magazine grab was going on in Ca I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on 10 new mags in 5.56/300 blackout and six new steel mags for my AK so you didn’t really create a major crisis (although you did specify “standard capacity” which to me means 30 rounds, maybe you meant 20?). I hope the NRA can stick with it and eventually get your “RIGHTS” back for you permanently, then you will have even more time to resist and the rest of us can ease off a bit… 5 million conservatives in a population of approximately 40 million? You need to work real hard at resisting and not to worry, with 6 years in the Corps 3 tours in Vietnam 68-71 I’m pretty much caught up on AND have the heart for the ways of resistance..

  6. “Keep your rifles, keep your shotguns, keep your pistols. We just want the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of those dangerous people.” Maybe your even telling the truth Swalwell (but I doubt it) but how long would it be before “You know we really need to get rid of those terrible “sniper rifles” that people have, the ones that fire high powered bullets and use a telescopic sight.” If you think that means includes hunting rifles, you’re right. They will never ever stop and one day it will be “You don’t really need that shovel do you?” “Someone could sharpen the three sides of it and make a deadly weapon.”

  7. Sure. California said you could keep your regular capacity magazines but then changed their minds a few years later and said you must turn them in and is now in the courts. Does anyone really believe that if “assault rifles” are banned they won’t come after Grampa’s pump shotgun eventually? Uncle Joe is already on record saying you need no more than a double barrel shotgun. Don’t trust these liars with your freedoms.

    • Worse was CA making the bullet button, then turning around and calling it a “loop hole” and making all rifles equipped with one an “assault rifle” that needs to be registered or made featureless (ironically, forcing people to remove the bullet button they were so eager to make everyone have).

  8. The sad fact is if half the aholes who “identify” as conservative or even half the people who identify as “Christians” would actually vote or vote on their stated convictions or simply vote period the marxist dictator wannabes would never gain power but the vast majority, as always, are just sheeple who could care less to bother themselves to stand for anything outside of their immediate comfort and let themselves be ruled over rather than rule their own lives. The sheeple who live for free shit or to take rights away from others will always be there to vote.

  9. I don’t know where Kalifornia keeps finding these twits, but it looks like the Kalifornia branch of the DNC has the market cornered on moonbats and squirrels. Have any of these twits read the Founders words on the Bill of Rights, particularly about the 2nd Amendment or are they too busy reading Marx and Engels’ vile deeply flawed political treatise. I cannot for the life of me understand what part of “GOD Given Rights no person shall tamper with” they do not understand. It means plainly and simply these are rights given to mankind by GOD, and no one.politician, judge, or wannabe nanny state tin horn dictator is allowed to modify, amend or touch those rights no way, no how. So every law ever written hindering us from exercising our GOD given right to buy a firearm, possess a firearm, or carry a firearm is illegal and very likely treasonous, since the Founders clearly stated the people of this great nation are it’s last line of defense.

    • Feinstein or Pelosi (I can’t remember which) failed to win the Democratic nomination for reelection. She (whichever it was) is insufficiently radical.

      (I clicked the check box for “Save my name, ….” That enabled editing.)

      • Pelosi is currently speaker of the house and Fienstien is currently sitting on the senate judiciary committee.. Maybe you are thinking of Barbara (call me SENATOR general) Boxer.. haven’t heard her name lately assumed she got replaced…

    • Well, to most liberals, god doesn’t exist, ergo, god-given rights don’t exist. See how simple that is?

  10. I remember the 70’s when handguns were the scariest thing in the world. Now it’s assault rifles. Funny thing they were more right then than now regarding the number of crimes committed. I guess that is worse for a certain demographic

  11. Little Eric is a duly elected member of the political guild that rules this country. He lacks the moral capacity, and perhaps the intellectual capacity to appreciate “self-evident truths”. To his credit, the noises he makes with his mouth, in his personal quest for power, are moderately amusing.

  12. Golly is Tucka! gonna have Swallowell on again?!? That’d be a hoot!😏Champion of making leftards look stupid(er!)

  13. “Eric Swalwell Bases His Presidential Campaign on Gun Confiscation, False Assumptions”

    And…??? This is no surprise, they’ve all picked out different things, booker wants reparations for slavery…

    • All liberals currently announced as running for POTUS have signed on to the reparations BS… What about the white folks that can trace ancestry to slaves (many slave owners fathered children with house servants) do they get a piece of that? Who pays? Are the descendants of people who immigrated to the U.S. after the Civil War liable? If not, how do you separate those assets from those responsible? Weren’t freed slaves given 20 acres and a mule as “reparations”? Didn’t most of those either lose that land to Yankee Carpetbaggers or get run off or murdered by the KKK (Dems private militia) Even many black people are calling this one BS… There is no reasonable way to determine who owes what and who is owed not to mention how much.. More smoke and mirrors.

  14. I think Eric just threatened to use nukes on his own people. Sorry, but your own military would never do that. And they would have to go house to house to eliminate guns.

  15. George Stephanopoulos “I understand you want to make Gun Control a big issue with the buy back of all Automatic Weapons….” OK Really !!!??

  16. Yea…. the jerk is from California, right?, that says it all ,, another faggot telling us the 2A needs to be abolished,,, I say go ahead & run for the pres, you’re a loser and always will be one…!

  17. Government always lives under the delusion that any war with the US vs lightly armed adversary will be short and simple.

    Like Vietnam?
    Like Afghanistan?

    If america’s gun owners rise up against the government. It will indeed be a very short war. The government will collapse within days…maybe hours.

  18. Between Eric “Duke Nuke Em” Swallowswell and Adam “Bubblehead” Schittz the country is obviously in good hands.. What’s a little “selective confiscation” among friends? and if they resist? what the hell, just hit em with a LITTLE nuke, that will bring everyone else on board. I hate to see what has happened to the once great state of California, I left in 1979 prior to the conversion to “Kommiefornia” when a conservative could still get elected anywhere in the state. Good luck with that confiscation thing and “banning” a part of the Bill of Rights all 10 of which are untouchable, even in the world of Eric and Adam….

  19. Liberals are such double-standard douche-bags. So a person has the right to kill a fetus but they don’t have the right to commit suicide? Of course we all know this doesn’t have to do with saving lives. The agnostic Democratic Party could give two-shits about saving lives. This is about power-over-people, plain and simple.

    • And as long as I’m white I will forever wonder at the motivation for such a desire.. Why does anyone want to “control” such a mass of disagreeable, ungrateful, despicable, argumentative, opinionated, deplorable, ignorant, low information, racist, fascist, white nationalist, Nazi, dregs of society? Oh yeah, they don’t, they want to take away or means of self defense so they can either re-educate or get rid of us leaving only the liberal “sheep” to do as they are told..

  20. This pencil neck has never done anything but politics his whole life, he has no real world experience and yet he has all the answers. Pathetic.

  21. According to him, it will be better for the government to kill millions of innocent citizens than a few lunatics kill dozens. People, the time is now. Wait longer and there will be more extremists running this government. Unfortunately we all know how complacent we have become. It doesn’t concern us til it does. Then it will be too late. Sad that when asked why we will have to tell our children and grandchildren this was our fault. If. If they are chained close enough to hear us. Shame on all of us. We deserve this.

  22. If you want to take the most dangerous weapon out of the most dangerous hands, then you’d better bust out your great grandma’s Temperance banners and push for a second alcohol prohibition.

    Anything else is just loudmouthed hypocrisy.

    • The most dangerous weapon in the most dangerous hands is a Democrat majority in the House and the Senate and a Dem POTUS….

  23. Isugesthe try to get support for a “buyback” at retail used gun prices and at collectors values. I bet he’d get tons of support. Or is he really trying to prove why the Second was written? If you don’t know, when someone suggests that the Second is a collective right suggest they check Wednesday, September 9, 1789, when the Senate in the bill of rights debate voted in the NEGATIVE to insert the words ” for the common defense” after the words ” bear arms”. This can be found by googling Journal of the Senate of the United States, 1789-1793 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1789.

  24. For over half a decade Swalwell has voted for continued funding of a war that has been going on since he was in school. This war is waged against inbred, illiterates who are armed with nothing bigger than HMGs and improvised rockets and so habitually beats their women while raping boys and goats our men have no issues shooting them.

    At the same time he insists the army will have no issue eradicating an educated, literate populated with access to US infrastructure, supply lines and families of leaders (military and political) across a much, much larger geographical area, despite a high rate of sympathizers (and within “his” own forces.

    • Dude will probably be “surprised” when the majority of the military refuses to obey an unlawful order considering his in depth knowledge and understanding of the Constitution the government and the Oath that every single Officer and enlisted man has taken since day one to obey “LAWFUL” orders and to defend against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.. Confiscation of firearms from a law abiding and peaceful population is far above Swallowswells (and anyone else in government) pay grade…

  25. Loved this guys twitter response about nukes. He is not much the observer of history; British in Israel, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan(russian and us). Insurgencies are a hell of a thing.

    But all they had were the small arms. AND the fight was not in our homeland and we didn’t nuke anything. So yeah his uninformed comment holds about as much weight as a water balloon with 1,000,000,000 holes in it.

  26. The demoncrats now want to murder babies after they are born and they want open borders so who ever wants to enter our country can walk right in.If our southern border isn’t secured soon in ten to fifteen years we’ll be a third world country with no constitution. Then we will have to fight to keep our guns.I still hope there is enough smart a Americans to keep conservative Republicans in the white house and congress,or God help us.

  27. This POS threatened the American Public with Nuclear weapons, seems that anyone that wants to can defend themselves against this IDIOT shoot first ask questions later, he is a Viable threat to everyone’s life.

  28. Anybody who isnt a proud Democrat is crazy.

    Anybody who likes military scary guns is crazy.

    Anybody who voted for Trump is crazy.

    Anybody who is crazy should be disarmed by Red Flag legislation.

    Democrat platform in a nutshell!

    Swallows/ACOC 2020

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